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Autumn Summers


Corvin Castle.

The former seat of Requiem, before its untimely demise.

Autumn hadn’t returned since the attack on herself, Lucius, and Atom. The crew scattered to the winds and she needed time to recover at least part of her strength, among other things. During that time, she discovered Atom’s symbiotic twin brother, Idris, took the reins of their shared body. Admittedly, the mechanics of the situation were lost on her, but she chose to accept it at face value. Atom was one of her closest friends, and friends were few and far between for her. Giving up on him simply wasn’t an option.

As such, Autumn kept in sporadic touch with Idris. Offered her help if and when he needed it. Communication went silent for a time, and then yesterday, the text messages.

It’s time.

Atom awaits.

Which brought her here to the castle’s courtyard, stepping out of the car awaiting her from the airport, emerald eyes taking in the familiar stone structures. To be honest, the fiery redhead didn’t quite know what to expect. As far as she knew, only Idris remained, and though they shared a body, the pair never formally met. Until now.

It should prove to be an interesting moment in her history, if nothing else.

Gravel crunched under the wedge sandals as Autumn closed the car door and made her way toward the main entrance. Inside would give a reprieve from the heat common during this time of the year. Autumn hated the heat. She wilted like a flower in it, despite the torn denim shorts and light t-shirt she currently wore in addition to the sandals. Dark sunglasses protected her sensitive eyes.

Pushing through the heavy door, those sunglasses were transferred onto her head. She looked around the entrance hall and sighed heavily, feeling nostalgic. Such a shame for things to turn out the way they had, but perhaps something good might yet come of it.

With a shake of her head, Autumn banished the thought and focused on the task at hand.

September 18, 2018 01:13 pm

Idris Mowbry

The castle had become a husk of it's former glory. Ornate paintings had fallen or fallen victim to the elements. Most windows that once gave view to a sprawling landscape had become murky and opaque due to lack of upkeep. Requiem banner littered the assorted halls having been torn down a long time ago. Despite the state of the castle pieces of the past still remained such as the common room and dining hall. Still, it would seem abandoned if not for one thing.

The music.

Echoing through the halls was "God Only Knows" by the Beach Boys on repeat. The scratchiness of the song revealed it was a record playing over the intercom mic. When the song ended there would be a solemn moment of silence before it would start again. If that wasn't enough to add to the eerie ghost of a castle there were old blood splatters; most were found within the main hall though some could be found deeper within.

Some blood was months old. Some, much more fresh. A more recent incident happened right at the front door where the victim had been dragged deeper into the inner sanctum, a trail of crimson revealing the path. Member would have known the inner sanctum was also where weekly announcements were made; and where the intercom was.

As one made it deeper into the castle an ominous feeling of being watched would creep up their spines. Small movements would be seen out of the corner of their eye. The music's echo distorted with the acoustics of the older halls. In the walls, if listened closely to, was movement. Almost as if it was alive. Once close enough to the inner sanctum a voice could be heard.

A man.

Singing along with the recording rather well. To Autumn, it was obvious whose voice it was. She had only heard it over the loud speakers and down the halls a million times.

A soulful tenor sang with The Beachboys, a golfclub in hand. Where there was once a grand bay window was a wide open space bringing into full view the grand landscape Atom had loved so much. The male wore nothing but jeans that had clearly been worn past their expiration.


The man halted his singing to yell his command. Suddenly a teddy bear would fly through the large opening in the wall, flailing and screaming the whole way. With his full force the male met the plush creature with the golf club in hand, sending it flying far over the horizon. Violet hues watched the creature plummet over the bearby cliff, bringing a sick smile to his face. "Jaceyface, nine points. I didn't get a good arch on that one." His voice was reminiscent of Atom, though it held more sensual element to it's tone.

In the corner was a larger bear that seemed to be missing all limbs aside from it's right arm which it used to scratch a '9' into the nearby wall. Numbers lined the whole wall to the point the bear had to move to the tiles on the floor as well. Not a single 10 in sight, however.

A year in solitude left little to do.
September 18, 2018 08:48 pm

Autumn Summers

The Beach Boys blared to life over the speakers, startling Autumn enough she stumbled a step. Nothing like the jarring of unexpected music to get the ol’ pulse rate up. She muttered several curses before she managed to coax her heart out of her throat and back into the proper place. Probably a good thing the bat remained safely in the truck of the car. Heaven forbid she ruin Atom’s pretty face with it for being jumpy. He'd never forgive her.

The fact Blaize’s employees never so much as flinched at her odd request for the aforementioned bat gave credit to their professionalism and discretion. She appreciated the lack of questions.

Given the need for expediency, this was one of the few times Autumn utilized her brother's assets. This would please him. He enjoyed helping his siblings, even indirectly.

But back to the present.

Autumn took her time making her way toward the inner sanctum, where she knew the intercom to be, examining the blood splatters and grime covering the walls along the way. It was as good a place as any to look for Idris, given he likely wouldn't hear her over the music. Oh, and let's not forget the macabre twist on a ‘trail of breadcrumbs’ leading right toward the inner sanctum.

The song finished. A few moments of silence. Then it began again. She must have entered right in time between the end and restart.

With each step, the sense of ominous foreboding grew. Became hostile. It pressed at Autumn. A not so subtle ’get out or die’. The redhead came to a halt and she let out a low chuckle. “It hasn't been that long.”

Willing one of her nails into a sharp point, she jabbed the thumb on her opposite hand and smeared the blood that welled up onto the stone wall next to her. The blood disappeared and a considering sensation followed, and finally the hostility faded into a welcome.

The watching never ceased, however.

The castle always watched, and visitors who were not welcome or invited often disappeared. Even those who were that wandered where they shouldn't met the same fate.

But Autumn was safe. She sought only one thing. One whose familiar but not voice drifted to her ears, guiding her, as if the bloody path wasn't enough. Once the destination was reached, she leaned a shoulder against the wall, arms folded across her chest, and watched.

Idris. He looked like Atom, of course. But he moved differently. He had a different intonation in his voice. Several subtle things and she noted them all. It was her beloved friend… and wasn't.

A teddy bear soared, propelled by Idris’ swing. How long could she stand here before he acknowledged her? He knew she was there. She wasn't stupid enough to think otherwise. If nothing else, the scent of her perfume gave her presence away. Playing the waiting game was tempting, and she did like the view, but they had a purpose for this visit.

“You need to follow through more on your swing,” her soft, deeply British voice advised, serving as a formal announcement. “You're too stiff.”
September 18, 2018 10:21 pm

Idris Mowbry

Autumn's presence was known to him before she even entered the castle. His year in isolation granted a bond with the castle and it's ominous denizens the likes of which Atom could not achieve. While his brother attempted to keep them at bay and under control, Idris cultivated them. Helped them grow. As the spawn of a being born from the first chaos of existence, he was drawn to that which defied logic. Living castles included.

The castle would remember her. It may growl, but never bite. Other visitors, though? Maybe not. A testament to it's, and Idris', territorial behavior was evident in the mauled bodies slumped against the floor and hanging outside the castle grounds. Intruders were not tolerated, but welcomed.

Idris wanted her to make the first move. He was curious as to how she would react. Within his prison he would catch a glimpse of life through Atom's time but watching and living were two separate sensations. How would she feel seeing her once deceased friend standing before her? How did she feel about Idris? Would she remain stalwart or become overwhelmed with emotion? It was all so exciting, this living thing!

The golf pointers weren't what he expected. A toothy grin pulled at his lips before he turned to look at the woman. A purple glow replaced Atom's once blue irises. The grin quickly pulled into a bright, jubilant smile reminiscent to the one Atom would always give to those he held close. Idris' chest tightened at the sight of her. Atom was hurting, but happy.

"What took you so long, gorgeous?" The golf club was rested on his shoulder as he spoke, his naked torso turning so he may face her. His glance studied her features from head to toe before resting back on her eyes. Slowly, he moved towards her.

The hybrid had watched Atom's interactions with the woman over the years. To him, she was his best friend. His partner in crime. And his biggest regret. Idris would typically make remarks on how he had wished he had a body to show her a real man unlike that husband of hers. Now, he had a body. And here she was.

And no Lucius in sight.

With a couple of feet between them he stopped and brought the club down before him, holding it up. "And your husband let you come alone? Last I remember, he didn't want you leaving his side. Clingy thing, isn't he?" The man did not try to hide his distaste for Dalca. Atom had found Lucius enjoyable, though the two were not close. Idris found him unbearable.

Violet hues glanced around before a pout puckered his lips. "What? No bat? I was hoping to break my record before I left." A sigh left him. Over his shoulder he called out, "Games over, boys. Take ten." Suddenly what sounded like a stampede of little feet could be heard shuffling outside and away.

Idris' focus was returned to Autumn whom he reached a hand out to. "It is a pleasure to finally make your acquaintance, Autumn. Of all the people in Atom's life, you were my favorite."
September 19, 2018 08:57 pm

Autumn Summers

The bodies fazed Autumn little. Her very nature meant she regularly held life in one hand and death in the other. Some survived, others didn't. Couple that with the history she and her siblings shared, she both saw and committed many gruesome acts in the last several years. The bodies and gore registered about as much as the bullet she put through Brody Callahan’s skull.

Oh no, her attention was all for Idris, and whatever he might ask of her.

She was perfectly fine while his back faced her. Easy to pretend nothing changed, and ignore the subtle differences. Just another visit with Atom after a long absence. Then he turned and no more pretending. Idris wasn't Atom. Those violet eyes drove the cold, hard fact home. Gods, she missed Atom. His laugh. His smile. His devil may care attitude and penchant for mischief. His always ready-for-her hug.

Autumn's heart twisted.

No doubt Idris saw the naked grief for the loss of her friend on her face before she regained emotional control shoved and it back down into its box. Such things could be used against her, to manipulate her.

“The planes only fly so fast,” Autumn chuckled as he walked toward her, “it certainly wasn't the car’s fault. Plenty speed there.” Why? Because she loved driving fast and made sure the rental car would hold up to her high standards.

She studied Idris. Forced herself to see him instead of Atom. Easier said than done but she managed.

“Husband? No, I'm afraid not.” Unfolding her left arm, she held the hand up and waggled her fingers to emphasize the pointed lack of rings. “Blissfully single. I chose to permanently leave his side several months ago. At the beginning of the year, actually. Irreconcilable differences.” Atom, she might have told why. Idris? She left it at that. The only other person who received a full explanation was her brother Blaize.

Autumn made a face. “The bat is in the trunk of the car. Easy enough to fetch if you fancy a few more rounds.” Her chin jerked toward the sound of small stuffed shuffling feet. “Although I'm sure they're thankful for a break. Bloody menaces. What were they thinking?” They meaning Jace and Sarah, and their army of animated teddy bears. A rhetorical question, even if Idris answered.

His comment caught her off guard, surprising a laugh free as she reached for the outstretched hand. No need for rudeness, after all. “Favorite, hmm? I bet you say that to all the ladies,” she teased, unwilling to entertain the thought of any further implications, “and a pleasure to meet you as well.” She gave his hand a small squeeze and left him to puzzle out the meaning before releasing it. “Tell me why I'm here, Idris, other than your desperate need for a new wardrobe.”
September 19, 2018 11:00 pm

Idris Mowbry

Autumn's ivory mask faltered. Just as Idris had thought. She knew Atom was no longer in the driver's seat and yet seeing him still brought her pain. If he understood human emotions more, he would feel sympathy for her. Despite the nature of Idris' existence, his desire was to bring Atom back. Without him, the two could never reach their full potential.

Her weakness would be pocketed for another occasion. There were more important matters at hand. "Ah, yes, flying metal death traps. Atom always loved flying. He would say they were like a roller coaster you could die on at any second." Such a manchild. If Idris had a body he would have facepalmed so many times at Atom's words he would have possibly gotten permanent brain damage.

The man's features shifted to that of surprise when the bandless-hand was shown to him. A sickeningly sweet smile spread across his lips with an amused laugh. "About time you dropped that spineless whelp. All he was good for was being a meat shield and he even failed at that." The demon would not hide his disdain for the conduit man. From behind Atom's eyes he would watch the man attempt to control a powerful woman and cry when she disobeyed. "Good on you, Red."

With the hand shake complete he gestured for her to follow him down a hall on the opposite side of the room. As they started the trek, he looked back to her. "No need to fetch the bat. We will not be here much longer." The route he was taking her would be obvious. It was towards Atom's room. Idris had kept it the same as when everything had gone to ****. Not a single thing out of place in case Atom made his return.

"You were my favorite because I favored your tenacity. Your independence. Your resourceful mind. Why, sometimes, I wondered why Atom stuck with Kai and didn't take you for a spin." A devilish smirk matched with a wink added emphasis to his words. It was obvious he had an attraction to Autumn. He always did. Atom knew it, as well. He had made comments about the woman so many times to his brother he had lost count!

"I chose you because if anybody can get me out of this place without causing too much of a scene, it's you." His plan was revealed just as he opened the door to Atom's room. Ontop of the bed was a stack of clothing he had managed to muster up. "I had been saving these for today. Can't be walking about in tattered clothing, can I?"

Idris began to pull down his tore pants, not regarding the fact he was getting nude infront of Autumn. He continued on. "I am not very educated in how to... human." The word made him physically shiver in disgust. "So, I need you to guide me. Help me leave here, give me safe haven, and I may focus on Atom's recovery." He stood with arms crossed before her, shirt in hand and eyes focused on Autumn.

"What say you, m'lady?"
September 22, 2018 10:51 pm

Autumn Summers

Despite the pain brought on a moment ago by the sight of Idris’ face, the way he spoke of Atom gave her a small amount of comfort. It was exactly what her dear friend might say. “Statistically speaking, you have a higher chance of dying in a car accident than a plane,” she chuckled softly. “Fair notice, I drive fast.”

Her head tilted to one side then. No lost love from Idris for her former husband. Hard to mistake that. Why did people seem pleased more often than not to hear about her split with Lucius? Had he been so disliked and people chose to be less vocal about it? Or did their negative opinions fall on deaf ears? He wasn’t a bad person although not without faults. She wasn’t perfect, either. Far from it. Food for thought another day.

No, Autumn thought, it makes no difference. What’s done is done. I won’t pick at it anymore.

Once the thought finished, a piece inside her shifted and she felt oddly okay with the decision. How strange.

“So glad I’ve earned your stamp of approval,” would be the only, albeit a bit sassy, comment given in regards to his distaste.

Tucking thumbs into the front pockets of her artfully cut-off shorts, she allowed Idris to take the lead and mozied along behind and to the right of him.

All the sweet talking! While Autumn didn’t doubt the sincerity behind Idris’ opinions on her, she had to shake her head and grin, especially at Atom taking her for a spin. “Such a charmer. You give me more credit than I deserve, but thank you. As for your brother, you know full well why. He loved Kai. By the time he was available again, I wasn’t, and even if I had been single, it’s bad form to hit on a friend who lost their love.” What she kept to herself was had things taken another path, or given enough time… she would have.

“Well, in terms of capability, you chose correctly.” The words sounded like an afterthought when Idris opened the door to Atom’s room and revealed his great plan. She listened dutifully and meandered toward a frame picture perched on one of the dressers. A picture of Atom and Kai. Her two dearest friends. Both gone now. One permanently. The other… if luck favored them, perhaps he could be restored. That was the entire reason for this meeting to begin with.

She fingered the edge of the frame and turned her head to reply, only for her brows to rise and blink at Idris’ current state of undress.

Oh, hello gorgeous.

To be clear, the sight didn’t bother her in the least. Quite the opposite. Her appreciation was apparent as green eyes swept slowly from his head to toes and back again. Why should she not admire such a fine bounty? Beautiful things were meant to be seen. Autumn had zero shame in nudity and putting one’s body on display, both hers and other’s. Idris just happened to be her cup of tea. Touching wasn’t on the table but looking? Yes, please.

“Don’t take this the wrong way, because you put on a fantastic show and I like what I’m seeing, but here’s your first pointer in being human: we generally don’t strip completely down pretty as you please in front of a person we just met. There are exceptions, aye, but generally not. In terms of your proposal, very well. I help you. You help Atom. We, if you need me. The plane is on standby. We’ll be able to get to London and bypass customs and all of the headaches that come with it. There is ample space at my house. Several bedrooms and bathrooms that are free. You may choose whichever you like except for mine,” Autumn pointed her index finger at Idris. “I don’t share unless it’s ****ing freezing outside and even then no guarantee so don’t get your hopes up, pretty boy.”

The framed picture was held in her other hand. She lifted it to show him. “This is coming with. Finish getting dressed. First thing we’re doing after we land is shopping, aye? Anything you need help with? Before you ask, helping you get dressed isn’t an option.” The sparkle in her eyes betrayed her amusement.
September 24, 2018 10:21 pm

Idris Mowbry

The sass was one of Idris' favorite aspects of the woman. She did not cower. She did not falter. In the face of adversity she always had sass to spare. Her response would pull the corners of his mouth upward into a possible smile before returning to a sultry grin.

Idris fully understood humanity's thoughts on public nudity but how could he pass up such an opportunity? There was no secret his sights were set on the woman despite how little she trusted. Autumn was a challenge. Most beings would be easy to seduce. Just flutter the eyelashes, flash a smile, show some skin and most would throw themselves into bed without a second thought. Idris noticed this a lot during Atom's stripper days.

Autumn wasn't such a creature. Before her stood a male who was, as humans said, her cup of tea. Yet, she told him to clothe himself. Was it odd her self control was totally doing the job for him? "But I have known you for some time, Autumn." First the underwear was pulled up his legs to cover any distraction from their conversation. The man began to move through the room as he spoke, grabbing assorted items as he went.

"Ah, yes, Kai. Not a fan. He liked to project his own insecurities on Atom. Such a mood killer." He would keep to himself how attractive the man was, however. Physically, Kai was stunning causing Idris to pop up during their...intimate moments, sometimes.

The jeans were pulled up his legs after the items were tossed into a duffel nearby. There was no doubt the woman would accept his proposal. She cared so much for Atom that she wouldn't abandon him, especially with a demon such as Idris roaming about in his skin (again, it was Idris' first!) The man opened his mouth to make a suggestion for the bedding situation only to be shut down.

She was quick. His mouth closed into a disappointed pout. Mumbles and mutters about 'No fun' and 'Bed buddies' could be heard as he finished packing up his duffel. The man threw the bag onto the bed and moved towards Autumn with only inches between them. Glowing eyes gazed down into the woman's eyes and with his sexiest of tones he spoke to her.

"It's not the getting dressed part I will need help with. It's the opposite." A predatory grin overtook his features with a bemused laugh. "Don't worry, doll, I'm a big boy. Just get me to your place. I can figure the rest out from there." A lather jacket was pulled from a nearby chair and held infront of him. After digging in the pocket he found a pack of menthols that he shoved into his jeans' pocket. It was then slung over his shoulder while his free hand grabbed the duffel off the bed.

Once again, he stood close to her. With their proximity it could be determined his body let of more heat than a typical human. Slowly he leaned over so the two were at eye level. The purple in his eyes began to transform from an inhuman purple to Atom's piercing big blues.

"Lead the way, m'lady. Your chariot awaits."
September 26, 2018 09:46 pm

Autumn Summers

It was a crying shame she hadn’t met Idris a couple years and some change ago. Before Lucius. Before Gray. They’d’ve had a heated night together and, like all the others, she would ghost before sunrise. His only mementos the lingering scent of her perfume and rumpled sheets. And memories of their sordid affair. All the illicit acts between the sheets.

But after all heartache, disappointment and downright bad luck, Autumn preferred to keep her distance. She had several reasons not to get involved. Less chance to cause complications neither of them needed, or wanted. It wasn’t personal. Of course, things rarely go as planned.

“You may have been playing Peeping Tom, but I didn’t know you existed until close to a year ago, and only met today,” Autumn pointed out, eyes following Idris’ movements around the room as he gathered odds and ends.

Seriously a shame. She almost sighed in regret.

“Hey, be nice about Kai. Most people have insecurities. I have a few myself, if you can believe it. No one is perfect.” Autumn took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. “Regardless, he was a good friend to me.” A small moment and it drifted away. Talking about people she still missed never came easily and Kai deserved better than for her to hide it. So she didn’t.

His displeasure helped disburse the lingering sadness about the loss of Kai. Served him right for the assumption she would be easy. True, he checked off all the boxes on her physical Yummy/Does It For Me List, but that didn't mean she was going to throw herself into his arms and say, ‘take me now!’ Honestly, who did that?

However, she would have to be a dead stick on the ground and covered by ice not to react to his body scant inches from hers. Since he obviously put effort into this little seduction act, Autumn allowed the heat to show in her eyes and on her face. She knew how to play the game and wasn't cruel, after all. Most of the time. “I'm positive you'll have no trouble talking someone else into undressing you,” she smiled when he stepped back.

The leather jacket caught her attention. “When winter rolls around, I'm stealing that. Just letting you know now.” That particular stereotype definitely applied to her. If it was a big, comfortable piece of clothing which belonged to a man that she could snuggle up in, it was destined to be wrapped around her sooner or later. Besides, both Atom and Idris smelled delightful.

He proved this once more by putting himself damn near nose to nose with her. Delicious, indeed, but the change of his eye color was a rotten move, meant to prey on her feelings for Atom. To soften her to him. She did not appreciate it.

So that's how you're going to play this, hmm? Fine.

Autumn's lips parted. Her eyes lost focus and drifted down to Idris’ mouth. She tilted her head and leaned forward until the tiniest movement on her part or his would cause their lips to brush. Her shuddering breath caressed his skin. One heartbeat. Two.

Then, abruptly, she leaned back and flashed a devastating smile. “You're right,” she purred at him, “we shan't keep it waiting any longer. Come along, darling.” Without waiting for a reply, she spun on her heel, likely whipping long red hair across his face, and marched for the exit. The sway of her hips was emphasized in each step, the height provided by her wedged sandals only adding to the fierce stomp that would make any runaway model envious. For short legs, they moved well.

That's right. Eat your f*cking heart out.

“Hurry up, pretty boy. So much to learn. We need to get started.” Right out to the car she would strut and not once look over her shoulder, the trunk already open and waiting for his duffle. “Put your bag in the truck and get in. Oh, and hang on. Sex isn't the only way to have fun.” She blew a kiss at him and slid into the driver's seat.
September 27, 2018 03:36 pm
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