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Autumn Summers

Another day. Another dollar. Another drink.

More often than not, Autumn lost track of the days… nights… weeks, Hell, even months. Why bother when most of it mattered little anymore? She no longer had a driving force in her life. No significant other. Few friends. Dead siblings and silence from those alive. They were living their own lives and she would never begrudge them that. Not after their shared history.

What did that leave?

Work. Gardening. Caring for Maddie. General puttering around the house, and not much else. Honestly, the redhead was well on her way to becoming a crazy cat lady. She lacked only a few more cats.

Maybe she’d go adopt one tomorrow…

But that would be then, and this was now.

Now, the music of a band she didn’t recognized thumped in her ears and hundreds of others occupying the large club. Bodies of all shapes and sizes danced. Sat. Talked. Laughed. Drank. It was easy to lose oneself in the dark environment. More than a few were here for just that - an escape from their lives.

In a while, she would finish her own drink, abandon the small table, and wade into the sweaty crowd. She, too, wanted to lose herself. If someone decided to get too familiar, chances were they’d end up her dinner. Or punching bag. It entirely depended on her fancy at the time. Either way, it helped release pent up energy. She wasn’t quite spoiling for a fight...

More than once already, the woman rebuffed the attentions of a man who thought a petite redhead drinking alone in such a place constituted a crime of sorts. Once, not so very long ago, their advances would have been welcome. No longer. In the middle of all those people, Autumn wanted to be alone. More specifically, the ones whose company she desired did not reciprocate.

She brought the glass to her lips only to discover it empty. The irony was not lost on her.
July 04, 2018 09:10 pm

Camille Hammond

[[ There was something about the way that humans had began interacting with each other that put Eligos in a sense of distress. It seemed they'd simply blinked and two hundred years had gone by, humanities soft cushion of civility and charm having gone right out the window. While it made things more difficult for them (ahem, having to adjust ones eloquence in a matter of moments is most distressing), they were also less likely to stick out like a sore thumb when their aggravation had become... Apparent. To put it mildly, people were raging d!cks, and it seemed that that was to be expected. ]]

Camille's body had opened up many doors for Eligos. Wherever they went, her bright eyes and lithe form exuded some sort of innocence that disarmed (most) people in an instant. While Cami herself had always been aware of this, the girl hadn't thought much of it in the past and so she hadn't been likely to use these features to her advantage. Eligos, however... Elated. It was like they'd been exalted. On their plate, a rare, juicy steak cooked at exactly the perfect temperature until it's middle was a perfect medium pink. Their's for the taking and, oh, were they going to indulge.

From the depths of what was left of her soul, Cami lay (nearly) dormant. Sentenced to consciousness while a demon wreaked havoc on both her life and the world itself. Her attempts at control had been futile, her meek voice rendered useless save for the very dull headache she caused with her unwavering commentary. One thing they'd yet to get rid of -- her detest. Camille absolutely abhorred Eligos, and she would not be entirely silenced. It seemed there was nothing that they could do about it, and it was the only thing that brought her hope.

She watched apathetically; lethargic as she'd succumbed to her captivity. Eligos moved swiftly in and out of crowds with her small body, charming men and women alike with the batting of pale lashes painted black. But the familiar whirr in the pit of her stomach was unavoidable when her attention caught on to a face that she found familiar. It wouldn't go unnoticed by Eligos, either. It never did. It seemed they'd an affinity for using her feelings against her -- like some game of cat and mouse, though the mouse had already been decapitated.

It didn't seem to bother them. They'd derived the same amount of pleasure from her misery either way.

['Don't do this. I barely even know her, find someone else to torment.']

But Camille's slim fingers were already wrapped around the cool glasses of drinks in either of her hands; the condensation dripping down her skin and over her knuckles. It was possible that they hadn't gotten the drink right, but the smell of the contents of Autumn's glass were potent enough, and they'd made an educated guess just the same. Slipping into the only other empty chair, Camille's body limped against it's cool metal bones, sliding the glass across the table to where the redhead could reach it should she so please.

"I would have snapped his fingers clear from his body." She grinned, almost speaking into the glass as she began to close the distance between the drink and her mouth, "I commend your sense of self control."
July 09, 2018 11:08 am

Autumn Summers

Surrounded by bodies, assaulted by the constant cacophony of music and steady buzz of conversation, even armed with supernatural senses, Autumn put herself into a position to be approached and not notice. Shame on her. The mingling scents made picking one in particular out near impossible as well. Of course, the self imposed numbness accounted for part of it. Thus, Autumn was not aware of Camille’s approach as she lamented the empty glass until the woman made herself comfortable in the empty seat.

Cool emerald eyes regarded the distantly familiar blonde after an initial flash of hostility at the intrusion. Didn’t people know that if a person is alone in a place like this, it was by design? Stupid sheep. But Autumn had brief dealings with Camille in the past and was well aware she did not fit into the sheeple category.

So, she chose to at least see what the woman wanted.

"I would have snapped his fingers clear from his body. I commend your sense of self control."

Interesting choice of words to break the ice.

Instead of giving an immediate reply, Autumn slid her empty glass to the midway point on the table and swept up the fresh glass offered by Camille. She brought the rim up to her mouth and sniffed once. Easy enough to slip substances into drinks. Although, if there was no scent, she’d probably be f*cked.

But that’s life.

Autumn sipped, eyes on the other woman. The waiting game could be considered petty. It was petty. She learned it from the best. Here’s looking at you, Gray Taylor.

In her own good time, the glass found the table again, and she spoke.

“Good guess, but no cigar,” Autumn tipped her head toward the alcohol, decidedly not her Johnnie Walker Blue. “I’ll give you an honourable mention for the effort. As for the man, snapping his fingers is too easy. It isn’t a matter of self control. It’s knowing when to strike… if it’s worth the effort. Now, what can I do for you? Or are you here to show me your arse again?”
July 13, 2018 01:09 pm
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