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The Haunted Manor


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The hit hadnt gone off quite how it should have. Her calculations had been on point, her target was on mark, but an unexpected variable had come into play. The targets child. Genesis ground out in irritation. Children. What a pain in the @ss. Its not that she didnt like them, they were just a hassle. Especially when they came between her and her target. And her pay.

So when she slit her marks throat just as the child had bounced into the room, the loud shriek the kid emitted woke the household. Sure, she had already killed the primary guards 'protecting' the mark, but there were other staff, and other body guards. She had to high tail it out of there after snapping a picture with her phone.

She let herself out of the house by way of a second story window, gunfire blaring behind her. A hit to the shoulder. Ow. She'd get it patched up later. Once she hit the ground with a roll, she was up and running. She ran for all she was worth actually. That one unexpected kid threw a monkey wrench into her entire evening. At least she was still getting paid.

Running blindly, and at top speed, the gunshots sooned died away. They would still be after her, probably on their way to fetch vehicles for a street by street search. She had to get out of the streets.

As the thought same to her of getting out of view, two scents hit her. Both familiar. A both friends. Curious. Others trailed in the same direction as well. This piqued her curiosity, inspite of being on the run. She followed, finding a manor. There was a car out front. So many scents her lycan nose was picking up. Some of them raised the hackles on the back of her neck.

She stared at the door, before pushing them open. Asher Crown. This was a surprise. She crept silently to him, as her senses picked up and trained on Summer. Her eyes roamed over the interior. Her nose was on overdrive. The strench! It was harsh, but one she had smelled so many times. Why had she never noticed this place before? The grim moonlight showed the basic bones of the homes bottom floor. The worst of the smell seemed to be coming from the kitchen. Rotting food. Sweet and bitter to the nose. She turned her attention back the male.

"Asher...what are you doing here?" She asked in a soft whisper. The fine hairs on the back of her neck still raised. She then questioned him. "Have you seen a woman, bout yay tall, short blonde hair?"

She didnt like this. Not at all. Her senses were on edge, when usually she was so calm. Especially after a kill.

Once again she turned to the man. "One of my friends is in here...wanna help me look for her?" She barely gave the man time to answer before she moved off toward the staircase. Summers scent led upward. "SUMMER!" She hissed out. Who knew what else was lurking in the house?

October 24, 2018 04:09 am

Asher Crown

Fortified by ferocious drags that quickly reduced his cigarette to one long vestige of ash, Asher continued along the path toward the manor proper.  There was something not right about the place, even from a distant.  Something that pricked the will and made him both want to investigate, to explore, to know, and at the same time to turn tail and run, to get as far away as was possible.


His old instincts, his training, reared his head and suddenly, he did not feel that he was in the sort of situation where a handgun was a good idea.  He still had a permit to concealed carry in the States, but there were times when a weapon was a liability rather than a protection, and the atmosphere, heavy and sticky with some dark emotion that he couldn't immediately parse, made the weight of the gun in its holster beneath his jacket suddenly heavy and icy cold.


And then he realized what it was.  There was no sound.  Absolutely nothing.  Only the crunch of his own footsteps, appalling loud, the whistle of breath in his own lungs, as if his mere presence intruded on something massive, slumbering... a pregnant emptiness that could break apart only by violence.


Cold iron gates stood ahead of him, and as he looked, they opened like welcoming arms.  Weighty things, by the look of them, which a hefty wind, if there had been even a spark of a breeze, couldn't have pushed open.  And they moved, as if electrified, in answer to his approaching footsteps.


"Oh this is a load of bollocks," he whispered.


He did not-- and this was important, mind-- shriek like a little girl when Genesis appeared behind him.  His heart may have made a fine effort to lodge itself permanently in his heart, but he kept his face firm and did not go immediately for the gun, shoulders tensed and raised and slowly lowering again as he realized who it was who had crept up behind him.


"A woman?  I heard voices ahead.  I haven't seen anyone else, yet, except you."  The unnatural hush seemed to entice whispering, but ever stubborn, Asher forced himself to keep his tone normal, though despite himself he found it was pitched rather deep and low.


"As for why I'm here--"  He raised his left hand, realized he was still wearing driving gloves, and pointed at his index finger.  "The world's least helpful magic 8-ball practically tore my hand off leading me to this place.  Though I feel like an ant trying to bring home a mastodon, at the moment."
October 24, 2018 05:33 pm

Raze Wraith

He growled as he put his boot to the annoying door once more, surprised as it was only dented instead of broken. He sighs before stretching and the walking away a bit before rushing it once more and kicking it as hard as he could, barely pushing it as he sigh, “What is this thing made of?!” He tries to kick the hinges out again and only rocks the doorframe a bit.

His eyes narrow before he looks up the stairs from the basement, “Hey! Can anyone hear me?! If you find a crowbar or a key to the basement door will you let me know? It seems to be made of some kind of reinforced metal with a thick frame that’s made of the same material. I’m going to keep trying to force it but...well, not sure how long that’s going to take without some help!”
October 24, 2018 10:49 pm


The climb up the stairs was slow. It was dark and unfamiliar and well, really weird and creepy. Her humming and intermittent singing continued, mostly as a means to distract herself from the deeply unsettling feeling this entire place was giving her. “Mmmm mmmm, at the late night, double feature, picture show” she sang in a low and hushed tone, nearly willing Magenta to come out and show her the way to the lab. Why was she still climbing the stairs? It was as if something was luring her there, that she couldn’t stop her feet from taking each step up.

Except...Summer stopped. Turning her head, she strained her ears to listen. Not hard, since there was veritably no other sound in the creepy old place. The silence was nearly deafening, which is why when she heard her name being hissed up the stairs, she almost soiled herself then and there. Sh-t! The ghosts knew her name! Wait. That made no sense. It also sounded familiar. What the…”Genesis?!” She hissed back in disbelief, voice a bit high on the verge of panic. Her feet remained anchored to their spot as if some unseen force wasn’t ready to let her go back downstairs. She wasn’t forcing the issue yet. Not until she knew for certain it was Genesis after all.
October 24, 2018 11:56 pm


Genesis looked back to Asher when the rocking of the chandelier caught her eye. There was no breeze in the hell...?? The air was stale, but the odors of rot overrode that.

"I'm going upstairs. Come if you want. I need to get out of this place, but not without my friend...this is just too...creepy." She said to him before turning back toward the stairs. Step by step Genesis ascended. It seemed like for every step, another two were taking it place.

Summers voice came back to her, saying her name. Genesis didnt like the tone and pitch in Summers voice. That was incentive enough to try to double her pace.

"I'm coming Summer...just stay where you are..."

Now other voices drifted past her hearing. Honestly, there was a constant buzz to the house. A sort of 'white noise'. But there were indeed others here, communicating with one another. They must have been in other parts of the house. Why Summer went up these blasted stairs was beyond her. Its like the first rule of scary movies...dont go upstairs.

Her sharp lycan eyes could finally make out Summers form. "I'm almost there Summer..." She said, trying to calm her friend, and honestly, herself.

Genesis was a planner. She didnt like going into any sort of fight without a plan. And this house seemed to be...alive...with something, a hunger? A mind of its own? Restless spirits? Genesis never put much stock in that.

This d@mned house was certainly beginning to change her mind.

October 25, 2018 01:00 am


Adonis smiled up at Elle and Raze after nodding his head in Esper's direction, they assured him that they would all be together and life would be all swell and good until they all leave this nightmare trap and sing Kumbaya- hand in hand. Right? WRONG
As soon as that door opened and that putrid stench filled his lungs, he knew right then and there- that he was sooooo screwed. Just after he was upright, his knees buckled as he wanted to just leave, leave and forget the whole thing; but alas, Raze has his large hand firm on his shoulder. Leaving wasn't an option anymore and so they soldiered on. The entry hall had the bones to be a beautiful home, he wondered whatever happened to it. Things don't just go to rot like this without some sort of explanation, or some sort of tragedy. Whatever it was, it left Adonis with a lump in his throat and looming feeling of eyes as he and Raze trekked on.

That was until the ear splitting scream echoed throughout the halls, and Raze was darting off to this, hopefully alive, woman's aid. Adonis didn't even have time to tell him to wait up before he was swallowed into the darkness! "HEY! WAIT FOR ME! he hollered anyway as he gathered up his courage and jogged after him, the smell was disorientating as well as the faint azure of the moonlight. It was difficult to tell which way was up in this place! After running down a hallway and taking a few hard turns, he decided that he would search for Raze later, you can't find someone if you have no idea where YOU are. Adonis dragged his hands up and down his chest, patting along his pockets. "AH-HA!" and he held up his lighter. Wrapping his arm around himself, he breathed into his sleeve so he could somewhat filter the nauseating scents and focus. Adonis' other arm was slightly raised upward and the dim lighter flame barely cut through the thick darkness. "I can barely see a damn thing..."A quiet whisper, there were other people about, he could hear footsteps and soft voices. Best to avoid them as he is alone, afraid and not entirely sure they are living. He is afraid of some ghosts, and he has no one to call about it.

BANG! Having just slammed into a door, his head snaps back and he hisses! "What the f-" both hands brace themselves against the solid door and his eyes adjust to the dim atmosphere. there was a brief sound of...scurrying?... Warily he reignites his lighter and carefully turns the knob. Pushing it open, he darts backwards in case something were to jump out.Impressed with himself, he triumphantly strides into the room, believing that danger would have attacked him by now, "Haha, pretty smart for a white guyy YARF! GAG! BLAH!" The decay of dead rats and thoroughly expired food mixed together perfectly and tap danced on Adonis' sensitive gag reflex. "Oh that's gross. That's NASTY. That- what was that?" his attention is taken as he spots a cupboard door slowly creak open. So, he was in the kitchen. Lovely.

"...Hello?" he asked, stupid. Like it's going to answer.Careful not to make heavy footfalls, he stalks towards the cupboard, armed with only a lighter and a fading will to live. Taking one regretful deep breath, he hooked a finger around the handle and pulled it open.
A gnarled skeletal hand slid out and proceeded to beckon the most guttural scream from Adonis- he almost flipped himself over the table behind him as he flew back. The hand was all clean bone aside from a tattered white glove, a key was fastened to the glove and looked to be the only thing keeping the hand and glove in one piece. Maybe it was a loyal and long forgotten butler?

Adonis slicked his hair back from his face and sighed deeply. Should he take that key? Should he really get any closer to that hand? Slowly uncoiling his seized hands, Adonis inches toward it once more; "Okay, I'm just gonna...take that...key there...and it's alll gonna be fine." Or so he foolishly hoped.

As if possessed, the hand sprung into action! It lurched forth from the cupboard and covered Adonis' face! His own hands grabbed it and tried to pull it off but it was no use. "GET IT OFF GET IT OFF GET IT OFF!" was it just mechanics? was it's actually possessed? Who knows, but it was one hell of a hugger. Wildly knocking just about everything off of the table and screaming bloody murder, Adonis viciously scratched and teared at the relentless hand, but not in vain, as during the scuffle he tore the key free from the glove and the hand dispersed. As if it were never there...

Breathless and left in the aftermath, Adonis hastily got to his feet and scooped up his lighter as well as the key. "MAN! THIS FREAKY DEAKY VOODOO HELLHOLE IS GONNA BE THE DEATH OF MEEEE! he half whispered and half-sobbed as he charged out of the kitchen and back into the hallway.

Hey! Can anyone hear me?! If you find a crowbar or a key to the basement door will you let me know? It seems to be made of some kind of reinforced metal with a thick frame that’s made of the same material. I’m going to keep trying to force it but...well, not sure how long that’s going to take without some help!”

Adonis slowed as he heard that coming from the bottom of the stairwell at the end of the hall, he was headed that way anyways and the echoing voice did sound familiar. Heart still pumped full of adrenaline and body now slick with sweat, Adonis calls back.
"HEY! I can hear you! I found a key! I'm coming to you...whoever you are!" and with that, Adonis heads towards the basement and inadvertently, Raze.
October 26, 2018 01:20 am

Raze Wraith

He pauses as he looks at the door that is covered in his c4 and looks up the stairs before grinning, “I’m down in the basement! Watch the stairs, and you’ll be fine! It’s dark though so go slow!” He then returns to searching for the detonator and fuse. After a bit he grumbles, “Right...Cici took them from me when I was threatening those cops who were planning to arrest her.”

He puts the C4 back into his pocket before leaning against the wall and pulling out a cigar only to find his lighter missing, “Anyone or thing have a light?” His eyes widen when a hand reaches from the shadows and light the cigar before vanishing once more as he simply stares for a moment, “Um...thank you?” He then settles back to await the arrival of the key and his new friend.
October 26, 2018 10:47 am

Esper Valari

Words were spoken to him much earlier when the group first gotten there. Raze in particular asked him a question. Esper didn't respond no, it wasn't out of being rude. It was because something beckoned him from out of the house. It was like a trance of some sort his body was frozen in place yet his mind was trapped in the house. A woman no older than her 30's walked the grounds her back to Esper. Her hand would flash to come deeper into the house. Almost like a zombie he would stare off into the house in the real world. But in his mind he would escape his body and follow her into the dark empty house.

About an hour or so would pass him by and he would phase out of his vision or dream whatever it was that pulled him out of the world. Quickly looking around to see nobody by him anymore. Had they already started? He walked into the house looking for people calling out names. He would venture upstairs calling for anyone who could possibly hear him.

"Anyone still here?"..... "It seems I got separated from the rest of the group....?" …. "I need an adult....."

He made light of the fact of the house was just an old house and nothing more. But how could he dismiss what just happened to him. A dream or whatever for mere seconds that turned into an hour. He would blame the drugs, and his drinking and dismiss it all. But what was really going on here, And where was everyone at.
October 26, 2018 11:53 pm


“Genesis?” She called again. Turning her head to look downstairs and noticing it was as if a fog surrounded her. It wasn’t real, but her vision was narrowed to only inches from her face. It was the most peculiar sensation, one she’d probably compare to being high as a kite but since she also felt a prickling sensation down her back, she shooed those musings away. It was her friend’s voice, she knew that. Relief flooded her body. “Genesis! I...I can’t…” Summer glanced at her feet, still aiming up the stairs. Still moving up the damned stairs, one by one. It was as if she were no longer in charge of her body, and that was a very unwelcome sensation.

Hearing another voice, her ears pricked at the sounds. Two, actually. Male, both coming at different times. The sound of her quickened breath and the floor creaking underfoot was deafening, drowning out the actual words that they spoke. “I can’t seem to stop!” Her voice was on the verge of shrieky, knowing her fear was evident, filling her with a rage to mix with dread. Never show your fear, yet here she was, nearly covered with flop sweat and whining for Genesis. And still walking up the stairs, like a damned puppet.

At the landing, she stood for a moment. Her entire form turned on the balls of her feet, heading left. She wasn’t sure if the fog blurred anyone else’s vision or if she was the lucky one. Just in case, she called out in a wobbly voice, “I took a left at the top of the stairs. I don’t know what I’m walking into. I can’t see a god damned thing. And I can’t seem to stop my body from moving.” Her mouth was dry, eyes watering as she strained to see more than a foot in front of her. Suddenly, she realized what she was doing. She was leading her friend right along wherever she was going. “Genesis! Don’t come up here. Something f-cking weird is going on and I don’t want you caught too.”
October 27, 2018 12:38 am


Genesis did not like how Summer sounded. Her ears hurt and her eyes hurt and a terrible feeling of vertigo struck her. She still climbed, despite Summers pleadings.

"I cant seem to stop I suppose we are whatever is going on in this house."

She felt so heavy, like she wanted to stop, like her body was being sucked up by the house...until she reached the top step. Everything just became still. Well, 'still' would not be accurate. It was more as a weight had been lifted. Something allowing her to proceed.

Genesis didnt see Summer anywhere. She went with her gut instinct, and proceeded down a hall. She shivered once, as the eyes of everything, where it be old portraits or little vases seemed to have eyes on her, judging her every little movement. Everything monitored by some unseen force...or forces.

Genesis gave quite the jump when a door began to open and close, slamming really, all on its own. Well, that was never a good sign. She canted her head and continued for the door. Another shiver. Eyes on her. It was as if even the little tiny insects were watching her.

She reached the door and grasped its handle before it could slam closed again, the door jerking her a bit. The room was a mess. It was as if an explosion had gone off in here. Any furniture was in near splinters, and old weapons, broken and covered in dust, lay strewn about.

Weapons one only gets from the Forbidden City.

She swallowed once, her throat dry, as her eyes traveled over the walls that were alit with the barest of moonlight.

Shadow Lord was scrawled on one wall. Was that blood? She couldnt tell. Her lycan nose couldnt tell.

What would the Shadow Lord be doing out of his precious Forbidden City? Was this a shrine to him?

So many questions, and cold hands on her. Cold hand, invisible to the eye, pushing her forward.

October 27, 2018 01:12 am

Raze Wraith

He heard someone shouting up the stairs while another seemingly responded. After a bit his eyes widen as he hears panic before he tries to run up the stairs to help. The only problem, every time he moved towards the stairs he ran into the door he’d been beating on. His eyes narrow before he curses, “This isnt I have to get through the door to escape the loop?”

After a moment he heard the yelling again and he growled and looked at the door before backing up, “Okay, to hell with this! You are in my bloody way and we are going to fix that now!” With that he puts his shoulder down, pumps as much dark energy as he can to his legs, and then growls before rushing the door with the weight of several tons behind him. The door held up for a moment before he went through and landed in a crumpled heap in the basement.
October 27, 2018 01:39 am

Asher Crown

It felt like walking into a summer street in Miami, the humidity so thick it clung to the skin in wet spiderwebs.  Only this was cold, so cold Asher had to resist grasping his elbows and rubbing to reduce the chill.  He looked around, trying to ignore the persistent bursts of heat from his ring that the past had warned him weren't actually blistering the skin, but his nerve endings disagreed.


He nodded when Genesis said she'd go to get her friend.  It was tempting to go with her... her presence was strong, and he wanted someone he could trust at his back, but the house was full of as many echoes and cries for help as it was full of energy that squirmed through his guts and chilled his skin.


There was something here he had to find.


"Go find your friend," he said faintly.  "I am... I have to-"


He heard noises from the distance.  Banging, screams, people calling out.  He stepped in a steady direction that he thought took him there, taking in furnishings that would have once been beautiful with blank eyes.  His old training was kicking in.  [i]Eliminate threat, secure and protect.[/i]


And then he heard another voice.  [i]"Anyone still here?"..... "It seems I got separated from the rest of the group....?" …. "I need an adult....." [/i]


He called back, "It sounds like we're close.  Hang on, alright?"  It was like pushing through a solid wall of darkness.  "I can't see you.  Can you focus on my voice, try and come to me?"
October 28, 2018 07:25 pm
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