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These Things That I’ve Done


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Jameson Orlav

There comes a point in everyones life where lines begin to blur. It starts out slowly, and you don’t think much about it, your own behaviors transforming before your very eyes without so much as a second of consideration. One day you find yourself wrapped up in a sh-t storm of how the hell did we get to this point?, and dear god, if you choose to chase the rabbit down the hole there’s a one-hundred percent chance that you’re not getting out.

The last time Jameson had turned a pub on its ass, it had been for the sake of Noura and Cole. Because he’d lost the ability to throw a fit or fancy himself a tantrum without first destroying everything that breathed around him.

This time, he’d exercised on the err of caution. Caution... in the sense that he’d had found it within himself to even his own temper. Pull back on the reins. Chill out, as the kids say. The dance floor he stood in the middle of pulsated softly beneath his feet. The music still pumped idly from the speakers around him, though the volume had been lowered considerably. He didn’t need to explain to anyone how he enjoyed the muffled sobs from the people he’d allowed to live. The smell of blood as it pooled across the wooden floors didn’t bother him in the same way that it used to.


Five people remained. Two of which were bound and gagged at the behest of Jameson himself. He’d promised the others that they’d be allowed to live had they followed his instructions perfectly.

“I am expecting company.” He told them, a wild grin spread easily across his visage, “I want to make a good impression.” The false sense of camaraderie might have brought about a feigned sense of hope, but it encouraged their compliance. “You, and you,” He pointed to two men, and then gestured to one of the young women who was tied. “From the hook by her feet.”

It was an order, not a suggestion.

When all was said and done, Jameson would pat himself on the back for having his meal prepare and present itself. The meeting with a near perfect stranger was just a formality. He wanted a glimpse of what life was like with Jameson Orlav and Co.

And that’s exactly what he would get.
September 23, 2018 11:24 pm

Idris Mowbry

Idris had not yet known what Jameson was capable of and that, in and of itself, was exciting yet worrisome. The unknown was one of his favorite parts of existing. The pure, random chaos that awaited existence in the future was a fact of life he accepted. Jameson was a part of that chaos. An anomaly to the norm. In a world of open books, he was padlocked.

The text was a surprise. Tag it read with a location listed. The man had found a way to find his phone number despite it being under a false name in another part of the world. Resourceful. Clever. With such an ability to collect information with little to no lead, Jameson would have been a force to be reckoned with.

The thought sent a shiver of pleasure down Idris' spine. A force that desired his presence? If he didn't know any better, he would be flattered. Alas, he knew Jameson wanted something of him. What, though? That he would have to leave to the random chaos soon to come.

His journey was short but once he came to the door he could feel everything. The despair. The anxiety. The pleasure. A soft moan escaped his lips at it all washing over his body. Jameson had already started without him.


After fixing his hair and checking his reflection in the glass the male pushed open the entrance. As he strut into the room with hands in the pockets of his leather jacket the scent of fresh blood hit his nostrils. A devilish grin slithered across the demon's visage at the scene laid before him. "Got a little impatient and started without me, hm?" he teased. A feigned look of hurt overcame his expression for but a moment before returning to it's original devilish delight.

Idris slowly made his way towards Jameson, making sure to take in his surroundings in case of a daring escape. Or a place to go to pound town. Really, this meeting could go either way. "Luckily, I do love to watch a man work." When he was done inspecting the room his eyes would fall on Jameson's own, his purple hues glowing in excitement.

The woman's whimper caused Idris to slowly glance in her direction, then to the others left alive. "And what of these ones? Am I going to get a live show?" Eye contact returned to Jameson in anticipation of his reply.

He truly hoped so.
September 24, 2018 07:27 pm
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