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The Black Masquerade~ 2018 *Closed*


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Black Masquerade

The T-Rex

She squished herself in right next to Athena, her little arms grabbing her tail and squashing it behind her butt so it wouldn’t stab anyone as they walked by. A slight smile as Athena spoke to the Black Swan, ‘Are you going to join us or just stand there staring at the room? I don't think anyone, except maybe the Reaper and possibly the T-Rex will bite you..’ before giggling to herself as she opened her mouth and over-exaggerated a biting motion with her jaws like she was hungry for some chicken as she glanced over at the swan.

Her eyebrow raised as she watched the Goddess pick up her drink, her armour glittering in the dimmed lighting almost making her dizzy as she watched. Blinking she came back to her senses just in time to hear the ringing laughter of Medusa, the snakes wiggling on her head mesmerising her for just a second before she realised they were laughing at her.  She wrinkled her nose and reached for the plate of Angel Wings, flailing her arms with her fingers outstretched as far as they could reach, the inflatable costume getting in the way. A loud huff escaped her lips, enough breath leaving her mouth to send the icing sugar airborne, straight in the direction of The Grimm Reaper, coating his black costume with a sheen of white.

She blinked. ‘To being young and making the most of the time we've been given.’ The Gorgon toasted just in time, hopefully not noticing the mess she had made of the food, before nodding her head and muttering the toast along with her. She glanced from Athena to Medusa, only to do it all again before smiling and slapping her little hands down on the table, the liquids of everyone’s drinks swooshing about from the sudden movement. “Damn right we need to do something!” She suddenly exclaimed, her voice still fairly quiet and a little squeaky (not quite dinosaur-like) even though she was trying to make herself heard. “Athena, Medusa.. Would you like to dance with me?!” She managed to utter, in spite of her reservations and nervousness.

November 01, 2018 11:58 pm

Black Masquerade

The Grim Reaper


He snorted again at both Medusa and Athena. For two entities that were supposedly enemies, they seemed to getting on rather well. "Yes, I speak, but only when necessary." His next remark was a response to Medusa's comments about him being creepy, yet enjoying himself. "I am supposed to be creepy. Also, I have made today's quota, so I don't have to collect until tomorrow." He then brushed the icing sugar off his robe before turning to look at the T-rex while dusting off his scythe.

November 02, 2018 04:33 am

Black Masquerade

The T-Rex

Her courage returning as she waited for Medusa and Athena's response, she turned back to the Grim Reaper. Her bobble-like head tilting as she looked at him, his hand dusting the icing off his scythe in a slow, purposeful manner as he glanced at her. She swallowed nervously and her voice shook a little as she spoke to him, "My my, Mr Reaper, what a large scythe you have there.. You're welcome to join us for a dance if you'd like?"
November 02, 2018 06:13 am

Black Masquerade

Tide Pod

"IF we start to stink, I'm gonna call that one over. But a word of advice, don't lick it and it's not food."

Mid bite of a fricassee slayer heart, Tide Pod glanced up, brows raised, face absolute innocence. Was Medusa referring to TP? Dont listen to Medusa. Lick me, please.

Not that anyone probably heard because suddenly the Grim Reaper spoke and this was, from the sound of it, an apparently shocking thing. Not as shocking as T-Rex doing its best Tony Montana from Scarface impression with a ghost cake; you know the scene, where hes sitting in front of a literal pile of yayo. Which caused Tide Pod to effectively lose their sh*t, so to speak.

Body shaking with laughter, Tide Pod waddled towards an open high top because, lets face it, sitting wasnt an option. Setting their plate of food on the table before anything spilled on the floor, they glanced up at the rather adorable Wilma and Fred as they danced their little hearts out. And then Athena was toasting to making the most out of the time everyone has been given.

To Death. Tide Pod raised their glass to the others before tipping it back and draining the contents of the champagne flute; tried not to choke as T-Rex sent icing sugar towards the Grim Reaper like he was some beignet being dusted before serving.

Poor Reaper.

He should really take that dance to shake, shake it off.
November 02, 2018 07:33 am

Black Masquerade


Medusa lost it when everything landed on Grim  and then she heard the remark on the length of his scythe.   Tears forming from her eyes, having to dab them so the paint wouldn't come off,  she was laughing so hard her stomach hurt.  Seeing Rex trying to move was hilarious and seeing Grim covered was even better.   Reaching for her glass, she had to calm herself down before downing the liquid.   Oh, it felt way to good when it hit her system and she knew she would regret it the next day but it was totally worth it.

Upon hearing Grim speak, her face slowly fell.  -Yeah, cause that wasn't creepy at all.-   It was then she wondered if everyone had heard the same thing. A bit of confusion smacked her system as she leaned forward.  Poor Harley was stuck in the middle.

"Wait. What? "    She wondered if he was serious or maybe he as playing.  -Damn.-    So many thoughts and luckily they were inside thoughts.  

"So...are you real?  I mean...hey cool...maybe. that a costume or are you the real deal? "   Medusa became slightly concerned.   "Athena?  Can you see his face?  Or he the real deal?! "     Her question back to Grim.  "Are you the real deal?! "    Biting her lower lip, as her head slightly shook. 

"Still gonna take the reaper over the Clown. I'm just sayin...okay?  So all of you know ahead of time."

November 02, 2018 09:00 am

Black Masquerade

The Clown

Dancing in places she clapped her hands together. "Thank you little girl scout!" She forked over the 3.50 and accepted her cookies. Now it was time for fun!

First she did a twirl, her skirt swooshed. That sound was music to her ears. Soon the clown was caught combination of twirls one way and then the next. The entire time her giggles were echoing throughout the Masquerade. Then she heard someone call her creepy. She stopped in mid-twirl. Her blue eyes gazed hard at the table of five. "Listen here lady!" She marched across the room to the table staring the lady in the white bed sheet down.

"I don't think a woman who's portraying the Goddess of War should be calling anyone creepy. According to stories she made THAT!" She pointed at Medusa. "Who even imagines to make someone into that? Someone evil and creepy!" She stomped her foot, crossed her arms over he chest, and began to sob. "Plus you invited everyone BUT me over. RUDE!"

No one would have expected such a joyful soul to grow so angry so fast. She was not an evil creepy clown in a sewer, she was a sweet clown buying cookies from a little girl scout and Athena was a word she wasn't going to use in front of that little girl scout!

Her head jerked towards Medusa for a minute. Take the Grim Reaper over a fun, happy clown with candy and balloons? She shook her head. "Lady, you're as nuts as the lady in the bed sheets. It's your loss because if I do say so myself, I'm delightful and entertaining!" Shrugging she then turned and skipped off towards the bar. Maybe they could make her a special drink, her favorite: an upside down lemon strawberry double lime mocha margarita with a triple shot of espresso!
November 02, 2018 06:24 pm

Black Masquerade


"I look so amazing just sitting here though!"

In truth dancing wasn't her thing, it never had been. "Uh, sure. I suppose."

"Listen here lady!

Before she could get up there was an unexpected outburst from of all people, the clown. ""I don't think a woman who's portraying the Goddess of War should be calling anyone creepy. According to stories she made THAT!" The words spewed from the clown's mouth like venom. Athena's stormy eyes narrowed upon the woman. Costume or not, things were about to go in a bad way. "I think you're taking things way to seriously. She twitched at what the clown said next.

"Who even imagines to make someone into that? Someone evil and creepy!" Was this clown kidding around or serious, she couldn't tell at this pint. Looking towards Medusa a second to see what kind of reaction the clown was getting out of her, she turned those gray-green hues over the others as well and then back to the clown. She was being punked, she just knew she was. "Take a step back and breathe. Frankly Medusa is a magnificent creature, both here and in mythology. She was Athena's best mistake." No one had time for this clown's drama on such a festive night.

The clown said her piece to Medusa and as quickly as she came she was gone. Well then. "More like delightful and psycho." She choked out slightly under her breath as the clown skipped away. Anything was bound to happen tonight.

Turning back to her companions at the table she just shrugged. Athena and a clown, yep tonight was full of the starting lines of a lot of bad jokes! "So... about that group dance..."
November 02, 2018 06:48 pm

Black Masquerade


She had compeltely forgot what she was saying when all of sudden, the creepy Clown decided to give her opinion to Athena.  This was definitely going to be interesting and she almost regretted for not being the actual Gorgon. Sitting back, eyes narrowing as she listened.  Her jaw clenched as the Clown continued on with her rant. 

When her anger shifted to Medusa, it was everything she could do not to stand up and come face to face with the individual.  This was a Halloween party and remembering that no violence was to commence, she sat there patiently. Her eyes followed Miss Clown, as Medusa gave her opinion and she knew the Clown would hear her.

"I never met a Clown that was 'cute' or 'sweet'.  All you clowns have a few tricks up your sleeve.  And for the record, the Clowns I've come across...well..they became unrecognizable...or the people that attacked were unrecognizable."     Picking up her drink, she finished it off before setting the glass down.  "Another thing, if we were the real deal, well...a lot more would suffer our rath."  Another glass was placed in front of her and she grinned and lifted the drink. "So, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!"   

November 02, 2018 06:54 pm

Black Masquerade


Downing that glass, she began to work on the other.   Athena's response was perfect.  

"You know Athena.  I really wish we were the real deal.  So much mouth for someone so unstable.  Then again, look at us.  As far as dancing, I need a few more drinks.  That was a complete buzz kill.  I was totally enjoying...well..time to enjoy more."    -be good, be good, be good, be good, be good-    "Love when my patience gets tested.  And don't listen to her.  You're the sexiest one here.  But that's just my opinion."   Medusa gave a snort as the thoughts came across.   "She'd be the one to watch out for.  They always carry knives..."    

November 02, 2018 07:08 pm

Black Masquerade

The Clown

She did not hear Medusa. There was nothing worth hearing, she'd already proven what kind of person she was. What did the woman want? A cookie for seeing a few clown movies? The woman had probably never met a clown in her life. No, she was already lost in her own little world again. It must be a terrible burden to have such a hateful heart, all she could do was wish the nasty gorgon the best from afar.

Plopping onto a stool at the bar she crossed one leg over the other, looking at the menu she sighed. Darn, darn, darn! She was going to have to pick something of this menu. Boo! "Okay, okay.. I'll have..." She ran her blue eyes up and down the menu. "Okay, I know... I'll have... no! no! Wait.." Then she had it! "Please mix me one River's Regenerating and one Cersei's Golden Champagne, together as one drink!" It sounded delicious. So full of imagination and charm, unlike others.

Then, after a few minutes the bartender brought her the two drinks, mixed together. She giggled and kicked her feet excitedly. "Oh! I can't wait to taste it!" She squealed at the bartender. She put the money owed on the counter and just stared at the drink in awe. It was so beautiful she wasn't sure if she wanted to taint it by drinking it. But she had to! She picked up the glass carefully with both hands and took a long drink. It ... was .. DELICIOUS! Again she squealed and this time spun around a few times on the swivel stool.

"Okay! One more of those! That should be enough!" Wait, something to eat! "Oh! Oh! Also Batter fried demon tail. Anything else? No, she was happy with that! Now she just had to wait for her food to come back. She spun around on the stool again, looked at the table where the rather nasty woman was and giggled before turning back around. She shoved the mass of disheveled blue locks out of her face. She would't let a couple of nincompoops ruin this night for her, not one bit!
November 02, 2018 07:31 pm

Black Masquerade

The Mime

A simple costume: Black leggings, stripped white and black shirt, a black fedora to replace the traditional style, white gloves, her face was painted white, and of course to add her own flair to the a pair of cute heels. It was perfect.

She sauntered up to the entrance and attempted to go through the door. An unseen force stopped her and sent her stumbling backwards. An exaggerated look of shock crossed her features. This would not stand!

Again she marched right up to the open door and tried to shove her way through. Her hands pressed against the air and it was no use she couldn't get through! She started yelling, but nothing came out! Mimes weren't known for their conversational.

The mime knew she had to get in there, she had to boogie until the cows came home! She proceeded to kick the air. Trying her damnedest to get the thing to open it wouldn't work.

Then she had an idea! She knocked on the air door and waited for someone to come let her in.
November 02, 2018 07:49 pm

Black Masquerade


The clown. She just left it at that. There wasn't enough time in the night to chase down each person who was offended. Life was far to short for that!

Taking off her helmet she sat it on the table. Her long, dark curls cascaded down her back as set them free. She was growing weary of all this back and forth. It was difficult to keep up with a conversation with five people and then there were others chiming in such as their friend the clown.

"You know Athena. I wish we were the real deal."

She wasn't sure what Medusa meant by that. Athena and Medusa were mortal enemies, it wasn't likely they'd go out for drinks together. She wasn't so sure Olympian's even went out for drinks. Of course if she were truly an Greek goddess she would be free to smite whoever she wished. Medusa was the perfect example of a God's power. Of course there weren't many who believed in the Pagan Gods of old anymore.

Reaching up she pulled the rubber band that was restraining her hair out and let her hair flow freely, it reached well below her waist. Sometimes her curls were a pain but the thought of cutting them was too much for her. She would suffer through before she would ever let that indignity fall on her.
November 02, 2018 08:27 pm

Black Masquerade


"A few more drinks sounds like a plan to me. She wasn't sure how dancing with a T-Rex and Grimm Reaper would go. She looked towards them both and a small smirk crept over her lips. "Reaper and Rexy, you go ahead and have the first dance. We'll join you soon."

She raised her hand at the server as he passed by. He'd figured out by now she was signaling for more drinks. She would be wiped if she kept this up, at least that's what he thought. Not the case at all, sadly the alcohol wasn't going to work for her, but she still loved the taste of that champagne. "I wasn't worried about her to begin with. I'm more worried about taking that conversation any further than it's already been." There was a simple solution she liked to follow when she finally had enough of someone, ignore them.

Smoothing out the wrinkles in her robe, she stared down at it. Perhaps it resembled a bed sheet a bit but a very well made one with very intricate embroidery on it! "Awe, well thank you for the compliment. You truly needn't worry. The opinions of sheep don't matter to a lion." By which she meant the clown was the sheep and Athena was the lion.

Tapping her fingers on the table a moment she glanced towards the door. A mime. Nope, not happening, no way no how! As though a clown wasn't creepy enough!

Reaching for her helmet she placed it back on her head not bothering to secure her curls back in place. Then she bounced to her feet. "You know, I think dancing sounds exquisite right now. No reason the cave people should have the dance floor to themselves all night!" She attempted to grab Medusa's arm and practically drag her to the dance floor. "Come on Reaper and Rexy. Look out right behind you Fred and Wilma!"
November 02, 2018 08:29 pm

Black Masquerade


The thought of Lions tickled her senses.  They were so pretty and scary, not at all creepy.  Looking over at Grim, who was awkwardly silent, she wondered what he was doing or planning.    -He's a creepy kind of cool-     It out of the corner of her eye that she saw Athena move and looking toward that direction, a brow raise.

"'s not a Clown and I never understood them.  Then again, I have to voice my opinion because..well..I can. But that would be...ya know, I have no idea. "

When Athena latched on, just about dragging her, her headpiece just about fell off.  One hand came up and secured the head piece, she couldn't help but laugh.  Finally able to catch herself, so her feet were underneatch her, she followed Athena to the dance floor and almost bumped into Fred and Wilma. 

"Okay...I gotcha..hang on...or I'll hang on.  Aww, do you think Rex and Grim will dance?  Although, his body language doin't feel right.  I'm gonna blame the clown for that one...even if her intentions were good."

November 02, 2018 09:23 pm

Black Masquerade

The Grim Reaper


He ignored the others' laughter as he was dusted. However, the dinosaur spoke again and got his attention. "Yes, it is. I am not one for dancing." He chuckled darkly at Medusa's question as he turned to the Gorgon. "Perhaps, perhaps not. Ask no questions, tell you no lies."

November 03, 2018 04:37 am
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