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Guilty Pleasures - Where All Your Fantasies Come True


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Dante Asher

Things had changed a lot for him in the month since he had been in the Realm. First his sister found him, which didn't really go well at first. Secondly, he got a job as a bouncer at a bar, which he had decided to buy out along with the assistant manager. Finally, since he bought the building and subsequently the bar, it had been shut down for the last few weeks with construction working right around the clock. And since tonight was opening night, he prayed to all the Gods in the Universe that things went off without a hitch.

He had hired the best designers to create a club that works on all levels of extravagance and practicality. Now aside from the obviously expensive bar, DJ booth, sound and and lighting system; the décor was nothing less than golden-goddess chic. The main area boasted a centrally-located dance floor surrounded by accessible tables, wide walking spaces and enough room at the bar to actually get a drink and pivot in place without stepping on someone make GP the club for flow and poise. And that mentality extends into the outside lounge and smoking area.

Behind the DJ booth is the outdoor pool. The lights and sound system are designed to ensure that those enjoying the night air have the same experience as those who prefer to stay inside. The details of the experience are what he wanted to set this club apart from others. Some places talk about their fine quality leather. Some are obsessed with putting their most expensive drinks on the forefront of people's minds, just so they can say they have them. But in his mind he wanted GP to be about the space, the patrons and the night they'll have. As such, he and the designers along with the Assistant Manager from before, put a sincerely ridiculous amount of time, energy, knowledge and money into it. And as it was opening night, the crowd outside was exactly what he had expected.

Tonight he had decided to dress the part of Dante Asher, Nightclub Owner. As such, he was clad in a grey, silk, long-sleeved button-up shirt beneath a vest that boasted gold stitching in the form of a wolf on both sides. The pants were black fitted dress pants which bunched up over the pair of Armani loafers on his feet. Alighting from the black on grey Porche 911 that he drove that night, he walked up to the boucner at the door and was instantly let in. This treatment had one thought echoing through his mind as he was greeted by the music and the energy of the club; It was Good to be the Boss.

August 28, 2018 03:41 am

Bete Noire

Guilty Pleasures....

Noire had decided to take a night out on the town, turning heads as she did so. Though heavily tattooed and burned, she put herself together like one of the best. Dressed in a Michael Kors 'little black-strapless dress' and a pair of Gucci sued black pumps, she made her way down to the new club in town. Guilty Pleasures, she mused again to herself. " Best name in town, if you ask me."  She had spoken to herself, to the human eye, though tagging along just beside her was a black snake, V. While these days, her unseen companion would take the form of a 7 foot tall man, he waited to be inside for all of that. Being a snake made it easier to crawl up Noire's leg and perch himself on her shoulder when he felt llike it. Noire, having heard him chuckle, silently scolded him for thinking such a 'male' thought. 

"Can you blame me, Noire? I've known you for decades now...I mean, I've really KNOWN you."  Laughing at his remark, she continued on. Nerves were not generally the thing that got the best of Noire, but with this dress and those heels...she wasn't used to the attention. Not for these reasons, anyways. Making her way past a group of human men, she received the cat calls she had been anxiously waiting on. Turning, she gave them her most beautiful smile, and exposed a pair of sharp canines to match the shade of black her eyes had turned. " I could just" Without question, the men fled in the opposite direction.

V had nearly died laughing, and slithered his way up to her waist, to wrap around her like a snake skin cincher. "I do love the perks of choosing to be a snake, sometimes. I could just stay here and squeeze onto you forever, kid." His own cat calls got him a stroke of the body and a boop on his nose. " I like the perks too. I get to treat you like the angry noodle you are, handsome." And with that, V hissed and resumed his waist hugging in silence. Looking up, Noire finally found the building. Before stepping in, she chose to have a cigarette, the light of the flame from her lighter showing remarkable, and untouched facial features. Her hair had been put to the side, exposing a shaven head benath long flowing locks of white on top. Under-cuts were the best invention known to woman, she thought. Tattoos of ancient Clans were present on her skull, and weaved intricately down her neck, and to the rest of her body. Exhaling smoke, she pondered who the new owner might have been.

Tonight was opening night for them, and Noire was quite impressed by the outside alone. " They're going to be just fine, I think."

August 29, 2018 01:28 pm


Her curiousity was always getting her into trouble, but Pandora always knew how to get out of it with her clever mind. She had received an invite to this new club. With the way it was presented to her, she knew she had to investigate. She wasn’t one for gettting dressed up. She wore her dark navy blue jeans, bright red tank top, with her black leather jacket, and her favorite pair of converse.

She had been waiting in line outside, and when the bouncer was about to object to her. She handed them the invitation and she was immediately allowed in. Upon entering her senses were ignited and all of her senses came alive. She couldn’t help but look around and observe everything. She quickly began to get oddly relaxed. There were so many people here that she knew no one would pay attention to her and it made her feel at ease. A club was a great place to people watch, and she wanted to take in everything. She quickly made her way through the crowd of people to get herself her favorite ****tail. “I’ll take a Bloody Mary please, extra spicy!” And within moments she had it! She paid for her drink and sat up at the bar top on the very end to look around, and wait to see who arrived.
August 29, 2018 11:00 pm

Dante Asher

Dante had been making the rounds cheeking on the VIP guests, making sure the bar was stocked, ensuring that the bouncers were on point about who they let into the club. And all the while he did this, he never lost that boss-man composure that he had. And since technically he was the 'face' of the club, he had to maintain that facade.

Spotting a woman who had welcomed him to the Realm when he first arrived, he made his way over to the where she was. She was currently sipping a Bloody Mary and sat in the furthest corner. Sliding up to the bar he gestured for the bartender. -All her drinks tonight and any other night she's in here, on the house.-

Most would have heard this and thought he was crazy. That was literally giving his profits away. Offering a kind smile he gently turned to Pandora and extended his hand. -Glad you could make it. Any thoughts on the club so far?-

August 30, 2018 10:30 pm

Reyna Asher

I had to admit that when he told me he was opening a club, I was a bit skeptical. For one, he wasn't really the club scene type of person. Furthermore if he was opening a club then it was safe to assume that there was some... Extrinsic reason for doing this. Probably to start up the hustle we had back in high school. Although, if he was playing to run game at this level; that meant he was thinking about the long haul. Which meant, the S.O.B was in love. And if he was in love, I wanted to meet the chick.

Getting the details about opening night from him, I found myself something appropriate from a local boutique a friend had taken me to. I had gone with a very form-fitting bodycon black dress that featured an extreme thigh split and a plunging neckline. Picking out the accessories, I styled my locks into a long sweeping braid to the right. Slipping on a pair of black strappy heels and an oversized biker jacket I stole from him, I headed out after touching up my eyeshadow and lipstick.

Arriving at the club in my black Lotus Elise, I parked and got out before heading towards the bouncer. The moment he saw me, he immediately pulled aside the velvet rope for me to go in. That was when I spotted a female who looked utterly bored of the guy she was with and the fact that he wasn't able to get her inside, I decided to have some fun. Whispering something to the bouncer, I headed inside and went in search of the reason I was here.

September 03, 2018 07:42 pm

Briahne Dancescu

So this is his new business, a bar.  Well, he is a new friend and I refuse to let any friend down.  Here goes, I hope it at least serves a good bourbon.

Bri hasn't worn a dress since her supposed wedding dress.  She burnt that up so quickly she no longer remembers what it looked like.  Tonight was something simple.  Long sleeved, velvet blue dress, not quite a minidress though.  Her heels were her favourite black with gold toe-tips, gold jewelry and of course matching black purse.  She hoped it looked alright, being out like this, made her nervous as all blazes.

The club looked nice, already more females than male ...didn't surprise her much though.  To her, it seemed there were more ladies than gents.  She ordered herself a bourbon, paid for it and went somewhere she could watch everything to relax.

Relax my behind, she thought .....what in the world am I doing here?  Bri forced herself to stay put.  She leaned back in her chair, proceeding to slowly drain her boubon dry.

September 03, 2018 09:48 pm

Reyna Asher

The scent that filled the air was easy for me to pick out among the others. My eyes found her and soon I was by her side with an arm draped over her shoulders. "Damn girl, so sexy."

Leaning in I kissed her on the cheek with a smile. "Glad you made it Bri."

September 07, 2018 07:22 pm

Briahne Dancescu

"I've not been out in so long, thank you Reyna."  She blushed at being kissed on the cheek, even more being called sexy.  She truly enjoyed being able to have the Asher siblings as friends.  "Your brother's bar is wonderful, I think I will come here again.  Perhaps make it someplace I can frequent, do you think Dante would mind that?"

September 10, 2018 01:35 am

Dante Asher

As the night went on he continued his rounds before spotting two familiar females at the bar gossiping. Chuckling he slipped through the crowd and somehow ended up behind the bar. Walking over to the just as Bri spoke, he grabbed a bottle of American Honey and slid it across the bar. -Would Dante mind what?-

Smiling at them he lit one his cigs and settled with his left arm on the bar and his right holding the cig in the air as he exhaled the smoke. -What are you drinking Bri?-

September 10, 2018 10:06 pm

Briahne Dancescu

Her smile reached all the way to her eyes, she was probably still blushing too.  It’s been far too long since she’s felt this kind of happy, but it felt really wonderful.  “Would Dante mind if this Romanian frequented his Bar?”

She held up her now empty glass, looking at him, his eyes ….”I am drinking your delicious Bourbon, may I have another round please?”

September 11, 2018 03:18 am

Dante Asher

Chuckling at her question, Dante began making her a special drink with Bourbon as the base. -First off, if you gotta ask my permission then you wouldn't be family. And secondly, if you loved that you'll kill for this.-

Setting the glass in front of her he took another pull from his cig. -Besides, the way you took us both in? You are family.-

September 11, 2018 11:51 pm

Briahne Dancescu

That and the new drink made her smile all that more brighter. "I consider you both to be family now Dante.  You and Reyna mean the world to me, I think you started that way when she shoved me against the wall that night. Thank you for this drink it's smells like heaven to me."  With that, she takes a long pull of it, wondering what it is he made for her.  She loves bourbon so already it's delicious anyway.
'You've a nice bar Dante, great dance music .... I like it.  Tell me something, do you like to dance?  If so, I would love to dance with you."

September 13, 2018 01:36 am

Reyna Asher

I had excused myself as Dante spoke to Bri. My purpose for doing so? The girl who had finally gotten into the club with the guy and was making a beeline for me at the bar. Her lips crashed into mine almost causing me to drop the bottle of American Honey I had been nursing.

"Ummm, if you two will kindly excuse me... I think I have something to take care for." The smirk on my lips was easy for Dante to read as I flashed Bri and wink and left with the female through the crowd.

September 14, 2018 10:14 pm

Dante Asher


It had been a few weeks since the club had opened and in that time things had taken and upswing. More and more big events were being booked for the club and because of that, he was able to finally renovate the upstairs area of the building as he had intended.

The second floor of the building boasted a special V.I.P lounge that had its own DJ, that room was for family, close friends and special guests. The floor also had the offices belonging to him, the silent partner and their accountant, along with a storage area for extra supplies of the club.

The third floor was where the rooms were, fifteen in total. Each the pinnacle of luxury and relaxation. Those were for... Special occasions. A thought that saw him smirk as he emerged from one of the rooms with a young lady in tow. She looked thoroughly pleasured and completely in love with him.

Making it to the elevator, they rode it down to the back entrance where a car was waiting to take her home. He stayed however, this was because he had a lot of work to do. As tonight was the club was the location of a new artist on the Aizen Music record label.

September 25, 2018 01:30 am


It has been some time since Dante had stepped away. Making his way back home to his family. It was time for his silent partner to surface as she his long enough.

Dressing in her best she wore a black leather jumper showing all the had. Her tattoos exposing her life story. Black pumps making her just three inches taller then she was pulled back hair and onyx back gauges with red rumors in the middle.

Making her way around the club she smiled at the guest and greeted all that she could. Seeing a mix of races she raised a brown with a grin. 'Guilty Pleasures was exactly where it was supposed to be. With the new floors open she new it meant one thing. Hiring new workers and performers.
October 14, 2018 12:16 pm
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