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Hold my beer..


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Iodine Violet

“You ready beautiful?!” The camera’s rolling at the hands of Noah, her boyfriend and mentor of 7 years. “You ready Miss Cade?!” He pans over to their other partner in crime, Cadence. “Guys.. this lovely lady is free if you’re interested.. ” Noah laughs expecting a blow to the head. “She’s quite the talented base jumper and one mean cook.”

“F-ck yes!” Iodine’s strapping into her parachute but takes the time to throw up the sign of the horns, à la Gene Simmons, to Cadence with a laugh.

“You’ve got a few minutes more before the sun starts to set, anything you wanted to say to the fans?” She and Cade have a small fan base; it isn’t as grand as Noah always makes it out to be. But that is who he is; a proud, doting boyfriend -and- friend with an extremely large fan base of his own. He reaches out to turn on Iodine’s headcam, fingers grazing her cheek as he always does before a jump.. And winces.

“Yuh, HOLD MY BEER!” That’s her cue to them, to Noah and Cadence, that she is about to embark on her newest journey. Whether planned or unplanned, when the words roll off Iodine’s tongue, the pair knows Iodine is about to jump or get into some sh-t. She should have taken the look in Noah’s eyes this time as a sign.

“ARIA!” That should be her next clue. When Noah uses her given name, tosses his camera to the ground and jumps after her- the girl should know something isn’t right.

It isn’t her first jump, but it is her first jump at Angel Falls. And she chose to do it reverse. Not the brightest thing to do since she’s unfamiliar with the territory. Even if she watched Noah jump many times from the location in the past, it isn’t the same as doing it yourself. She’s also a good one hundred pounds lighter than he is.

1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5.. 6.. 7.. 8.. 9.. 10.

Parachute deployed, Iodine stares at Noah still confused why he is so frantic. Until her body makes contact with the cliff face to her right. Not only did she miss her mark, she’s disoriented by the backwards jump. She misreads the wind strength, the direction, and essentially sails herself into the wide cathedral of rock.

“F-ck.. ” Iodine over compensates which effectively spins her around and flings her into the rock once more but the parachute holds even if her ribs don’t. Even as she’s bounced a few more times off the cliff face, the parachute holds while her arm fractures in multiple places. “Cade..” Her best friend’s name whispers into the headset she wears, the girl trying to hold back she’s in pain. “You better not be drinking my beer.”
July 23, 2018 03:22 pm

Cadence Corelli

“Phew…” Cade nearly keeled over, putting her hands on her knees and took exaggerated breaths.

She wasn’t out of shape. Not really. Okay. Maybe a little. But they made it to the top! It only took an hour and a half. Maybe longer because she kept taking breaks. And all this effort and they’d be back down at the bottom in no time. That thought cheered her up a little bit and she straightened.

Noah was already getting the camera out while Iodine was getting her gear out. Cadence followed suit. She took off her large backpack - that’s another thing an hour and a half with all of her gear!- and took out her parachute pack, her goggles. Have you ever gotten a bug in your eye going nearly a hundred miles an hour towards the ground? No? This girl has!

Next thing Cade knows, the camera’s in her face and Noah’s asking if she’s ready. She opens her mouth to respond, but then he follows up with more or less soliciting her out to their viewers. Cade reaches over and flicks his ear, “I like long walks on the beach, I’m a Sagittarius….” Laughter fills the air as she trails off, her focus shifting to Iodine and her horns.

There was nothing abnormal about this day. Nothing to note that something could go wrong at any moment. Sure, there was always the risk, but that’s why they jumped. The thrill of the jump, of falling and then having your perfect (okay, sometimes not so perfect) landing. Cade was just finishing fastening everything up when Iodine shouted her infamous line.

Without missing a beat, she grabbed her beer. Half the time she didn’t even have to look. She just knew. The two girls were synced on a level beyond any other best friends. They’d been together they’re whole lives, so they may as well have been sisters.

Something felt off a moment later though. She didn’t know what caused her to feel uneasy. Maybe she caught Noah looking tense in the corner of her eye, but the next thing she knew he was shouting her name. Her real name. Even Cade rarely used Iodine’s real name.

And then he was gone.

“What the f*ck?!” Cade shouts after them and runs to the edge. This was not what was planned. “F*cking hell Noah!”

She bent down and grabbed the camera. It might have still been working, might not have. She held it towards herself, “I don’t know what the hell just happened guys, Noah’s lost his mind, apparently.” Cade turns the camera down in time to see Iodine smack into the side of the cliff. “Sh*t, sh*t, sh*t…” Her lungs tightened and it became hard to breathe. This was always a chance, but dammit, she couldn’t lose her.


“You crazy crazy b*tch.” She managed to wheeze out. Harsh words to some, to them it was how they showed affection. “You better not f*cking die on me girl. You’re meeting me at the bottom. With Noah too. Alive. Got it?”

Cade folds up the camera and shoves it into one of the many pockets on her person. She flips on the headcam and moves a few feet from where they jumped and makes her jump. If only she could grab them on the way down.

It was the longest jump of her life. She even risked letting her chute out later than usual to give them some space. Even though she had her cam on, Cade was silent. Normally she’d be narrating the way down for the views, but she wasn’t sure this footage would even be uploaded. Her landing was a bit rough, but she was intact and she waited for Iodine and Noah, holding her breath.
July 23, 2018 08:24 pm

Iodine Violet

“You crazy crazy b*tch. You better not f*cking die on me girl. You’re meeting me at the bottom. With Noah too. Alive. Got it?”

“Cade, girl, I f-cked up..” her voice hitches, “My arm is def broken and I think my leg is too. It’s hard to breathe.. ”

The young woman is under the assumption, as darkness encroaches her vision, she isn’t going to stick the landing.. and she’s right. Iodine finds herself tangled in a copse of trees but solace in Cadence’s voice on mic and Noah’s voice as he shouts down to her. Iodine isn’t dumb. She knows that, potentially, she has life threatening injuries. The impact alone could cause internal bleeding but repeated impact?

“Hold on Aria, we’re gonna get you down!” Noah’s voice is panic, it’s concern, it’s love. “I’m coming to you baby, stay with me okay?! Cade, turn off your camera..”

Noah’s negotiating a path through the dense trees towards Iodine and manages to drop in on the tree next to the one she’s hanging from. There’s good reason he doesn’t want any cameras rolling and it has nothing to do with the potential death of a jumper. Minutes later, he’s free from his chute and moving towards her at lightning speeds. But vampires can do that. And they can heal.

“Aria, this is gonna hurt a bit but I need to get you out of this tree and down on the ground.” He wastes no time waiting for a reply; Noah simply wraps an arm around her tiny waist and cuts the cords of her chute. The movement pulls a scream from Iodine but that just means she’s alive, right?

The ground is cold, it feels good against her feverish flesh. She can taste blood upon her tongue which is never a good sign. And the pain, it is something she’s never encountered before. Through all the dumb sh-t she and Cade have done, this is by far the most painful accident she’s had. The positive to this though is she has no spinal injuries. The negative is they aren’t near a hospital to stop the internal bleeding.

“Do you want to live Aria?” Noah’s face is slowly moving closer to hers, “Do you want to live forever?” He presses a kiss to her cheek. “Forever is a long time, do you think you could do it?”

“Yes..” Iodine knows he’s a vampire. It’s no secret between the three. And to be a vampire, to have his agility and strength, his ability to heal in hours from injuries sustained, it’s all she wants. “I do, I want to be Peter Pan.” A pained laugh. “I don’t want to die Noah, not yet.”

“Good.” There’s kindness in his eyes, amusement too, at her Peter Pan reference. “I would rather you be Wendy though, okay? You with boy parts is kind of terrifying to me.” His lips graze her neck. “Besides, you’d break it the first day you had it.”

She begins to laugh, to cough, as he opens his arm with teeth to feed her. Iodine drinks greedily, knowing from past experience that he can and will heal her. She doesn’t even mind the coppery taste upon her tongue or the fire in her belly as internal injuries begin to heal. The bones though, they’re the worst. She can feel them moving to correct placement, she can feel them grow and calcify. It’s disconcerting to say the least but she keeps drinking until he’s pulling free from hungry lips. But Noah’s pale now, sickly looking. Waxy.

“My turn.” Large canines press gently, break the flesh of her neck as his lips cover the wound. She’s suddenly dizzy, punch drunk as her blood begins to leave quickly, in large quantities. And just when she thinks he is out of control and going to drain her dry, he stops, withdraws from the curve of her neck.

“Noah?” Something isn’t right. He’s unusually ruddy, his eyes are bulging. This is not normal. There’s been exchanges in the past. Not as great as today, but transfusions nonetheless. “Noah, what’s wrong?” He’s backing away, hands upon his throat as if he’s choking. “Cade.. what’s wrong with Noah?!” Like her bestie would know. She’s not the vampire whisperer. Iodine stands slowly, hand upon her neck and the wound there that is healing quickly, Cade a few feet behind her. “Noah?”

A sickening pop. Blood and internal organs, bits of flesh and bone, all hurdle through space at rapid velocity and bathe the two girls in what was once Noah.
July 23, 2018 10:39 pm

Cadence Corelli

“Broken is fine, Babe. Broken can mend.” Cade tried harder than anything to keep her voice positive. Iodine didn’t need to hear her panicking too. “Hurts less than a sprain, right? Remember that time when we were kids...I was giving you a piggyback ride and I tripped and we both sprained our wrists. That sh*t hurt so bad.” She was bs’ing, but hey, she wanted to distract her a bit with some nonsense and old memories.

Cade, turn off your camera..

The only time he ever asked her to turn off the camera was if he was about to do something that the world just wasn’t ready to see. She reached up and turned off the camera. “Noah’s almost there...I know it hurts, but please keep breathing.” A little doubt slipped through that time. She couldn’t help it. Her gaze studiously trained on Iodine as Noah makes his way to her.

Her chest felt tight and that’s when she realized she wasn’t metaphorically holding her breath. She was actually holding it. Slowly she released her breath, only to intake another sharply at Iodine’s scream. “Noah, be careful!” Cade knew he would be as careful as he could be, still, that didn’t mean she didn’t worry when she hears her best friend scream like she’s being tortured. But the next thing she knows, they’re both on the ground a good few feet ahead of her.

Cade closes a bit of distance, but doesn’t get too close. Instinct tells her to run to her best friend. Logic tells her to stay back while this happens, lest an accident happens. Noah knows she’ll find a way to kill him if he ever did anything to hurt her Iodine. She takes the time to take off her gear, rolling up her chute, shoving her goggles in a pocket…


Iodine’s voice sounds stressed, concerned...Cade looks up to see Noah looking...well, not well. “I don’t...know.” Cade takes another step towards Iodine now that she’s standing up on her own.

And then he explodes. Like. Actually f*cking explodes. When they found out he was a vampire their reaction was more or less; Vampires are real? Cool. He’s strong, fast, drinks blood, etc. All things vampires were said to be. Pretty sure her and Iodine took all of that in stride. Barely bat an eyelash. Hell, they thought it was awesome. Immortality.

Well. They all thought immortality was part of the package.

Cade stood there. Stunned. Soaked in her friend’s blood and guts. She could smell and oh god, it got into her mouth. Now, Cade wasn’t a weak stomached girl, but this. This was too much, even for her. She keeled over and started heaving. In between gasps for breath and to be quite honest, sobbing, she tried to muster out some words, “What...just...happen...ed?????” Her voice was hoarse. Hey. It wasn’t every day your vampire friend just explodes!

When she was finally done emptying what little contents her stomach held she stood, took off her jacket and used the inside to wipe her face. She had her moment. Now it was time to be strong for Iodine. The whole time she was hoping this was just some weird sick joke Noah was playing or it was a dream. Maybe she passed out on the way up the falls and this was just her mind toying with her while Iodine and Noah filmed her and laughed. Cade pinched herself. Nope. Not dreaming.

“Iodine...are-are you okay?” She came up to her best friend and just stood next to her. Cade was there for her, but she really didn’t know what to do from here. “I think something really wrong just happened.”

Good job, captain obvious.

“He...He’ll come back, right? We can,” Cade’s stomach churned and she held back the urge to heave again, “We can put everything in a pile and, he’ll reform.” She didn’t sound very confident, but that’s how it happened in the movies...right?
July 24, 2018 09:21 pm

Iodine Violet

Cade, the strong. Cade, the ever upbeat. Cade, the eloquent of speech. Cade, the brighter of the two.

What...just...happen...ed????? Iodine...are-are you okay? I think something really wrong just happened. He...He’ll come back, right? We can, we can put everything in a pile and, he’ll reform.

Cade the emotional wrecking-ball of hot mess.

Iodine listens to the retching, the sobbing, the machine gunned questions and stares unblinking at the strewn mess that was once her Noah. Her heart is shattering for Noah’s sudden departure but she’s equally stunned and perplexed by the events that occurred. And slightly grossed out. Picking a large chunk of something rubbery from her lips, looking like a teen scream-queen drenched in blood, synapses suddenly fire.

“Hoooly f-cc.. KING SH-T! NOAH JUST EXPLODED!” There are no tears, no violent sobs, not even a reflexive gag; just utter confusion and trauma. And guilt. So much guilt. If she hadn’t been pushing the limits, acting like a thrill seeking attention wh-re, Noah would still be alive. Wouldn’t he? She’ll try to shuffle the blame to something or someone else first, though. “M-m-may.. maybe his ‘sire’ died?! Maybe Anne Rice was right! If a sire is killed his line also poofs???”

It sounds reasonable. Just as reasonable as scooping all of Noah into a pile and waiting for him to come back does. Iodine wastes no time sloughing off bits of Noah where the largest blood splatter is before collecting the pieces and chunks that are thrown wide. An eye, a finger, what looks like a nose, an arm; all that she can find strewn about the rocks beneath the falls- she carries back to the detonation point and dumps in a pile.

Okay. So maybe she didn’t want to be a vampire anymore..

Was there something else that could heal like a vampire could? Surely if there are vampires then werewolves must exist too, right? Maybe this will be her new gig. AFTER she does some research because vampires were supposed to be immortal; Not hand grenades waiting to have their pins pulled.

“Now what? We just wait?” Hazel eyes find Cade, questioning in their expression even if her face is tight from Noah’s dried blood and leaves her looking rabid. “How long do you think it will take? The boat should be back..” she looks at her wristwatch when it suddenly dawns on her, “Cade.. WHAT ARE WE GOING TO TELL THE TOUR COMPANY? THEY’RE BACK IN A HALF HOUR! AND ALL OUR FRIENDS?! THE LOCAL AUTHORITIES???

“Hi everyone, the man we know and love just exploded in the jungle beneath Angel Falls. Nope, we didn’t kill him, honest. He was a vampire and he just, BOOM!, exploded.”

Iodine is babbling.. loudly, arms flailing wildly as she speaks because there is a VERY real possibility that she and Cade will be going to jail for the murder of Noah. In Venezuela. Not in New York where they could call Uncle Vinnie or Uncle Tony or any of the other relatives they had that worked in law enforcement or as lawyers. Or their fathers when sh-t got real. Nooope. Venezuela. No more jumps. No more surfing. No swimming with sharks. No drag racing stolen cars. No climbing. No partying. Nothing. Just a jail cell in a third world country going through major economic strife.

Or the looney bin because.. Vampires don’t exist!

“I DON’T WANT TO GO TO JAIL!” The girl is weak but not weak or broken enough to sprint to the tree and start pulling on the parachute that belonged to Noah. It’s still intact and her plan is to drape it casually around the pile of mush that was once her beloved. Maybe he’ll even have a beer in his pack somewhere. God knows she could use a drink.

“Cade.. girl..” She’s huffing now, wrestling with the tree to free the parachute. “If anyone asks, he hit the cliff, his chute failed, he fell and that’s where he landed.” She points a bony finger at ‘Noah’. “Everything you saw me do, it was him. Own it.”

The girls may have been rough around the edges but they have the gift of lying through their teeth when necessary. Leave it to being raised by the mob, cops and most of all, lawyers. They know all the right things to say- and when to say them. They know when to say nothing. Most of all.. they know how to not over explain.

“Help me b-tch!”
July 25, 2018 12:36 pm

Cadence Corelli

Deep breaths. Every time she moved she wanted to just pretend none of this happened. The blood was starting to dry and crack. She’s been bloody before...from gashes and scrapes and sh!t. This was just too much. The deep breaths helped her calm down. A bit. And then Iodine starts absolutely losing her mind.

Cade heard every word, but honestly she was just staring straight ahead, wondering how to answer. Wondering the same things Iodine was, just silently. They’d never gotten themselves into something like this before. Stealing cars and being caught? Cool. Call Uncle Vinnie. He’ll bail us out. Caught high? It’s a slap on the wrist if you don’t have anything on you. Daddy can make the charge go away. This was while they were in NEW YORK.

Where the f*ck even were they again???

Venice, Vienna, Vene...something. Honestly she never cared to remember where they were. There wasn’t a need. All that had mattered was the jump. And filming it of course. F*ck. The camera. Cade fished the handheld out of her pocket. She stared at it longingly. Luckily everything up until this day was uploaded online or on one of their computers. It was such a good piece of equipment...But, if it didn’t break after Noah dropped it, it had evidence that Iodine was the one to hit the cliffs and now she was healed. Her head cam too might have caught something.

She let Iodine have her moment. Silence was best at this point. Plus, she didn’t trust herself not to say something to upset her more than she probably already was. Iodine might not have been showing it, might not even be feeling it yet, but she would be breaking. Noah was the love of her life and he just. Died.

“We’re not going to jail.” Cade shudders at the thought. One time, there was a newbie on duty. He put them in a holding cell for a few hours. Although, honestly, she would take that holding cell over this any day.

“I’m going to find the motherf*cker who killed his sire and kill him.” She mutters.

Help me b-tch

Cade groans. It was her idea after all. She jogs over and starts yanking on the parachute. When that didn’t work she takes out her swiss army knife and cuts the ropes, making sure they look frayed so it doesn’t look like it was tampered with. They didn’t need to be questioned about that on top of everything else.

Once the chute was free she takes the memory cards out of both cameras and double checks that neither of them recorded off the internal memory. She scratched the heck out of them on a piece of rock, put them back in the cameras to make sure they wouldn’t play, then ditched the memory cards in the water.

“Okay. That’s my evidence.” Cade found a few pieces of bone and flesh and brought them to the pile. “Take your memory card out and scratch it up and toss it.” She fishes around in her pocket for new ones. You never know when you’re out like this how much memory you’ll use. Or Cade is clumsy af and tends to lose things and needs a million backups. “Replace it with this. He jumped first. We didn’t have time to turn on the cameras.”

Now that they had a plan, she was feeling less panicked. “We should probably kind of wash before they get here.” Cade looked at her watch, “They’ll be here, if they’re on time, in twenty minutes.” She reaches under her jacket and tears off two pieces of her shirt that they can use for rags. Cade shoves one in Iodine’s hand. Hey. Even if she had to take off her jacket, torn shirts are totally a look.

She soaks the fabric in the water and starts scrubbing her hands, her face, cleaning up as much of the blood as she could. “Get your game face on, girl. We’re going to get out of this. On our own.”

They didn’t need their family to always be busting them out of tight spots. They’ve been through sh!t like this their whole lives and they know what to do.

“We got this.”
July 26, 2018 08:29 pm

Iodine Violet

Parachute in place? Check.
Pack close by the pile of Noah? Check
Memory card scraped up and thrown into the water? Check

Cade was always good at remembering the smallest of details.. The most important of details. As Iodine fumbled with the new memory card, trembling hands accept the torn piece of shirt her cousin is shoving into them. Had they gathered all of the large pieces? Sort of. But that’s okay because from that height his body would have exploded right? The girl isn’t too sure but what else could have caused a human body to explode like that? That’s what the authorities will be thinking. Maybe they’ll write it off as spontaneous combustion.. Without the fire and ash.

“Can we never come here again?” Iodine is mumbling to Cade as she sits on the rocks and dips the rag into the tributary to clean herself up. Luckily, both girls are wearing black, though the brunette contemplates taking a quick dip in the falls to soak her torn clothes. It’s summer. It’s the jungle. It’s humid af. Even if the sun is setting “Also, in my distress, I landed myself in that tree and cut myself out of the harness. That should explain some of the minor cuts and bruises and my limp, right? The fall from the tree.”

The adrenaline that was pumping through her body is gone and replaced with exhaustion. Iodine is tired and she is positive Cade feels the same. All the girl wants to do now is sleep and the prospect of having to speak to the authorities regarding the matter begins to eat at her. The tour boat they’ve hired for the trip will be back in roughly ten minutes. They’ll call for the police. The police will most likely take a helicopter to the site. Who knows from where though. If it’s Caracas, they might be stuck at the Falls for a while. If it’s from Canaima, maybe a half hour. And then what? Will they be detained at the site or will they be taken back to Canaima? Caracas? Their flight home leaves in three days from the capital.

“Maybe we should call someone..” No, that’s probably a bad idea. The girls would never hear the end of it from their family. They’d probably be assigned ‘bodyguards’ and be under constant surveillance. Which would totally cramp their lifestyle. Iodine starts to undress as the previous thought of taking a dip in the water is sounding better and better. Emptying the contents of her pockets.. phone and cigarettes finding a home on a rock.. she strips down to her bathing suit and carries her clothes until she’s wading through waist deep water. Finding a spot where the falling water beats against rocks, she places her clothing there and watches as the water turns from red to pink to clear. The sun is just starting to dip beneath the horizon. “Bad idea, nevermind.”

While her clothing is laundered by mother nature, the petite girl begins to scrub the blood and gore from her face and arms, from beneath her fingernails, with the makeshift washcloth. It takes a few minutes but she’s finally free of Noah. Gathering her things, Iodine makes her way back to the rocks, to Cade and her smokes and takes a seat.

“I’m f-cking starving.” Oddly, she’s ravenous. As much as she is tired, Iodine is hungry. Like the perfect ending to this awful day would be a bacon cheeseburger, fries and a few beers in her hotel room, alone. From her bed. In her pajamas. She loves Cade but honestly, they could probably both use some alone time. Unconsciously her fingers find the hard pack of Camels and pulls one free along with the lighter packed tightly in with the cigarettes. She’s about to continue with her hunger driven rant when she hears the motor of a boat. “F-ck..”

Lighting the cigarette that hangs in defeat from full lips, Iodine stands. She isn’t crying, which may seem odd to the captain and the few crew members that arrive with him. But shock is a beautiful and strange mistress.

“There’s been an accident..” Iodine points towards Noah and the parachute as she yells to the crew. “W-w-we didn’t kn-know what to do..” She stammers as they disembark and walk toward the duo, cigarette bouncing with her every word. “Help. Please.”

The Captain, his crew, all lean to look past her. Some make the sign of the cross. One takes it upon himself to return to the boat to call for help on the radio, which the girls expected. Another crew member retrieves a towel for Iodine. The Captain, a middle aged man, deeply tanned with kind eyes, stares first at Noah’s remains then looks to the girls.

“Dios mio..” His hands run through the mass of white hair that covers his head. “What happened? I’ve never seen anything like this in all my years.”


“He did a reverse jump, missed his mark, it must have disoriented him.” Iodine flicks the butt of her cigarette nervously with a long thumbnail. “Next thing we know, he’s slamming into the cliff face and then his parachute just.. collapsed.” Dark eyes glance to Cade, was she missing anything? “We jumped after him, tried to reach him but.. ”

She let her voice trail off and the waterworks turn on. Cade could take it from there.
July 26, 2018 11:07 pm

Cadence Corelli

She watched Iodine intently as she scrubbed the blood from under her fingernails. Which reminded her, “Don’t forget under your nails.” They had been picking up pieces of Noah, after all.

A mirror would be insanely handy at this point, but she makes do with the reflection from her phone’s screen. I looked like all the blood was scrubbed from her skin, but then she realizes there’s probably blood and guts in her hair. Cade sighs. While her hair was practically blood red anyway, the blood would stiffen her hair and there would just be questions.

“That sounds fantastic. I would die happy if we never see this place again.” Honestly, if they didn’t have to wait for a f*cking boat to get them out of there, both of them would have been gone asap. “Yeah, that works.”

They were screwed. Cade’s mind was spinning with all the possible outcomes and honestly, nothing looked good. His body was so...not a body that their story just didn’t sound even remotely believable when she tried to distance herself from being involved and trying to see if from an outsider’s perspective. Still, she dips her head into the water and washes out as much as she can. Iodine’s washing out her clothes. Ugh. She really didn’t want to have to sit in soggy clothes, but even though what she wore was black, it would smell after a bit. She followed suit and stripped down to let her clothes get cleaned off. “Yeah, let’s deal with this on our own.”

Her mind may have been racing but outwardly she was calm. And once she was calm, it was hard to be anything but. She’d have to fake it once their ride came around. She was good at faking it.

“Uggh. Don’t mention food.” Her stomach was still feeling a little weak. She wasn’t sure why this was affecting her so much. Cade and Iodine had seen some pretty gorey sh!t growing up. This was just...too much. “Maybe once we’re free of this place I’ll feel differently”

Cade looked up at the same time Iodine cursed. She quickly scanned the area making sure everything looked, not normal but, the way it should seem after a horrible accident? Luckily, Cade looked incredibly pale and uneasy after just thinking about food.

There’s been an accident..

She carefully watched the captain and his crew to gauge how they were taking the news. While the Captain said he’d never seen anything like this, and she was sure he’d probably been doing this whole life, he didn’t necessarily look like he thought anything was amiss with the girls.

Cade wrapped an arm around Iodine’s shoulders in comfort and nodded along, “We’ve done jumps before...Everything seemed like it was in place, nothing seemed wrong, but he was goofing around and just jumped before doing his last check.” She let quiver enter her voice while she tried to explain. “He just..fell so fast.”

That was a good place to leave it. Never over share. A couple of crew members came over with towels for the girls while the Captain stared at them. He was clearly thinking of what he should do. Call the authorities? Bring them back to the Canaima camp and when someone asks where the third person shrug and move on. Not his problem? Would the other men listen to their Captain and keep it to themselves if he decided not to call the authorities? There were too many variables. And who’s to say they’d be safe once they were out of the country? How did this sh!t work here?

He notices one of his crew heading to pick up a phone. He holds up a hand to stop him and starts speaking in spanish under his breath. Her spanish was rusty, but she caught the jist of what he was saying. If they called authorities, there would be an investigation. An investigation means no river rides and that means no money.

“Come, girls. Let’s head back to the camp.” The Captain motions for them to collect their stuff and follow him.

His crew member listened and didn’t make the call. Cade knew better than to feel relief at that moment. Sure, that was the way they made money, but how were they going to keep all of their mouths shut. He didn’t have a big crew, but there were enough people that even if one person said something to someone it could all be over from there.

“You good?” She whispered to Iodine as she picked up her sh!t.

With everything piled up, she headed towards the boat. It was their only way back to the camp and to the plane to get the heck out of this blasted country and away from what happened. Cadence didn’t think she’d ever be able to get the image of Noah exploding out of her mind, but she was determined to try. She got on the boat, and once Iodine was on they took off without much more than a “You girls settled?”

She looked at Iodine...This was going to be one long ass boat ride.
July 30, 2018 06:00 pm

Iodine Violet

Dark eyes watch the Captain as he addresses the crew member that is on his way to call for help. Words are exchanged, neither looks concerned or convinced, but the man doesn’t call for help and instead, grabs a large bucket to wash away what’s left of Noah. Iodine’s grinding her teeth as she watches the man she loves bleed from the rocks into the steady tributary.

This is where she starts to cry. Ugly cry. Snot bubbles and all. The finality of it. The person she loves is being erased from history by a few buckets of water. The Captain notices and maybe it’s a good thing. He seems more convinced they’re innocent but his eyes still say he’s not 100 percent down with their retelling of the events.

Gathering the few things she’s arrived with, Iodine manages through sobs and hitching breath to nod at Cade’s question. No, she’s not really ‘good’ but she’ll be okay. Iodine always is. And when she isn’t, she just pushes that sh-t further down and buries it under other things. Like extreme sports or work or partying.

Iodine finds a seat at the back of the boat and simply drops her possessions on the deck next to her with a thud. The boat ride was going to be what, 4 hours back to Canaima? She groans at the thought and reaches for her pack of Camels. She’s got just over half a pack left. That isn’t going to do if she’s chain smoking the whole way. Did she remember to bring another pack for the trip? She’s digging through the rucksack attached to her harness as the Captain comes to sit with the girls.

“Girls, your story.. ” His voice is soft, he’s attempting to be sympathetic. “I find it confusing.. ” He motions to her pack of cigarettes and Iodine nods as he takes one from the pack. Her adrenaline is starting to rise once more and secretly she’s hoping they don’t have to kill every last mother f-cker on the boat. “I would hate for the authorities to hold you for a crime you didn’t commit.. ” Her fist, buried in the rucksack, clenches into a ball. Here it comes right? Some sort of ‘you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours’ sort of deal. “Maybe we can come to some kind of financial agreement. Just to ensure that you make your flight, unharmed.”


Iodine looks at Cade before dark eyes slowly make their rounds to the others on the boat. There’s 4 men including the Captain. And since they no longer have a male companion that could protect them, they are suddenly what.. Victims?

“How much?” Her fist opens and encompasses a wad of cash neatly rubber banded in her pack. She has, roughly, 4 large with her and another grand at the hotel in Caracas tucked neatly away beneath the sink.

“I think for the efforts of my crew, a thousand each is a good price.” A stained smile cuts through his beard.

“A thousand each?” Thank god for tattoos and piercings and looking like scrubs. If the men knew the girls were from wealthy families, who knows how long this bartering of lives could go on for. “2 grand seems kind of steep.”

“A thousand for each of my men and myself.” He corrects her. “We did make the ‘accident’ go away, didn’t we? We’re also making sure you reach your destination safely.”

4 thousand dollars. To wash her boyfriend away with a few buckets of water. And to keep them ‘safe’. She wants to gag at the insinuation.

“But we didn’t do anything wrong.. ” Iodine protests. “WE didn’t kill him.”

“The fact of the matter is, girls, my men are showing an unbelievable amount of restraint with you two on board.”

“Fine, 2 grand now and 2 grand when we reach Canaima.” She’s already counting bills as they haggle. “Do you have anything to drink? Preferable something alcoholic and unopened.”

Money appears and exchanges hands, the Captain nodding as he counts.

“Solera okay for you two?” He whistles for a crew mate. “Diego.. Dos cervezas por favor. Para las Chicas.” He’s laughing as he walks away. “Enjoy, ladies.”

Diego arrives with two cans of Solera, both unopened and hands them off to Iodine who, in turn, hands one to Cade. He lingers for a moment until speckled eyes narrow.

“When we get to Canaima, I’ll pay them the rest. While I do that, talk to the guide there and see if you can get our flights to Caracas bumped to tonight instead of the morning.” Fingers pull the tab, the beer cracks open and Iodine is all but pouring the beer down her throat. “I’ll call the airline from the hotel tonight and bump our flights to tomorrow. I want out of this f-cking place asap.”

If she can, she’ll try to get a red eye back to Miami for the two that night.
July 31, 2018 04:01 pm

Cadence Corelli

Cade felt like shi!t. It’d been a long time since she’d seen Iodine break down like this. She felt a bit careless since she was so calm, but she didn’t love Noah the way Iodine did. He was never anything but nice to her and she considered him like a big annoying brother. Eventually he probably would have held the title of brother-in-law (cousin-in-law sounds dumb). She hurt more for Iodine now, but she had her moment. She’s compartmentalized everything and now she was able to deal with everything else.

Until the Captain decided he was going to extort the girls out of some money.

A thousand for each crew member.

Cade never really had urges to murder people before, even though her father wished otherwise. She had the talent for it, she had the guts for it and she certainly had the skills for it -both girls did- but at that time in her life, she enjoyed what she was doing. Yet, this Captain wanting four grand for this. When she heard him say this was the better option! If only she’d kept up with her Spanish, she’d give him a piece of her mind in his own language. Okay. Maybe she wouldn’t. But she wanted to. Instead she fumed silently. Anything but compliance at this point would just cause more issues. It wasn’t like they didn’t have the money. It was the principle of the matter! And the careless way he spoke about Noah.

“That’s going to take forever to get back,” Cade groans as Iodine’s handing over the money. She didn’t want the Captain to think they were made of money and try to take them for more. “Do you know how many tables I busted my ass over to save up for this trip?? That’s on top of my regular job!” She puts on a pout and crosses her arms in front of her chest until a drink is put in front of her. Cade cracks open the can and takes a long drink.

Once the captain is out of earshot it’s business again. Cade nodded. She would do anything to make sure they were out of there as soon as humanly possible.

The rest of the boat ride was uneventful. The crew seemed pleased with themselves and Cade and Iodine were focused on getting out of there without losing much more money or their freedom. Their lives were going to be different now. They would move on eventually, but there would likely always be a small void without Noah. And while she really wanted to get out of this country, going back home would be almost as bad. There would be questions and they would have to tell a story. Maybe the same one, with less details. A tragic accident while doing something he loved. The best way to go right?

Her clothes were pretty much dried out by the time the camp was coming into view. She got dressed and got her bag ready. As soon as the boat came to a stop, she was hopping off and searching for their ride to the airport. “I’ll meet you at the hotel once I have a time.” Cade told Iodine before she set off to get their asses out of here.

The guide wasn’t too far away, spending time at a little restaurant/bar. She sat next to him and put down a few bills to cover a few rounds of drinks, “What would it take to get me and my cousin back to Puerto Ordaz tonight?”

He looked at her a little shocked, “Just you two? Where is the boy?”

Cade gritted her teeth, “They got into a fight. He’s staying behind for a while. We’d like to get home as soon as possible, please. It was a bad fight. He’s been lying to her about something for a long time.” That’s what happened to couples right? Someone lied, the other gets so angry they can’t be in the same country as them. Totally happens.

He nods and frowns, as if he understands, “Double your initial fee. I can be ready in two hours.”

“You are a life saver! Thank you!” She was elated that’s all he wanted. She had thought of a million other things she was possibly willing to do to get them back home. Doubling their fee plus a few rounds of drinks was great. “We’ll meet you at the plane then.”

She books it back to the hotel. It didn’t take her long to deal with the guard, but Iodine was likely back at the hotel by then. Cade bursts into Iodine’s room and gives the good news, “Pack your sh!t. We’re heading back in two hours!”
August 01, 2018 06:12 pm

Iodine Violet

As Canaima comes into sight, Iodine is dressing quickly and slipping her pack on in reverse so that it’s across her chest. Fingers are already counting bills under the cover of nylon while unimpressed gaze fixates on the crew; She wants to kill them all. Every last smug sonofab-tch on the boat but she and Cade need to get home.. not go to jail for mass murder.

The boat docks and Cade is off, as Iodine asked, to find the guide that will get them to Puerto Ordaz so they can get to Caracas then Miami. In potentially 6 hours, the girls could be back in the United States, free from the horror that is Venezuela. Not that the place is awful.. it is actually quite beautiful. The situation the girls found themselves in was awful and Iodine just needs the comforts of home. Her bed. Her music. Her art. Food. So much food.

“Here’s the rest promised.” A stack of Benjamins are forced into the Captain’s hand as she steps from the boat then stops. She doesn’t turn to face the man, instead she stares at the retreating back of her cousin that weaves and dodges others on vacation. It is taking every single bit of restraint she possesses to refrain from gutting the man like a fish. “I suggest you forget that we were ever here and if anyone should question you about the man, he stayed behind for a few days and when you went to pick him up as promised, he wasn’t there.. ”

She can feel his eyes upon her, burning into her back. He’s quiet, possibly choosing his words wisely. Or maybe he’s trying to find the words that will extort more money from the two girls. Iodine can hear the money shuffling in his hand, he’s counting. Satisfied that he’s going to be nice, the girl takes a step, only to be stopped by his words. “And if I choose not to.. follow your instructions?” Her teeth grind, she can hear the smile in his voice. “What will you do about it? You will come back and ‘kick my ass’?”

He’s laughing; a low, self-satisfied laugh. A kind of laugh when a person doesn’t realize quite what their opponent could do if push comes to shove or given the chance. He underestimates the girls. She turns to face the Captain, a derisive smile on her face. He thinks she’s truly afraid? Of him? The only thing Iodine really fears is being locked in a jail cell. Paying someone instead of having to kill 4 men seems the easier thing to do. But she’s not above the second option. In fact, she’s been processing for the last 4 hours on how she and Cade could kill the crew and their Captain. But she’s also tired and hungry and doesn’t want to spend a day longer in Venezuela than she really needs to. Still..

“You do realize that the man that traveled with my cousin and I, was my fiance?” An arched brow lifts as she appraises the older man. “He was also a vampire.” It slips past her lips matter of factly and the man’s expression turns from smug to surprised but she can tell he believes her. “Tell me, am I lying?” Her arms hang at her side casually, there is no defensive posturing. “So if you think I killed him, a vampire, then imagine what I could do to you.” Her left cheek rises to pull her mouth into a lopsided grin. “Ultimately, he had many friends. Now! Imagine what would happen if they thought an old tour boat Captain, and his crew, killed my beloved.. their friend.”

He’s processing, she can see it in his eyes. He’s sharp. Sharper than he lets on. And then he’s looking at the money he’s holding. The smile leaves Iodine’s face and she’s staring daggers when his eyes rise to meet hers. “Keep the money and your f-cking mouth shut. We’ll agree it’s a ‘convenience’ charge.”

He nods.

No words further necessary, the girl departs and heads towards the bungalow she shared with Noah. In a matter of minutes, and a quick room service call, she finds herself staring at his bag, wondering what she would do with it all. Since he is ‘staying behind’, Iodine decides it’s better to leave his bag there, unpacked. His clothes from the day previous strewn about the room.

“Pack your sh!t. We’re heading back in two hours!”

Excited Cade is excited.

Iodine, in the middle of her second cheeseburger, almost chokes as her cousin bursts through the door. After many attempts to swallow the chunk of meat and cheesy goodness with the aid of beer, the girl succeeds and she levels a glare at bestie Cade.

“I’m already packed.” Iodine never really unpacks anything. She just pulls what she needs for a day. But two hours until they leave? She does need a shower- with soap this time. “Hungry?” A bony finger points to multiple cheeseburgers on the table along with a six pack of beer. “I swear to God Cade, this is the best f-cking cheeseburger I’ve ever had.” She’s food focused, cheeseburger in one hand, her other hand shoveling fries into her mouth between breaths and chatter. “I don’t know what it is, but like, this sh-t is amazing.” Another large bite, she looks like a squirrel preparing for winter. “And the beer..” the bottle finds her lips and she takes a long swallow. “Amazing. Like, they must put crack in this sh-t.”

Or maybe, it’s Noah’s blood coursing through her and the fact she’s inadvertently killed him.

Adrenaline.. It does weird things.
August 05, 2018 04:47 pm

Cadence Corelli

Her excitement was short lived when she took in the state of the room. Nothing was wrong with it. But that was kind of the point.Things would be so much easier if this just wasn’t happening. Noah should still be here. It looked like he was and that made her feel a little uneasy. It wasn’t like they had never dealt with death before, whether it be with their involvement or family members passing. They’d just never seen anything like this. There was no training for ‘your vampire boyfriend/brotherly friend exploding in front of your very eyes’.

Cadence sighed and sat next to her cousin. “Not really,” Yet, she grabbed a cheeseburger and inhaled it in three bites. Yeah, not hungry at all. She grabs another and takes her time now.

She nods along with what Aria is saying. Cade grabs a few fries as well. She didn’t really taste the food, but she agreed so as not to be difficult. There was no need to be difficult right now. Mostly, she was eating just to quell her grumbling stomach.

The fact that she was here and stuffing her face, must of meant that the exchange with the Captain went well, but she still had to ask, “Are we good with the Captain and the crew?”

Now she opened a beer. Again, she didn’t really taste it. Not the way Iodine was at least. For it was just to wash down the food that had unfortunately started to form a lump as it went down. She thumped her chest a couple of times where she felt the lump was until it finally moved down again.

“I didn’t like the way the Captain was looking at us. Do you think he’ll be trouble down the road?”

Again, it wasn’t like they couldn’t take care of it, but this wasn’t their home or their city. Their rules didn’t apply here. They were just visitors and the less attention they drew to themselves the better. There was no real evidence of anything. The only thing Cadence worried about was their viewers. There would be questions. Her and Iodine would have to come up with a solid ass story for why Noah was MIA.

They had time for that though. Their viewers knew they were planning something big, but they didn’t know what. They didn’t know where the three were going or what, exactly, they were doing. They could be skydiving, swimming with sharks...any number of crazy things. Cadence wouldn’t bring it up yet. She wasn’t sure how Aria was dealing. Clearly she was still reeling from adrenaline where Cade had crashed from the adrenaline high.

“We’re gonna be fine,” She whispered. They had to be.
August 17, 2018 12:50 am

Iodine Violet

Cadence’s questions tumble around Iodine’s head while she chews slowly. Are they good with the Captain and his Crew? Did she think they would be trouble down the road? Truthfully, Iodine is pretty certain the Captain will be keeping his mouth shut and she smiles at the last conversation she had with the man. The bigger question they should be asking themselves is, ‘What are Noah’s friends going to think? Or his ‘family’? And his viewers? What about their viewers?’. What story are they going to have to concoct in order to make this smell like a bed of roses and not a pile of sh-t. Because honestly, for the first time, Iodine is blanking.

“I told the Captain that Noah was a vampire and if he said anything about his death, I’d tell Noah’s friends that he and his crew were the ones to kill Noah.” And then it dawns on her.. she’ll tell Noah’s friends this regardless of what the Captain does. She’ll need to come up with a story but the basis is going to go something like this..

“Okay, so, maybe we’ll tell everyone that the Captain and his crew attacked Noah because they were trying to rob him.. And that he exploded.. I don't know the how or why yet but we'll figure it out.. and they got all freaked out. Like he was a Chupacabra or something. Maybe they thought we were like Noah so they left us alone and we managed to buy our way back to civilization with the money we had left on us. Think about that.. I’m going to shower.”

Because really, she’s not hungry now. Iodine is pretty sure that while Cade might be safe, her ass isn’t going to be if people find out what really happened. Mainly because Iodine’s been in the underground scene for years and Cade wasn’t witness to some of the sh-t she’s seen. Cade isn’t a liability like she is. For all his peers know, Noah and Iodine kept under wraps that he was a vampire.

Noah was also well loved by all. He was honestly the sweetest person ever.

She stands from the table, grabs a fresh beer and strips on her way to the shower. There is no modesty between the two girls, they’re closer than cousins. More like sisters really. Cracking her beer, she takes a long sip while the water warms. They have just under two hours until their flight leaves- which is more than enough time for the young woman to shower and dress. Is she forgetting anything vital to the story? Because they need to get this sh-t nailed down before they get anywhere populated. She steps through the curtain and lets the water wash over her, beer still in hand. As the steam begins to rise, Iodine calls out to Cade.

“I’m also thinking that after I give that story to his friends and fam, that I’ll ask for their advice on how to break the news to his viewers and ours? Just to make it sound more convincing. Thoughts?” Iodine’s powers through her beer and sets the bottle on the edge of the tub as she lathers up. “You think they’ll buy all this? And is it wrong to lie? Should I just tell them the truth?”

The truth? Laughable really. It might be safer swimming with sharks in chummed water than to explain how Noah just exploded after drinking from her, to a bunch of vampires.

Oh wait.. They’ve done that. It wasn't safe.
August 23, 2018 08:42 am
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