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  Rain, It was always raining. It seemed like forever since the young Adonis was seated on the first bus heading out of FallenBrook; a town that made everything feel like forever. It'll be forever until you can get a job, forever until you can graduate and lastly, forever until you can leave.

   No matter what the one-way ticket said, it wasn't his choice to leave although he would gladly say otherwise, this town, Fallenbrook? That was a no magic allowed town. So when money started going missing and local poor were eating like kings and queens. Adonis was known  to be a little off and had a whole host of wrong place/wrong time luck, suspicions were hastily drawn upon the young warlock and his parents sold him out quicker than black Friday sale on televisions.

   Fifteen was too young to be thrown out, fifteen was too young to be in a world that seemed to be flooding and on a bus heading god knows where. Fifteen was just old enough to be scared out of your mind and clutching that cellphone you worked so hard to get for dear life.

"I'm sorry. I didn't know it was illegal! I wished for money and it showed up! How was I supposed to know it came from the bank? Can I please come home? Please? I promise I'll never use whatever this is again! Please? Mom, I'm really scared...Love Addie"


That message stayed on seen for a while but nothing ever came of it. Looks like all he had was the rain, the bus, and that guy who won't close his god damn mouth. What is he doing? Catching flies? And why is the seat beside him sticky? His newly found favorite game. Blood or piss. Adonis'll take piss for 500 Alex.
Adonis tosses a quick glance around the dimly lit bus and then quietly leans over to discreetly sniff the seat beside him. Yeah. That's most definitely piss...very unhealthy pee. Adonis wonders if  whatever made it that color is contagious.
"Hey bus-Driver man. Where is the next stop?" his own eyes not leaving the deep amber colored stain beside him as he clutched his backpack to his chest.

"Whenever we stop kid, in' nother six hours. Pipe down back there."The old man had a gruff voice and the whole bus smelled like red-apple tobacco. Ugh, that stuff smelled like an ashtray frenching a jollyrancher, the cherry ones oddly enough.

Six. More. Hours. Forever must not be just a Fallenbrook thing. "Thanks." Adonis deeply muttered as he folded himself back into his seat and leaned his brow against the window, the raindrops racing to the bottom of the window and distorting his already bleak view.
His whole life, f*cked in 24 small hours.

The forests of strong trees and soft fields faded into a forest of power-lines, bright neon signs and overly crowded streets. Soon, People started to shuffle  of off the bus after the brakes gave a loud screech of protest. The open-mouthed man, the loud chewer and the acrylic-nail tapper all dispersed into the sea of faceless people and loud cars. Adonis scurried to the window opposite of him  to see if he can catch sight of them. 'don't go.' he thought, 'don't leave me.' his palms and cheek were pressed against the smudged glass. An attempt to catch sight of the mentioned annoyances from the last 6 hours, and with them gone? It sank in, It really was happening. This was his life now. 

The keeper of the bus came to him and loomed over the small blonde haired and blue-eyed teen, this was his first interaction as an 'adult' alone in the world and so,  he trembled."this is your stop, Kid."The older male took a long draw off of his cigarette as Adonis blinked up at him, his heartbeat was throbbing in his eyes out of fear. Taking a seat beside the trembling teen, the driver continues speaking in a much softer tone than before"Listen, kid. Show no fear or they'll eat you alive. Instead, You're pretty so use those looks you got. Always smile, cut a fool if he gets to close. You got a weapon kid?"When Adonis shakes his head, the driver digs out an old but sharp pocket knife and a large flashlight."...Find food, shelter and a job. That's your to-do list."The Bus Driver roughly pats his shoulder and looks at him for what may be the last time, a sweet almost sympathic look in his eyes."If we ever cross-paths again, I'll take you wherever you got to go. Don't go and forget this mug, okay? I'm your friend."There is a kind smile as he gently leads Adonis down the small isle and off of the bus.

Having forced himself to jump off of the last step, it felt it took him forever just to get down the narrow bus steps. Getting on was so easy in comparison to the getting off. With one arm holding the tail-ends of his grey-blue sweater above his head and the other holding the newly acquired knife and flashlight to his chest. The rain was coming down real hard, and he blinked his blurred vision clear just to see the bus doors close in his face. The overwhelming feeling of 'I can't do this.' washing over him much like the endless cold that the rain was bringing.

Wandering through the crowds, shoving and elbowing  this way and that- he thought of the driver and how kind he was to offer him such words of wisdom and tools of 'survival' and so on. Already making a friend wasn't so bad, maybe he'd be okay? Just maybe.
Maybe not, as our dear Adonis has just tripped into a deep water filled pot hole and ate sh!t. Of course, juuust great...

Whilst gathering up the contents of his bag, he noticed that everything was glowing a bright abrasive blue, then flickered to a yellow and lastly a pink of the same caliber. "...What in the f-" wiping his eyes with the back of his seemingly useless sleeves, they follow the glow and see that it's a neon man holding a long stick and spinning in a 3 frame cycle. "...Woah." Adonis has never seen anything like it! It was amazing. The man looked like he was flying, and there were dollar signs! Must be a place for money! Oh happy days! What luck!

The young teen beams! Quickly getting to his feet, he tucks his unruly blond hair behind his ears and is already running into the building. Upon pushing the large black velvet doors open and truly taking in the aroma of vanilla and tequila, as well as the loud thundering music. Adonis is greeted by a string of  men that gracefully prance by dressed as lumberjacks and superheroes. "WOAH! Robin hood! BatMan! THOR?!" Adonis exclaimed as he followed them with his astonished gaze, before slamming into the owner of the club, of course. His budding dream had an abrupt ending as a vibrantly colored warlock stood over him with crossed arms. Hair the color of the ocean and obsidien eyes made the man a mystic in young Adonis' eyes.

"Aren't you a little young to be in here?"he scoffed with a scrutinizing glare.

"I think I want to be them. I can work! see!" Adonis points at the male-parade and then holds up his calloused hands to show that he can do hard-work, though he doesn't see any stables to muck or cows to feed. "...Please...Please give me a job?" Adonis plastered on his best smile from the surprising sticky floor. Pitiful really, looking like something the cat dragged in.

"...ugh..."The man looks unimpressed as he looks down at Adonis' marred hands. There is a deep sigh accompanied with an eye-roll."You don't get to be them. You look like a kid, hell you ARE a kid. Oi-vey."The multicolored man face-palms hard as then peeks through his fingers at the young warlock."Fine. Fine. You're lucky cause I just lost my busboy. Wanted to be a model or some sh!t."he tucks his other arm under the hand holding his face,"You don't get the payroll, you get the cash. You'll clean tables and swab the deck. That's down here and up there. AFTER hours. If anyone sees you or speaks to you that doesn't work here- you don't know us. You don't know me, you're lost. Got it?"the Man puts his hand on his hip and then presses his hand against his chest, deep in thought as he gazes down on the other.

The finely dressed man introduces himself with a showman's flick of the wrist,"I'm Mr. Warklie. You answer to me and besides the bottom of the food chain, You are?"he tilts his head and then tosses a pair of finger-less gloves to Adonis,"And for the love of all that is awful, cover up those hands."he adds before looking down at the crumpled yet ecstatic mess on the floor of his club.

Remembering the words the driver said, Adonis laughs as he stashes the gloves away and gets to his feet, offering his hand to Mr.Warklie, "I'm Pretty!" he says proudly.

Rolling his eyes again and adjusting his exquisite tie, he mutters a swear of some sort before turning around on his heels with a rumbling hiss."Wipe that grin off and Get to work before You ain't pretty no more and or I regret this.Whichever comes first."

"Yes sir!"
Adonis chimes very happily as he rolls up his sleeves and makes himself scarce until the doors shut for the night, the music quiets and the prancing statues disrobe and become regular people again. This place? this place was pure magic.

August 10, 2018 01:18 am
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