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Cold dungeon walls, the stains of the dead plastered against the brick. What horrors this dungeon contained, only the dead could say. Starvation, flayings, beheadings, some of the more tame endings for the denizens.of this pit of horror.

HMC stared at the body before him, the life drained from it moments earlier. This one had been a tough nut to crack. She screamed, they all scream after all. She cried and pleaded for her life as well. She had the information he so desired, but the ***** held on to it. When he tore the skin from her breasts, the pain she must have felt was incomprehensible to him. Why won't she break? She had to soon, if she didn't, she was surely going to die. And that's exactly what happened.

Her eyes went lifeless as the last of her teeth were ripped from her bleeding mouth and her body slumped in the chair she was chained to.

Still the demon was no closer to knowing the name of the hunter he sought.

October 09, 2018 09:03 pm


At least tonight he would feed on fresh human flesh and not the rancid corpses he had been used to eating.

Still, it bothered him why she refused to break. He could see the fear in her eyes each time he tried a new torture tactic. Until she finally bled out, he could smell the fear and terror eminating from her. Yet she did not reveal her secrets to him.

That meant she feared whoever it was she was protecting more than she feared dying.

This put a new twist on things for HMC.

November 30, 2018 05:47 pm


HMC licked the blood from his fingers, savouring the taste of Jennifer Fowler.

"Goddamn she was delicious" he thought to himself.

His joy at consuming a human fresh and whole was short lived however. He needed to find out who was behind the rash of demon deaths in the Realm. Time was a commodity he had little of in this case. He would have to go after the next name on his list and see if they were any less loyal, or fearful of their master. Hell, he'd murder the wole entire list of names if had to in order to get to his prey.

Martin Voormann.


Last known location: London

Description: No known images in existence

Notes: Low level enforcer for the Sanctuaries. Motivated by money.

HMC could use that last bit of information to his advantage. Not that he would pay the Angel. They tasted as good as humans and they screamed louder when you bit into them. 

"Well Mr. Voormann, looks like you and I have a date in London."

December 07, 2018 07:43 pm


HMC stood outside the Royal Bull pub. Martin Voormann was inside drinking, a lot. HMC had paid the bartender a handsome fee to make sure his glass was never empty. Enforcers were dumb as rocks, but strong as an ox. He wasn't looking for a drawn out fight with this *******.

Around midnight, he watch as the oaf stumbled outside and appeared to check all of his pockets for his keys. Another payout had ensured that he left the pub without his keys.

All HMC had to do now was fall instep behind Martin and wait til he turned down a dark street. Dark thanks to some old fashioned vandalism on his part.

December 18, 2018 07:16 pm
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