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Xander James

|Today was the day. The day our garage opened and the day the people of Bella Vista knew that the Grim Riders were back. I had been putting in some serious overtime on the bikes for everyone. The restoration on the bikes for Peri and Artie were done and all got the Grim Riders treatment with the MC's Reaper displayed on the fuel tank. I made sure everyone's bike had the Reaper and I made sure to have the invites all sent out to the citizens and got notice to all the Riders of the time of the meet up before our entrance.|

|The hill I was currently on overlooked the spot where the shop was and right across the street from it, was the Grim Drunkard. Of course I was the first to arrive, what kinda President would I be if my crew got here before me. Chuckling at the thought I lit one of my cigs and waited.|

|As this was an occasion to go all out, I was flying the colors of the MC proudly that day. I had sported my kutte which proudly displayed a skeleton dressed like a biker on the back with red and yellow flames surrounding it as it sat on a Harley pointing a magnum .38 towards anyone behind it. The words Grim was emblazoned in bold red letters above the skeleton while the word Riders was beneath it with 1% to the left and MC to the right. Beneath the kutte was a black, long-sleeved t-shirt with a pair of black, camo-designed, baggy cargo pants which sagged low on my hips causing it to crumple in heaps on top of the black and red Air Force One sneakers on my feet.|

July 09, 2018 09:42 pm

Alrick Ivanoff

The breeze picked up and almost blew Alex away as the large red dragon approached. Each flap of it's enormous wings had the trees swaying as if about to be ripped out of the ground. He hoped nothing broke because of the winds he was producing as he landed causing the ground to shake. Smoke billowed from his nostrils as his skin glittered from the sun's rays. He soon began to shrink until he was correct height and human form. A red long sleeved with a red sleeveless hooded shirt over it. His kutte covered that as below his waist he was dressed in black ripped jeans tucked into black combat boots along with black and red leather gloves. Smoke bellowed from his lips as he headed into the garage. "Wha gwaan genna?" July 10, 2018 12:12 pm


Noire, who had been hanging upside down in a tree a bit up the hill in front of the garage, took immediate notice of Alrick as he landed. She hadn't been expecting him to do that, and the gust of wind from his wings had caused her to sway a bit.

"...Oh my..." She let the words slip out in a small breathe, just above a whisper. For a moment, she considered what she would do before letting her legs loose from the branch. Silent as she landed, the Demoness reached into the pocket of black skinny jeans to grab a smoke. Her kutte, worn as per usual since day one, was over a form fitting netted hoodie, and a black crop top beneath that. Loose black combat boots with the words 'Death Dealer' on either side hit just below the knees, showing wear and tear as the tongues flapped forward a bit.

** Kiddo, you ever consider not dressing like you're going in to fvck some Sh!t up?** V made his fifth appearance for the day, causing a noticeable twitch in Noire's left eye. Shaking her head, she chuckled to herself.  It was gonna be a damn fine day, no doubt. Making her way to the garage, she caught up to Alrick but turned to spot Xander up a ways. He had been waiting for everyone else to show up. Good. Lifting a heavily inked hand into the air, she waved to her Leader, her grey eyes becoming a bright yellow. As she turned to walk into the opening of the garage, she exhaled from her cigarette and cracked her neck in both directions.

"...Hey Alrick, we got coffee in this joint?"

July 10, 2018 09:30 pm

Xander James

Chigga, pick a differant way fi fawud pon di ends zeen? Yuh inna waa bikah gang now, ride a bike ar sum'n. |Sighing as I looked over at my VP and shook my head. Alrick wasn't one for being subtle as per his dragon form entrance on the hill with me. But I knew he was dependable that's why I chose him as the VP. The arrival of Noire from the tree next to us made me smirk.|

Until the others get here, I'll tell you the sitch. We're riding into the city, taking the main streets and riding to the garage. This is how we're announcing that we're back. |Looking between the two of them I flicked a coin at the both.| So, I'm guess you two are gonna need a bike, right? Squeeze the coins and the bikes you want will appear. They'll have on this in common and that's the Reaper, apart from that, they're yours.

July 10, 2018 10:28 pm

Alrick Ivanoff

Alrick replied by blowing smoke directly at Alex before Noire arrived. He had heard her fascination in his form before shrugging at her question. "Alrick don't know, but will check." He said taking the coin, he wasn't a bike person. Why would he be when he could easily fly. But he would get one to please his little brother. Finding his prize he tossed it at Noire before squeezing the coin and watching a black Harley with red tints appear. The reaper prominent on the machine. July 10, 2018 10:35 pm

Alyssa Beleren

'Not a bad look kid.'

Smirking to myself in the mirror I grabbed my kutte from the bed and headed for the garage of the apartment building i was staying in. Climbing on my bike I smirked down at it and reveled in its beauty. I had gotten a 2003 Harley-Davidson Dyna Super Glide Sport from a junkyard on the edge of town and fixed it up with the help of Xander and Alrick. The Reaper of the MC was proudly displayed on the bike's gas tank with its powder blue coating.

Adjusting the mirror I smirked at my new look. I had decided to change my look now that my mana was back and that I was in this MC. Starting up the bike I rode out and headed for the meeting spot on the hill just outside the city. Pulling up I saw that Alrick and Noire were there with the Prez and made my way over. "Sup folks, Prospect Alaska reporting in."

July 10, 2018 11:00 pm


Artemis had grown accustomed to the sights and sounds of Belle Visita.  She was up in the air doing what she was best on air patrol or aerial manvuers as Pericles told her.  He was her groun forces until he had disappeared on her in Belle Vista.

She knew what he was at heart and he desired a pack to be in.   He was a hidden Alpha and his chances of finding a 'spot' were not good.   She knew what he could do if he was backed into a corner and the results were bad for the challanger.  He only wanted a spot where he could help quietly and effectively.  He finally found a 'pack' willing to take him in.  A motley crew of bikers, she frowned at the thought of it   She since managed to talk him in to coming home and they'd change a few things.   She looked at the plain gold band on her finger and that had sealed a pact between.

Artie landed silently in a crouch with her wings fully unfurled.  She wore the kutte. The kutte boasted a skeleton dressed like a biker on the back with red and yellow flames surrounding it as it sat on a Harley pointing a magnum .38 towards anyone behind it. The words Grim was emblazoned in bold red letters above the skeleton while the word Riders was beneath it with 1% to the left and MC to the right. On the front were four white patches, two on the left with the words Enforcer above Men of Mayhem on the Right in bold red letters, while Road sat above Hog on the left.

She knew some magic and had adusted it to short waist leather sleevess vest.   She sported a black t **** that read ' I love my biker boy.'   a pair of black jeans and a black letather boots completed her outfit.

She stood looking at Alrick.   "Another one to do aeiral patrol?"

July 10, 2018 11:05 pm


Noire caught her coin and smiled. Any  one I want, eh? Her thoughts went to a motorcycle an old friend had recently shown her upon her return. Without thinking, she squeezed the coin, and before her and her Brothers, a 2018 Harley Softail Breakout appeared. Naturally, it was black on black. The Reaper of her Crew was prominently shown as part of the paint job, wrapping around the motorcycle in a white whisp of smoke. 

**Damn...**   If V could have smiled, he would have. Noire noted the pride in his voice and smiled herself. She noted the hint of detest in Alrick's actions. Didn't seem like a motorcycle kind of guy, but then again if she was a dragon...she would rather fly too. Unbenknownst to her Leader and Alrick, she had many a secret up her sleeve she would reveal in good time. There was a reason she was always where she needed to be, in a timely fashion.

Looking to Xander, she smirked back. " I'll be goddamned, Xan. Went all out, yeah? Much appreciated, Dear." She used the term to show her joy in recieving such a gift. The man really did go all out for this. She delighted in the thought of going out into the town to let everyone know what was up. With it though, she knew she'd be busy taking care of...things. Chuckling, she moved forward to her Motorcycle to place a hand on it and admire it for a second.

" Damn, you're pretty..."

As she spoke to herself, she realized  some of the others had shown up. Looking to Alyssa, she smiled widely, and winked. That kid was always on time. Wonderful. Another woman had shown herself, and Noire recognized her scent. The woman called Artemis. With yellow eyes, Noire looked to her and said a silent 'hello' by nodding her head. Looked like almost everyone was around. they were missing someone though. Peri. He'd be in soon enough, she figured. Keeping her gaze moving, she took in the general appearance of the group, realizing how truly bad a$s they all looked together. Fvckin' A, she thought.

Fvckin' A, indeed. 

July 10, 2018 11:06 pm

Alrick Ivanoff

Alrick grabbed the handle of his bike and picked it up like it was nothing. His inhumane strength on full display as he brought it to place beside Noires. The idea of riding this machine was ridiculous. He nodded at the arriving females before turning his attention to the one called Artemis. "Alrick doesn't patrol." He said as he took up the thermos he had tossed to Noire who forgot she had asked him for something as she was in love with her bike. Opening the container he poured himself a cup. "Alrick not fan of surprises, likes to see it coming." He added with a smirk. It was true even though few were as stealthy and good at tracking as he was he always liked going in head on. July 10, 2018 11:43 pm


Well, the job interview had went well. Very well, in fact. Summer slid the kutte on, smoothing it over her chest as she looked down at it. It fit exactly right, curiously. She wore a black New Christs teeshirt that she’d cut down to a tank top. The fabric was faded and soft, giving a nod to the many (many) years it had been in existence. Skin tight blue jeans and a pair of well worn low black leather boots completed the look. Her short blond hair was in a wild mess on her head, a stark contrast to the artist-grade makeup on her face. Pulling the flowered bedspread over the bed in the rented room, Summer clomped downstairs to grab a scone and a cup of coffee before heading out to the garage.

True to her word, she didn’t drive. She never did, not since returning to the Realm. Funny how fatal accidents can do that to a person. So she walked, enjoying the sunshine. The warmth and rays energized her in ways she’d not yet come to completely understand. All she knew was that after a day soaking up the rays, she could do some serious damage after sunset. Plus it felt fantastic.

On approach, she arrived just a bit late so she missed Alrick’s entrance. She did give a low whistle at the bikes. They were something else. Gorgeous. Sexy as all hell. Summer looked at them like they were a tall glass of lemonade on a hot day. Giving a bright grin, she greeted the group. “G’day, all! Feelin’ right as rain and ready to do what’s needed as prospect.”
July 12, 2018 12:32 am

Xander James

|Spotting summer arrive without a bike I chuckled knowing why. Flicking one of the coins to her I smirked.| Think about the bike you want and fall in. We're riding into the city, I'm in front as the Pres. Behind me will be Alrick as the VP on my left and Noire on my right as the Sgt at Arms. Everyone else falls in behind them starting with the Enforcers such as Peri and Artie, behind them are the Prospects.

|Looking around I smiled as I glanced up to the sky and caught the facade of my father and mother smiling down at me in the cloud. A bright smile cross my lips as the thought that they'd be happy that I came back made me start my bike.| RIDERS!!! MOUNT UP!!

July 12, 2018 07:26 pm

Pericles Galanos

Peri rode his fully restored 1941 Harley Knucklehead Ghost behind Xander, Alrick  and Noire.  He had been a little late in getting there at the right time.   He had stashed Artie where she could find it and he mounted up behind  the three ahead of him.

"Sorry I had to get my bike.   Artie just finished her air patrol....Sweetcheeks preferes her wings to her wheels."

July 12, 2018 08:11 pm


Artemis frowned at Peri.   "Can it honeybuns...  "    She brought her bike up to next to her mate.  She gave him a wink  and spoke to Xander.

"I have a spread that is being catered by a small business set up  and waiting.  Lots of munchies  and some Jamacian dishes.   The owner is from Jamacia.:

July 12, 2018 11:12 pm

Alrick Ivanoff

Alrick got on his bike and started her up. The machine roared to life as he revved the engine and got behind Alex and waited for them to hit the streets. He had never ridden this contraption before but was eager to break in the beast and show her who her master was. "Ready when yuh ready mi G." July 12, 2018 11:39 pm


Catching the coin deftly, she looked at it, spinning it between her first two fingers and thumb. Truth- she’d not driven since she’d taken the stolen car off the road, resulting in a tree branch to jam right through her vampiric heart (what luck). Truth- she’d vowed to never drive again. Also truth- she’d never been on a motorcycle before. Did that count as driving? Technically, yes. But what was she going to do? Grab her Huffy and pedal her hardest after the gang? She laughed out loud at such a ridiculous mental image. No. She would put on her big girl panties, summon up the strength from the vast well within and get her ass on the motorcycle.

But what motorcycle? The boss had merely said ‘think about the bike you want’. She nearly spat out a cuss, thinking about Huffy’s! Dammit all! Luckily, the coin was smarter than that, it appeared. She thought of one she’d seen just the other day, purring down the road like a wildcat. Sleek yet timeless, it held a vintage charm that tickled her hippie leanings. Looking at the coin, she pinched it between her fingers. With a gasp, her face lit up like Vegas at the sexy beast before her.

Shiny and curvy, the Indian Chief Vintage stood proud, star silver over thunder grey. The leather detail was all studded black, fringed when possible including the saddle bags along with front and rear mudflaps. The passenger seat was also black studded leather complete with sissy bar and luggage rack. The chrome mustache highway bars, gloss black front and rear fenders, and chrome Dirty Bird Peace Pipe exhaust completed the look. The only splash of color was from the blood red metallic console cover and the Grim Riders detail. It was absolutely perfect. Summer was fairly certain she’d finally found her soul mate. Biting her lip, she giggled, reminding herself the last time she drove something, it went a little ass-over-teakettle. Not this time, she thought, throwing a leg over. Resting a boot on the highway bar, she fired up the engine. Her eyelids dropped to half mast and she looked around, a lazy grin on her face.

Letting her baby purr, she waited until the others took off before taking her place in the rear as prospect.
July 13, 2018 12:25 am
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