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Lucius Dalca

1 week ago..

Toranomon Hills.
Tokyo, Japan
3:23 AM

'Are you going to jump?'

A familiar voice spoke behind Lucius. He didn't flinch, or even make an attempt to look behind him. He knew exactly who it was..

"I've thought about it.." He answered with his gaze down at the crowd walking the streets in front of the tower complex. He had one hand holding the metal rail of the balcony while the other was occupied with a glass of ţuică, "I am just enjoying the view" He sipped the romanian spirit and maintaining the balance of his footing over the edge.

'Good I suppose.. You aren't that stupid.' The feminine voice resonated more as it drew closer behind him revealing the shape of his family's head of security, Antanasia. 'Nice place you got here. I hope you didn't mind lett.. ...'

"Why are you here?" Straight to the point. It caused Antanasia's whole demeanor to shift to a more stoic and formal manner, 'Octavian.. Your father requests your presence in Romania.' Lucius offered a gaze in her direction. Her figure could be seen in the small lighting the background of his apartment had. "I kinda like Tokyo.. Its away from everything" He took a good look at her as he came back inside of the balcony. Nothing ever changed with that woman. She looked like the eastern european version of Ronda Rousey with black hair cascading over her shoulders and always dressed to impress even on errand runs. If he could guess, there was another reason for her to be in Tokyo but nevertheless she was there at his apartment now.

'Yes but you can't hide here forever, Lucius..' Antanasia responded back with a bit of impatience, 'Look, I stopped by because your father wanted me to check up on you and relay his message in person. They want you home..' Lucius shrugged his shoulders slightly but gave no word. She began to turn around to leave but not before a last comment 'The plane leaves in 8 hours. We can catch up there if you are interested in coming back with me' Never one to beat around the bush. She was out the door.

Draining the last of the glass, his phone vibrated to the text from the woman. The address to the hangar. He looked out the balcony towards the night scenery for a moment then retired inside.


Shimofusa Airport
11:06 AM

Lucius was dropped off at the address with only a simple carry-on bag. It contained the only thing he ever really care to bring with him anywhere he went... The laptop. As he walked up to the plane, he was greeted by the flight team whom led him inside of the plane where Antanasia was waiting. 'You are late...'

"Yeah whatever.. I am going with you but I need to stop somewhere before we go home.." He said with a smirk as he took a seat in front of her with his bag on his side. 'And where would this stop be?' She inquired with a raised eyebrow and her arms crossed.

"London.. I need to see whats left." The gaze Lucius gave her spoke volumes and for a tiny moment gave his emotions away. Sadness. Regret, Anger, Frustration, Pain.. More Pain.. Hate. Guilt. Indifference.. The thoughts were a chaotic swirl which opened and closed as quickly as a blink of an eye.

'So be it.'
September 25, 2018 08:59 am

Lucius Dalca

8 hours from London..


"So why were you in Tokyo? I dont think my father would send you all the way from Romania to tell me something he could just text..." Lucius said with a curious gaze in her direction and somehow another glass of ţuică in his hand. The question lingered in his mind.. Out of all the people in the household why would he send the strong arm to that corner of the world. 


Antanasia initially brushed off his question but he had been prodding on and off the entire flight until she finally decided to give answer. If there was one thing she knew about Lucius is that he hardly ever cared for simple discretions about her line of business. Being the youngest out of the Dalca really set his character in the familiar stereotypical manner. He lived the life of a carefree rich son, trusted the wrong people and especially the wrong races, namely vampires. The man married and divorced within months. Risked everything for the wrong type of woman. Yup, a real winner. 




'Things have grown complicated, Lucius. The Spheres are changing and new faces are showing up' She spoke with a solemn tone.


Lucius drank his glass slowly. "Ohhhhhh really.." The only answer he could procure at the moment. He wondered if the changes had to do with the sudden vacancy in Tokyo. The coven that had reign at the time of his arrival was no longer there. They knew of his presence but treated it like an apparition. No mind was paid in his direction which was A-okay with him. 


'Yes. We have had to take extra precautions until we know what we are dealing with. You will see this when we set foot in the homeland' She tilted her head a little, leveling a gaze before returning her focus to the monitor beside them with the current local news. 'It will be okay I think'


"I believe you.." He settled into his chair and relaxed some more with his drink. Only a few more hours to go.
October 01, 2018 02:26 pm

Lucius Dalca

45 minutes to landing..


'So what happened between you and her?'


Lucius shrugged at the question. He was expecting it and, frankly, it took her long enough to ask. Even now it still left a sour note in his mind. "There isn't much to it, Antanasia. Irreconcilable differences isn't that what they usually say in court when they file for divorce?" The answer drew a smirk from her, 'Depends on the party...'


"Well we got killed by someone we knew nothing about.. You remember that? Me in a coma for a couple of days.. Maximum security on the compound. Yeah you do.." Minor eye roll "We just couldn't recover from it. Priorities shifted. Things weren't the same. She would probably like to think she left me because she pushed the papers before I could but I believe I spoke the last words....." 


Antanasia rose an eyebrow, 'What were those?' Lucius narrowed his eyes thinking [You are going to make me say it aren't you cold hearted b*tch...]. He paused for a couple of long seconds to see if she wasn't serious about the question but she waited him out. Probably because he was sweating her over her visit in Tokyo. Pay back, maybe?


"Somewhere along the lines of piss off.." He shrugged not realizing he was drumming his fingers on the arm rests the entire time. 'Sorry to hear that..' was the unlikely response he got from her. There was a tad of sympathy in her eyes. Something he wasn't sure she was capable of. "Its fine.. I have had time to come to terms with it.." Lucius admitted to her in sudden wave of honesty. "I don't hate her. I dont think I ever could... Knowing her she probably moved on with her life and I wish her the best in it with whoever even if it was back with the same piece of ****s from her past.." There was an out of place chuckle that escaped his lips as he recalled certain memories.


He shook his head as if to clear the imaginary slate in his mind and looked at Antanasia, "Satisfied? [b*tch]"


'Oh yeah. Plenty' She gave him a weird small giggle and decided to change the conversation, 'Ive noticed your spark is tiny. You are never going to catch up to your siblings now if you keep it up.. We need to get you back training'


"I am up for the challenge..." He smirked as they heard the flight attendant warn them they were close to landing at the private airfield, "It was a nice break while it lasted"
October 13, 2018 07:49 am

Lucius Dalca


Pen House
London, UK
1:47 PM

Glok. Whack. Shwah.

She came at him from all angles using all sorts of mix martial arts techniques before bringing him down on the mat.

Oomph. That one connected to his rib. "Alright, already. F*ck" Lucius tapped her arm before she released her iron grip from his neck. He rolled from under her arm to a guarded crouched position. 'You are so slow compared to your siblings now you know.' Antanasia mused as she stood up. "I haven't really kept up with anything for over a year, that is why."

'Perhaps but you know what really happened, right?' She asked while making a motion over his arm and leaned closer. Lucius listened as she explained, 'Before, your abilities, seeped out of your body whenever you became emotional or simply used them but when you almost died your power went inside in order to preserve your life. Now you have to bring it out and its not going to be easy'

"You are right..." He acknowledged as he attempted to create more sparks from his hands. Tiny flickers ran in between but not in the same volume and intensity as before. 'I will help you draw it out but there is going to be more pain and I will cause you more tests. Fighting is only a part of it and there is no time limit.' Antanasia cautioned.

He stood up straight to look her better in the eyes, "Will I get it back to former?"

'No promises but we will try. Your father seems to believe its possible so thats why I am here' She spoke in earnest looking right back at him with a steel gaze. "Alright. Lets try again" Lucius said taking fighting stance once more.
December 07, 2018 06:55 am
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