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Shadow Dance


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Poppy Adler

One by one the neon signs went out, until only the moonlight were left to fight the darkness. The buildings stood like towering monsters on parade, dark and imposing. Tucked away behind a grand oak, Poppy Adler watched the night come to life. From hidden doorways and darkened alleys, they appeared in the blink of an eye. Creatures of darkness and night, looking no different than Poppy herself.

"Are you sure you want to play in the shadows with us?"

Muffling a scream, Poppy turned and glared at Atticus. She had been too enraptured watching the emergence, to realize he was creeping up on her. Silly, stupid move. Definitely not something she should continue to do, should she want to stay alive for more than one night.

Watching the shadows flicker across his face, she relaxed a little bit. Beneath the layers of a battle hardened man, he still carried traces of humor. Not something many got to see often, if at all, but tonight he was letting her get a rare closer look.

“I know father sent you, but I wonder..”

Mumbling under her breath, Poppy tried hard not to stomp her foot in protest. She already knew where the conversation was going, because they had had it countless times before. Atticus didn’t think she was ready, father had faith and Poppy sometimes was too easily distracted. Tonight was nothing more than another round on the dance floor to that particular tune.

“Please don’t Atticus. I don’t think there’s anyone left, who does not know your thoughts on this subject.”

At least Poppy knew she sometimes got distracted, but it was not every time and she could usually catch herself doing it.

“You do know this was my first emergence right? Which do you think is safer? Quietly watching from beginning til the end, or just barge in completely unprepared?”

She should have been more aware, but Poppy knew there was only one way for Atticus to reply. He was always harping at her about being prepared.

“Damn, I dislike it when you use my own words against me.”

“Life’s a b1tch, isn’t it?”
October 08, 2018 07:43 pm

Poppy Adler

Without warning Atticus grabbed Poppy by the scruff of her neck, frog-marching her back to the house.

"Sorry princess. I know it's fun using my words, but not tonight. Danger lurks everywhere."

Hissing and spitting, Poppy tried to kick him in the shins, but Atticus was too strong and his arms just long enough to keep himself at a safe distance from her attentions.

"Fvck you and the bike you rode in on. I am neither a princess nor am I yours to command. Go find someone else to bug. I do not need your protection."

Grinding her teeth, Poppy continued to fight against his iron grip. She hated when he thought he could move her around according to his own whimsies. That might have worked when she was young and a lot more innocent. Now she was not young, nor was she completely innocent about most things in life.

Slamming the door in his face, Poppy waited a long hour after she had heard his footsteps disappear down the hallway, and another hour for good measure. She had tried to leave the house unannounced before, but Atticus had a sixth sense about her coming and going, and was always waiting outside the door to her room or by the gate to her fathers estate.

Stuffing a duffel bag with some of her most practical clothes, and the chargers for the various devices she could not live without, Poppy took one last look around her room. About to become a statistic, she waited another couple of minutes before pulling the door open. The house was finally quiet, and the nightlights along the sweeping staircase glowed softly in the darkness. She would miss that, and all the trips down the bannister.

First stop... Buy a burner phone until she could get the tracking apps off her iPhone.
October 10, 2018 02:07 pm

Poppy Adler

Waiting in the shadows, Atticus watched Poppy appear from inside the house, quickly heading in a straight line towards the gate. First throwing the duffel bag over, she quickly scaled the fence. With a hint of humor showing on his face, Atticus tapped the ear piece.

"As expected Miss Poppy has left the building. All units in place. Do not contact her even if she decide to leave the country."

Another emergence had taken place. This one was not of the monstrous variety, but just as important if not more so.
The night had turned even darker than it had been hours earlier when Poppy watched the emergence and every sign and streetlight had gone dark. It was difficult telling road from field, and passing cars from the pounding in her ears. This time she had really done it. Managed to slip out of the house without being stopped like the little girl they thought she still was. It was terribly exciting, even if she was going to miss the place she had always known as home.

And Atticus... He was a pain in her rear. Always there lurking, catching her at the most inopportune times and sometimes using it as blackmail. Oh but he looked good, and had been the star of more than one dream.

Burrowing her hands deeper into her pockets, Poppy shivered a bit against the cold. It was definitely not summer anymore, and fall was edging closer and closer to winter. Maybe she should have waited for spring, but where would the fun be in that?
October 12, 2018 06:53 pm
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