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Noire took her place to the left of Xander and felt the rumble of her motorcycle as she revved up. The  roar in her ears caused her to smile deviously. It had been a while since she'd been on one of these. **And the feel of a leather seat between those legs. This is what I live for.**  V, uncharacteristically so, made the comment in a mischievous tone. Generally he would have been dull in saying such a thing, but the energy about the group must have had him excited as well. Ignoring his ways, Noire looked to her Leader and gave him a wink. Eyes of grey became black as night. "Ready when you are, Xan."

Ride or Die. This was it. Everyone would know of Xander's crew. Her family. She took a few seconds to look back at everyone, and there it was...solidarity in a cause.They were all riding for the same reason, the same belief. The chuckle that followed Noire's thought process was a dangerous one. Back to Xander, her gaze never faltered. "...Into the fray." The roar of her motorcycle once again, and she damn near laughed aloud for everyone to hear. Demons should never be given this much opportunity to be wild. Not that she was complaining.

** Careful now, Bete. They can see your crazy from a mile away.** 

Noire rolled her eyes, and looked forward. The next move would be the beginning of a very long, very intricate plan. This is it, she thought, Showtime.

July 13, 2018 03:06 am

Xander James

|Once everyone had lined up I smirked as I started up the monster of a machine beneath me. Revving the engine a few times I pulled away from them and began the journey down into the city. The path from the hill led across the bridge at Millar's Mile, down McGrath Blvd and around the corner onto Dorington Ave. From there it led all the way down to Collins View Terrace, the street the bar and garage were located on.|

|I had specifically chosen that path as it had the most population during this time of day. Plus I did it to let all the other gangs know we were back. By now I figured news of the incident a few days ago at the bar had made the rounds and as such I noted the Cappos and LT's of various gangs watching us as we rode through. Chuckling I shook my head I pulled into the bar's parking lot and rode into my personal parking spot. Waiting for the others to line up in their identified spots, I dropped my kick stand and smirked.| RIDERS!! Make some noise.

|Revving my engine as loudly as I could I pulled my .357 Desert Eagle from beneath my cut and began emptying the clip into the air.|

July 13, 2018 03:12 am

Alyssa Beleren

'Damn these are some sexy machines.'

The assortment of two wheeled vehicles impressed me verily. The thought of all of us being in one sync, being of one group, representing one cause and being one family. This was what I was looking for. Starting up the beast beneath me I circled the ground before falling in line with Summer as I smirked at the girl seeing her choice in bike. "Not bad at all Summer. Not bad at all."

Following the group through the path I wondered what made Xander chose this route but didn't really question it as we pulled into the bar parking lot and saddled up to the space with my name in it. Hearing the boss' orders I began revving my engine and when he pulled his gun, I thought well F it then.

Channeling my mana I shot my hands to the skies as lightning rocked out of them to the air crackling and causing thunder to rumble in a clear sky.

July 13, 2018 03:15 am

Alrick Ivanoff

He would have said it all went smoothly as he rode behind Alex but no it was basically the opposite. This was the first time he had been on a machine like this and safe to say he didn't believe he'd go back on one again. The ride into town was comical and frustrating as he half considered using his wings to balance himself on the bike. He almost ran into Alex more than once. Veered off and almost crashing into Noire or worse braking accidentally and causing issues with those behind him. He breathed a breath of relief as they pulled in to their parking spot and he hopped off.

"Bumbobloodclaat man!" He complained as he soon heard the rev of engines and Alex firing off into the sky. So primitive he thought as Alyssa joined but instead lightning and thunder shook the sky. He smirked as his eyes glowed it's Omega blue. Backing away he tilted his head back as he released blue flames into the sky from his mouth. Make some noise indeed
July 13, 2018 09:57 am


Glancing over to Alyssa as she idled parallel to her, Summer grinned like a kid on Christmas. Or at least, a kid with a normal childhood on Christmas. But she digresses. Summer stroked the side of her bike like it was a wild mare that needed taming. It wasn’t too far from the truth, actually. “Alright girl, let’s see what you’ve got. Try not to kill me, alright?” Summer said lightly to the bike. It needed a name. It was a girl, obviously. Anything with that sweet, sweet purr had to be of the feminine variety.

Seeing Xander drive off, followed closely by his second and third, a zip of anxiety and excitement skittered up her spine. This was it. Do or die. and die. Gritting her teeth, she accelerated.

The powerful vixen beneath received an inch and took a mile. That is to say- Summer had barely touched the ignition and the bad b!tch took off like a spooked cat. Once the fear shook off, Summer laughed, then let out a strong yelp. The wind whipped through her hair, making it even more of a mess. It was scary and exhilarating and powerful and badass and freeing. Gods, she felt free. Her tire wobbled, making her stomach clench. Okay, maybe a little too free. Damn. Perhaps some lessons would be a good idea.

Feeling the tingle down her spine, she desperately fought to keep her wings ‘in’. Her aura could not be tamed, the glow around her was a warm gold and pink hue with strong orange spikes. Pulling into the lot at the bar, Summer felt as if her face was frozen into a cheek-splitting grin. Hot damn, that was addicting! At the call for noise, Summer glanced around at first. She didn’t usually pack heat- she was more of a ‘mano a mano’ type of fighter. Watching Alyssa, her eyes widened, definitely not having that ability! Regardless, she wanted to join. So she let out a loud zaghareet, the loud and joyous trill she’d learned while taking Bellydance classes in Lebanon last Fall.
July 14, 2018 12:41 am


Seeing her companions as they rode along, Noire took the time to go hands free on her motorcycle. She had taught herself that trick a while ago, and decided it was a fun one to grab the eye of civilians. With all two wheeled beasts revved and moving, it damn near sounded like a stampede as they rode into town. Moments later, they found themselves parked by their Leader, and Noire's eyes turned a stormy grey as she awaited his order. When Xander spoke, telling them to make some noise, she laughed in an almost hysterical manner.

**Noise is our middle name. Tell 'em, Kid!** V was just as thrilled at the commotion as Noire had been. With his demands, she met him with what she did best. Making Noise. Raising her hands to the sky, she yelled something, and her palms bled black ichor. From both hands, an energy black as night began to crackle and Noire laughed with every sound. Her hands and arms began to twitch as she released two very large, very present bolts of black lightning into the sky, matching Alyssa. The sound alone was deafening, causing Noire to smile wide. 

" How's that for some noise, sweetness!" 

She looked to Xander with a deliciously evil grin on her face, her fanged canines showing. Looking back to her group, she chuckled. This is what family was, right here. Not a doubt of it crossed her mind. With that thought, she clasped both hands together and shot one singular burst of black energy out into the open, to follow the smaller two from before. With this one, the cloud of smog that followed had formed the symbol of her Crew. Gun and all. **THAT'S how you do it, Kiddo! Get 'em!**

If a disembodied voice could jump with glee, now would be the time. Noire looked to the sky as the figure in the smog remained, tall and deathly proud. Some of her best work, truly. Jesus fvck, she thought, this is going to be one Hell of a ride.

July 14, 2018 04:05 am

Pericles Galanos

Pericles  slid his bike silently behind Noire.   His kutte was now a shortwaist leather jacket with leather sleeves.  The kutte boasted a skeleton dressed like a biker on the back with red and yellow flames surrounding it as it sat on a Harley pointing a magnum .38 towards anyone behind it. The words Grim was emblazoned in bold red letters above the skeleton while the word Riders was beneath it with 1% to the left and MC to the right. On the front were four white patches, two on the left with the words Enforcer above Men of Mayhem on the Right in bold red letters, while Road sat above Hog on the left.

He didn't feel the need to show off his bike.   He was proud of his bike and its restoration done by Xander.  He wasnt a man that was reckless and careless with anything and anyone.  He would watch Noire, Xander and Alricks backs.  Artie would watch his back.   He knew she felt the same as him.  Both of them were ancients and older than sin.  He nodded as Artie pulled up next to him. " Lets ride."

July 16, 2018 12:07 am


Artie's motorcycle slid behind Alrick and his bike.   Her kutte boasted a skeleton dressed like a biker on the back with red and yellow flames surrounding it as it sat on a Harley pointing a magnum .38 towards anyone behind it. The words Grim was emblazoned in bold red letters above the skeleton while the word Riders was beneath it with 1% to the left and MC to the right. On the front were four white patches, two on the left with the words Enforcer above Men of Mayhem on the Right in bold red letters, while Road sat above Hog on the left.   Her kutte matched Pericles in every aspect.

She was an angelic and a lady.  She left the reving of motors to the youngsters.  She smiled and winked at Peri.  "Are you ready sweetbutt?

July 16, 2018 12:23 am

Xander James

|Once everyone was parked and made the most noise they could I shut my bike down and got off. Walking over to the small podium that was set up in front of the storage yard area of the garage, I cleared my throat and smiled at the gathering crowd.| Ladies and gentlemen of Bella Vista, my name is Alexander James. I am the President of the Grim Riders MC and son of former president Calvin James and his wife Gina Dewar. I returned to the Belle to do what my father and his generation of Riders did for the city back then.

|Taking note of several of the Cappos and LT's showing up to hear my speech, I smirked and decided to up the ante a bit.| And I swear on the blood, sweat and tears that were spilled by every member of the Riders of the past and the citizens from when the Riders first showed up to the ones living here now that we're back. The Riders will protect this city and make it great again. Now, on to the festivities. Free drinks for the rest of the day at the Drunkard for anyone who gets work done on their vehicle today and two free meals any time for the rest of this week. So as of right now, the Hunter-James Garage and Body Shop is now Open For Business!!

|With that, I cut the ribbon on the doors cuing the magic to activate as the doors opened and the music started playing from the DJ in the Storage Yard. Nodding to the rest of the Riders, I headed inside and got to work getting people setup for their appointments.|

July 18, 2018 12:13 am

Alrick Ivanoff

Alrick followed once everything was over and done with. Stepping inside he headed behind the bar and made himself something strong. He longed for the ale he drank centuries ago. Now that was a drink compared to these so called beverages. July 18, 2018 11:49 am


Artie settled her bike in a secured area.   She slipped in the side door of the garage and stowed her leather jacket with its kutte in a secure locker and locked it down.  She would patrol the perimeter and make sure there was no trouble from the 'competition'.    She knew trouble would lurk around every corner and some bike jockey from some rival gang might make an appearance and that wasnt going to happen on her watch.

She took a look at where Xander was at the moment and she let her wings appear quickly.  They unfurled and she leapt up into the air and took flight.   She would patrol from above and she kept her eyes open and she knew Pericles would have the ground covered.

July 18, 2018 08:02 pm

Pericles Galanos

Pericles parked  his bike next to Artie and make sure things were secured in the area.  He wanted the gala that Xander James worked hard to be a success.   He would do the ground patrol and keep in contact with Artie in their special way.

That woman was a pain in his neck.  But he adored her and he knew he had the goddess's blessings on their marriage.   It was a partnership in many ways for him.  He knew she had been married before and when he popped the question she accepted quickly.

He kept his kutte on him but he knew Artie had stored her in their lockerand it was now time for him to police the area.    He had spies about the gathering taking the news,  rumors and watching movements.  Any trouble would be dealt with and he had a zero tolerace for troublemakers.   He would make the punishment fit the crime.

July 18, 2018 09:07 pm

Conner Kent

Conner had been in town for a few days now and he was still getting used to things around this place. Watching the bikers ride passed him, he followed them and took in their performance of sorts. A gentle chuckle saw him rise the Nikon D850 around his neck and began snapping pics. Focusing on the members as individuals before getting them as a group, he turned his attention to the man in charge and took a few of him as he headed for the podium.

Taking note that no one was paying attention to him, Conner used one of his abilities and was soon atop the building across from the podium taking pics of the crowd and the speech. Watching the opening of the garage he caught shots of everyone going in and also noticed the gang members posted around the area. +I wonder what kinda secrets this place has for me to uncover?+

The thought was settled into the back of his mind as he felt the vibration in his pocket. Retrieving the device responsible with a deep sigh, he knew who was trying to contact him. The way he left his world and the reasons he refused to go back were insurmountable in his mind, as such he slowly closed his hand crushing the device in the process.

Crumpling it into a ball of metal he took a pitchers stance and wound up before sending the ball rocketing into the sky; easily breathing the atmosphere and heading off into space. Using the ability from before he appeared in the alley next to the garage's main building and walked in. Snapping a few pics he began looking around as he realized that they really went all out on making this place professional and efficient.

July 20, 2018 05:59 pm


Noire had stopped making a racket just as quickly as she had started it. As Xander spoke, she had dismounted her motorcycle and made her way quietly to the back of the crowd. Artemis and Peri had moved about to do their own form of perimeter walks. She chose to remain in the back, keeping an eye on all before her. 

** Let me see what I can find, Kid.** V had materialized by her feet, a snake once more. Noire looked down to him and nodded, allowing him to slip into the crowd unseen by all except the members of her crew. She noted Alrick leaving with Xander to attend to business. For a moment, she felt a pang of...well, she wasn't quite sure what it was. Something had set it off, though. Shaking her head, she made her way through the large crowd, eyes on all movement, and took in the music as it blared. She inhaled the scent of food and booze. It was everywhere now.

"...what in the...?" To herself, she spoke in her mother tongue, pushing past strangers as she had caught something. The slight *click* of a camera. Her ears pricked every time the sound went off in the crowd. Someone was spying... 'Someone is going to lose their hands...'  she thought. With each click of the unknown camera, she drew closer. Whomever was sneaking photos, was unaware of not only her presence, but of Artemis and Peri's. Hell, perhaps they knew the camera happy bast@rd?.... Couldn't be. Pressing on, she became aware of the sudden change in  angle. Very sudden change. The clicking noise had been coming from a higher vantage point...but now...somewhere just beyond the crowd. 

** should're not wrong. I'm watching it, Kid...keep it calm. You know I wouldn't let anyone harm him.**

The words were spoken with almost a hiss at the end. V hadn't necessarily taken too kindly to Noire's loyalty of another male, but he digressed. He was, after all, just a 'voice in her head'.  Noire's left and right hands twitched violently as his thoughts entered her mind. He had eyes on the one responsible for the clicking noises. He was more than capable of taking care of it. Noire sighed a bit, and backed off. She wouldn't take her eyes away from where Xander was, though. Just in case. She learned that one early on in her years.

"...He'll run into someone inside, anyways....bless him, he doesn't know what he's gotten himself into..." Chuckling, she sunk into the crowd and began to mingle. Her smile hid her irritation with the stranger. She never did like it when her plans to remain in the background were suddenly changed. Woe, the demon's way.

July 21, 2018 03:59 am

Audra Wolfden

She had came at the request of a good friend and brother in arms.   She had been in Belle Visita for a week or two scouting out the area under the disguise of a lone outcast from the Sons of Silence.   Her ride was safely housed in a small house on the outskirts of  town.   The tall regal red head was neatly dressed in black bootcut jeans, a black t shirt and an old cracked leather kutte of her mother.

Audie wore an lold cracked leather kutte with The Sons of Silence with an American eagle superimposed over the letter "A" flying under an an arch with the motto is "donec mors non deparat  had seen a man with a camera slip in the Hunter-James garage.    Her friend Pericles was patrol in the crowd.  He had asked her to come to Belle Visita about a job opportunity.   She wanted to see her old friend and if the offered job worked out for her.   She would stay awhile and work for him.

She silently followed the clicking maniac around the garage.  She worked with the mountain cougar that gave her catlike abilities.   Peri had saved her life and her sanity, but the young redhaired rebel was the member of a rival MC gang.   

"Hey snapper!  You casing the joint?  she hissed softly.  "Hand over that camera and come with me."  She stepped up to the man and put a hand out for the camera.  She left one hand turn into a mountain lion's claw.

July 21, 2018 02:54 pm
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