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Abram Gusto

This world is a mess. That is simply the best way to put it. It is in complete chaos and havoc. Looking at the people running from street to street they are obsessed with their jobs. They carry briefcases and wear suits. But they aren’t in love with the job, they are greedy for the outcome. The money that fills their bank accounts and make their wallets fate. They are gluttons. They want more money so they work till they can’t see straight. They want to be on top, the richest. The on that other people want to be. When they finally feel like satisfied with their need for money they focus the rest of their time on relationships. The overindulging in their needs for sex. Men and women alike crave it, they shake with anticipation every time their eyes befall upon a person they are attracted to. Even when they are in committed relationships, their eyes still wander and their minds turn over the possibilities of what it’d feel like to have a passing stranger in their beds. Humanity was being overrun by sin, Abrams brothers and sisters of the underworld have set their traps and the world has fallen into them. This is where the demons rise, this is where his story starts.

Abram hadn’t walked earth in the guise of human flesh for many years. The confines of human flesh and blood suffocated the demon, and the last time he had roamed the earth he had spent too much time in the same body. Letting the life force of the person hold on for far longer than he had anticipated. In the end when he finally let his vessel go the man was brain dead and left crumpled on the sidewalk for someone to find. Abram had grown bored with the human world, he had whispered into the ears of people and made their hands weapons of destructions and their words burn with fire. He had set their fates into motion and let the evil of his nature persuade the weaklings into following his will. When it all had grown tiresome he retired from his vessel and returned to his true form.

That had been years ago and now he was ready to show his ugly face and set the world on fire. This time when he returned though he returned to an entirely different world. Filled with technology and the obsession with money and sex. Humans didn’t need demons to whisper into their ears, they would destroy themselves. They were immune to violence and could watch a person beat to death on the street and simply watch it happen with their phones in hand to record the video in hopes of gaining fame and money for recording the monster of another person’s demise. Humans didn’t need demons to destroy them because they had already won. Evil had greatly overpowered good and it tasted sweet on Abrams' tongue as he walked the streets and watched the silent and subtle destruction.

The summer breeze was warm against his skin, his biceps strained against the thin material of his simple black t-shirt. A mop of curls haphazardly lay upon the top of his head. This vessel was far too pretty, but Abram had just taken to the first male he had come across. It was easier this way, and people seemed more willing to talk to those that were nice to look at. It was the perfect guise for a monster. Abram wasn’t looking to wreak havoc this particular evening, he was still reacquainting himself with the world again and being constrained inside the male’s body. This time on earth he wasn’t just going to jump into the chaos of it all. He was going to take his time, charm his way through the world and then attack when the moment seemed right.

He rested his back against the bricks of a building and let his eyes take in the surrounding sights. The sun had just faded beyond the horizon. The streets weren’t busy but he was sure that they would be soon. People were predictable and they needed their fixes. They needed to spend the money that was weighing down their wallets and they would do it by drinking booze and searching for one night stands. It was amusing to witness. 

August 04, 2018 03:40 pm
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