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Family Gathering in the Capathian Mountains


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Sava Dubrinsky

Savannah walked up the long path to her father's home, clutching two suitcases in her hands. She had a phone call only days before from her mother about a celebration and a gathering of the two families.

She always felt safe being back home after years of working hard to make her mark in a family that took her in. This night was different, something felt out of place as her hazel eyes, searched her surrounding area as she stepped up onto the porch of the manor.

Reaching out, she grabbed the handle and took a deep breath as the last time she spoke to her father they had a huge argument, over him wanting her to marry one of the warriors. Savannah stomped her foot and walked out that night. Taking what little money she had and some clothes in a battered suitcase.

She shook her head as her long black hair fell into her eyes. Lifting a hand and pushes it back, the door flew open and her mother stood in front of her. Raven smiled and pulls her fighter into her arms be holds her close.

" Savannah, you came home. Your father will be pleased. Come in let's get you settled into your room"

" Mom, listen I'm not going to be here long a few days at the most until after this celebration ."

Raven turned and looked at her daughter, with a little disappointment. Holding onto Savannah and nods her head then frowns.
" I know what was said that night and your father has been upset that, he hurt you and made you leave. We had a huge argument that night you left and ordered Gregori to go find you be bring you home.

Tears filled Savannah's eyes as she leant in to hug her mother tightly.

" Momma, I'm not ready to marry just yet . I've seen you and papa together, the way he is so possessive he is towards you.
July 16, 2018 12:52 pm

Sava Dubrinsky

Raven looked at her daughter, placing hand upon her slender hip. She walked up the stairs to Savannah's room that she had prepared, walking over to the bottom of the bed and puts down the suitcase....A roar came from downstairs from Mikhail, as footsteps run up the stairs to the bedroom.

In the doorway, he stood with his big strong hands gripping the doorpost. Savannah turned around as she met with his eyes that flowed with pure anger.

"What the **** is going on here, Savannah? " walking over towards his daughter and stared into her eyes. She began to shake with fear as she knew of his anger and how it pushed her away years before.

"Papa, I'm sorry I didn't mean it " she looked over to her mother as tears filled her eyes..

Mikhail stepped forward and pulls his daughter close and wrapped his strong arms around her as she wept. He lifted his hand and stroked her hair gently.

"Shhhh, lil one be calm now, you know not to destress your mother"
July 19, 2018 03:02 pm
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