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Last Friday Night


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Travis Faulkner

Travis' new life had taken an unexpected turn. To think, just days ago he had passed away into the cold embrace of death only to be returned a new, improved man! Addictions vanished. Wounds healed. Everything was the same yet different. And those weren't even the most drastic of the changes!

Tiber Loche. The man had popped out of seemingly nowhere like a rugged, twizzler wielding lumberjack angel. For years, Travis had to make do with keeping himself company on account of his controlling family forbidding any friends. 'They are just using you' his father would say. 'They want our money, our notoriety. Leeches, the lot of them.' If he had been caught trying to attempt a friendship of any kind, father would make sure he'd regret.

But father was gone. The noose that held tight to his neck had disintegrated.

So far, Tiber hadn't asked anything of Travis except to clean out his flower bed shirtless or something. In fact, Tiber had given so much to the new angel it was almost overwhelming. First money, to help him get on his feet. Then a hot meal, after some negotiating. And, finally, a home. Never had Travis had a real home; only prisons in which he dreamed of leaving. Though he never voiced it, he was grateful for what the man had brought to his life already.

Then Dovima. Dance Wife. The two had only just met yet they were already in sync. Words came easy with her from a man who withheld everything from the world. It was scary, but a relief.

To pay them back, he would take them out to the hottest karaoke join in the Big Apple! Little did they know, the night was going to take a turn they had not expected.

Let the shenanigans begin!

September 29th, 2018 - 10:16 AM

First came the aching of his body. An echoing pain of what Travis could only assume was from a night of dancing until he couldn't dance no more! Next came the cold morning breeze on his legs.

Wait, what?

Last the remembered, his leather pants had been so tight he almost lost circulation in his leg. How could he possibly feel a breeze?!

Then came the sharp pain on his cheek followed by the feeling of something warm and...wet lapping at his cheek. Slowly, one eye lid slid open to assess his current situation. To his right, trees. A lot of trees. The sound of a fountain could be faintly heard in the distance. He could deduce that somehow he wandered into a park somewhere.

Lick, lick, lick, grumble.

The other eye thrust itself open as his head jerked away from the licking. Travis' body responded with a jolt of full bodied pain at his sudden movement. A loud groan escaped the man while he attempted to find the source of the undesired kisses.

After pulling himself up in a sitting position a small dog sat itself infront of him, panting. The two stared at eachother for a while until the animal gave a few barks and whines.

"What? I ain't got no food," he said in a raspy, dehydrated voice. That fountain was sounding delicious about now. He glanced around at his surroundings finding no signs of Dovima or Tiber. He definitely went on an adventure and got lost.


Hands began to inspect his body for any sign of bleeding, theft, injections, etcetera. This was not his first rodeo. Leather jacket, check. Shiny silver shirt, check, though kind of in tatters. Phone, nope. He had it for three days and already it was gone. Oh well. Wallet, check, surprisingly. Pants... oh no.

Upon inspecting his legs he found them to be bare. Touching his waist he noticed the hem of clothing he did not recognize. Fabric was pulled from under his legs and shirt until, tada, he was the owner of a lightly used black silk skirt.


Kilts were sexy, skirts we aight. Travis distinctly remembered leaving with leather pants.

The dog moved closer,pawing at the man's hand. Without a second thought he began to pet the canine while he muddled through the past nights events.

What had he done?
September 28, 2018 11:51 pm

Tiber Loche

It was Tiber’s idea to pre-drink. He’d remind himself of this later on, and use it as a cautionary tale to anyone who was considering shotgunning moonshine. The majority of the night was a blur. He could remember meeting Travis and Dovima at The Den proper. Remembered the ride in to the city, and descending upon the bar. It could be that finishing off the jar of ‘shine he’d smuggled in to the car had done him in. Or maybe it was the reefer he’d swiped from Derek. Did it really matter?

What was important here, was the misery he was feeling right now. As far as Tiber was aware, the lot of them didn’t made it home from their little adventure. Or, at the very least, he hadn’t.

Tiber woke with a splitting headache. He couldn’t remember the last time his head had hurt so much outside of a full moon. Normally his body burned through alcohol at an alarming pace, and rationality told him that it probably had everything to do with his new medication. Alas, the terrible pain came with a side of memory loss, and confusion. When he finally opened his eyes he was met with bleary vision, unable to focus fully until he’d rubbed the haze from his cobalt hues. The large man groaned as he moved, rocking himself from where he lie until he was in a more convenient position.

Although he immediately felt the urge to wretch.

Leaning forward, Tiber planted his palms against the ground, skin met with the soft and slightly dampened grass that covered the soil. So he’d managed to pass out outside. But where, exactly? And where were the sponsors of his night of indignity?

It took more effort than he’d like to admit to get him to his feet. He pressed a hand against his head, the curse on his lips evidence enough of his frustration. From there he did a quick pat down of his pockets, briefly relieved that he’d retained both his wallet and his cell phone. In fact, it seemed as though he’d managed to acquire another phone in his travels— the smooth glass of the smartphone feeling quite foreign next to the clunky structure of his own flip-phone. Even so, he still pulled his own from his front pocket and got to work sending a train of messages.

Where are you? Did you make it home?
Did you guys leave me in the city?!

He sent the text off to Dovima, and started off on an entirely different message to Travis.

So Many Teeth
This is not brohavior. Where am I?!

He shouldn’t have been surprised when the other phone in his pocket beeped upon sending the last message. If he had his friends phone, there was a good chance that he was as confused as Tiber was.

... which somehow made him feel much better. As he shoved both phones back into the depths of his pockets, he started off toward the bustle of the city, dodging tree branches and trying desperately to cover his ears from the sounds of screaming birds.

Never. Again.
September 29, 2018 12:46 pm

Dovima Bastet

“A body! We found a dead body!”

The woman’s shrill voice dragged Vee from oblivion, pinged around in her skull like a pinball and threatened to split it open. She winced and groaned but couldn’t muster the courage quite yet to test motor function. Staying spread eagle on her back sounded like a great idea.

“Dead bodies don’t snore or groan, you halfwit. She isn’t dead. Overdid it last night, I expect.”

A masculine voice this time and mercifully softer than his counterpart. Bless him. Except the more aware she became, the more small, uncomfortable details made themselves known. Such as the felt a dig in her lower back. She also realized she wasn’t fully flat but at small tilt. Tentative blue eyes opened. They caught sight of sunlight filtered through leaves and she immediately regretted being alive. Her eyes squeezed closed.

“Disgraceful. We should call the police,” the shrewish woman barked at the same time she felt a vibration against her back. Vee was starting really not to like this woman. She was going to make her head explode.

“We’ll do no such thing. Go on. I’ll take care of this.”

There was a sputtered protest and the sound of angrily retreating footsteps.

Vee decided to see if her limbs worked. She shifted with care and discovered moving was possible, if not preferable. Nothing seemed to be broken. Only an overall sensation of a much abused body. What had they done last night?

A hand appeared in front of Vee’s grudgingly slit eyes as she started to struggle into a sitting position. Grateful for the assistance, she took hold. Her savior used more care than she deserved and propped her back against the tree whose roots she’d been using for a bed. That explained the tilt and random more painful than the rest spots. Her phone came unstuck from her bare back and tumbled down beside her hip.

It was then she noticed her leather clad legs. Her brain struggled to comprehend the change but finally she recognized the pants. They were Travis’s. Too large on her but better than waking up naked.

Another groan of pure misery. Did that mean he had her skirt? More importantly, where were Travis and Tiber? She remembered nothing beyond a Patrón label and the first shot going down. Her stomach lurched at the memory.

“Rough night,” the man stated, prompting Vee to lift red rimmed eyes to his face. “Had a few of those myself. I’m going to do the same for you one kind soul once did for me. If you can promise me you’ll be okay?” Vee nodded, not yet willing to use her voice. “Very good. Here you are,” he continued, a coffee cup outstretched in one hand and a $20 bill in the other. “Take these. Go home. Sleep it off. Try not to hit it this hard next time.”

There was never going to be a next time.

He waited for Vee to give a thumbs up and handed her the coffee and cash. “One last thing…” The man shrugged out of his light jacket and draped it across her legs. She blinked at the article of clothing in confusion. Then it dawned on her the shiny, slinky top she had on wasn’t appropriate for daytime. That the thing survived the night was a miracle in itself. The man must’ve seen the understanding register on her face because he winked and walked away, presumably to join his shrewish female companion.

Her attention was drawn to her cell phone vibrating a reminder. Vee stuffed the $20 under the thin halter strap around her neck and reached for the phone. Upon inspection, she discovered the screen to be cracked, but functional. Her ID was also tucked into the back of the case. Awesome.

While rubbing at one eye, smearing remnants of eyeliner and mascara, she read Tiber’s message. Finally she felt brave enough to take in her surroundings. Trees. Manicured grass. People. Distant sound of traffic. Checking the location on her phone confirmed her suspicion. Central Park. If Tiber didn’t cling his dino-phone and get a smartphone, he could do the same, but noooo.

No. In Central Park.
Where are you? Where is Smiley?
I have his pants.

Vee tapped send and set the coffee and phone at arm’s length away. She picked the jacket up and began the careful process of standing. It would have gone well if a heel on one of her strappy sandals hadn’t broken when she put more weight onto it for balance. The heel snapped. Vee’s ankle twisted. Down she went, jarring every bone in her body.

Heels: 1, Vee: 0.
September 30, 2018 12:46 pm

Travis Faulkner

Legs were still jelly leaving Travis with no ability to move. That was fine, he needed a moment to comprehend what had really happened and to also figure out what breed his new companion was. He never was good at focusing at the task at hand. Maybe he had ADHD. He began to list off all the signs of the disorder mentally while still sorting through the breeds in his head and recalling the night before.

His head gave a painful thud. Hands grasped at the side of his head with a pained groan escaping his lips. It was not the time to try an divide his attention! Mr. Brain refused! However, he did figure out the little dogs breed.

"You're a corgi-collie breed?"

The animal tilted it's head at him, still panting. Travis would take that as a yes.

One of his hands reached to pet the dog when a sudden, excruciating pain erupted from his shoulder blade taking the air out of his lungs. What had he done to himself?! He needed to start from the beginning.

All three met up at the Den proper before filing into their ride. The whole time, Dovima and Travis were already singing along to songs on the radio. Tiber side eyed them and sipped his moonshine. Travis saw a smirk hinting at the edge of his lips but he hadn't dared mention it.

At the karaoke bar Travis would produce a flask from inside the crotch of his already cramped pants! How did he manage to fit it in there? He will never tell! Shots were poured and taken from his flask then the night truly began.

The energetic man, of course, took the initiative and the stage! First song of the night: Like a Virgin by Madonna. They had to start the night off strong! Hips gyrated with the skill of an experienced clubber. Eyes were locked on Dovima and Tiber the whole song as he moved about the stage lie the pro he was. He was glad he remembered the beginning of the night, at least.

After that, things got...fuzzy. An order of drinks was given to him on the house. The bartender and him had a checkered past but everything was fine now! They had resolved their differences so there was nothing to worry about! Sure, her brother was the first, and only, guy Travis ever kissed even though he was technically dating her at the time! He bought her flowers, she couldn't be too mad, right?


Doubt overcame him as the memories began to fade to a faint blur. Maybe she wasn't over it. Had Travis inadvertently gotten his new friends...roofied?!

"Son of a b!tch!"

His scream of frustration echoed through the trees while the dog simply flattened it's ears at the sudden outburst. Travis gave him a few pats on the head to comfort him.

Time to fight through the memories. A few were clear while others not so much. Dovima and him had run off to the backroom to do something. It didn't seem sexual in nature, just goofy. Eyes glanced down to his legs. The skirt!

A loud snort escaped his lips followed by jubilant laughter. If that wast he worst they did, then things couldn't possibly be as bad as he thought.

Another recollection was of Travis and Tiber just staring at eachother like idiots. Tiber kept saying 'What?' to which Travis would reply back with 'What?'. It seemed they did that for a bit. Travis would nudge him. Tiber would back. Just bros being drugged up bros.

The dog had begun to nestle itself in Travis lap while he mumbled down memory lane! Most of the snippits were harmless enough. Until he got to the climax of the night.

A kiss; but with who? Then he was running. Then on the roof. Had the two followed him up? The indistinct surroundings made his investigation rather frustrating! Next thing he knew, he had fallen.

Travis' stomach dropped. The memory made him nauseous. If he had fallen, how did he survive?

As if replying to his inquiry, his shoulder blades gave shot up with pain. He winced and grit his teeth. The last thing he remembered was the wind in his hair, the sound of branches snapping beneath his body then nothing.

September 30, 2018 02:21 pm
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