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Dante Asher

The gentle screech of the brakes and the slight jerk of the structure around him caused Dante to stir from his slumber. -Last stop. The Neighbourhood.- The voice of the bus driver saw the young man get out of his seat and make his way towards the front of the vehicle. Dante had been looking for a fresh start. One void of his parents or his family. Which was why he was here. In this godforsaken place of the Supernatural. A place he might actually fit in. Once off the bus, Dante slung the Gossamer Gear Gorilla 40 Hiker backpack over his shoulders and tightened the straps.

Since he had left his home without much more than the pack, the clothes and items in it and a couple hundred bucks to his name, it was needless to say that he needed a job. Deciding to seek refuge before anything else, Dante checked into a fleabag motel. One that honestly made him question his choices. Shaking the thoughts from his head, the young man used his inherant magical talents to improve the condition of the room drastically. Finally satisfied with his lodgings, he took a shower then got changed and unpacked.

Glancing at the time on the clock, Danted smirked as he realized it was time to go to work. Or rather, seek work. Making it down to the street he noticed that the bustle of the night life was much livelier than in the daytime. He also noted the hushed whispers from a group of female who passed him and took in his appearance. He was a handsome young man with a light-brown complexion while his dark-brown shoulder-length dreadlocked hair hung freely, framing his strong features and storm-grey eyes. He had dressed his six foot five muscular, athletic frame in a black letterman jacket over a dark grey turtleneck sweater, black and grey camo print cargo pants and black Timberland boots. Starting his journey down the street, Dante chuckled to himself as he looked around and wondered just what being in this place could bring.

August 19, 2018 02:28 pm

Briahne Dancescu

Briahne had been home nary a week and already she had another job, this one was in England in fact.  She hadn’t gathered any information yet for it, since it was here more or less at home, she decided to wait till she at least unpacked some.  Tonight was for getting back in touch with her adopted home.  Sure Romania was home as in where she was born, but the ones that made it home for her were dead, buried in London.  The Romanian discovered she couldn’t leave them. 

The girl loved running the roofs and the back alleys, it was thrilling for her, made her aware of her life, of her surroundings, made her always stay ready for anything.  She jumped from place to place, bolted from here and there, vanished around this corner and that.  She revelled in the blood that coursed through her veins, even though she wasn’t one, she was around them and wanted to be around them.  Most of them have this fierceness about them while some, unfortunately, did not.  Tonight she was in black, a dark sweater, no weapons tonight though.  She needed the practice of handling herself without them, as her Hunter used to tell her, use what’s around you.  If you can not, use what’s inside you, besides the girl thought to herself, I’m in too good a mood to be worried about anything.  She continued to run the streets, sidewalks and byways of London, where the Realm hid itself here.  She loved the cool weather, it spurned her onward to some kind of new adventure, or at least she would have a good run…..

August 19, 2018 06:44 pm

Dante Asher

Dante had been strolling the streets of this new city in silence. Yes the world around him was wild with the lifestyle that night time brought with it. But to the young man, all he could hear was the silence of his own mind. Rounding a corner he felt a slight shift in the air and that was when he spotted her. A young woman, who in his opinion seemed to be a practitioner of Parkour or Free-Running; something he hadn't done in months. Smirking he decided to pick up his favorite past time at another moment when the opportunity presented it. But tonight, he needed a drink and a job.

As he continued his journey, he stopped a bar and sought out the owner in the event they needed bouncers or help. That was a bust. As was most of his ventures that night. He did however, manage to score a bottle of whiskey from his last visit when the bartender wasn't looking. Dante wasn't usually one with sticky fingers, but the way the owner of the bar and the bartender behaved, he thought it fit to drain their profits a bit.

Finding himself an alley away from the prying eyes of the nightlife, he settled on the stairs of a fire escape and began nursing the bottle as he puffed on a very unique, hand-made cigarette he carried with him. The scent of the smoke filled the air around him as he relaxed and listened to the pounding club-style music coming inside the building the fire escape was on. -I hope this freaking night gets better.-

August 21, 2018 11:03 am

Briahne Dancescu

Bri came to a stop, there was something on the breeze.  She stood there, breathing for a moment, taking in what she could immediately see. The girl took to the roofs again, once up there where she could see more, she spotted a dark-skinned gentleman ducking into one of the local bars here. Was that what she felt?  She was definitely intrigued, so much so that she decided to hang around up here for a while. This would give her a chance to do a little stretching too.  Keep yourself limber she said to herself.

As it turned out she didn’t have to wait long.  Briahne felt that something again just as he appeared in the street below, only this time with a bottle, bet ya it’s whiskey too.  He looked the whiskey type.  That reminded to her to pick up a bottle of Rum for a friend of hers later.  Now, if she was right, he would duck into an alley ….. yep, there he goes.  She figured he would be on a fire-escape somewhere over there.

The Romanian smiled, she made her way over to where he was, spying over each building’s roof she got to before actually finding where he was sitting.  Down onto the fire-escape stairway she lands, soft footedly too.  Not the hard and harsh thud one might expect.  “There you are, I knew I’d catch up to you pretty quickly.”  Her accent wasn’t as heavy as it was when she first came to the Realm but it was still there.  Bri came down the metal stairs, soft-footed as always, padding her way down to meet this gentleman.  Still smiling, she sat down close to him, “So you’re what I felt earlier, I admit to being curious.”  She offered her hand out to shake, whether he takes it or not is up to him.  “Pleasure to meet you, my name’s Briahne.”

August 21, 2018 12:48 pm

Dante Asher

Despite his silent and unassuming nature at the moment, Dante had heard and felt her footfalls. Not only that, but with the magical abilities from being... What he was, Dante was able to sense and smell anything that came within a mile of him. So needless to say that when he heard the woman speak, he wasn't suprised in the least. Looking over his shoulder at her, he stayed silent until she came into complete view.

Rising to his full six foot five inch height he looked at the woman taking in her appearance and stilled himself as he felt something stir down below. Finding his voice he took a pull from the cig then a swig from the bottle. -And just why would a petite Slayer like yourself, be seeking out a monster like me?+

Dante wasn't exactly a monster, at least right now. But he wasn't wrong. With the things he had done, anyone who knew his past would see him as a monster. -Or perhaps its not curiousity that brings you to me, but a chance to take down the Beast of Brickton Fall?- Dante knew that if she reacted to the name then he would be in for a fight, which was why his grip tightened around the bottle and the smoke billowed from his nose in a menacing manner.

August 22, 2018 11:42 am

Briahne Dancescu

Briahne erms and stands back up, even gets onto one of the stairs so she can look at him full faced.  Granted she's not short, she's rather tall for a Romanian female. She looks him over, smiles cause he even smells like one of her family, "Why would I want to take down that which is at least somewhat akin to my own family?" She takes the bottle of whiskey from him gently ..."I told you my name, what should I call you instead of hey good looking?"  She's in a great mood, that smile has not left her at all.  Quickly she upends the bottle to her lips and takes a good strong draw of it. "Mm not bad, I've some of the better stuff back home."
The girl hands the bottle back to him. D@mn it, now she wishes she had her sketchbook with her, this one was too nice to let escape without getting a drawing of him. Now she studies him, committing his features to memory to draw him when she got home later.  Nice eyes, dark and mysterious, Smooth skin, she definitely catches that.

August 22, 2018 11:34 pm

Dante Asher

-Akin to your family?- The words were not filled with any negative emotions from her but when Dante repeated them, the anger and venom in then was evident. -Your family and I, have no kinship to speak off. Neither do I with you.-

The sight of her taking the bottle from his hand would have saw the old Dante grab her by the throat and rag doll her for stepping out of bounds. But since he had no idea how strong this woman was, nor did he know what the Realm had did to his powers since coming here he decided to try and hold in his violent urges.

-I think I'd rather call you Grabby. Since it seems you like to take what's not yours. And as for my name, I only give it to those who prove they are worth knowing it. And so far all you've done is claim I might be someone from your family and steal my drink, which I no longer want back. So if you'll excuse me, Grabby; I'm outta here.-

Leaping over her head, Dante started climbing the fire escape as he took the stair three at a time before making it to the roof. Once high above the bustle of the streets and away from that woman, he felt somewhat at ease as his eyes drifted towards the gap between the buildings at the far end away from him. With a slight hop and a skip he took off slowly at first before picking up the speed like a man possessed. A howl of elation left his lips as he launched himself over the edge of the building he was on, he landed with his hands on the ground and used the momentum to tuck and roll his body forward before getting back to his feet and taking off again.

August 23, 2018 11:00 am

Briahne Dancescu

Briahne liked that, she really did.  She understood him well enough but she was even more intrigued. Like the hunter she was she followed the man, wolf … did he have tips to his ears?  Nah, has to be her imagination, but then again she has a great imagination.  She love listening to that howl, obviously she woke up something in him that spurned him on.  Grabby huh, yeah, but so worth it; the Romanian saw his mettle. Tracking him from his scent and that howl made things easier for her but she wasn’t hunting him to take him down as he suspected.  He was a challenge, therefore … challenge accepted.

She had her own strength, her own agility and her own grace.  Bri moved across London with ease.  She purposely stopped now and then, watched him go here and there, then she continued on.  The man was beautiful to watch, his muscles rippled with use, such power in them.  She committed all of this to memory as well.  She already had his visage on canvas in her mind, but the background had to be perfect. Maybe he will steer towards the Thames, or he could go inner city, that would be a great background for someone like him.  She knew he would noticed her but would he keep running, that was the question.

August 23, 2018 01:13 pm

Reyna Asher

It had taken me almost two years to track this jerk down. Two years spent going to Russia, Egypt, Japan, back to America and now finally, this Realm version of London. I swore to myself the moment I spotted him, I was gonna smack him senseless. I had chosen to blend in with the London populous until I found him. And as such I had dressed my slender yet toned muscular build in a white sleeveless t-shirt with a flaming heart on the front beneath a brown leather jacket while blue jeans and black boots.

I had tied the top half of my boob-length locks into a high ponytail and left the rest to fall down my back. As I walked down the streets of the neighborhood I was in, I caught the scent of something familiar in the air. My amber colored orbs drifted around the streets as the howl I heard rippled through the air. "Found you."

Taking off without hesitation, I followed the scent that I had caught and kept up. By the way the scent moved he was on the rooftops. "So you started Parkour again?" The verbal expression of my observation only meant I had another reason to smack him senseless which was now added to the check list. But it was good to see him happy again. Deciding to slow down and let him have some fun, I took note of another scent.

One that wasn't like us. And by the way it moved, it was tailing him. But why? Crossing the alley next to me, I took to the street on the other end as I spotted the source of the scent and watched how her eyes fixated on the man we both chased. Narrowing my gaze at her I closed the distance between us and within a moment had her pinned against the wall of the alley next to her. "Why are you following him?"

August 23, 2018 01:27 pm

Briahne Dancescu

Oof!  Well this is a surprise and what a surprise too.  So he had a girlfriend, figures but at least she’s pretty.  The woman asked a simple question, deserved a simple but truthful answer.  “He intrigues me, it’s been a long time since there’s been a wolf like him around London.”

Maybe Bri would draw her too, she definitely was worth it.  “I think I scared him off, took his whiskey, which by the way isn’t that bad.  I also made mention he was somewhat akin to those of my family …they’re wolves too.  Let’s just say I miss that presence.  Now that you’re this close to me, nice scent. Reminds me of home.”

August 23, 2018 01:40 pm

Dante Asher

Dante had not had this much fun in years, not since.... Brushing the bad thoughts aside, the young man raced across the rooftops of the Neighbourhood and was leaping over, dodging around and diving across any obstacle that crossed his path. He did all of this with the movements and expertise of someone who had years of practice. Chuckling to himself at the memory of the first time he did something like this, he soon skidded to a halt as something caught his attention.

The scent that had been following him stopped. But not of its own accord based on what he was sensing. And if it was stopped by who he thought it was, then the person would be screwed if they didn't answer the way their assailant wanted. Turning around he headed back for where the scents converged and leapt across the street and landed on the roof above them. Looking down he let out a groan of frustration as he backed up and ran towards the edge of the roof.

Diving over it he flipped his body forward and twisted to his right. He did this so his feet would touch the wall across from him, and the moment they did he pushed off and grabbed onto the fire escape before dropping down into the darkness deeper in the alley. -Let her go Momo. She's harmless, as you've heard.-

August 23, 2018 01:49 pm

Reyna Asher

Ok, so this was not what I had expected to hear from her. She was an interesting one indeed. Glancing over in the direction of the voice that rose from the shadows, I watched as the man I had been chasing walked towards us. Finally, I had him in my sight. Releasing the female, I slowly walked towards the man as my right hand balled into a fist. The moment I was right in front of him, I rocked back and drove a vicious punch to his jaw. "Screw you Dante."

Glaring up at him as I knew that the punch would have only annoyed him, I turned my back to the wall beside me and leaned back. Pulling a pack of cigarettes that were wrapped in brown paper from my jacket I lit one and took a deep pull. Turning my gaze towards the woman, then back to him I exhaled the smoke through my nose. "Why the hell did you leave me behind?"

August 23, 2018 01:56 pm

Briahne Dancescu

Momo?  Oh this is good, she’s either his wife or his sister, maybe cousin but from that knock to the jaw, I doubt it. “You left that beauty behind, you’re brave.”His name’s Dante. Nice name for a good looking man, I’ll have to remember that.  “Your moves are beautiful to watch, gave me a good run.  Thank you, I enjoyed that, Dante…..that’s way better than hey good looking, suites you. Sorry I stole your whiskey, allow me to make up for this, maybe even give you two a better venue to cross over your differences.  Unless you’d rather just have me stay away, shame that.”

Briahne smiles tossing the half emptied bottle away, glass breaking over there. "Mmm, oameni atât de frumoși."  She moves herself away from the wall, walks past Dante still smiling up to him, now she’s intrigued by both of them, ”It really is lovely to meet you too, I hope you’ll take me up on my invitation for a better place than this to things out.”  She hops up onto the fire-escape and back onto the rooftops she goes. Looking down at them from up there, she calls down ...”Coming?”

August 23, 2018 02:17 pm

Dante Asher

Yup, she was pissed as all hell. Not that he could blame her. After graduation from BloodVale, Dante had left without telling anyone where he was going or what he was doing. Problem was, because he had failed to tell her any of that info, he knew she would come hunting for him like this. Was it subconsciously his way of ensuring he'd have someone within him in the end? He was suddenly snapped from his thoughts when he head Bri speak up. -For one, she's my sister. And two...-

Glancing over at Momo, he sighed softly and started up the fire escape. As much as he didn't wanna admit it, Bri was right. This was not the kind of place to be discussing things like this. Making it to the first landing he looked back down to see if his sister would follow before heading up behind Bri.

August 23, 2018 02:59 pm

Reyna Asher

As much as I didn't know this chick, she had a damn point. How could the only person I had left that I could call family leave me behind? God, I so wanted to wail on him some more. But the chick saying we could talk about this in a better place and him heading up after her, saw me take another pull from my cig and head up after the.

Making it to the rooftop, I looked around and suddenly felt like I was back home with Dante and.... I felt the pang the came every time I thought about that person rip through me and steer me back to the moment. "So where we heading?"

August 23, 2018 03:02 pm
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