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The Hagstone


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*Tomorrow was Chloe's birthday, Nyx's owner. The teenage girl often talked about wanting to get one of her own, the cat was listening and smiled to herself. Nyx knew where to obtain the perfect hagstones as summoned a portal to Ireland. In the Emerald Isle, Samhain was taking foot there as the cat procured quite a few more gifts like candy, Halloween themed snowglobes with glitter instead of the white rice-like substance, and many more. Nyx stored those gifts in a safe, undisclosed location before having to enter the Sidhe in persuit of a hagstone. The Sidhe was a place of pure and the feline was confident that a hagstone would be there; she enters the realm in search of a river. The Fey didn't seemed bothered by her alas they know not of the power Nyx wielded. She had been hoping this adventure would be uneventful.*

September 30, 2018 09:48 pm


*Nyx approaches a nearby river and scans the water looking for a hagstone. She spots one and dives in, once she got close to it she snatches it up with her mouth and retreats back to dry land. The cat shakes the water off vigorously still holding the stone in her mouth then once she dried off sets the stone down to examine it more closely. The hagstone was black and oval-shaped with 3 holes in it, Nyx smiles to herself believing he had the perfect stone.*

October 01, 2018 11:38 pm
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