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The Black Masquerade~ 2018 *Closed*


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Black Masquerade

Fred Flintstone

Fred came to his senses but still had trouble gathering his thoughts. She gestured to a seat, but sitting just wasn’t what he had in mind. She spoke again and symphony in his ears only sounds more magnificent.

”Yes ma’am, I’d love to join you, only not here. Will you accompany me to the dance floor?”

He didn’t want to seem as to invade her personal space but he secretly longed to break the touch barrier. Fred extended his arm and slowly rolled his fingers. His hand now cupped with palm up, he anxiously waited for a response.

”I would be honored if you will please dance with me?” His heart was pumping so hard that he could hear his beat over the music.
October 30, 2018 03:40 pm

Black Masquerade

The Girl Scout

She looked in the mirror one last time as she smoothed down the muted green skirt. Her blouse was crisp and buttoned, and she had the cute little yellow tie just under the collar snapped into place. Her fingers traced over her sash slowly. She had sewn every single one of those patches on it with painstaking precision. They lined up properly in neat little rows and it had earned her yet another achievement award, her ‘sewing patch. She put on her ankle socks and rolled them down just a little before donning her pristine white sneakers. Her laces had the small green Girl Scout logo running up and down them and she knew her feet looked adorable. She wiggled her toes and stared at her reflection. Her troop number 666 was displayed impressively on her sash as she laid it across her body like a pageant queen. She brought her white gloves with her, although she was afraid of them getting dirty. She moved her pigtails to the side and placed her green beret onto her head and used bobby-pins to secure and make sure it wouldn’t fall off.

Her wagon was stocked with boxes of cookies, and she bit her lip as she wheeled it slowly down the entrance way and came upon the menu sign. She looked again at the neatly stacked boxes all sorted by color and flavor. She brought as many as she could think of, hoping to have something for everyone. Her eyes darted over the fancy sounding food and drinks. “No Cookies!’ She clapped and gave a gleeful squeal at that discovery. Some of her scout sisters had been creative putting up stands in front of grocery stores and dispensaries that provoked the munchies and they had a rapt audience for their record breaking sales. She was determined to do it a little differently, and thought since it was Halloween, this might be the perfect venue. She really needed to catch Tiffany’s totals so she could earn the coveted “cookie sales” patch. Exhaling slowly, she made her way into the grand hall of party goers pulling her wares behind her.

October 30, 2018 03:51 pm

Black Masquerade


He wanted to dance? The music was fast paced, techno-ish. It was the kind of music she listened to when she cleaned, in the privacy of her own home, in her underwear, like a fool.

She found her breath give a hitch in her throat. She was temporarily frozen for a moment. His voice had been smooth as silk. How could she resist?

Her  brain gave her a kick once again and slowly she lifted a small hand, settling it into his outstretched, much larger hand. The touch was almost electrifying. Was it because they seemed to be of the same mind in costume idea? Or was this something more, something that connected them on a deeper level?

She finally canted her head to him, smiling up at him.

"I would love to dance with you?" The words fell graciously from her lips as she waited for Fred to lead her off.

October 30, 2018 07:04 pm

Black Masquerade

Harley Quinn


Walking into the establishment wearing my red and white T-shirt , a leather wrist band on my left wrist, my neck collar with my loves name on it Puddin, I also had on a black Jacket and my black knee high heeled boots. My hair was in its normal pig tails with the red and blue hair band on each side that my tails color were.Red on the red tips and blue on the blue tips.Seeing the man at the door I hand over my only weapon which was a bat. After making my way to the bar I order myself a Death Punch and some Angel Wings. As I wait for my order to come  I look around watching everyone as tney dance, talk to one another. Everything would be perfect if I had my Puddin here, but seeing that was not going to happen I was going to make the best of things for myself.

After a few minutes my order arrives  so I start off by taking a sip of the Death Punch which quenched my thirst. The Angel Wings smelt heavenly picking one up I took a bite and thney were devine mouth watering good. Finishing the Wings and Death Punch I ordered another drink. The place seemed to be hopping so I remained seated at least for now.

October 30, 2018 07:18 pm

Black Masquerade


The story of Athena and Medusa was one as old as time. Once Medusa had been a beautiful maiden, she'd angered Athena who then cursed her as a Gorgon, with hair of snakes. Their costumes were the prefect compliment to one another. Reaching up she flipped a few of her long winding curls back over her shoulder. Raising her glass to her lips once more she took a long sip, that was the end of it. It would seem she needed a larger glass. Raising her hand up she motioned for another server who was passing by. Medusa might have been trying to take it easy but Athena's night was just getting started.

"Well, let's consider being alive a bonus. We're not guaranteed that around here are we?" A small grin spread across her lips, she was only half joking. The server approached and she twisted those grey-green eyes towards him. "Another round for the table please, actually I'll take two glasses. These glasses are on the small side," or maybe she needed to slow down. "Snakes for hair, might be an adventure you'd have to go on alone. It sounds a bit dangerous to me. Plus, unless I'm mistaken those would be venomous snakes if they were real." Athena gave a small shrug. "Imagine a lot of people would... pee themselves." Her head dipped back and she laughed for a moment. Medusa was humorous for sure.

Taking a few more moments she studied Medusa's eyes. They were indeed intricately done, each details was placed so carefully. It was plain to see a lot of time and thought had gone into the costume. She was bit jealous, she would never have the patience for such fine detail. Instead her make-up consisted of nothing, not that she needed on a normal basis but it was the Black Masquerade after all! "My costume didn't take more than the time it took to put on." She tapped her hand against the armor, it made a light clanging noise. "This took the most time, I couldn't figure out how to put it on correctly. I think it's right now." Who was really alive to say how an ancient Olympian Goddess wore her armor anyways? She drained the last of her glass of champagne just as the server arrived back with a tray of drinks. One for Medusa and two for her. Prefect timing! "Yes, it truly does. This is my first time attending as well."

"Staring at others seems to be the name of the game this evening. And I agree there are far to many things to worry about in this Realm already." Aside from Fred and Wilma and Medusa and herself everyone else seemed to be keeping to themselves. It was a pity, this event was meant to be so much more than that. Perhaps they were shy or nervous. That had never been a problem for her though.

Another moment and her stormy gaze passed over the others. Nodding to one another as though they were at Business Fest 2018, this wouldn't do at all. She chimmed in. "Yes, Grimm. Please do come right over. Even if you mustn't speak, but instead point that is what Grimm Reapers do right?" She may have been slightly confusing him for that one ghost from A Christmas Carol. Athena also motioned at the Black Swan, the Fox, and Smurfette. "Really anyone is welcomed to join us, that is why we're here. The more merrier." She stopped a moment, her eyes turning to the Girl Scout who'd entered. "Creepiest costume of the night hands down. I'll buy you a Shirley Temple."
October 30, 2018 09:35 pm

Black Masquerade

The Clown

Locks of curly blue hair flew every which way, such a mess. Two bright pink heels stood perfectly lined together just outside the main door. Just a one glance her way and that was all it would take for her to go in! She squealed with delight. She couldn't take it anymore! In she skipped, her skirt flouncing about as she made her way around the room.

No one would have to guess her costume. Her face was painted white with two rosy circles on her cheeks, instead of a big red nose she'd decided on the cute little button red nose instead, then there was that large painted on smile. So great for her cheery disposition! The striped red and white top of her dress and the rainbow, tulled skirt seemed to bring her whole costume together.

A skip around the room, she heard someone mention a Shirley Temple. Oh! she wanted one of those! Athena and Medusa were inviting people over to their table, she should join them!

About to do that she stopped and let out a shriek of excitement! COOKIES! SHE LOVED COOKIES! Reaching into the pocket of her dress, she pulled out a balloon and blew it up! Skipping over to the girl scout she smiled beneath that big fake smile! "Hello there little girl scout!" She held a the balloon out. "This is for you and I'll take one box of Thin Mints!" Again unable to help herself she danced in place and let out a yelp of glee!

Yep, she probably looked crazy. She was a clown for the sake of it all she probably was. Bouncing up and down in place she waited for the girl scout to give her the price of coveted box of cookies.
October 30, 2018 10:05 pm

Black Masquerade

The Girl Scout

Wowie this was going to be fun! Large wide eyes looked around at the decorations and costumes. The bar off to the side with its many colored bottles,those were definitely for the adults. Maybe she should put the wagon there? Oh the table of the fancy foods was right next to it. The aromas made her realize in her excitement she had forgotten to eat first. She hoped it wasn't too expensive or she might need to open her little green plastic coin purse and buy something yummy. She didn't want to compete with the food the party was offering, so instead she hung back slightly looking for a place where she wouldn't be in the way.

"Yabba Dabba Dooooo!" She giggled as she saw Fred & Wilma dancing. She then spotted the dinosaur and wondered if that was Dino, except it wasn't purple. She looked at the scary man in the black and wondered if maybe some "Lemonades" would make him less gloomy. They were tangy and made her lips pucker. There was a pretty lady in gold and black in a mask sitting close to another masked lady all in black and a Smurf, but wasn't she supposed to be blue? At least that's what she remembered from the cartoon show on Saturday mornings. The Greek and Snake ladies were sitting together at a table and one was looking at her. OOOH! Maybe she would like some "Trefoils"? They were very elegant cookies just like the ladies were. She didn't know who the other lady who came in with her was, but she liked her pigtails, and was glad she had to put away her scary looking baseball bat.

She was about to make her way to the table with the two ladies, pulling the wagon carefully when a Clown jumped in front of her. The Girl Scout smiled. She loved clowns. The one that came to her last birthday party was super fun and made the best balloon animals. When the clown handed her a balloon she almost missed her asking for the box of Thin Mints. "FOCUS!" she told herself. Smiling back at the clown and taking the balloon graciously, she tied it to the handle of her wagon while thanking her most kindly. A Girl Scout must always be polite and show good manners!

"Thank you Miss Clown! One box of Thin Mints coming right up! They are $3.50 a box and all for a good cause!" The Girl Scout beamed. Her first sale!

October 30, 2018 11:50 pm

Black Masquerade


The History alone on Athena and Medusa was sad.  Medusa was in the right to deny Poseidon, however, this didn't work out for her and in the end, Athena did something she felt she had to do. Even the Gods themselves made mistakes.  However, tonight, if anyone knew the entire story, they would see how this situation was a bit odd, even though they were wearing customes.  It was quite Ironic really.  It taken her a few minutes to get used to the idea but then again, she knew where they were.  Thank goodness for Halloween!   

"You're correct!  If this hair were to be of snakes, I'm the only one who could withstand them.  I'm not sure who would be more grumpy, me or them.  Yikes!"

After the invite for The Reaper himself, which still amused Medusa, she took a look around a few more had come in.  The T-Rex -yikes-  Watching whoever it was, trying to navigate around was almost painful as watching Fred and Wilma dance. But as she sat there looking at the three of them, she accidently spoke out loud.  "I wonder if they know Dino is here?"   But she hadn't stopped herself as her eyes wandered around to whom else came in.    The Girl scout..."Man..I hope that's not a little kid.  But she best be sharin them cookies.  Oooh, the thin mints are to die for."   It was then she realised her inside voice was on the wrong side of the door.  "Oops."  Once her drink arrived, she washed her words down with one big gulp.  

Now she saw Harley Quinn and..a..oh no...The Clown.  -Man, we're gonna die!- This time, she kept her inside voice where it belonged...on the inside.  

"We might...well I hope Grim works his hollow butt over here cause if he don't kill us, I believe she will!"  Picking up her glass, her eyes moved to Athena. "Ya know, I'm not sure I like the whole snakes on my head. It's okay for tonight but I'm just glad  that they're not real.  One, it would creep me out. Two, I would be scaring a lot of peeps tonight. You know? I almost don't want the night to be over. However, this place needs to become more alive."  

Hearing Athena's invite for more to come this way, was music to her ears. "Ahh, Athena?   Tell me who's creepier?  Girl Scout or Clown?  You know?  this is like a movie I watched once. Just once. It was about a Clown named IT.  I believe I pee'd a lil back then. Shower drains still mess me up.  And now..we have a Clown. But hey, if Reaper walks over, he's got his scythe.  Hey, do you think it's real? "    Her hand curled around the cool refreshing glass. Lifting it, so her arm bent at the elbow, the glass was brought to her bronze colored lips as she began to drink.  -Ooh, this is way to easy. There should be a law against this.-  She thought to herself and when the glass was gently placed on the table, she leaned forward.  "I think I'll need two more!"   Sitting more upright,  her mouth opened, revealing her fangs as she shouted.  


A laugh that was so loud, kinda matched her crazy costume. But now everyone could see Medusa's face.  She really took on a snake like appearence.  Sitting back down, her smile wide, as her eyes met Athena's. 

"Giiirl, it may not be the greatest way to meet guys but damn it, it suuure is fun. This night is going to be Awesome!!"

October 31, 2018 12:08 am

Black Masquerade

The Grim Gorgon Wilma

It had taken much thought on her costume. She wanted something original, something unique. Parties weren’t her thing, but figured she ought to show up. Better than sitting at home waiting for little brats knocking at her door begging for candy. Honestly- sweet death come quickly. So, the little introvert shoved her hair under a wig that was complete with snakes. Not just any snakes, but red ones. Red ones fashioned into an iconic coif straight from the famous Hanna-Barbera cartoon of years past. She slipped on the trademark, easily identifiable white sheath dress and chunky pearls. Lastly, she pulled a long black cape on and grabbed a scythe.

Looking in the mirror, she remembered the Coco Chanel quote- before you leave the house, take one thing off. But truly, she looked so amazing she simply couldn’t. Everything was exactly as it should be. She was just the right amount of creepy. If there was one thing she did not care for, it was to be scared. She loathed it. Why on earth would anyone intentionally seek out being frightened? It was truly the stupidest thing, she thought as she hailed a cab to the party.

A wide smile parted her pretty lips as she entered the party, very much intent on having an absolute delight! Her face fell nearly instantly upon entering. There she was, a Wilma. A very good one at that. Standing near a Fred! The blood drained from her face. Spinning to avoid being seen, she came face to face with none other than Medusa! Looking every bit majestic as the original. Hand pressed to her mouth, she spun in the other direction. Of course, of course, there was the Grim Reaper. Looking so authentic, he very well may be the actual grim reaper. Well, she certainly hoped so, because this was an epic fail. Epic. Fail. He could do the honor of reaping her soul now to end this embarrassment and she’d be much obliged.

Is there anything more horrifying than showing up to a party wearing the same outfit as someone else? I’ll tell you the answer. No, there isn’t. Here she stood, experiencing that horror thrice-fold. She even pinched her arm to see if she were in some kind of freakish nightmare. Either she was in the deepest sleep or this was in fact real life. Before she could experience any further humiliation, she turned on her heels and ran off, black cloak flapping behind her. Hopping into the back seat of the cab, she was eternally grateful he hadn’t driven away. Sliding along the ripped vinyl interior, she shoved a wad of cash at him and directed him back from whence she came. A bottle of wine and the porch light off- not the most exciting Halloween but certainly less horrific. Perhaps she’d watch a nice film. She’d heard of a new one about families called Hereditary she thought she’d check out. A nice and peaceful evening, not scary or horrifying at all.
October 31, 2018 01:10 am

Black Masquerade

The Grim Reaper


He turned to face Athena and Medusa again as they called to him. He wasn't the most social being, but he would oblige for tonight. "Very well." He finished his snacks and wandered over, glancing at a Girl Scout and what looked like a cartoony Gorgon.

October 31, 2018 04:39 am

Black Masquerade

Harley Quinn

Finishing yet another drink I saw Medusa look my way. I gave a wide smile and walked over to the music machine and put in a few coins pressing D7 ,It was the Halloween theme. Oh how I loved that music it made me dance around with my arms spread wide to my side. I twirled all the way over to Medusa and in my canning voice I asked.

" If I look at you in the eyes will you turn me into stone?"

My eyes were fixed on her and waited eagerly for her reply. This was the night not only for fun but tricks as well.
October 31, 2018 09:42 am

Black Masquerade


She had turned her head when she saw something odd.  It was like looking in one of those fun mirrors but instead of one image, she saw three.  Her mouth closed as her brows furrowed and she slowly stood back up.  Canting her head, her reptile eyes searching to see what it was she saw but before she knew it, the individual was gone.  -Who and what was that?- she thought to herself.  Head turning to the side, she wondered if Athena had seen it as well but the look of confusion disappeared when she heard Grim speak.   

"Athena!!  Grim talks!!   YES, YES, YES!! "   Wanting to say something else Medusa stopped and looked a bit confused..again.  "If he eats or drinks, does it...fall back out? "   Shaking her head, she couldn't help but laugh at herself.  If there was one thing she could, that was amuse herself.    "But we do make an interesting trio if you think about it. "

Medusa was just about to sit down when Harley Quinn popped up.  She looked so cute in her weird pig tails that held different colors.  But it was her question that made Medusa smile deviously.    "Why Miss Harley, you never know what I'm capable of.  But the one you should fear is the one I sit across from.  The Beautiful Athena."   Once her words left her mouth, she turned to Athena and whispered  "Play along! "    It was merely in fun and obviously no harm would be done.  However, the very thought tickeled her senses as she sat next to Grim, making him push over.   

"Come on Grim, scoot down, I need to make room for Harley. "    This time, her gaze slid over to see Miss Quinns face. "We have plenty of room. Come on in.  Ooh, this way I'll be hidden and scare the pants off of everyone..well...almost everyone. OH MY GOD, this is so fun!"

October 31, 2018 10:07 am

Black Masquerade

Fred Flintstone

Fred took her by the hand and carefully led Wilma to the dance for. The beat of the music was too fast for what he had in mind, but to him it didn’t matter. He was going to slow dance with her no matter what music was playing. At the dance floor, he took a few seconds to remove his foot wear. Fred tossed one across the dance floor and the other in the air which seconds later landed on the bouncers crossed arms. Staring into her eyes he took a quick breath and pulled her close to him. The touch of her body burned into his skin, heart still racing – he felt almost dizzy.

Fred slowly breathed in and quickly became engulfed by her scent. ”She smells amazing,” he thought to himself as he exhaled gently on her neck. She didn’t resist the closeness and he wondered if he could get away with pulling her in a little closer. Fred lowered his hand to the small of her back and pulled her in even closer. It took him a few tries but he managed to synchronize his breathing with hers. The rhythm of the music seemed to have slowed down. Together they moved to the music as one, at least the melody of the music they were making there in each other’s arms.

He pulled away for a second to make eye contact to affirm what was happening. "Thank you for joining me."
October 31, 2018 03:39 pm

Black Masquerade

Harley Quinn

Harley grinned as Medusa spoke her eyes twinkled looking over at the Goddess Athena. How coukd domeone so beautiful be one to be frightened of. Harley watched as Medusa made room for her and slid in next to her. Her smile still wide this was going to be so much fun and making new friends was just a Harley Quinn Halloween special.

"I really want to thank you for letting me join you. I hate being alone on Halloween.Dont you?"

October 31, 2018 05:05 pm

Black Masquerade



Wilma followed Freds lead, and giggled a little when he got rid of those silly shoes. She downright chuckled when the intimidating demon bouncer recieved one of them. He seemed to take no offense, thankfully.

The music was fast, but that didnt matter. Fred pulled her close...very close, the hand on the small of her back made her shiver and blush at the same time. Those butterflies danced about her tummy once again. She didnt stop him at all. Despite the music playing, their hearts seemed to be creating their own rythm and melody just for the two of them. His breath on her neck made her feel as if she was not even touching the dancefloor, just hovering there, with him.

She rested one hand on Freds shoulder as the other rested against his chest. They swayed to their own tune, and very pleasant one at that. When he spoke, she looked up into his eyes and gave him a smile.

"They pleasure is all mine, so thank you for asking." She said to him, that blush still tinting her cheeks as she let out a sigh of contentment. "This is a wonderful night, indeed."

October 31, 2018 06:03 pm
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