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Never Say Never: A Soapbox Diatribe


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It had been a while, but some things would never change. Mackenzie steps into that familiar spot before the Realm, an old wooden crate in hand, and sucks in a breath. How long has it been since she's done this? She tries to count the years, but all she can really gather is something closer to a decade.

It's fine. Everything is fine.
This is happening.

The crate is placed upon the pavement neatly, and she steps up onto it only to find herself at eye-level with anyone who come near enough to see the tiny spectacle. Quickly, she realizes the need for two, and that hindsight is 20/20. There would be no winning.

Well, there would be some.

"Citizens of the Realm!"

A lilting brogue chirps out for any that would listen, calling attention to her still unimpressive height. But care, she does not.

"I want you all to know that Victor Lockheed said no to my proposal!"

She waits a moment, but it lasts mere seconds before she smirks, pleased with herself. "Kidding. Kind of," is muttered.

Clearing her throat, Mackenzie prepares herself for the longest rant of her life. It is no secret that the topic annoys her. She has heard it all. Excuses. So. Many. Excuses. It's ridiculous, and needs to end.

"Most of you people are homeless. What gives? What is the hold-up? Do you honestly believe you are safe without a home? That life is better without a community? It's not."

A hand lifts, a single finger lifting as if to silence any who would interject before she has stated her case. And reader, please know, this is a case.

"You come into this Realm, and seem to be content to be alone. I hear whispers of cliques, and groups, and other social complaints. But I am here to tell you that this is not the case. Just because you can rank outside of a crew, doesn't mean you should. There is no support. There is no help. No guidance. Not without a Leader. You have zero protection without a Leader. Piss off Spring? Too bad. You're probably toast, because you have no one to protect you."

Her hand lowers, coming to meet the other behind her back where they rest, clasped together. "Now, I know what you're going to tell me. No one will take you. But did you try? Did you talk to any Leaders? Next, you will tell me you don't like any of the crews. And I ask you, why are you not working to make a crew that you want to see? And then, you don't like the rules. Have you no rules to your life? Did your parents raise you and allow you to do as pleased, always? Grow up.

"But. What is most important, of all things you get from a crew.. is a community.

"How are you meant to meet anyone new? How are you meant to experience the Realm if you do not embrace it, and its children? How do you experience life, if you do not partake in life?"

Another pause, and she steps down from her box before glancing around at those who might have listened. It is a short consideration before she makes one last announcement.

"All my questions were rhetorical. Now go. Think about it. And for God's sake, get out of those cardboard boxes and into some crews."

Mackenzie picks up the box, taking it in hand and beginning her retreat with a wave over her shoulder. And, as a parting gift, she calls out loudly.

July 12, 2018 05:55 pm
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