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Eden Kennedy

The Beginning...

Her parents died she she was just for years old. Then she was separated from her brother, they were placed in separate homes in state foster car. Eden spent the next fourteen years moving from one foster home to another. Sometimes the families treated her well but others hurt her, to all of them she was little more than a check. Sometimes she had to resort to stealing just to have something to eat. After seven foster homes that's what finally landed her in in a group home at fourteen. Over the next four years Eden ran away from the group home more than a dozen times, just to be taken back each time. Then just before her eighteenth birthday she left again but this time no one came looking for her. She was no longer the states problem.

Eden spent the next several years working one dead end job after another just to keep herself alive. Again she found herself taking what she needed even if she couldn't pay. She never thought she'd get caught. Then she found herself being led into the Chicago Police Department in hand cuffs. At twenty-two she wouldn't get off with a slap on the wrist this time. What Eden didn't know was that she had a friend in the Chicago PD. Dorian had passion for helping teenagers who'd lost their way, one of those teens he'd helped just a few years before had been Adam Kennedy, her older brother.

The moment Dorian saw Eden's name on the paperwork he knew who she was. He pulled some strings and helped make the entire incident go away. It was one of the few times in her life that someone had helped Eden. That help didn't come with out it's conditions. He wanted her help to find Adam, something she had a vested interest in. Eden learned that Dorian knew her brother, she learned of her brother's fight with drug addiction, and how time and time again he'd lost the fight. About four years ago he'd disappeared. Adam had talked about finding his younger sister and finding the people that had killed their parents. Eden being there left no doubt about who he'd chosen to go in search of.
September 01, 2018 09:19 pm

Eden Kennedy

Dorian told her the same thing he'd told Adam about their parents' murders, the case was cold. There were no suspects, no murder weapon, and no witnesses She wasn't surprised. Eden had seen the faces of her parents murderers from where she hid. Though it was eighteen years ago Eden remembered every detail. Whatever had killed her parents wasn't human, she didn't know what they were. She never told anyone, she knew they wouldn't believe her and would tell her it was just her imagination. Adam would believe her, she knew that she had to find her brother.

The last time Adam had been heard from he was in New Orleans, Dorian put Eden in contact with a woman in London he thought would be able to help her, Belle Noire. The connection between Adam and Belle was unclear, Eden assumed the woman was an old fling. It didn't matter as long as the woman could help them find her brother. Together with Belle's help they were able to track him down in Paris. They would be too late when they got to the motel where Adam was staying. In the room they found a dead man and woman, Eden remembered them as the ones who'd killed her parents. Her brother was gone.

Adam was still in the city but he wasn't himself anymore. Someone had turned him into a werewolf, as a new wolf he didn't have control over his transformation. In an alley just a few blocks from the motel was where they found him. He wasn't human but Eden knew that this wolf was her brother. As she called out to him the wolf lunged for her, frozen in place she barely felt it when Dorian pushed her out the way. Everything that followed was like a bad dream. As she regained her composure she turned to find the wolf's teeth around Dorian's throat. She didn't think, just scrambled for anything that would help Dorian. Her hands found his gun that had slid across the pavement as he'd fallen to the ground. She lifted it, aimed, and squeezed the trigger but it was no use. Dorian and Adam were gone.
September 01, 2018 09:20 pm

Eden Kennedy

Now she was alone in the world. There was nothing left for her in Chicago, she knew she would never go back. Instead she went back to New Orleans with Belle where she joined Lune Mortelle. This is where she would meet Caitlyn Noire, she was Eden's first friend. Caitlyn explained to Eden the true nature of the world, there were creatures that roamed the world beyond humans. Eden had always known it was something supernatural that had killed her parents and now she understood that it was vampires. Someone had turned Adam into a werewolf, it made his vengeance possible. Even with all the things Caitlyn explained to her Eden knew she was holding something back, but she could never figure out what.

A year passed, for the first time in her life Eden wasn't on her own. Maybe she should have felt safe and at home but she didn't. She wasn't sure it was a feeling that she'd ever know. She'd lost Dorian and Adams all at once, but that wasn't it. Eden was broken long before she ended up in New Orleans...
September 01, 2018 09:21 pm

Eden Kennedy

Lune Mortelle…

Over a year after Adams death Eden remained in New Orleans. Those of Lune Mortelle were the closest thing she’d ever had to a family. Even her own brother had been a stranger to her right up to the end. She had briefly considered returning to Chicago but there was nothing left for her there. Eden didn’t fit into the supernatural world, but she wasn’t oblivious any longer, there was no going back. She didn’t know where she belong and that was the reason she stayed.

Abandonment was something Eden was far too familiar with. She thought that part of her life was past her, she was wrong. One morning the members of Lune Mortelle wok up to find that their leader was gone. Sometime in the night Belle had slipped off into the night and left them in the hands of two young and inexperienced leaders, Jackson McCarthy and Caitlyn Noire.

Eden began to work with Jackson and Caitlyn to rebuild what had been broken when Belle had abandoned them. Unfortunately it was too late for the dying sanctuary. Jackson moved on from Lune Mortelle and pass the leadership on to Eden. She knew the job was one that she was not ready to undertake. Eden came to an agreement with Phoebe Kross, the leader of the Blackthorns and the two sanctuaries merged with Phoebe as their leader and Eden as their confidante.

September 25, 2018 06:40 pm
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