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Maya Hall

I’m gonna get us as far away as I can.

“What if it’s not far enough? What if it’s never far enough?” She’s in hysterics now, her body practically convulsing as she stares down at the blood on both of their hands. There’s no processing it, and she just assumes that it’s a figment of her imagination; some twisted hallucination to show how the blood on her hands would extend to his as well. They are a team, after all.

Will they know it was you?

Lips press together in a tight line, and it’s all she can do to nod. “Th-the second one… he’s in m-my room… I k-killed him to get out.” Suddenly, between the heaving and the crying, it all comes spilling out, every dirty detail. “I got a shiv from Dan, along with some uppers… I told him he could… he could…” Here, she has to swallow, but she shuts her eyes toward the memories and presses forward. Maya wouldn’t give the b@stard the satisfaction of leaving a mark on her; she did what she had to. “He f*cked me, and then he said he wouldn’t give me my sh!t, just the weapon… So I killed him. I don’t know what came over me, all I know is that I couldn’t let him do that to me again, and I had to get out tonight, or I wouldn’t get another chance.”

She can’t bring herself to look at him, in the past, they had both done their fair share of sh!t to get them a leg up. But Dan had been a disgusting human being, and she is not proud.

“I waited until it was lights out, and I made a scene in my room. One of the staff came in and I slit his throat and ran. That’s when I met you.” She wretches once more, the tears beginning to dry on her cheeks. “I didn’t expect you to come… I had waited so long. I just… I was afraid you had left me…” There is obvious shame laced in her voice, as she should have known better than to think he would’ve given up on her. But drugs do a lot to a person, not to mention the abuse and neglect they had endured on the daily.
June 14, 2018 08:22 pm

Chase Cooper

"We're going to get away. It's okay. We can.. we can go to like, someplace with no extradition or something."

She's completely lost it, and Chase is at a loss for what to do. When it comes to Maya, he will never be a clear thinker. Blame the drugs, blame the past, blame whatever you will - but he is completely blinded when it comes to her. The second she presses her lips together, he releases her hands only to gently tug her to him. He knows the answer, her reaction is enough.

And then, she rambles.

About Dan.

Chase remembers Dan. He'd always been creeping about the ward's common area, circling the girls like a vulture. He had been a large part of the reason why Chase always did his best to behave. Solitary helped no one, least of all Maya. He still remembers that greasy hair, and the stale, rotten smell of the guy.

Three words topple it all, and Chase tenses immediately.

Jaw set, he stares sideways into nothingness, and it takes everything he has to remain calm. She's still talking, but he isn't hearing her. She pulls away again to get sick, and still he doesn't react. Everything vein in his body pulses, creating a defeaning thumping noise in his head, and for just a moment, his bloodied fingers twitch to life as stress pushes him to fit for a fix.

"I couldn't just waltz back into the place, Maya."

He's quiet, gaze lifting to look her over. Does she really have no idea how committed he is to her? After years, and battles, wins and losses, this is what she would think of him? And Dan?

"You let that filthy fück touch you?"

Never in a million years did he ever think that, of all the people either of them had been with, he'd find himself competing with the likes of Dan. That shít just hurts.
June 14, 2018 10:23 pm

Maya Hall

Maya has always been more emotional than Chase, and it has always manifested in unpredictable ways. Sometimes she would lash out, and other times, she would completely shut down. This procures a war between the two reactions.

I couldn’t just waltz back into the place, Maya.

She hates when he says her name like that, and it shows in the face she pulls. There is disdain heavy in his voice, and she can’t help but shrink away from him. Maya knew he would be disappointed that she even thought he would leave her there, but she hadn’t expected this. Her eyes brim once more at the prospect of upsetting him so much. She opens her mouth to explain that her mind has been addled, that the treatment she received after their botched escape was heinous, and that she understands it was no excuse to doubt him, but…

You let that filthy f*ck touch you?

Her body goes rigid, her eyes narrowing to slits. Of all the people to make her feel guilty and disgusting and used, she didn’t think it’d ever be Chase. Vibrating uncontrollably, she’s unsure if it’s from the withdrawal or the anger that pulses through her tiny form. She wants to hit him, to throw things at him, but she knows she’s too weak and it would just push her over the edge. Instead, she rises shakily from the couch, grabs her puke bucket, and marches unsteadily toward the door. She wants to walk away from the situation but her pride - god, her f*cking pride - stops her.

“You know what, go f*ck yourself, Chase. I did what I had to get out of there. What was your precious f*cking plan anyway, to open every single f*cking door to these crazies who’ve been assaulted, abused, and drugged and just hope one of them didn’t give you away until you found me? Because that would’ve worked, huh? Your plan was to get caught, so what, that we’d never be able to get out of there? I did what I f*cking had to, and not you, not Dan, not f*cking god himself will make me feel bad about that! I did what I f*cking had to to survive! You don’t know what they did to me in there after you left, you snivelling f*cking tw@t, you f*cking got out and left me there for weeks! I don’t f*cking need you, Chase, I’ve done this a million times without you, I can do it one more f*cking time!”

There are tears streaming down her face as she turns to go down the stairs, and her head spins dangerously with emotion and lack of drugs. Still, she curses him halfway down, between wracking sobs and stopping to puke into her bucket. It’s when she hits the sixth step that she misses the stair entirely and takes a pretty hard tumble onto the landing below.

Collapsed into a heap, she revels in the pain of everything. Maya doesn’t even bother to stifle the sobs now, as she’s sure this is her heart finally giving out on her.
June 15, 2018 08:58 am

Chase Cooper

It is so obvious that she is angry, and Chase simply doesn't care. His pride is wounded, not that it has any right to be. He doesn't care about that, either. He isn't quite sure how much more obvious it could be to her, his feelings for her. But still, she persists in ignorance. And now, she would use herself to go this far? Nah. No. Nope. He's simply not having it.

So, when she gets up with her puke bucket and goes to leave, he doesn't stop her. There is nothing in him that wants to stop her, because currently, all he can think of is goddamn Dan.

Dan, with his greasy hair and creepy smile. His rotting teeth. His filthy hands. His long goddamn nails with dirt caked beneath them. The sheen of days old sweat that was consistently coating his face. Honestly, the man was so horrible that the staff had to restrain and hose him down once a week.

It's enough to have him running for the puke bucket, just thinking about it.

But she stops, and just has to get in the last fifty words.

I did what I had to get out of there.

"You sure fücking did, Maya!"

Because that would've worked, huh?

"Probably better than fücking KILLING people!"

...I can do it one more f*cking time!


He couldn't help it. He really couldn't. His bellowing, interjecting into her stubborn show of independence, just happened. Chase is shaking like a leaf, furious energy fueling him as he watches her retreat and disappear as she continues to curse him.

"Yea, fück you too, Maya," he growls quietly to himself. Before his next shítty remark can escape him, he is interrupted by wretching, follwed by a loud thud, which brings several more. Paling, he calls out tentatively.


Thirty seconds pass without answer, and he rises slowly. Careful steps take him to the top of the stairs, and he barely has to glance before he is practically flying down them. Vaulting himself over her, he is fast beside her on the landing and looking her over carefully.

Bile, everywhere. Tears. It is all he can do to choke back his own vomit.

But he doesn't want to touch her, because what if.

Still, despite threat of sick, his previous bellow is nothing more than a soft, sweet whisper to the broken heathen angel of a girl before him.

"...Did you break anything?"
June 15, 2018 05:51 pm

Maya Hall

...Did you break anything?

“Everything... everything’s broken...” She’s babbling, her breathing coming in slow, ragged form and it’s all she can do to keep upright. Her whole body aches, so it’s hard to discern what hurts from the fall.

Maya drags her gaze upward, remorse evident all across her features as she takes in his visage. A smile, small and sincere, pulls at the corners of her lips; his face was the only thing that got her through her last month of imprisonment. Which only made his accusations hurt all the more.

“I would’ve done anything to get back to you, Chase. I won’t apologize for what happened, and if I had to, I’d do it all over again.”

A sigh escapes her, and she pulls herself up, simple determination the only thing that helps her to her feet. Shakily, she assesses the damage - she’s sore, but no lasting effects. Her hands feel through her hair and her face and over her body, and she lets out another hefty sigh. Muttering about a wasted shower, she picks up her bucket and makes her way into the night, unsure - and rather uncaring - as to whether Chase would follow.

The stars loom down at her from the uncharacteristically clear night sky as she ambles down to the lake. Her feet find the water, and she shivers at the sudden cold. Still, she presses on, scooping handfuls of water to rinse herself of her own sickness. It’s a tedious process, but what she takes on with care. Plus, for the time being, it helps her focus on something that’s not presently all-consuming.

It helps her feel in control.
June 16, 2018 02:09 pm
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