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New Leveling Guide (July-2018)


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-The Huntsman-

Hello, new children of the realm, I am Velkan 'Father of the Axe' I bring you great tools to help you on your journey through 'The Realm' I am a 'Returning Veteran' of this beloved game. So I have some knowelge of the game i'd like to say, heed my words and you shall be big Lupanar's/ Loogaroo's/ Dina's/ Doombringer's/ whatever Witches and Demons turn when they hit level 7 in NO time at all!! (Well maybe a month or so.)


DB's (Dungeon Breaks) - These are Gold to Power lvl to a higher lvl and are much needed in the game. I'd say focus on these to Max out that bloodly "Nice try..." line you get before advancing to higher lvl's yes that means you will want to stay Level 1  Innocent / Innocent / Cub / Afriel / Fiend / Sabbot untill you no longer have a tough time getting DB's done, I'd say around 1000-1500 should be fair to reach before advancing to lvl 2 or so. The reason behind this is because the Bail money is so cheap nobody cares if a baby Cub steals a T.V from Walmart, but God have mercy on the Wolfen (LVL 4) who did. 1000$ v.s 4000$ for one bail you could have done 4 instead of 1 bail out.   (This is just hear say but worth saying- WITCHES have advantage with DB's)

Steals- Lord almighty do these get harder and harder, but the grind is worth it. Don't Be supprised if you get to level 6-8 before getting even 1 steal they are hard, ever play a game like World of Warcraft, You know those sweet Boots you needed to finally drop for your warrior in that game, of course you do...."YOU NEVER GOT THEM DID YOU!?" same thing applies here, VERY LOW chance to succeed one of these untill you do alot of them, so Keep grinding them out you can do 1 of them every 15 Mins so get a stop watch and grind them out once you get one you'll have to wait an hour before trying again. JUST MAKE SURE YOU DO THEM!   (This is just hear say but worth saying- ANGELS have advantage with STEALS)

Attacks (On other characters) - Every hour on the hour of your last attack EX: You attacked at 12:32pm (1232) you can attack again at 1:32pm(1332) and so on. These offer BM for winning and with a Pet Dragon you can score some other stuff as well, but I won't go into it about the dragons as I don't know much about them yet.

Crimes- Do these every 3 minutes, this is by for the easiest thing to do in the game besides having fun. Most new people do them in excess EX: have 300 Crimes done in first 48 Hours. This is perfectly fine in fact it's more than fine it will actually get you to lvl 3-4-and maybe even 5. ALONE!!!  Which is crazy but remember you don't wanna hit that lvl up button just yet. DO YOUR DUNEGON BREAKS!! (This is PROVEN by years of playing - Werewolves ALWAYS get the first LVL of CRIMES 100% chance.)

CITY SEARCHES - Another way to level up fast, doing these daily and picking up even more from the market via IN-GAME Currency you can buy more searches with Blood Money. Do these Daily and earn both mad XP gains and level up your attack and defending points, hit harder and take harder hits. Is that lvl two in Los Angeles always kicking your arse? Well do your searches in about a week of doing them, he won't wanna hit you up every hour anymore haha!!!

*EDIT*  Also don't run from any encounters even if you know it will result in you losing, it only adds to your attack and defending gains, just go heal up. I mean who runs from a little girl?! (RUNS AWAY SCARED) 

MAIL - YEP!! You better believe it, everything and I mean everything in this game gives XP points, So that being said  send mail be vocal talk to people that's what this game was made for!! But don't think you'll beat Mallory Quarters in a One on One Duel in the Caverns with only sending mail to people.

Forums Post- Same thing as above, not sure if it's worth more XP or not, but hey like I said be vocal do contest when they are up enjoy every part of the game that is out there!!!

NEW IDEAS!!! - This in by itself has no personal gain, but this is a growing community and with that, what you have on your mind matters, if you'd like to share talk to an Elder they have Green Names, Blue Names and or Dark Orange Names  they love to hear about new Ideas for the Realm, don't be afraid of them they are here for us. 


                                                                                                        ENJOY THE REALM OF BLOODLETTING!!!


                                                                         IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS FEEL FREE TO MAIL ME IN GAME OR POST BELOW!!!

July 14, 2018 12:47 pm

Bree Ravencroft

Ranking fast is NOT everything. There will be sacrifices which will bite you in the arse once you get up there. Slow down a little and try to keep a balance between parts of being a player/character.

July 15, 2018 01:05 pm

Eden McCarthy

From my personal experience witches do have an advantage with dungeon breaks.

Angels don't seem to have an advantage in anything (Steals were easier with my slayer than my angel), they seem to be more balanced.

Slayers seem to have a better defense than others and vampires seem to be good at attacks from the start (beating most other level ones)

Demons also seem to have an attack advantage.
July 18, 2018 04:35 pm

Shinjukku Zipangu

I'm staying on 1 for a long while and if I'm in a coven I'd want them to hold my rank unless otherwise November 18, 2018 09:28 am

Esper Valari

Welcome New players, I am the Player behind Esper. If anyone needs help with dungeon breaks please feel free to message me I will be available on weekends from Friday and Saturday.

Just mail me times you would like the help (Eastern Time a.k.a game time) I will make sure to be online to help you out, if you can't make the time please let me know in advance.

I'd also be willing to RP with any and all players in forum or mail. Although I would prefer Forum as I have been dodging them for awhile.
January 02, 2019 06:42 am

Esper Valari

I'm glad to see the guide working as planned thank you all for the input and adding your updates. January 02, 2019 06:43 am
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