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Chase Cooper

Chase wakes up in a familiar feeling bed. He recognizes it immediately, because he once had one just the same. Down feathers, a perfect cloud that he can melt into with plush blankets atop him. And, as usual, there is a warm body beside him. Completely normal, and he makes note not to attempt to snuggle the girl like a teddy because this bed just feels like home.

Try as he might, his body relents, and there would be no more sleep. Alcohol does that. It keeps up him late and brings him to rise early. Chase blames the sugar, but in all honesty, it is just dehydration and stupidity.

That's how it began. The moment he realized the form beside him wasn't Maya but instead some beautiful blond that was also waking up to offer him breakfast.. that's when it all started.

Try as Chase might, he was simply too nice that morning to leave Fiona. And, once showered and dressed, he never had any intention of seeing her again. She was a means to scratch an itch, and nothing more. He left her house after searching it high and low for Maya, to search further for her, and they slept off their night after getting back to their seedy motel.

But Fiona kept popping up. And Chase kept taking advantage. And, after a month of chipping away at the young man, Fee did what Fee wanted. She got her in.

"Listen, Maya," Chase is talking as he chews on the digestive cookies. A particular favorite, the chocolate dipped shortbread has a special place in his heart. Just like Maya. "It's rent free. And, like, we'd each get our own room with those beds you like so much. Remember? Remember my bed back home?"

Fiona had left the motel that morning after spending the night, but her visits wore on Chase. She would never use the bathroom, and because of that, she would never eat or drink while there. She touched very little. Really, she failed to hide her distaste for their living arrangements and Chase couldn't blame her. It was disgusting, especially when stacked against a home the likes of hers.

Which is why, when she offered them rooms...

"Just like that. What'd'ya say, Maya?" Pouting, he sets the pack of cookies down and launches himself over to the other bed, sidling up to his very best friend until he's practically fallen into her lap. "Please? Please let us live like royals? Pleeeeaaaaase?"
August 10, 2018 10:29 pm

Maya Hall

Maya doesn’t stay at the motel when Fee is around. Really, in the month that has passed, she’s become nocturnal; sleeping through most of the day, and heading out at night, simply to avoid the situation altogether. If she could ignore it, then she could pretend it isn’t happening.

So, as she’s crawling into bed after one particularly hard night out, it’s with the intention of sleeping off the ecstasy and alcohol.

Funny how often Chase affects those plans lately.

At first, she ignores him, making a show of nestling down into the covers. As soon as he presents Fiona’s offer, she feels her stomach twist into knots. You did this, she mentally kicks herself, you practically forced them together. But it doesn’t make it any easier to deal with. Harder, in fact.

Then, he’s practically on top of her, and she finds herself uncharacteristically moving to get away from him. Blame it on the booze, blame it on the drugs, or blame it on his insufferable f*ck buddy, but the idea of being near him is nauseating to the young woman. She hides this lapse in normalcy, hopefully, by moving to sit up, glaring down at him with exhaustion behind her honeyed gaze. “This isn’t what we wanted, Chase. We were supposed to get away from that life. We weren’t supposed to stay here...”

He’s giving her that look; those puppy dog eyes, that protruding lip... She wants to punch him, but she knows if she does, she’ll likely never stop. F*cking men.

Scooting away, she retreats into the blankets, hiding the tears that have annoyingly appeared at the base of her eyelids. Stupid Maya, now is not the time to get into your feelings. At least, that’s what she tells herself.

Over the cover, she waves a hand idly. “Fine,” is her response, if only to get him to leave her alone. The truth of it is she won’t be staying at Fiona’s posh house, to feel lorded over and mocked. But if it makes Chase happy, then she’ll make a show of it, and just do what she does now.

Her head will never touch that stupid, heavenly, over-the-top, cloud of a bed.

She swears it.
August 17, 2018 09:19 am

Chase Cooper

Fine. Just like that, there is a look of pure joy on Chase's face. The young man doesn't pick up on her social queues, nor the way she hides from him. He figures, as she sleeps through the day and goes out at night, that this is simply normal. It isn't terribly different from what they did before Fiona, and he never expected things to change, after. "Oh my God, Maya... that bed. I miss my f-cking bed."

A dreamy groan brings him to land his head upon the pillows, a starry gaze staring up at the popcorn ceiling as he lets his arms drape outward. One, heavily draped over Maya's petite form.

Why is he so awake and so tired?

"Oye. And. What'd'ya say we hang back tonight and get completely knackered. Like old times? We're order pizza and watch old movies and build a fvcking pillow fort and sh*t. I feel like we've not properly hung out in ages."
Suddenly he is moving, turning onto his side and looking at the back of her head.

"It's like I never see you anymore..." Chase's tone has turned from his usual upbeat, to something far less. He is sad as the realization hit that he has barely seen his best friend in ages. At least, while she is awake. Never mind that he misses her eyes, her smile, her laugh, the way she verbally abuses him, the way she jumps up on his back and pretends to fly while he runs around in circles...

Fvck. He's still not over her.

It's fine. In time.

"I miss you."
September 01, 2018 04:12 pm

Maya Hall

Maya mocks him in the safety of her hideout, mouthing away and rolling her eyes darkly. F*ck his bed, and f*ck his stupid, high class girlfriend. “You don’t see me ‘cause you’re holed up with that tw@t all the time.” She finally snaps, yet she’s not sure he hears her. Chase seems stuck, off in his own world where he gets to have his pretty girlfriend and his devoted best friend.

F*ck him for being right.

It’s not his fault, she has to remind herself, to her own irritation, but Maya recognizes the voice in the back of her head is right. Chase can’t help who he’s attracted to, nor who overbearing, aggressive Maya forces on him.

I miss you.

The tears drip over the bridge of her nose, hitting the the pillow and resounding in the ear pressed against it. A hand inconspicuously snakes out of under the covers and hurriedly wipes them away, and she curses internally, her annoyance with herself growing. She takes a moment, gathering herself, before she finally turns her body to face him. A markedly difficult task, mind you; the small woman’s pride is very heavy.

“Just you and me?” She groans in her own head, hating how pathetic it comes out.
September 03, 2018 03:48 pm

Chase Cooper

He doesn't understand. Chase is staring Maya in the face, his expression changing to from dulled to concerned. He has no idea why she is upset. They're all friends. And yet, here they are. Talking about spending time together and Maya, all watery eyed and absolutely pathetic.

She must have taken ecstacy.

Without a second thought, he is making a show of turning off his phone and tossing it to the other bed. Shoes are kicked off, housekeeping's knocks being told to fvck off in the process. And, as he slides beneath the covers and pulls them over their head, he is reminded of their childhood.

Making forts, hiding under blankets giggling about terrible pranks they'd played.

"Just you and me. Promise."

A smile spreads on his face, incapable of remaining anything less than upbeat for too long. Here, faced with his best friend in the world on a terrible trip, he would be here for her. Until he thinks about it for too long, and feels that overprotectiveness tug at his attention.

"Where do you go every night, Maya? It's like you've turned in a vampire, and I never see you. Are you okay? Are you being safe?"

All he can think of is the state of her when she finally got out of the hospital, and the things that had happened in there. The lengths she went to, and fvcking Dan. It reminds him of how fragile she is, despite her tough exterior.

"You... you haven't got a boyfriend, have you?"

Please say no.
September 03, 2018 04:07 pm

Maya Hall

Just you and me. Promise.

In spite of herself, Maya smiles widely. Never mind her heartache, and never mind how this would surely perpetuate it. It isn’t as if she has a choice in the matter, and she certainly couldn’t walk away. Chase is her entire world, even if she isn’t his.

As she studies his face, she can easily spot the worry. They’ve known each other far too long to miss the strange little quirks and the particular twitches that could only mean one thing. There’s an urge to scoff in the face of that concern, as Maya still feels quite bitter about the whole thing. Again, she can see, clear as day, her part in the situation and how it truly all started with her, but that doesn’t soften the blow and she needs a win, in some form or another.

But her hardened expression withers as she looks on, and she shrugs it off as though her antics were boring. “I’ve been hanging around with Sarah, since Fee’s been so preoccupied.” A slight deepening of her cadence, hardly discernible, is the signifier that she feels just as displaced. “I’m always safe, aren’t I?” She laughs at this, giving his shoulder a gentle push. “It’s you that’s always getting us in trouble.”

In that moment, it’s old times, any outside forces forgotten. Chase is hers, and always would be. They are inseparable, and they’d been through hell more than once.

But just like that, she remembers that he is not hers.

...haven’t got a boyfriend, have you?

The question breaks through the walls of her thoughts, and her honeyed eyes narrow just barely before she shakes her head. “Nah, not really. One of Sarah’s friends seems to be pretty intent upon it, but he’s just…” Her lip curls up in a strange show of blandness, and she shrugs, laughing softly. “He’s super nice to me, and not bad looking, but… just not my type…”

Which really means he’s just not Chase.
September 03, 2018 06:35 pm

Chase Cooper

"Yea, yea, sorry..." There is a sheepish grin on Chase's face as Maya calls out Fiona's schedule. Admittedly, he has been monopolizing her time just as much as she has, his. And while she isn't his first choice, he understands that his first just does not feel that way. So, she's become the tool that will allow him to move on. But then she laughs, pushing at his shoulder, and there is a dramatic look of disbelief upon his expressive face.

"Moi? Mais, non. You must have me confused with someone else."

Though, as she admits to not being into this mystery guy that sounds to be all about her, there is a sense of relief that washes over him. "Well, he sounds like a fvcking tool, like."

It is with a yawn, head turning to save her from onion breath, that Chase realizes just how tired he is. Up all night with Fee, there hadn't been a single ounce of rest. And, just like old times, Chase finds himself looking at his dearest friend in the world. "Tonight, we party.. but first, we fvcking sleep."

It is just like that, that he would drift off. Inevitably, Chase would find her hand sometime in the night, and only his dreams would disturb him as they take him back to the facility. Separated from Maya, he sits in the doctor's office in an armchair. While his doctor chimes on about his addiction issues, his mental health, and asking those probing questions, Chase would just stare forward.

He never speaks. He never has. He never would. But sitting in that chair is the last thing he ever wants to do. It makes him clausterphobic and paranoid, as if the walls are creeping in and the man talking to him is the cause. Falsely soothing, suggestive of all his mistakes. As if pointing out his flaws would make him better.

And then he's awake, eyes closed though so very aware of his surroundings. An arm reaches out, pulling the small form beside him closer as he seeks comfort from sleep-riddled travel. It takes a moment to realize it isn't Fiona, and he feels all the more at home.

"I never want to go back there, Maya..."

She is the only person he'd ever tell about his nightmares.
September 03, 2018 07:04 pm

Maya Hall

She laughs, nodding vigorously as she nestles into her cocoon once more, considerably happier than she had been before. Maya watches as Chase easily falls into slumber, and while it doesn’t take her long to follow, she manages to press a sleepy kiss to his forehead, all the same.

Just like old times…

Through their entwined digits, Maya feels the jerking motion of Chase’s nightmare and instantly wakes up. They’ve been asleep for a couple hours, as a glance to the clock will tell her, but his eyes are somewhat sunken. The girl doesn’t have to wonder at his dreams, as she knows them all too well. So, when he wakes, she easily pulls him to her chest, chin resting atop his head as she shushes and soothes him. Fingers rake through his hair in a calming pattern as she comforts him. “We won’t, Chase, I promise… Never again…”

She won’t fall asleep again until he does.

Much later, Maya rouses again, the clock blinking half past ten. Instantly, a hand shoots out for Chase, afraid that he’d up and left for the night, and she breathes a sigh of relief when she feels him there. Content, she stretches, her muscles reluctant after the hours of hard drinking and drugs the night before.

“Chase,” she murmurs, tapping him to get his attention. “Wake up. Should we order food? I’m f*cking starving. Don’t roll over, git, wake up!”
September 03, 2018 07:17 pm

Chase Cooper

Tapping. She's tapping. And talking. She's said his name, and it is the best thing he thinks he's ever heard. Just her, saying his name. It's what comes after that he doesn't want. She said wake up. With a grunt, he rolls over, effectively making himself a little spoon as he fails to release her arms.

"But it's so waaaaaaarm..."

His whining is clear as day, and he only moves further to pull the blankets up to his chin. But the tapping persists, and it does the job as he finds himself crawling out of the bed, and it is a sight to behold.

It is like a soldier, dragging himself between trenches.

His phone is procured, and upon turning it on, it begins to beep several times before finally silencing. He takes a moment, scrolling through them with a heavy sigh. Fee. It is with a glance upward to Maya that he taps out his reply, telling the girl that he's busy for the night before phoning in to the local pizza place.

"Ooooookay. Okay. Food is on the way," he glares, making a show of burrowing himself into the bed. "Pushy.

"They said it'll be like forty minutes."
September 03, 2018 07:54 pm

Maya Hall

With each beep of his phone, her teeth gnash that much harder. Maya can’t understand wanting to be up someone’s ass that much, but then again, she’s got an unreciprocated thing for her best friend, who hardly ever leaves her side. So, who is she to judge.

She only grows more irritated when he clearly responds, not before glancing up at her apologetically. Honeyed eyes find the ceiling, as she doesn’t care to hide it. Tonight, Chase is hers.

But only if Fee allows it.

Chase crawls back into the warmth of their shared space, and Maya subconsciously burrows into his side before she even realizes what she’s doing. Even when she does, she doesn’t move to correct it. This is normal, this is how they are.

Outwardly, she groans, drawing it out even as her stomach joins in the chorus. “I’ll starve before it gets here.” She’s partially kidding, but if she looks back on the past day and a half, she can’t remember the last time she’d eaten. Drugs and alcohol always take precedent, even when she’s in a good mindset. Which she’s not. At all.

“Alright then, tell me a story while we wait. Keep my mind off it.” She dons her best puppy dog face, begging up at him from the cover of her blanket burrito.
September 13, 2018 04:56 pm

Chase Cooper

Chase doesn't even think about it when he wraps his arm around Maya's back. This is where she belongs. The two are meant to be close, never having been apart often through the majority of their lives. Being so young, most of their earliest memories include one another. Chase cannot remember a time without Maya, nor does he want to.

Her groan merits a laugh from him, despite knowing full well she likely already is starving. She looks smaller than she already is, and Chase is concerned. Should've ordered two pizza's, to be honest.

But, at her request, he goes into a lavish tale.

"Once upon a time," and so the story would go. A story about Maya, a beautiful though sassy princess that never truly needed saving, and her knight in shining armor (hint: that's Chase). The authority figures in their lives become witches and corrupt royalty and trolls, all of which they overcome until they meet the final boss of their tale.

His mother.

This is the part where the princess saves her knight, setting curtains on fire as a distraction while he packs his things and climbs out a window with her.

All this, in fairytale speak.

The knock at the door brings him to groan, glancing between it and the girl he finds himself entwined with. Out of bed he would climb, intent upon saving the princess from her own hunger. The door is opened to the delivery man, oddly dressed all in white. How clean, he would observe to himself.

An exchange made, and Chase would close the door behind himself with his foot, one hand balancing their delicious prize while the other busies itself with extracting a slice as he returns to Maya.

"And they lived happily ever after. The end."

Dropping the pie between them, he grins, taking an enthusiastic bite.
September 13, 2018 05:34 pm

Maya Hall

Maya looks like a child, eyes wide as she listens to the story she knows by heart. Their story. The story of how they escaped evil clutches to live the life of their dreams.

They’d leave out the horror story that it turned into.

The knock comes, and Maya’s stomach answers accordingly. The girl doesn’t miss the glance Chase passes between her and the door, and the smile that threatens is hard to fight. Still, she is dying, so she ushers him from the bed and wraps the blanket back around her to make up for his stolen warmth.

Scrambling, she sits up to ready herself to scarf down some food. As she’s adjusting, she locks eyes with the delivery man in his pristine white get-up, and he smiles such an evil, knowing smile...

Her honeyed eyes blink, and the motel room around them is gone, replaced by suffocating cement walls. She and Chase are in matching sweatpants and T-shirt’s, and she has a medical bracelet around her wrist. “No,” she whispers, blinking rapidly as her mind fogs. “Chase?” The name forms on her tongue, but no sound comes forth.

Then, she blinks again.

The motel room is back, but she’s left with a sick feeling in her heart. It was just a bad memory, at least that’s what she’s telling herself.

Maya tries to shake herself from the awful vision, and when the pizza is dropped in front of her, she moves to take a slice. Everything’s fine, they escaped that hellhole. She takes a bite and swallows, her stomach roils familiarly, causing her to dive from the bed and puke gloriously into the trash can. There isn’t much to give, though, so she spends the next few minutes dry heaving painfully.

A hand waves toward Chase, and she would croak out an “I’m fine,” so as not to worry him. She leans back against the wall, breathing heavily and stealing frightened glances toward the door.
October 04, 2018 01:45 pm

Chase Cooper

The minute she takes a bite, Chase recognizes the look on her face and is immediately pushing the pizza out of the path of destruction before diving after her. This is something they have done so many times before, and it certainly would not be the last. He works to pull her hair back from her face, holding it securely with a hand while the other rubs at her back.

The sound of her heaving causes him to gag, but he resists the urge to join in.

She waves, insisting she is alright before sitting up, and Chase is already moving to get her a glass of water and a towel. Upon his return, he is careful not to disturb her as he sits and offers up the glass.

That look in her eyes...


This is what their night terrors do to them. They cause a mania that is difficult to control, causing an irrationality that is barely tamed. Despite his the hangry demands of his stomach, he snakes an arm around her, pulling her into his side and pressing a tender kiss to her barely saved hair.

"It's okay. Are you okay? Are you sick...?"

Chase is careful not to call it out, despite knowing very well what it is that she is suffering. His phone chimes once, twice, three times, and he ignores the messages coming through. There is no doubt in his mind that it is Fiona, but he would ignore the demands for attention.

"Maybe you're just so hungry, your stomach is upset." His free hand would reach to perch beneath her chin, softly urging her to look at him.

Even now, freshly sick, and small and scared, Chase is in love with her.

He has to shake it.

"Want to try again?" He smiles, encouraging her as best he can.
October 06, 2018 03:17 pm

Maya Hall

Taking the proffered glass, she gulps it down greedily, not caring if it comes spewing back up just as quickly. Luckily, she manages to keep it down and uses the towel to dab at her damp forehead. Her whispered name on his tongue makes her cower, for some indiscernible reason, and Maya retreats into his side, hiding her face in his shoulder as she shakes.

Are you sick...?

She almost laughs at the absurdity of it all. Is she sick... that’s one way to put it. “No, and no.” Ticking off the answers on her small fingers, she then smiles dishearteningly up at him. “I’m not sick. I’m just not good either.”

In her nigh delirious state, she considers telling him everything; that she hates his girlfriend, that she would do anything for him, that she’s deeply devoted and even, in love with him. The thought itself makes her want to cringe; not Chase himself, but she’d never had a good role model for romantic relationships. What if this wasn’t it?

Just like that, she retreats back into herself. A conversation best saved for another time. Or just... not at all.

At his mention of trying again, she crawls out from her safe space, just enough to stretch an arm to grab at the pizza, then nestles back into her comfort zone.

This time, she gingerly takes a few bites, her face crestfallen from the scene that still haunts her. The heart that still beats wildly in her chest is suddenly seized in a strange, vice grip, and occasionally it seems to convulse in its cage. Maya’s lungs seem to lack enough air, and she feels the start of a panic attack coming on.

“What if we never leave that place behind? I feel as though it’s with me constantly.. like I can never shake it...”
October 11, 2018 12:09 pm

Chase Cooper

Chase can see her beginning to spiral, and he shifts where he sits, wrapping his arms around her tighter and holding her to his chest. His chin rests atop her head, and he stares ahead with a hopeless expression she would never see. Her fears are his own, but it is his turn to make it better.

"You know what I was dreaming, last night? I was back in the chair. That big wingback in Doctor Daus' office. And he was talking about everything... about stuff I'd never told him. Like stealing mum's money and selling her jewelry and when we left Richard..."

He takes a breath, morose and uncomfortable at the thought of the things they'd done to get ahead. The two had a pact. They would never speak of the advantages they took, their crimes, or Richard, who had been left to overdose because they needed a fix. They would never, ever tell a soul.

"But then I woke up, and you were there. And that's how I know we are okay. It's not that place with me, it's you."

A hand would lift, his fingers toying with the ends of her hair as he ponders it all. Chase would stay there, waiting and taking glances down at her. He would wait for her to eat, to calm, to breathe. He would have, if another knock at the door didn't come.

"F-ck... did I pay 'im?" Chase mutters, landing a kiss and a light squeeze atop her head before disentangling himself and standing up. Slow steps would take him to the door, the weight of the room bringing him to a crawl. And, upon swinging it open, he finds the last person he wants to see at this moment.

"Fee," he would start, but the girl is already pushing in with a squeal, her manicured hands grabbing at his face as she presses a kiss to him.

"I know, I know. But I just couldn't stay away. I just missed you, Chase." She still hasn't bothered to look at Maya, though he knows that she understands this is their night together. He'd explicitly told her.

"Fee, no, no-"

Another kiss silences him, and this time he feels a pill pushed into his mouth in the act. Instinctively, he swallows. "Fiona," he would start, annoyed and unsure of what to do. "Me and Maya were havin' a night."
October 18, 2018 08:52 pm
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