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Rain Rain, Go Away


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Josie Nathan

Rain pattered down in droves around the quiet church. Outside, no one roamed the wet streets and only the sound of the drops hitting the stone and cement could be heard for blocks and beyond. The old wooden church sat quietly within the rain, it's dulled stained glass windows showing no light inside. Although, they did hide the movement and concealed it within. Between the wooden pews and before the holy altar, a child tip-toed in the quiet. A soft giggle could be heard as she tried to find her hidden cat. The two had been playing hide and seek during the day as well, to keep shelter from the rain.

"Helix! Where are you? You silly kitty!"

A small black feline popped out from the stand on the altar, giving a teasing mew before running off into another part of the church. Upon hearing a mew, the girl chased after the sound, another soft giggle leaving her lips. Oh, how she loved hide and seek, back before she became an angel. She still loved it, but without her mother and friends, it just wasn't the same.

Josephine didn't know how she came to be an angel. A friend she had met here in this strange new place had told her that Heaven must have sent her back from there because she had a reason to still be on Earth, in this strange place called the Realm. Luckily, she had befriended a black cat who she named Helix. He had become her familiar, her very best and most trusted friend. So, when things got too scary, or when she got lonely and missed her mother, she would just turn to Helix. It was as if he had magical powers to make her feel every bit better than she had been in just a moment's time.

Suddenly, outside the church, the rain turned violent. A loud burst of thunder shook the wooden building, and the little girl gave a cry. Cowering where she stood, she covered her eyes and took a steadying breath.

"It's okay, Josie. Just count to ten and everything will be okay."

It was a saying her mother used to tell Josie when she was younger, still human. It was something that was said when her mother's new friends would come over and there would be strange noises in her mother's room. It was something that was said when she was hungry, and her mother didn't have enough food for them to dine on. It was also something said when the sky would darken, and the rain would pour, and the thunder and lightning were ruthless.

Counting from one she made her way up to ten and then took another deep breath. Peeking her eyes open, she gave a sheepish smile to Helix who had been sitting in front of her. He started to purr and rubbed against her, leading her back to the pews in the main part of the church.

Sitting on a pew cushion with Helix she reached for a worn out copy of a Bible. Running her fingers over it gently she looked up at the stained glass framed above the altar. It was an image of Mary holding the infant Jesus.

"God, why am I alone. Why am I here, in the Realm?"

Sighing she hugged Helix, hiding her face in his fur as the storm raged on.
September 09, 2018 04:28 am
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