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Pumpkin Spice Trouble


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Elsyna Sinclaire

 Tap...tap...tap. Elsyna’s pen repeatedly tapped the notebook in front of her. The page was blank but her head was full of ideas. However, these ideas were not forming together how she wanted. Mossy green hues traced the lines on the paper; hoping maybe this would spark some creative break. Nope. Nothing. Elle let out a groan as she slammed her pen down on the wood table before her. Her eyes left the blank paper and began to search around the diner. It was a cool fall evening and that just so happened to be a popular time around here. The air was filled with pumpkin spice and apple cider. It was a very warm and welcoming smell. However, she decided to stick with coffee. This ‘coffee’ consisted of a ton of cream and sugar then a splash of coffee. Or so that’s how the barista described it.

Small, slender fingers wrapped around the coffee cup as she lifted it to her lips. The warmth was the main reason she wanted coffee. Her lips parted and she began to sip on the coffee. Her mind began to wander as she let the warmth of the coffee soothe her. She was new to this area and so far she has gotten a pretty warm welcome. Never in her wildest dreams did she think she’d fit in so quickly. Elsyna has never been the one to fit in, she was more like a drifter. Just wandering around ‘cliques’ whenever she felt like. Or even just keeping to herself most of the time. But in the week she’s been here she’s already found a home to belong to. It was a wonderful feeling. But now it was time for a job.

Elle was a writer. However, that did not really pay the bills. It was an inconsistent and competitive job. She’s bounced from reported at NEWS stations and even took a job as an editor for a publishing firm. They were both interesting positions. Elle lowered the cup to the table absentmindedly and she continued to get lost in her thoughts. What would be an easy job for her? Something to just get started? WAIT. She could work here! This seemed easy. Just wait a few tables and BAM money! She shook herself from her thoughts as she began eyeing the cashier. She needed to ask for an application right away. She could even complete it here!  The young woman shot up from her booth and marched over the to cashier. She cleared her throat before she spoke, a calm smile took over her lips, “Hello there. I was wondering if you were hiring?” The cashier was an older lady, gray short hair and a i-hate-my-job expression on her face.

The elderly lady grunted before she spoke, “Do you even know how to wait tables?” This caused Elle to furrow her brow. She really hasn’t before, but how hard could it be? It’s a simple game of find out what they want and grab it, right? Elle’s mossy green eyes looked around for a moment as she formulated an answer.

“W-well I have not, but I feel up to learning.” She attempted to make her voice sound eager. There was a slight crack but other than that it sounded fluent to her. -Smile- She told herself. It was all about the looks. If you look ready, you can pass as ready. Who cares if she needs to do a little on the job training, she’d get there.

The elderly woman hesitantly reached below the counter and produced an packet of papers. She placed it on the table, then slide it over to Elsyna. “Here. Fill this out and someone will probably call you for an interview.” Elle snatched the paper as her face lit up with excitement. She was not excited to be a waitress but she was excited to start earning a living. Her saving would only last her so long unemployed.

“Thank you so much!” Maybe that was too eager sounding. After all this wasn’t a career just a temporary job. The woman rolled her eyes and went back to messing with the cash register.

On her way back to the booth something caught her attention. The bell above the cafe door rang as a guest entered. But something was off. The air began to feel cooler as goosebumps engulfed her skin. Her eyes flickered to the door and there she saw it. It was a man in a mask with a gun. The man stayed by the door as he began shouting orders. “No one move! If any of you move I will not hesitate to shoot you.” 

Elle’s face went pale as her application slipped from her fingers and hit the floor. She was in trouble here.
October 05, 2018 07:24 pm

Elsyna Sinclaire

The shrieks of frightened patrons filled her ears as she snapped back into reality. “I said DO NOT MOVE!” The masked man’s attention was now on Elle. “Now every get down and put your hands above your head. I do not have time for any interruptions.” The man glanced down at his watch, as if he had a time to keep. All the patrons slowly hit their knees then went down to the stomachs. Elsyna did not move. Her eyes were glued to the masked man. Her eyes traced his face as if adding it to memory. She was trying to decide if he was a REAL threat or just a scared little boy holding a gun. His forehead began to perspire and she also noted his gun was shaking due to an unsteady hand. “I do not give out my orders twice. I said get down.”

A sickening smirk consumed Elsyna’s lips. “For a man who says he doesn’t give out orders twice, you clearly just did.” Oh no. Not now, Elle. It’s not time for that. Elsyna still hasn’t moved but her gaze is now locked with his. Her once mossy green eyes now flash a startling honey gold as her body begins to fill with rage. “Now I suggest you put that gun down before someone gets hurt.” At this point Elle is taking slow steps towards the man with an outstretched hand.

“You crazy b!tch.” BAM. The man fires the gun. It’s honestly a pathetic attempt. The bullet whirls right past Elle’s shoulder barely grazing her. She was hit, but it was nothing a bandaid couldn’t fix.

A growl began to form in her throat and her voice was getting deeper as she spoke, “Well look you shot me. Good job. My turn.” She lunged towards him. She grabbed his wrist and twisted it until the gun fell. Before she realized she had the man on the ground whimpering for her to stop. CRACK. Ooops, did she break something? Serves him right. Elle leaned down close to his face and spoke in a raspy voice, “If I EVER see you in here again you’re a dead man.” A maniacal laugh escaped her as she pushed herself off the man and began straightening herself up. Elle tossed a wink in his direction then made her way to the door.

October 06, 2018 02:01 pm

Elsyna Sinclaire

The soothing chime of the café doorbell filled her ears as she made her way outside. Had she let her anger get the best of her? Or did she do the right thing? Perhaps a little of both. No matter, hopefully that man will think twice before going back into that café to cause trouble. A groan escaped her as she thought about the incident once more. She could not work there now. It would just be awkward and she'd have to explain herself. No, nope, not happening. She'll look elsewhere for employment and a decent place to have a cup of coffee. She groaned internally.

The crisp autumn air filled her lungs as she inhaled deeply. This was her season. Not too hot and not too cold. Perfect weather for being outside. Elle brushed her hair back behind her ears as a content smile stretched across her face. She was already beginning to relax after café incident. But maybe that moment of relaxation came too soon. A group of footsteps started to approach her from behind. Her smile faded and was replaced by an annoyed look. "Who the hell." Elle and glanced behind her. A group of men, including the one who attempted to rob the café earlier, were forming up behind her.

"This is the girl that beat you up?" A man asked the robber. He began to look her up and down. Elle was small in stature, standing only 5'4 and weighing roughly 130 pounds. The robber in turn was roughly 6'0 and 200 pounds. So, she wasn't surprised at the tone of voice the other man had when asking that question.

A seemingly innocent smile spread across Elsyna's rosy lips as she asked, "Do we have a problem, boys?" Elle tilted her head as she tried to read their expressions. None of them looked scared. Some of them were even laughing. She would too if she was in their shoes. Nothing about her looked frightening. However, she WAS terrifying if you pissed her off. Which these boys might end up doing.

The robber took a step forward, standing just in front of the group of men. "Yeah, we came to teach you a lesson with interfering with our work." The man puffed his chest up as he attempted to look all big and bad. Even though he just had his a$$ handed to him by seemingly small woman. Elsyna giggled maniacally as she took a few steps closer to the man, which caused him to take one back.

"You had to go get your friends, huh? Four against one does not seem fair, does it?"
October 10, 2018 01:24 pm
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