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Tiber Loche

Miss Addie
I would tell him. Iíd tell him everything. But I donít think he wants to see me.
He didnít seem like it at the Den. Not really. 😕

Tiber isn't sure what he's supposed to say. Not sure how he's supposed to reply, especially since he'd been under the guise of Addie .. Who was likely to give him holy hell should she find out that Tiber swiped her phone. How could Quinn be so foolish to think that Tiber wouldn't want to see her? It was absolutely foolish of her to assume.†

What was more foolish was Quinn wanting to tell him everything. She might have been safe from Tiberius now, but that came with a hefty price tag. Alas it would seem that this perpetual game of magnetism between Quinn and Tiber was never going to end. If only because one cared so deeply for the wellbeing of the other. Perhaps they always would.†

I have it on good authority that Tiber was elated to see you at the den.
Gideon was around, too. Maybe the poor boy didn't want to overstep.

Maybe you should give him a call.

June 12, 2018 08:20 pm

Quinn Abernathy

Maybe you should give him a call.

As if it is that simple. Quinn stares at the phone, swallowing as if the proposition might be enough to push anyone over the edge. She had changed her number for Gideon, because of his discomfort over her contact with Tiber. To contact him now would break his trust entirely.

No. No. She can't do that.

In her heart, she knows she will see the man again. It might be a long time, but she would forever harbor nothing but love for the man, because now she understands. It may be different from what it was, but that doesn't make her care for him any less.

A message is typed out, yet she can't bring herself to send it. Then another, and another. They would never be sent. How could she possibly begin to explain the situation over text? It simply isn't right.

No. She needs to concentrate, and she needs to get this over with. Addie isn't mad at her, so...

Swiping on the screen, she presses call.

She has to talk to Addie.
About everything.
June 12, 2018 08:31 pm

Tiber Loche

His eyes go wide.

Vibrations shift over the palm of his hand as the small black phone began to ring. It's tone was soft and pleasant and he thought briefly on how it suited it's caller perfectly.

Tiber has about twenty seconds from here to decide whether or not he's going to answer. The obvious option being no. It wasn't his phone, it was Addie's. Tiber's cover would be blown immediately, and after the fact she might harbor anger towards him for betraying her trust.

But. To hear her voice. The only thing he would need to know whether she was still in any danger.

Fortunately for him he wouldn't have to make the decision on his own. Thirty seconds passed by before he knew and the call went straight to voicemail. Tiber's fingers close around the device in his hand and he groans. Its sound is equal parts detest and relief.

The question now was if he'd be able to keep up the charade if Quinn began to grow suspicious.
June 12, 2018 09:24 pm

Quinn Abernathy

It rings. And rings. And rings.

Ten seconds in, Quinn pulls the phone from her ear and gives a confused look. And then, voicemail. All it would catch is the tailend of a sigh. Is she upset with her? Is that why she won't pick up?

Miss Addie
I'm sorry. I can't.

With a click, her phone is locked, held tight within her hand as she stands from the chair she rests within. Slow steps would take her across the room and to the couch, a short distance that feels far greater than it once did. It is amazing how things change, so quickly.

Plopping down, she tugs at the throw that hangs over the back and takes several minutes finding a comfortable position. It wouldn't be soon after that those dark hues would disappear as her eyes slid closed with sleep.
June 12, 2018 10:16 pm
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