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The Haunted Manor


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Welcome to our first annual haunted house. Let's get in the Halloween spirit!

The Haunted House will run from 8:30 PM on October 18 until 11:00 PM on October 26th (Realm time). Ending just in time for the Black Masquerade to begin!

Everyone is encouraged to participate and to write with different people to escape our Haunted Manor!

Please make sure your posts are at least 2 paragraphs and they must be relevant to this thread or they will be deleted!

There will be prizes!

First Prize: 1500 BM, 1 Zombie, 1 DB Party

Second Prize: 1000 BM and choice of 1 Zombie or 1 DB Party

Third Prize: 500 BM and 1 Zombie

First Post: 100 BM

Last Post: 100 BM

Most Posts: 50 BM per post

All participants get 150 BM and a profile trophy!

October 18, 2018 08:24 pm


On a plot of land just outside the hustle and bustle of the city there sits a large manor surrounded by a tall, black fence down a winding old road. For years, rumors have been whispered of horrors that plagued the once distinguished estate. Once the home to a wealthy historian the building had fallen into disrepair after his mysterious disappearance during an expedition some years ago. Not much was known of the man’s family except for his single daughter whom many believed still live in the manor to this day. This is all just speculation, though, right? Are you brave enough to find the truth? If so, this is where your adventure begins!

After driving down the main road that leads out of the city for what feels like an eternity you will notice two statues of what seem to be lions with their maws opened wide at the start of a side road. Upon closer inspection, it would be noticed some type of black liquid had oozed from the cement felines’ mouths and down the front of them, killing any vegetation in it’s path. With the sickly lions behind you the path begins to wind through open field. Seems normal enough except for one small detail: there was no noise. Complete silence. Insects no longer chirped to the moon. The wind’s whistle, gone from yoru ears. The winding stops when you come to a spiked black gate barring your path onto the property. Once you get close enough for an inspection, however, it opens wide. Almost like you were being expected.

Cracked asphalt transitioned to dirt and gravel before splitting and converging onto the other side of a large fountain. Unkempt for years, nature had taken over the structure in the form of ivy vines leaving little evidence of it’s previous design save for the face of a distraught woman; her arm reaching upward as if being pulled into the earth itself. As you pass it, you may feel as if you are being watched by the woman. Her terrified eyes begging you to turn back. Still, you press on.

Past the fountain you find yourself standing before the looming structure. Windows tinted by the passage of time keep curious eyes from peeking in on what awaits them inside. Bushes that once outlined the building have withered and contorted to warped forms that, if stared at long enough, twitched with life. If you dare reach for the doorknob an unsettling pressure would descend upon you; a final warning to leave the home and never turn back. Will you?

The brave will turn the knob and push the door open, thus beginning their adventure into the unknown! First comes the stale air and dust, then comes the stench. Of rot. Of earth. Of death. Stepping in you find yourself in the main foyer.

Overhead a chandelier sways ever so slightly in a breeze you cannot feel. Faint moonlight is the only source of illumination reflecting off the ivory marble floors. In the limited light your can see two hallways on both sides of a large staircase leading upwards to a single, larger one where you might see a shadow just out of the corner of your eye followed by the sound of soft footsteps.
You’re not alone.

Down the right hallway you will find three doorways with one to your immediate left. Through this entrance you find yourself standing in the Helper’s Quarters. Five bunk beds line the walls each with a teddy bear tucked in, nice and snug. Bother them at your own risk. Hasn’t anyone ever told you to never wake a sleeping bear?

Further down the hall and to the right is the kitchen. Walking in you notice the putrid stench of rotten food mixed with the decay of dead rats. Dim moonlight gives you an idea of the basic layout with a large preparation table through the middle of the room and counters across the far wall filled with old cutlery and dishes. I you listen closely you can hear the scurrying of pests under the table as well as in the walls. Don’t walk too close to the cupboards, now. You never know what might be hiding inside.
October 18, 2018 08:25 pm


At the end of the hallway is your final choice: the basement. The only source of light offered is a gas lantern sitting at the bottom of the steps. Even with the flame, the darkness is thick. Almost alive. Not much can be found except for a few barrels, a rope tied in a noose hanging from a rafter, and a chair beneath it. At the very back is a door; locked. If one can find the key or muscle their way through, they may find what they desire. Or, what they most fear.

Opting for the left hall instead? With fewer options, this smaller antechamber gives you two doors to choose from. One, old and worn. The other, however, a sickening black. Take your pick.

Through the older door you will discover a room filled to the brim with tanks of all shapes and sizes! At one time, spiders from all around the world would have inhabited these tanks but it would seem they have found a way out. Thick webbing covers spots of the floor where rats have been cocooned for future consumption. Take care when making your way to the back of the room where you are met with yet another doorway. If you listen close there is a chittering from behind the door followed by heavy thumps like multiple footsteps. Will you continue?

Or will you choose the black door? Past it is possibly the least terrifying setting thus far: a bedroom. Despite the state of the whole manor, this bedroom remained intact. Cleaned. Organized. Pitch black walls on each side makes the room feel darker than what it truly is. A single window spits dim moonlight onto the center of the wooden floor giving slight visibility to the contents of the bedroom. A grand bed rests underneath the window, black as the walls. To the left of the door is a large wardrobe big enough to fit a grown man inside. Next to it is a desk covered in assorted postcards and letters, some with photos attached that seem vaguely reminiscent of The Forbidden City. At the head of the table is a photo of an older man with his hand on the shoulder of a little girl, smiling brightly. On her neck sits a pendant that begs for your attention. Something about it seems off; almost evil. Across the room from that is yet another door, this one white as bone.

This door is a special one. Nobody knows what awaits you behind this door; except you. Behind this door your fears take form, creating a room built from your very own nightmares. What will you see within the White Room?

Last, but not least, is the stairway. As you walk up these perilous steps you can feel gravity slowly increasing like the house is attempting to ward you away. Once you make it to the top, it stops instantly. Down the hall a door sways open back and forth, beckoning you come closer. Proceeding forward you feel the sensation of eyes watching your every move. Every twitch, every breath, scrutinized.

When you finally arrive at the door you are met with the master bedroom. The room is in tatters. The once extravagant bed has been demolished into a pile of rubble as well as the other items of furniture throughout the room. Photos of artifacts littered the floors with many resembling the weapons found within the Forbidden City. Wallpaper had been torn from the walls and, in its place, were words scrawled out in crimson that had dripped down the walls and pooled onto the floor. Most is illegible except one name: Shadow Lord.

What secrets rest within the manor? Can you survive the night?

Welcome to The Haunted Manor!
October 18, 2018 08:25 pm

Elsyna Sinclaire

Pale green eyes stared out the backseat window of the taxi. Elle observed her surroundings, making sure she could remember every last detail in case it came down to it. Her finger tips picked at the loose ends of her sweater sleeve as she mumbled to herself, “A haunted house...great idea.” She was never one to believe in those sort of things, but ever since coming here she started to believe in some wild things. Word gets around the Realm and that is how she heard about this so called ‘Haunted House’. Some people were chatting in regards to how spooky and real it was. However, since Halloween was around the corner she doubted the authenticity of this haunted house. It was probably all fake. Elsyna was only entertaining the idea of a haunted house to prove everyone wrong. Boy, was she in for a rude awakening.

The senery began to take a dark turn as she passed by the lion statues. It was rather creepy the way they oozed black liquid. Special effects were often used as well as props, so just a scare tatic she presumed. A smirk took hold of Elsyna’s face as she continued to see the spooky decor of the estate. It was elaborately put together. The taxi pulled up around the fountain and stopped right before the front door. The drive leaned over and said. “Good luck with whatever the hell is in there.” Elle laughed and passed the man his payment before stepping out of the car.

An instant heavy feeling weighed her down when her eyes met the front door. She was overcome with an eerie feeling that she was not suppose to be here. But her gut feeling was to proceed. She did not come here just to wuss out. She was a woman on a mission and it would take more than spooky scenery to scare her off.

The sound of screeching of tires filled the air as the taxi peeled off. “Man, what’s he so scared of. He’s not the one going inside.” Elle rolls her eyes and takes another step closer to the door. Her stomach begins to sink as she reaches out for the door. Elle stops as her nerves get the better of her. What if she’s the first one here? Maybe she should wait? Yes. That’s a good idea 
October 18, 2018 09:01 pm

Raze Wraith

He growled as he walked through the darkness, his map utterly shredded as he stared at the road ahead. As he began to continue on he heard a set of tires squealing nearby before a bright light blinded his sensitive eyes until something slammed into him. After a moment he found he could see again and a taxi was currently wrapped around him with the driver hanging from the window and unmoving. He thought of helping the man before shrugging, the guy had hit him and been speeding, what happened happened.

His curiosity peeked he untangled the car from around himself and walked down the path the car had obviously been running from, sensing a supernatural flare around him his eyes narrowed before he walks before a large manor with a woman standing at the door, “Hello there...quick question Miss, do you know what was up with that taxi? One minute I’m walking along, the next the guy pulls out of nowhere and I have to unwrap a car from around myself!” He walks to the woman and offers her his hand, glad he had shrank down to his eight foot height before approaching too close.
October 18, 2018 11:30 pm


The nights chill caused him to pull his jacket tighter across his chest and then stick both of his hands under his arms while he continued his hasty stride up the road. Like most good things, Adonis will happen upon the haunted Mansion and all of it's nightmare inducing "charm" with a blissful ignorance. That was until he looks up at just the right time to see a taxi cuddle with a huge mass, his fist was brought to his lips as he cringed back and a well placed "Oooooo!" escapes from him before he can stop it. As the mass lingers and then seemingly leaves unscathed, Adonis warily approaches the scene and gazes down at the dearly departed.

"First rule of being a white guy in the middle of nowhere, Follow the bigger badder dude.'' he nods sagely as he speaks to no one in particular as he too shrugs and does just that and goes in the direction of the walking hit and run.

It's only a few minutes after that he comes upon the mansion. Adonis' head tilts all the way up to absorb the decrepit yet haunting scene before him; ignoring the deep seeded feeling in his gut to turn back, he exhales and treks on. It's now that he notices that the world has literally gone dead silent and goosebumps diligently march across his flesh.

His bravery wavers when he steps into something viscous, azure eyes slowly drag down and spot the black liquid, he slowly lifts his boot and tilts his head to the side. Curiously he follows the black liquid that has sufficiently killed the surrounding flora and sees the sickly lions. Tightening his lips into a flat line, he shakes his head and briskly power walks by them. "Nope. Nope. Nope. That's not unnerving at all. Nope. Just gonnnaa leave. that. for. uh. nopeno." his eyes are stuck looking over his shoulder as he falls forward into the fountain, Adonis pulls himself up using her assets and his eyes snap up when he realizes he is nose to nose with horrified woman. Flailing backwards and landing on his back, Adonis springs back up on his feet and he takes in an inhuman amount of air while he clenches both fists. Turning around and swinging his leg as leverage, he almost spins around the woman and falls his way up the stairs to where the other two are.

"PEOPLE!" Having completely forgot about who he was following, Adonis' expression still matches the woman in the fountain. Being one who gets scared easily, this is gonna be a real fun ride. Extremely out of breath with his heart thundering loudly in his chest, Adonis braces his hands on his knees and heaves while he introduces himself. " Hey. I'm Adonis...and I'm having a really weird night. How do you doooo---We aren't going in there are we?" He trails off as he gazes at the door and notices that they are all gathered in front of it, WE is now a term as HE isn't going anywhere alone. If there was one thing he learned from scooby-doo is that you do NOT split up ever. for ever never.
October 19, 2018 02:01 am

Esper Valari

Night Before:
It was a quiet night at the local Irish pub Esper was normally found at on the outskirts of town simply enjoying a quick game of poker before heading out and paying his tab. "I'm telling you guys it was crazy there were these lion statues that looked like they were alive this creepy old lady staring you down as you walked up to the house I went inside complete wreck of a house man. There was even a lantern that was shining down to the basement that was it for me you couldn't pay me to go back to that house man." Said the man at the table. "Yer, just jerkin our skins old timer." Said another man to the story. "I know it sounds crazy but I'd bet nones of yee would stay out der a single night..." The man spoke back.

How much...? Esper spoke up hearing money involved. Esper wasn't rich by any means in fact he was more of the drifter type. "I'm sorry, wat was that?" The man replied. I said how much to stay in that house fer just a night?" Esper said with authority in his voice little ****iness too. "Oh, I don't know son... How's 2500$ on it..." The orginal man spoke, as another chimed in. "I bet 400$ he doesn't even make it to that damn basement before squirlin' on out of der like a little wee lass." A scottish man spoke up. I'll be taking both of'em. You know where to find me... Esper slammed down his tab money and walked out of the bar. "The man is gunna get himself killed there....I hear that little girl died there...a horrible death they say. Hung herself or killed by that rich father of hers....." Esper ingored them and the night went on.

The Mansion:
It was about 4PM when the Uber finally arrived out side his shady apt complex. A homeless man through himself on to the car to try and clean the window the Uber quickly took off throwing him to the curb. "Address man...." Esper showed his phone to the man. "Why the hell you wanna go there....Damn kids these days with this damn holiday....Ain't nothing good come from that place you know?" Esper gave a slight smile. How's a 400$ tip sound...? "Well I'd say i'd shut up and drive..." Esper smiled again and pulled out his tablet from his satchel. Pulling up the history of the house and how it came to be. Sooner than later the 45 min drive was up and he paid the man all he had. Did Esper truly know what was to come?

Stepping out of the Uber he secured his tablet into his satchel and walked up past the gate as the Uber driver stormed off. He quickly took the house in so far it wasn't bad. He had been to scary places then this before. He walked up the rest of the group. Not really being good with strangers he simply tried to make light of all that was going on. This.....Place is haunted huh? placing his hands in his peacoats pockets and looking up at the top of the windows on the top floors and then his eyes met with the rest of the group. Let's get this over with shall we?
October 19, 2018 06:25 am

Elsyna Sinclaire

It did not take too long after her arrival that others soon began to appear. As one man approached her, her courage started to appear once more. It was more of the idea that she wasn't going to be in here alone. After all, even if it is fake, which it totally is, she wanted some company. In the slight chance that it was real, she needed someone to run faster than. So having company was the better option. A smile curled Elle's lips as she greeted the man that approached her. "Hey.." She trailed off as the man's words filled the air. He was forced into this taxi? Oh, she called one to bring her here. Was the house seeking people?

"Oh, uh I'm not sure. My taxi driver was intimated from the moment we started up that eerie drive way." Elle shrugged. "There's nothing to be afraid of, it's all fake, right?" That sentence was her trying to convince herself rather than asking a question.

Before too much conversation began another contestant in this haunted hell house arrived. This man came whirling past her in an unsteady fashion, which caused her to raise a brow. "Uh." A slight chuckle pushed past her lips as she used her free hand to steady him. "Hello. I'm Elle. And yes, we are going inside. It'll be fine. We'll all be fine." She looked between both the men, being sure they both got her introduction as well as her words of comfort. Elle released the man once she was sure he was steady enough to stand on his own two feet. "You steady? I know that taxi ride can be a bit interesting." Elsyna tucked her lose strands of auburn hair behind her ears as she let her gaze return to the door. It was so intimidating. Just the décor of the house was enough to spook her.

The last contestant has arrived. Is contestant the right word? Maybe player? It didn't matter. This was the last person she was going to wait for. A group of 4 was perfect. The man had an air of confidence to him. Maybe he'd be the boost to keeping her courage up for this insane trip they were about to endure. Elsyna offered the man a smile as heard the man's words. He was ready. More ready than all the rest of us, that's for sure. She offered the man a nod as she reached for the door. It was now or never.

Knock.Knock.Kn-After a few taps the door creeped open. Elle proceeded to give the door a push so that it swung open enough for all to enter. Immediately Elle scrunched her nose, "Oh goodness that is awful." She remarked. The smell was earthy but earthy in the sense of a corpse in the dirt. It was a putrid smell. She continued inside. Her gaze flowed around the room as she began to take in her surroundings. It would be a lovely house if it had been kept up, but the home owners are long gone. Elle was already a few too many steps in front of the group, so she decided to wait. Her gaze however did not stop taking in the scenery. She wanted to be sure she was not missing anything. From the chandelier that hung above them to the crack tile below them, something could show importance in their night.
October 19, 2018 08:19 am

Raze Wraith

He yawns and simply follows the one who called them selves Elle, all the while he kept a firm hand on the unsteady fellow who called himself Adonis, “Yeah, this in a pretty interesting place. Reeks of supernatural energy and it feels like this place could use a bit of cleaning...Adonis right? You just stay right by me little mortal, don’t want you to fall down a trapdoor or something stupid like that.”

He then glance at the new arrival before scratching his cheek, “Sorry, but do I know you? You seem very, very familiar to me.” He could swear that he had met the stranger before...maybe he had met the man the last time he went through the world’s bars in an effort to ease some of his misery when he was getting over his last wife’s passing.
October 19, 2018 09:05 am

Iria Visile

Iria stood with her back leaning against a giant oak that rested in the lawn of the Haunted House. People trickled in and Iria watched with bemusement, why would people purposely scare themselves? And why would they ever believe that a simple decrepit building could inspire fear? It was alarming what people did for fun these days, but Iria must admit that she was intrigued by it. She watched as four others filtered into the building, huddled together for their epic horrifying adventure inside the house. Iria wasn’t so sure she wanted to stick with this group so she stayed back and waited for them to disappear inside the house before making her way across the lawn. She was skeptical of this house, because nothing surprised her. She could see more, hear everything, and feel the heartbeats of the people hiding behind corners. She was confident in her disillusion until she wandered through the halls and came upon a door that seemed stagnant against the life in the rest of the house.


She could hear the former explorers in different corners of the haunted house, conquering this building together. While she heard their shuffling feet and mumbled conversations she walked towards the door that’s blanched color made her eyes burn. It was so white and pure the perfect deception to what lies beyond the wood of that ghastly door. For the first time in years Iria felt nothing, heard nothing, and smelled nothing from the other side of the door. The other side was a void, a vacuum of nothingness. That nothingness urged Iria forward and she stepped over the threshold and into her worst nightmare.


One moment the room was nothing but dark and dingy wood that reeked of musk and smoke, it was completely empty for a moment, until it wasn’t. Iria wasn’t sure how it happened or when it happened but one second the room was empty and the next second the floor was covered in the dead bodies of children ranging from 2 to 13. Bile rose at the back of her throat and Iria reached for the door, but it was gone. There was no way to escape, no way to get away from the image and putrid smell of the dead children beneath her. Some of the bodies were perfectly intact, looking as if they were simply sleeping and others had been ripped apart, limps hanging from their torso, necks torn up, eyes clawed out. The carnage was terrifying, but these victims weren’t a figment of Iria’s imagination. She had murdered these children, she had been the one to do this to them. Iria clenched her eyes shut but when she opened them again she was still trapped, the lifeless bodies of the children had started to move and milky eyes stared up at her in terror. Amongst the children rose her sire, walking forth with a wicked smile on her face.

“My dearest Iria, these are your bodies. Your prizes. Your children. Why do you turn from them?” Wickedness dripped from the woman’s lips as the children began to rise and encircle Iria from all directions.

“Why did you kill us?” The beautiful red headed three year old looked up through tear filled eyes, her neck ripped open and dripping with blood.  “Why did you kill us?” She asked again, a whimper in her little toddler voice.


Iria stared in horror before letting out a gut wrenching guttural scream as tears raced down her face. F-ck the white room. She screamed louder begging someone to hear her from the other side. Her hands clawed at the wall till her nails were gone and her fingers bleed. “HELP!” She screamed out, but her own screams seemed to be drowned out by the wailing of the hundreds of children, crying behind her. 

October 19, 2018 04:55 pm

Raze Wraith

His keen ears caught a scream and he was moving before rational thoughts could stop him. He moved through the house until he entered the white room and froze, he could see the woman, but worse he could see what made him wake in cold sweats. An endlesss number of his failures, those he had been unable to save, or had condemned wrongly. With an almost feral growl he grabs the woman and throws her bodily from the room as his pale face grows stretch and ancient looking.

After a moment of fighting it he ran where the woman had landed and slammed the door shut while shaking, “Miss, are you okay?” As he checked her over he couldn’t help but remember what the voices whispered, his eyes drawn back to the door once more as he growls lowly, “I won’t fail again!” He then sighs and continues trying to help the woman before calling for the other three, “Hey guys! I found us a new friend!”
October 20, 2018 02:15 am


She walked down the long winding road till she made her way to a old Mansion. She walked up the path she noticed the statues and then the black ooze coming from their mouths. This seemed odd to her but she did not turn back.Passing the fountain all the way to the front door. Turning the door nob she could hear a squeak coming from it she opened the door and stepped inside when the door slammed shut behind her. She let out a startled scream her heart pounding rapidly she knew she was not alone.

Once her breathing and heart settled she looked around and saw a large room and entered it and looked to the side seeing a shadow she gasped moving forward she went from room to room she heard voices. Was this real were there others in this place or was it her imagination. Only time would tell what was real and what werent. So the medium height blonde continued looking in this Mansion for other people hoping she was not alone.
October 22, 2018 04:49 pm

Raze Wraith

After a bit of trying to help the woman he lifts her up and carries her back to the front door. He takes a breath and then looks around before heading to the door he had noticed at the end of the hall while searching earlier. With a breath he enters the basement and walks around, his eyes barely able to see into the strang darkness as he wanders around until coming to a door.

He stares at it for a bit before once more yelling out his find, “I found a door! Can anyone hear me?! If so let me know before I try going through!” He then sits back against the wall, looking around as he scratches his cheek, awaiting the responses as he sighs, trying to get the voice from the White Room out of his mind as he growls.
October 22, 2018 06:13 pm


What was the saying? Ah yes, “I remained too much inside my head and ended up losing my mind”. Poe could always sum up the truth succinctly, Summer mused as she pedaled casually down the darkened street. She’d been so lost in daydreams that she’d missed her turn and now seemed to be lost. “More like losing my way” she quipped to a stray tabby cat as it scampered across the street. Stopping for a moment, she put her foot to the asphalt to stay still on her bike, looking in the general direction she believed she needed to go. Well outside the perimeters of the city, she determined a shortcut would be best. Plus, it’d allow for taking in some scenery.

A private road with lion statues on either side lead right in the direction Summer wished to travel. Since she was on a bike and not a car, she figured any trespassing could be forgiven. She was practically a pedestrian. Yes, it is true she didn’t have a full grasp on what trespassing laws meant. Regardless, the angel stood up on her pedals and made her way down the road. The wheels seemed to drag, so much that Summer hopped off the bike to take a look. Her back tire was completely flat. Son of a b-tch! Glancing behind her, she considered turning back. No. She was too far up from the main road. However, the optimistic wind nearly blew out of her sails when she reached the large iron gate. Dammit! Now she’d have to turn back and...oh. They were opening. Well, sh-t. Maybe there was some kind of motion sensor or security cam and some posh old lady felt bad for her. Summer peered past the gate and gave a shrug, walking in.

The notion that there was a posh old lady on the property vanished. Old- likely. Posh? Maybe 150 years ago. The place was giving her the creeps. As she approached the mansion, the lyric of a song ripped through her mind, “There’s a liiiiiiiight, over at the Frankenstein place!” She giggled, then frowned, looking down at her bike. Weird. She belted out another tune in her best Frank N. Furter voice, “So you got caught with a flat, bout that”. Putting down the kickstand, Approaching the door, she gave it a knock. She soon realized the sound of the knocking was the only sound she could hear. No crickets. No wind. It was deeply unsettling. A shiver ran down her spine. Her hand dropped to the knob against every voice in her brain screaming to stop. She stifled them and opened the door, calling out, “Hello? I'm glad we caught you at home. Could we use your phone? We're both in a bit of a hurry.” She snorted out a laugh as she stepped inside and continued with her reciting of Rocky Horror lines. Okay, this she knew was trespassing. But like, she knocked, right? She just needed someone to tell her where the f-ck she was so she could be on her way.

Mouth dry, heart pounding, her pulse seemed to spike and slow to a sludge at the same time. The chandelier was swaying in time with...nothing. There was no breeze. No, that was stupid. It must be moving from when she opened the door. Yea, that was it. Logic. Keep your head on straight, Summer. Where would people be at this time of night? In bed, perhaps? Yes, let’s go find the bedrooms whilst trespassing. Brilliant! And so she did. She began to ascend the staircase, humming the jaunty and ill-placed tune of ‘Sweet Transvestite’ under her breath between calling out “Hello!” to what appeared to be the empty corridor.
October 22, 2018 10:42 pm

Asher Crown

As always, Asher found himself just a trifle late to the party.  That begged the question, of course, of what sort of party could be had in a place like this.  If he was going to be honest, he'd always thought John Constantine was his spirit animal, and wouldn't be surprised if Oingo Boingo blared suddenly from the speakers of his deep violet Lotus.  He sighed as he saw the lions.  Of course, there'd be blood-like ichor.  Why would he think that anywhere the bloody ring directed him would be absent of ichor?  A hand raked through his dark blond hair, mussing it a little from the careful style he combed it into that morning.

But he wasn't going to a white tie event, to his knowledge, and wore a leather jacket instead of a suit, so he left it, only sweeping fingers irritably at the fall of hair when it tickled his temple.  He then slammed his forehead into the steering wheel, cursed under his breath, and then leaned back and took a deep breath.  Alright.  In the parlance of his old life, ichor was something like probably cause.  But in the off chance it was just rusty water, he parked the Lotus, enough to the side of the palatial drive so as not to block other cars, and went to investigate.  After a moment he opened the glove box and collected a pack of cigarettes.

He'd been in the habit of wearing driving gloves.  Now he squinted at the black, corroded earth, the dead vegetation near this stuff.  Touching it, even with a fine layer of leather protecting his skin, seemed like the sort of poor idea one might see in a shlock horror film.  He nudged the nearest bit of dead plant with his toe and watched it disintegrate into ichor and vegetal sludge.

"Yeah, that's just rusty water, is right," he muttered, sarcasm lowering his usual tone to a baritone growl.  He sighed, stamped to make sure none of the ichor had got on and would soon be eating through his shoe, and pulled out a cigarette, casting a wary and entirely unimpressed look at the mansion in the distance.  It was, at least, not a ghastly tasteless McMansion like the Crown Estate, but something about it, despite its elegant bones, struck his blood like nails on a chalkboard.

He lit the cigarette as fortification against going in the place.  And in the distance, he heard voices.  That was interesting.  And a very ridiculous coincidence.  Smiling harshly at the idea of coincidence and power-dragging soothing smoke deep into his lungs, Asher headed toward the sounds of ostensibly-human or humanoid presence.

October 23, 2018 06:31 pm
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