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Jessica Lorraine

It was a warm light summers day with an overcast in the sky out in the American Midwest. Jessica had spent most of her time traveling around Europe after she left here. The thought of her coming back and dealing with the horrors of her past was something she didn’t want to think about as the sky began to sprinkle water down into the hot grass. The sprinkle and cool breeze was a welcome feeling in this slight drought that was going on in the area recently. However it didn’t help her as she sat on a bench in the park of her childhood. “I left this place to get away from my crazy parents. I really didn’t want to come back here.”, she muttered to herself as she sat there thinking about what to do.

Her dark grey shirt that had a cartoon drawling of a kid in monster pajamas. Around the drawling in bubble letters was “Rawr I’m a monster.” She wore baggy blue jean pants and had her hair in a pony tail. Her blue eyes looked at the park as her thoughts went through her head. There was kids out at the old concrete basketball court but they left when it started to sprinkle. She took another drink out of a bottle of grape juice. “Maybe the bar would have people that know where he is.”, she wondered aloud. She walked over to the rental car she had purchased to use. She started the car and turned on the radio. Shortly after she drove over to the bar right outside of town. She then parked the car and got out after she turned off the engine. She then proceeded to walk into the bar.
July 28, 2018 10:42 pm

Annika Black

Annika had stepped off a plane in the place her friend told her to come and meet her. Jessica was a client of hers and a dear friend now, she needed help she would come to her aid. Walking down the sidewalk towards the address Jessica had given her before she landed in the airport. Looking down at the paper she looked up to the sky seeing it was going to rain soon. Pulling up her black hood on he cloak and she kept walking till she made it to a bar where she seen Jessica sitting on a stool alone. Walking over there as rain started sprinkling down on the grass and the road. Sitting down next to Jessica she looked at her, giving her a smile asked" Are you okay?" Looking at her concerned placing her hand on her shoulder, she could see that Jessica was uncomfortable being here, but she didn't want to bring anything up about why she was here or asked her here. Looking at her she said" I'm here when you want to talk." August 02, 2018 02:26 am
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