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The Black Masquerade~ 2018 *Closed*


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Black Masquerade

The Girl Scout

She looked at the Snake Lady, shocked that she would suggest that something was done to the cookies. Cookies were pure! She shook her head no, her eyes still wide at the mere thought of such a terrible thing. She then turned her attention to the Greek Lady who was kind enough to purchase a few boxes. She completed the transaction passing along the colorful boxes of tasty treats. When they all started talking of dancing and flirting things, she picked up her wagon handle with the pretty balloon still attached and made her way over to the food table. She had been smiling all night and her cheeks were starting to hurt.

All of the food looked yummy, and messy. She ordered a small plate of the Angel Wings and Demon Wings hoping they weren't REAL! She had to take her white gloves off to eat, as the BBQ looking sauce would just ruin the carefully bleached white color. The Girl Scout wrinkled her nose. She could still recall having to scrub them in the funny smelling liquid and water so many time to get the look. It DID earn her a 'Housekeeping" patch so it was worth the effort.

Her eyes scanned the room watching all the activity. Animated conversations, dancing, drinking. She noticed the big Tide Pod wandering about. She had heard about those things at school. All the Teachers and Parent's were so worried about them but she didn't understand why. Weren't they just for laundry? Adults are so silly sometimes. She bet it smelled really nice though. With a smile she had a lovely thought.

The Girl Scout Law says that she will be friendly and helpful, considerate and caring, courageous and strong. Taking the words to heart, she felt sorry for the poor bum that was falling off his chair looking so hungry. She made a plate of the food from the table and picked up her wagon handle and walked along the perimeter of the Hall. She made sure to pass the Tide Pod, and breathed in the soapy, clean smell. Once she had that filling her senses, she wheeled her way over to the bum. With her most sincere smile, she offered him the plate of food she had gotten. "Hello Sir, you looked hungry so I brought you this."

November 03, 2018 06:42 am

Black Masquerade


Clowns were creepy sure, but mimes were the stuff nightmares were made of. Hell. F-cking. No. She was not opening that imaginary door.

"It's a mime, it's evil. It will reap all our souls, even the Grimm Reapers." Not waiting for that by the time someone one let her in Athena would be across the room. Perhaps the Mime and Clown were friends. That would make sense. "Their painted white faces, over exaggerated expressions, and silence is disturbing. Let's avoid that."

She did drag Medusa right do the dance floor. Perhaps it looked more like Athena dragging Medusa to her death to onlookers. Except the problem was that person she wanted to drag to their death was that damn Mime.

Then they were at the dance floor, just in time the music changed from a slow song to something more upbeat. Something she could dance to. So she did.

"I think the clown is caught up in whatever the heck she's doing, so good for us." She glanced at the Mime who still seemed stuck on the other side of that imaginary door. "I think they'll have a beautiful friendship."

Her robes flowed around her, thank goodness she wouldn't have been able to move so well in tight jeans. The armor was real so it was a bit heavy, but she wasn't taking it off. It had been on the pricey side, she'd have to wear it the next four Halloweens to make it worth what she paid. However, it tied her whole costume together so it was worth it. Mimes and clowns aside, the night was amazing.
November 03, 2018 08:41 am

Black Masquerade

The T-Rex

Well. This was not going quite how she planned. First she had asked Athena and Medusa to dance, Athena said yes but changes her mind and takes Medusa to the dance floor instead. She shrugged, admitting it was only fitting that a Grecian goddess and a Gorgon get grooving. Then, Mr OG cool, calm and collected himself declines her offer to wet his whistle on the dance floor, (lick his scythe.. whatever you want to call it) citing that he 'doesn't dance'. Obviously forgetting that this is a masquerade party.. And you know, people at parties normally dance. She huffed, causing her inflatable costume to jiggle. She guessed that saying wasn't true for her, "You can be a king or a street sweeper, but everyone dances with the grim reaper". Probably because dinosaurs weren't really his thing (not that she could blame him, really) and that they happened to be killed off by a giant asteroid, not a glorified skeleton in a dress with a long pointy stick.

It was at that point she decided she wasn't going to give up. Not like her ancestors before her! She was going to dance whether an asteroid hit this place and all that was left was a smoking pile of boulders and bones or not! This was going to be her night. She was sure of it! With all her new-found fury she collected herself and stood up from the table suddenly, sending the drinks wobbling once again, before marching in the direction of the Tide Pod. Unfortunately she misjudged the distance between herself and the pointy end of the Grim Reaper's long stick. His scythe slightly tearing in to the shoulder of her costume as she stormed past.

Time stopped. She swore the music stopped too, (Fred and Wilma probably didn't stop but we'll never know) because all she could hear was the wooooosh of the sudden escape of air out of her inflatable suit. Her heartbeat filled her ears and her entire face turned the darkest shade of beetroot as her costume collapsed in on itself. In five seconds flat she went from a stomping Tyrannosaurus-Rex-on-a-mission to a floppy rubber snake. Her tail dragging behind her and the suit smothering her lithe frame. She was sure she resembled more of a squashed toad with the snout now covering her entire head and making it incredibly difficult to see.

Her voice now barely a squeak as she hitched up the remnants of her costume and moved past the Grim Reaper, "Excuse me." Before sliding herself over to the Tide Pod, the ominous swirling smoke around her feet becoming caught up, floating and making it look like steam was almost coming out of her ears from the embarrassment. She looked up, though she was certain they wouldn't be able to tell, with the weight of the deflated costume covering her head. Her little voice almost as little as her tiny T-Rex arms, "I might not be Fred Flinstone, but I can make your bedrock?"
November 03, 2018 10:32 am

Black Masquerade



As she went, more like yanked, to the dance floor, her body moved to the music but she couldn't really see the mime, for Athena had her eyes on it the whole time.  This made Medusa laugh as she danced.   Poor Athena was NOT having it.  As they ignored the Clown, because well, she had her own lil thing going on, Rob Zombies, Living Dead Girl, came over the speakers.  Medusa's body moved to the beat, looking very odd as it looked like she was floating.  The dance floor was already covered with fog, so it was quite fitting.  As she turned, her head went back as she laughed.   Oh, how fitting! 

Once her laughter died down,  eyes catching the attention of Rex and her custome.  "Ooh, a just...oh that's not good."   She winced but saw her attention was drawn to T-Pod.  Nodding, she agreed  "Perfect"     And went back to dancing.   Although as her head bopped, her body swayed matching the beat, she couldn't get her mind off of Grim and his words.   -Damn, he's gotta be like a Demon or something.  Which is even more fitting...maybe I can google it.-  She thought to herself .   As she looked to Athena, who was way to fixed on the mime and it only caused her to laugh.   


November 03, 2018 11:45 am

Black Masquerade

The Girl Scout

She heard the WHOOSH and quickly looked towards the sound just in time to watch the poor dinosaur begin to shrivel. She didn't know what happened, but there was some black mist and the tail in a small thin mess on the floor. She just knew she had to act. She didn't wait for the bum and instead put the plate on the chair she was about to sit in. She quickly walked to her wagon - and being prepared - reached into the side and pulled out her sewing kit. She made her way not wanting to watch an extinction.

She passed the main entrance and paused. There was a mime there, knocking on an invisible door and waiting to be let in. She had her white gloves on, having donned them again when she brought the plate of food to the bum. She paused, even as the dinosaur was getting smaller. She placed her sewing kit to the side, and silently began sliding and unbolting locks down an unseen door and then turned the door handle. She opened it and made a grand sweeping gesture while bowing slightly, trying to usher the Mime inside with a welcoming smile.

She then picked up her sewing kit and hurried over to the other side of the room, ready to offer help.

November 03, 2018 03:52 pm

Black Masquerade


She could understand why the Reaper didn't care do dance. It wasn't her thing either, but she try anything to keep her distance from that Mime.

"There are two things creepier than a Mime, frogs and Jesus pictures with the eyes that follow you around the room. Especially those pictures, those are level five on the creeper scale." She was glad no one came dressed as that, though she'd have to say that would be original.

Her toga was dragging on the ground and catching at her feet as she moved. She should have opted for something a bit shorter, that wouldn't have fit her vision of Athena. In looks she was probably as far from descriptions of the Olympian Goddess as she could get. She didn't have an olive complexion or fair hair, at least not at the moment... that was a story for another time. Her grayish-green gaze was the only thing that was similar. She could have worn make up and a wig but why hide what was already wonderful.

Medusa was going on about those cookies again. She must have missed the two boxes sitting on the table. For Athena sweets didn't sit well, she preferred red meat to anything else. That was just her nature. She let Medusa continue on as her gaze caught sight of the Girl Scout unlocking the imaginary locks on the imaginary door.
November 03, 2018 10:16 pm

Black Masquerade



Her words came too late, the Girl Scout wandered off get her I Let a Mime in the Masquerade badge or something like that. Now the damn Mime was free to roam around the Masquerade spreading her silent entertainment around. That pained white face and those white gloves made her shudder. She was starting to feel like the night would never end. She tried to ignore it but she looked over at it ever few seconds, she knew any moment it would be in the same room with her.

"Cookies, um yeah.

"Yeah, I think I'll go have some of those cookies now. That sounds spectacular. I need another drink anyways. Coming?"

She didn't wait, of course Medusa probably wanted to dance. This was a party, sitting at a table wasn't a great social standard. Athena had no plans for cookies or to sit down. She would be quick prey for the Mime's act that way! She would need to move quickly if she was going to escape! Reaching the table she stopped. Glancing at the Reaper, really he kind of resembled a Mime bit.. that made him instantly more creepy than before.

She snatched up her half full glass and drained it quick. Then the other was in hand. She glanced at the .. snake? Interesting. Taking another long sip of her drink she decided to play it cool. Mimes could smell fear after all.
November 03, 2018 10:16 pm

Black Masquerade


She stopped dancing all together when Athena, more or less,  shouted  'No!'.    Turning her head, now seeing what the reason was, giving a nod, it was..well...creepy.  But the Clown was the one who freaked out Medusa the most.   Once they reached the table, Harely still hadn't moved and neither did grim.  -Weird-  she thought, before sitting down. 

"Was it weird that as soon as the song ended, that mime came in?  Could be just me "   There were two Martini's waiting for her when she sat back down.   Searching Athena's eyes, seeing them studied on Grim for a brief moment, caused Medusa to turn and look.  But as usual, he was just..there.  She didn't dare put a hand up to his face well, because one never knew what would happen and she wasn't about to chance it.  But Harley hadn't moved.  She was just sitting there, looking rather blank.

"Well, he hasn't moved much but neither has Harely.  Do you think she's still alive?  Or is she sleeping."  Her shoulders shrugged and instantly picked up one glass and began to drink.

"Soon, I'll have to go, cause I feel itchy but my drinks are still here, begging for attention. Ignoring them wouldn't be nice. "

November 03, 2018 11:17 pm

Black Masquerade

Tide Pod

Clown. Mime. Tide Pod’s worst nightmares had come true. How did they not notice these two? Orange and blue eyes glanced at the plate full of food. Oh yeah, preoccupied by the delicious treats. Speaking of..

Tide Pod saw the Girl Scout, expected her to stop and offer her wares.. especially when the girl took the time to sniff Tide Pod.. but she kept rolling right on by. Did TP smell? A sniff or two confirmed freshness. A scowl appeared. The detergent pod could really use a box or ten of thin mints maybe some of those peanut butter sandwich cookies. Whatever the heck they were called. Hell, the soap substitute would buy the whole wagon of treats if the Girl Scout would just stop..

Tide Pod was evil.

"I might not be Fred Flinstone, but I can make your bedrock?"

Was someone speaking to them? Tide Pod turned mid bite of a deep fried demon tail to see a.. well.. a deflated T-Rex. Expression turned from horror to amusement, poor thing was probably embarrassed by the sudden lack of air in their costume, so the detergent pod conceded.

“Shall we?” TP extended an arm to allow T-Rex passage towards the dance floor.

Look out Fred and Wilma. We coming for you.
November 03, 2018 11:47 pm

Black Masquerade

The Mime

As she continued knocking no one came at first. Cupping her hands against the false glass of the door made of air she looked through to see if anyone was coming there was a little girl headed her way.

Crossing her arms over her chest she checked the watch that she wasn't wearing and then tapped her foot impatiently. The party would not wait for her and pumpkin hour was approaching.

Then the little girl, who she then recognized to be a girl scout carefully unlocked on the imaginary door. She cupped her gloved hands together in the shape of a heart once the door opened to show her appreciation. Then she gave a swift bow, tipping her had to the girl scout when then wandered off to sell her cookies. The mime hoped that there was a badge for being kind to a stranger or mime.

The costumes were strange, wonderful and just all around delightful.

The Mime trotted into the room tripping over her own feet in an exaggerated manner. Catching herself dramatically her hand popped over her mouth as though she was shocked. Then she heard Athena and Medusa talking about her. That was kind of rude! She stood up straight and popped her hands on her hips in disbelief.

As Athena left the dance floor the mime followed, now imitating the Greek goddess's walk just a few steps behind she and Medusa. Once they reached their table she stopped several feet away. Hand on her hip, exaggerating her attitude in her movements since mimes don't talk. She waved her finger and gave them looks of anger, shock, and displeasure. Then she turned and flipped her air hair (because her actual hair was pulled up in a bun) and sauntered way. That would show them!

November 04, 2018 12:25 am

Black Masquerade


Athena wished the Mime would eat a Tide Pod, that might help put her out of her misery.

She could feel the the Mime watching her, stalking her. It was going to eat her soul.

She had taken a few more sips of her drink before she actually realized the Mime had followed them from the dance floor. She screamed! Her glass went flying and landed no where near the Mime, it was a good thing it was a plastic flute and not glass. If it landed on someone, she didn't care at the moment. She cowered a bit as the Mime seemed to be scolding them. Had she heard them? That was even worse.

"Just go away!"

That seemed to work because the Mime sauntered off in a different direction. She breathed a sigh of relief. That darn girl scout! Someone needed to talk to that kid about answering the door for strangers or something!

"You think?" Was the universe working against her? Someone was out to get her! She knew it all along. Of course she didn't share those thoughts, she didn't want to seem like she had lost her mind or anything like that. Instead she just nodded. "Yeah, you're right. that was strange." Now that the Mime was gone she relaxed a little and sat back in her seat.

Athena looked at their table mates and shrugged. "The night will be winding down in a few hours I suspect." The club had to close sometime, they didn't have their VIP lounges open very often. In fact this was the first even she could recall for awhile. "Perhaps they're just tired." She wasn't tired but she was certainly sick of dealing with the town crazies. An altercation might get her banned for life though! She might not ever come back but she damn well was going to have the option if she wanted it!

"Or they're lost in their own thoughts. Seems likely for the Reaper."

She signaled the server, a woman this time. That adorable young man must have gotten off for the night. Sad. "Three, no one or two but three glasses of Cersei's Golden Champagne and three of whatever my friend here is having." She didn't even have on to sip on since her drink had gone flying a few minutes before. "Also, please be quick.

"I don't imagine I'll be far behind you, things seem to be coming to a bit of a halt." Sad, there were at least a few hours left. She slid the two boxes of cookies over to Medusa. "There you go.
November 04, 2018 12:51 am

Black Masquerade

The T-Rex

She was surprised when Tide Pod offered their arm, her large green eyes exposed as she moved her deflated maw just off her face so she could see again. She wasn't sure whether TP was just feeling sorry for her but at this point she didn't really care. This was a party. And party she wanted to do. And if Tide Pod was the one to dance with her, she wasn't going to complain. They at least seemed in a better mood than Grim, who still looked like a dusted cookie.. Maybe the Girl Scout would sell him too? She linked her hand on to Tide Pod's arm, following their lead with a bounce in her step. Or as much bounce as she could muster being deflated and all.

Her head swivelled as she watched the mime being let in, a slight shudder of her shoulders. Being the brave dinosaur she was (not including her previous nervous incidents) she didn't let it faze her. She was too busy being enamoured with her soapy partner. Almost blinded by the orange and blue as she blinked at them. Her smile bright and toothy, she grinned at Tide Pod. Her hips swayed and she was happy, enjoying the black masquerade, not noticing the girl scout stalking her.
November 04, 2018 01:44 am

Black Masquerade

The Grim Reaper


He snorted at the T-rex's words. "Everyone but Gorgons, goddesses and dinosaurs." He chuckled with amusement as the poor dino's costume was punctured by his scythe. "Woops." He then turned to Athena and Medusa as they came back. The Mime did not bother him and he gave the silent entertainer a nod before she flounced away.

November 04, 2018 04:47 am

Black Masquerade


When Athena screamed, Medusa was just finishing her drink when she damn near choked to death.  Coughing and sputtering, she couldn't help but glare as the mime 'told' them off.  -Seriously?!-   She had never seen anything like that before and them not being able to..or wanting to talk, was..well it didn't make any sense but she was glad to see her go away.

Her hand came up as she wiped her mouth.  This was embarrassing but seeing Athena's face was..well..there was just no words.

"Girl, you tryin to kill me?  Cause's kinda working."    Clearing her throat, her head shook.  "Yes, I do know what you mean but hey, she's gone.  It's okay.  I think everyone has found there spot...except for Miss Quinn over here, which I'm not sure if she's alive.  She hasn't even blinked."     Her gaze soon landed on Grim as she became more intrigued by the moment.  

"You know, you really need to call me later...or find me...if you can."  Snorting, she didn't think anyone knew who she really was and that was the fun better, if not the best.  And then an idea popped in her head.  "Oooh, we should play hide and seek after...or not.  Well....Okay, so it sounded fun in my head and now a bit ridiculous after I said it.  I mean, it could happen, right?   Or not... "

Her drink came just in the knick of time.   At least she would swallow something a bit better.  Handing Athena some money for the cookies, she grinned and swallowed the mouth full of liquid.   "Thank You my dear and here you go."

November 04, 2018 02:22 pm

Black Masquerade

The T-Rex

She jumped slightly as she heard a flap of wings above her head, peering up she blinked and muttered to TP that she really didn't like bats, almost as much as she didn't like mimes. Being careful not to look anywhere else except for the dance floor. Because who knew where that creepy mime went! Let alone the crazy clown. She really hoped that maybe the Girl Scout did lace her cookies, if only to keep the clown in the bathroom or something...

The music had changed, something oh so familiar. She squealed in delight and removed her hand from Tide Pod's arm. "TIDE POD. I KNOW THE DANCE MOVES FOR THIS SONG!"  The utter excitement in her voice evident along with the dinosaur stomp she was now doing with her feet. She spun around in a circle and clapped her hands to the intro beat of Michael Jackson’s Thriller blasting over the sound system.  A quick inhale as she pretty much became a T-Rexed up version of MJ himself, though maybe a little saggy in places due to the now-floppy costume.

She stomped around Tide Pod, her hands on their shoulders briefly, in her best zombie impersonation, her little voice singing along. “You close your eyes, and hope that this is just imagination, girl but all the while, you hear a creature creeping up behind… you're out of time..” Before spinning around to clutch TP’s side like in the video clip and moving around in front. “Night creatures call, and the dead start to walk in their masquerade, there's no escaping the jaws of the alien this time (they're open wide) this is the end of your life, they're out to get you, there's demons closing in on every side… they will possess you unless you change that number on your dial, now is the time for you and I to cuddle close together.. all through the night I'll save you from the terror on the screen, I'll make you see..” Her hands quickly cup their face, (or tried to) before spinning out a little in to the middle of the foggy dancefloor.

Step two, three, four.. shoulder up, shoulder up, up and sliiiideeeee, arms out! Hip thrust, head flick, side step, side step, T-rex claws, T-rex claws and spin to the other side. Muttering “T-rex claws, T-rex claws”, step to the left and shuffle, step to the right and thrust two and three! Clap! Hands up! Drop dowwwwwwwwwn, head wiggle and dinosaur stomp! Shoulders up, glance right, clap! Slideee to the left, head wiggle, dinosaur stomp! Shoulders up, glance right! And “Shimmy, shimmy shimmy shimmyyyyy”  She sings before shimmy-ing like a car wash roller, swooshing and shimmy-ing, spinning around and tripping on her deflated tail falling right in to Tide Pod’s chest. "Oof!!"

November 04, 2018 08:57 pm
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