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Riders On The Storm:- Rebirth of an M.C.


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Alexander James

|Twenty-five years. That's how long it had been since I set foot in this town. Not since the ATF killed my dad and my mom took me back to live with her family in New York. I sat with my arms leaning on the handle bars of my 2017 Dyna Low Rider S, atop the hill overlooking the town and I somehow felt like I was finally home.|

|Starting up the bike I slowly rode into the town. Passing a few members of the local gangs and drug dealers on the streets I noticed that most of the locals were visibly terrified in their own streets. Pulling up in front of the building I had been looking for a smirk crossed my lips.|

|For the last several months, I had crews moving in and out of the building renovating the interior and only doing repairs on the outside. Now, for the first time since the raid in '93, the Grim Drunkard was finally open for business. The question was, would I get any customers? Shrugging it off I parked my bike and headed towards the door and opened it before flicking on the sign to tell people business was in full swing.|

June 21, 2018 12:33 pm


( Its been a few years since she had been in the neighborhood. To her some things never changed and then there were a few that did. Pulling down her leather glove the scar from the saber that cut her still made her wonder from time to time if she should have done something different. She also wondered how that man caught her trail when she was very careful not to leave behind any clues. However the out come made her smile thinking how she came out ahead and the man didn't.)

( Taking a slight turn she started walking down the warehouse district. This area she was very aware of. She owned a few ware houses for her packs. Looking ahead she saw some very strange activity taking place at the warehouse on the corner. Getting closer she noticed a man getting off his motor bike. Something struck her like it always did when she crossed one of her beta's. No it cant be I was sure he was dead thinking to herself.)
June 21, 2018 06:57 pm

Alexander James

|I had been standing behind the bar as the night progressed. I was pulling double duty as I was doing food orders and drink order as well. So needless to say I was tired as I nursed a bottle of water.| God, I need to hire some staff.

|There were only a few people in tonight, most were at the pool tables; others seated at the table and booths eating or drinking. It reminded me of the stories mom used to tell me about how the Drunkard used to be when she first moved her. This made me smile as I thought more about what was to come.|

June 23, 2018 04:09 pm


( Later that night I went back to the place where I saw the man on the bike. This time I got a closer look and realize it was a night club. I walked in and saw that it wasn't crowded, so I figured it must be new. Going to the bar I ordered a Michelob in the bottle looking at the man. To my surprise it was the same man I saw earlier and flashes swept through my mind and I realized it was the man who I attacked. I wondered if he recognized me. But I have changed my hair was longer and I wasn't letting my wolf come out like I did all those years ago.) June 23, 2018 09:40 pm

Alexander James

|I was thinking about locking up for the night since the crowd had dwindled but that was when I felt a shift in the air as I looked towards the door. The woman that walked in immediately ensnared my mind as I felt a strange primal pull towards her. And that was when I realized who she was.|

|Watching her approach the bar I gave her the drink she ordered. Figured I'd do her that liberty before doing what I had to do.| I know who you are.

|My tones were hushed so only she could hear and I knew she could because of what and who she was,| You are the one who made me like this. I swear to you on all that I left behind. |My eyes fixed with her just as my wolf made a slight appearance in my eyes.| I will kill you and take back my life.

|Walking away from her just as another customer approached the bar I dealt with their order before staying on the far end of the bar as more people started to leave.|

June 25, 2018 12:49 am


( Taking the bottle of beer I a sip. When he looked me in the eyes I knew it was the one who I fought. I gave him a devious grin and finished my beer.

Getting up I walked over to him glaring him in the eyes. By now they were golden snd my canine teeth bared.)

"Try if you must but you will loose. You were in the wrong place at the wrong time in my life. Im an Alpha my family has many packs here. You my dear boy are only a beta. And if i recall you attacked me first i was just defending myself. But if you want a go at it by all means. You do have potential. My family will like you especially my brother. You remind me of him."
June 26, 2018 06:40 pm

Alexander James

I attacked you?! |My voice carried across the bar as I snarled angrily at her.| I was in that camp asleep. I was trying to get away. You attacked me by taking a chunk outta my leg. You then mauled me and left me for dead. I never once attacked you.

|I felt the wolf inside me rise up as my eyes slowly turned blue. The kinda blue that meant that I had killed an innocent.| Because of you, I have to run away from my life and my family. I don't care of I lose to you, I will kill you even if I die trying.

June 26, 2018 06:47 pm


" You attacked me with a saber look."
(I showed him the scar)
" That was when i bit you. If you were bitten before i bit it could have only been the other Alpha.Like i said bad place at the time. Havent killed since. Wont let that Primal come out any more."
June 26, 2018 07:03 pm

Alexander James

I never had a damn saber. See you don't even remember who I am, but I remember you. |The snarl in my voice saw the bar clear as I started to change slowly.|

I was a normal kid from New York trying to get my life right. Find who I was and thanks to you, I can never have that AGAIN!!! |A roar of anger left my lips as I tried to reign in my rage.|

June 26, 2018 07:05 pm



( I looked deeper into his eyes and then I remembered him. He was the one Rufus bit. I went after Rufus and he somehow got in the way. I did bit his arm. The anger he had I knew well. It was what I had and Rufus. )

"Rufus bit you on the leg. He was mad cause I wanted to leave so he went after a lot of campers. I do remember you , you got in the way well in the middle of us fighting and I will admit I bit your arm and scratched you up but he did too I thought you were dead. If knew that you were not, I would have helped you. So yes I did turn you. I do not have any excuse for what happened. There is a cure however, and it works. You need the blood of the Alpha and in this case its me and Rufus along with some herbs. I know a witch who has made this. Look I am a born wolf. You can control your hunger and your family will be safe. "

( I look at him the anger in him rose. )

"You want a go at me then lets do it where there are no innocent by standers."

June 26, 2018 07:52 pm

Alexander James

|Hearing her mention another wolf, I started to recall a pitch black wolf fighting with her. She was right, they both bit me but her words about controling my hunger and my anger were wrong.| I can never go home.

|The innocent I had killed, the one that had caused my eyes to become the blue they were now... That was part of the reason, I could never go home again. My sadness took over as I started turning back to my human form.| Just leave... I don't ever want to see you here again.

|Turning I started walking off feeling even mroe broken now than I had in the years since I had killed her. The innocent i had killed the night I decided never to return home again was my younger sister. And with her blood on my hands and her life taken by me, I knew that I could not go home ever again.|

June 26, 2018 09:23 pm


( I nodded my head in agreement I was partially to blame for what happened to him. I didn't mean to bite him those years ago I was targeting Rufus. I understood where he was coming from. I never knew what it was like to be human. I was a wolf all my life. And we were taught at a early age to control our anger. Maybe if I went back and checked on him and was there when he woke things would have been differently. Standing up I headed for the door and made my way outside.) June 27, 2018 08:50 pm

Alexander James

|Watching her leave I breathed a sigh of relief as I felt my anger reign in. I had just about ripped the entire place apart after getting it up and running again. This told me I needed some real help with this.|

|Outside the building a group of men pulled up in muscle cars, each looking like the member of a gang as they headed for the door.|

June 27, 2018 09:46 pm


Noire, having not been out on the town since her return, had chosen to take 'the road less traveled'...or something like that. As she looked around, she had noticed that 'the road less traveled' was a run down, shoddy piece of work. ** Good Lord...**  The Voice in her head had risen after some time of not showing itself. Generally, it remained silent unless it had something snarky up it's sleeve. Not tonight. Tonight was filled with snark and bullsh!t. 

As she made her way about the ratty town of...wherever the Hell she was, she had heard a bit of a commotion. Eyes of arctic grey darted to and fro as she searched for the source of the racket. Somewhere to the West, she assumed. **If you get us killed, I'm bringing EVERY SINGLE ONE of my friends back with me. Schizophrenia for days baby.**  " Oh, shut the Hell up won't you? "


With the racket growing in decibel, Noire followed. About one block away, she had decided to hop on top of the nearest building and track it from there. Upon approaching, she saw a man and woman at the end of what seemed like a VERY violent spat. The woman had taken her leave, but the man stayed. Noire deduced that he must have been the owner of the building he stood just in front of. 

The roar of motorcycles followed not too long afterwards, and it had caused Noire to dip down beside a chimney. "..What the fvck is this now....?" She whispered to herself. The Voice had attempted a run around, but she shoved it off, the reprecussions of a violent pain in her skull following. Eyes becoming a dark shade of red, Noire watched from the shadows. How long had it been since she saw gang members around here? And why the Hell were they at this place?

Patient, she would wait until given an opportunity. This guy was alone. She wasn't about to let it go that far south...

Besides....she was feeling fighty. 

July 02, 2018 12:50 am

Alexander James

|Seeing the bikers and the other gang members pull up I smirked glaring at them as the socalled leader stepped forward. He began spouting some nonsense about him and his crew owning Bella Vista and that I was gonna need to pay a toll to operate in their town. His presumption got me laughing as I pulled out a pack of smokes and lit one. My time in the Realm had taught me a few things and one of them was how to use my wolf's powers without losing myself in the process.|

|In a swift move I was in front of him driving a decapitating uppercut sending him crashing onto the hood of the muscle car behind him.| You wanna own this city? Then you gotta go through the President of the Grim Riders MC, Xander "BloodFang" James. And in case you jack-offs didn't get it the first time,

|Slowly turning my eyes to the Blue of a wolf that has taken the life of an innocent I growled softly.| That's me.

July 02, 2018 10:21 am
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