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"Feb, c'mon now. It's fine."

Mackenzie is exasperated. There has been no convincing the man that nothing is out of place. So, there is some murderer running amok in London. Sat beside him, she leans in, looking over the screen of his phone as he reads the latest coverage of a local murder.

It started with animals. Police always suspected it. Whenever they made a mess, it was always the cause of death. Some sort of animal attack. Poor, sweet victims found dead due to some rabid dog or some such nonsense. And it was acceptable for them, because they were smart about it.

But now?

All the murders have been in one central location, a mere block from his obnoxiously ornate London apartment. It made their feedings difficult, especially when they had to tiptoe around some devasting mess the police were working through.

As much as Mackenzie tries to ease his tensions and get her beau to lighten up and quit worrying, she knows he is right. This is bad for them. She would hate to have to relocate. Such a pain, and she would really miss that shower.

"Alright. That.. that's enough for tonight, yea? Christ," she mutters to him, attempting to guide him to set the phone down. "You've been glued to this damn thing."

Giving up, she eyes their glasses upon the table. Not anywhere near empty. With one last glance at him, she lifts her glass to her lips and drinks it dry before taking his within her grasp, her intentions to do just the same.

A sideways glance is given to him before she stands from her seat, a hungry gait taking her to the bar for new drinks.

It isn't difficult for her to garner attention from others. Her mess of waves and curls has grown longer, seemingly unfitted to the petite girl's slender build. Dark jeans cling to her, and her boisterous red shirt cause her flesh to seem paler than it really is. Couple that with her heels and obvious attitude, and she is nothing but trouble.

But she ignores anyone who tries to speak to her. There wouldn't be dinner tonight, not with Victor in such a state.

Returning to the table, she would see a flaxen-haired woman talking to Victor. A small smirk would grace her features as she slides into the booth beside him, setting the glasses down and placing a showing kiss upon his cheek before turning her attention to the woman.

"Run along, Bambi. This one is spoken for."
July 07, 2018 05:53 pm

Victor Lockheed

No, it wasn’t fine.

Victor’s black gaze lacked any hint of warmth that came from a feed, particularly so as he threw Mackenzie a brief, surly glance before returning to the latest news report. He didn’t quite understand why she didn’t understand their predicament.

“I’ve owned that space for several decades, and I have no intention of being run off by someone with a death wish.”

Because a death wish was almost certainly what this was. This individual either had no concept of self preservation, wanted to get caught, or had some sort of beef with the pedestrians that happened to be on Bryn Road at the wrong time.

As his eyes moved across the article, he made a soft grunt of something bordering on amusement. “Well, it looks like they finally made the leap from animal to man. Woman, actually. They’re making a big deal out of it; female serial killers are apparently really rare. They’re calling her ‘Jane the Ripper’.”

However terribly interesting this was, it was entirely soured by the fact that this murderess was getting her jollies in his proverbial back yard. Victor never hunted close to home, being that he liked it there and didn’t want to jeopardize the location by having cops and detectives sniffing around his front door. With these murders taking place just down the road, it was now rare indeed to take a stroll without seeing a police car. Vigilant eyes in the area were bad news for Victor. A trained eye wouldn’t miss the fact that he had a very strange routine to his comings and goings.

"Alright. That.. that's enough for tonight, yea? Christ.”

Mackenzie had reached over to make a manual attempt to get him to lower his phone, but he merely swapped hands with his phone without missing a beat.

Absorbed in his own musings, he barely noticed Mackenzie downing both their drinks and making a run for more. He wasn’t even really reading now; instead, he was scrolling through pictures of the various crime scenes that were tame enough for the news site. Perhaps he could put a stop to this himself. It was only down the road, and he was certain he could spot a killer from a mile away. Takes one to know one, right? But how to do that without drawing any attention to himself..

“Oh my god… you’re here.”

The feminine trill of disbelief was undeniably directed at him, very near. Onyx eyes rose to see a woman with a tousled mess of curly blonde hair staring at him with very wide hazel eyes, lips parted with obvious surprise. She was standing right next to him. How did he not notice her approach?

Phone still raised as if he would begin ignoring her any moment, Victor gave her a smooth once over. She couldn’t have been older than twenty five, although she dressed as though she were firmly in her teens; she wore black shorts and a Mickey Mouse t-shirt that was probably a size too big. Her purse dangled dangerously from the slackened fingers of her right hand.

“Well, you’re not wrong. Goodbye.”

Studiously uninterested, he immediately returned to eyeing his phone, scrolling through the images with his thumb. The moment was short lived - he felt her hand touch his forearm, and his attention was forced back into the room yet again.

“I knew I would find you. I knew if I just stayed near Charing Cross and did it enough, I would find you. Or you would find me.”

Victor suddenly became very still.

Mackenzie arrived a moment later, sliding into the booth beside him and making a scene of claiming him for the other female to observe.

“Run along, Bambi. This one is spoken for.”

The woman’s eyes left Victor’s for barely a moment to glance at Mackenzie before returning to his face like a woman starved. Victor didn’t react to Mackenzie’s kiss; instead doing a perfect imitation of a statue as everything fell instantly into place.

Standing so close to him, it had finally caught on. She smelled like blood.

In one smooth movement that was too fast to be done in view of mortal eyes, Victor had her by the arm and was dragging her out the back door of the pub, blatantly uncaring of the many eyes that trailed them. To his muted surprise, there was no hint of struggle from the girl, who followed behind him without a word. If anything, she looked pleased.

Once outside, Victor tossed her against the back wall of the building, a hint of disbelief in his eyes. He could feel Mackenzie’s presence as she followed them out back, and he turned to her just enough to continue blocking any bodily route of escape for the stranger.

“It’s her. She’s the killer. Does she look familiar?” Victor pointed at her. “She should. We turned her back in New York to give to that fvcking Slayer. I turned her.” Without waiting for a response, he turned back to fully face the fledgeling, black eyes blazing. “So, you got away and came looking for me. For what. To kill me?”
July 07, 2018 08:28 pm


The lack of reaction is what catches her attention, and her icy sights lock onto the woman. If Mackenzie had hackles to raise, they certainly would be now. Victor has already been stressed, but now it is abundantly clear that this woman is bothering him.

Couple that with the mere glance in Mackenzie's direction from the girl, and she is beyond angry. How dare she. How brazen could this stupid American be that she would think this is acceptable?

Turning where she sits to face the girl's poised stance, that threatening little snarl can be heard as her temper flares.

"Leave. Now."

Victor moves.

There is no hesitation as she follows him, uncaring of the watching patrons as she trails them. Let them stare, let them think what they will. No doubt, there would be talk of affairs, stalkers, or jealous girlfriends. Surely, it would be a fantastic story.

'Man leads woman out of pub, followed by angry girlfriend.'

Let them. She's hungry, and anyone that makes Victor this tense is a good enough meal for her.

And then, he turns to her.

The look within his black pools is slightly manic, something she never really sees from the man. It is so difficult to rile him like this, his temper usually even and cool. But this?

'It's her.'

A predator's gaze falls upon the young woman, and calculated steps are taken to step up beside the man. She can only stare for several moments, head tilting slightly in thought as Mackenzie's gaze flickers over her.

So, she escaped the drop and followed them. What could possibly be the actual issue? The issue itself would be solved in mere seconds, now. No more worries, and they could go on with their lives as per the norm.


She escaped, and nary a word was had from her aggressor. If Mackenzie had missed a delivery, there would have been hell to pay. It was promised several times over, and she is sure that they would have known.

But, here the girl is. Alive. Ish.

"Kill you? No. Never. I just knew I had to find you."

"Aw, f-ck sake," Mackenzie mutters, bypassing Victor completely and leaning in to get a better whiff of the girl. She even smells like Victor. And though she is inches taller than the Irish femme, Mackenzie doesn't shy away. "Le do thoil. She's a f-cking child."

Steps are taken back until she is beside the man once more, but not once does Mackenzie take her eyes off the girl. Trouble. This spells trouble.

Turning her head, she leans toward Victor and offers a whisper. Her intentions are clear. Fledgeling vampires are dangerous, and there is no room for this here. Best to end it all, before it can progress further. "She's got to go, Vic."

"But I've come so far, and searched for so long, and I've finally found you." All the while, the girl advances like a moth to the wicked flame. "I've worked so hard to make you proud. Aren't you happy?"
July 07, 2018 08:53 pm

Victor Lockheed

Underfed and taut with tension, the dark vampire was on a hair trigger when it came to his temper. Confronted by the fledgeling vampire, he’d jumped to the conclusion that she was there for revenge. Not a far leap, considering he’d effectively ended her human life, but he’d been too provoked to see what was really happening.

"Kill you? No. Never. I just knew I had to find you."

His brow furrowed as his handle on the situation slipped; he’d obviously misread what was going on. Mackenzie stepped forward and inspected the girl, cursing under her breath at what she’d found. Victor’s black eyes hardly moved from the fledglings face as Mackenzie stepped back toward him.

“Le do thoil. She’s a f-cking child.”

Immediately, he understood.

The murderous expression upon his face began to dissipate as intrigue took its place. Victor had sired the girl, it was true. He’d done this only a handful of times in his unlife, and never for reasons to suit himself. He’d heard stories of freshly turned Vampires having a.. unique sense of attachment to their sire. An unnatural, unearned loyalty. However, he’d never experienced it himself. Until now.

“She’s got to go, Vic.”

Mackenzie’s soft brogue was at his ear, so close he could feel her cool breath stir his hair. She was urging him to kill.

He loved when she did that.

"But I've come so far, and searched for so long, and I've finally found you. I’ve worked so hard to make you proud. Aren’t you happy?”

The girl’s soft curls bounced gently around her face as she began to approach them, her voice hitching as tears threatened to overcome her. She was genuinely heartbroken at the thought she’d failed.

How terribly fascinating.

Victor glanced briefly at Mackenzie, asking for her patience with merely a look before turning his attention to the seemingly heartbroken vampire before them. “You killed all those people to please me, is that what you’re saying?”

She nodded emphatically. “Yes, I did! I thought you would come looking for me if I did it enough, and I was right wasn’t I?”

Victor’s head tilted slightly to the side as he regarded her. “Yes, but not for the reason you think.”

The girl’s expression dropped faintly. “Then why were you looking for me?”

“Because you’ve been causing a lot of problems for me, killing indiscriminately in my territory like that. I wanted to find you so that I could rip your fvcking heart out.” Victor’s voice didn’t rise in anger; rather it remained calm and conversational. He slowly began to close the distance between himself and the fledgeling.

Her eyes had gone wide with horrified surprise and her hands lifted to cover her mouth. “I’m s-, I’m so sorry! I thought-”

“What did you think?” Victor’s face was inches from hers, his presence radiating a dangerous energy.

She whimpered quietly into her hands, tears beginning to roll down her cheeks as she blinked. A moment passed, and she lowered her hands from her mouth, only to clasp as the hem of her shirt. “I thought…” She spoke in measured, tearful words, clearly trying very hard to explain herself to him. “Since you’re a Vampire… and because of what you did to me… that this was what you wanted.”

Victor shook his head once. “You were wrong.”

Her brows lifted woefully as a barely repressed sob threatened to wrench itself from her mouth, held in check only by the quick return of her hands covering her face.

Victor watched this spectacle up close, intensely intrigued by the depths of her wish to please him for no apparent reason except for the joy of doing so.

He let her reside in her anguish for a few moments before he spoke again. “What’s your name?”

The answer came from behind her hands after a couple of choked attempts. “Grace.”

Victor’s hands lifted to grasp her wrists, pulling them slowly down to reveal her tear streaked face. “Do you know what would make me happy, Grace?”

“What?” Her watery, breathless reply came quick.

Victor’s black gaze bored intently into hers. “For you to listen, and do exactly as I say. From now on. Do you understand me?” His hands tightened upon her wrists, earning a quiet gasp from her.

“Yes, I understand. I promise, I’ll do whatever you say. Just please don’t leave me alone again..” Tears began to well within her eyes once more, but Victor was quick with his reassurances, his hands releasing her wrists to rise and take her face within them, wiping her tears away with his thumbs.

“Shh. Stop. If you keep that promise, then I won’t leave you alone, will I?”
July 19, 2018 11:43 pm
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