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Quinn Abernathy

"Ryan... I'm going to the beach with my friends," Quinn is facing off with the man that has become one of Gideon's most trusted. Behind him, the others continue their work, though she knows they are listening to every word. What is usually a boisterous, happy time is tense as they pack up the market so that they may return to the compound.

Ryan is clearly worried, glancing past Quinn toward the outsiders she's stepped away from before meeting her gaze. "I don't know," he begins.

She had anticipated this.

Quinn smiles. She smiles a smile that is trained and practiced. It is a mask that she has taken on in the face of the cult, and all that they truly know. Once, she had opened her heart to these people, before they showed her just how ugly they could be. "It's fine, Ryan. These are our friends. Just... stay behind with a van, for me."

Uncomfortable, Ryan would nod, beginning to direct the members of the Flock as he watches Quinn waddle away and back to Adara and the child under her arm. A name would be called out, and a little girl with fiery hair would immediately go to her.

"This is Sam," she introduces the child with fiery hair, nearly eight years old. It is clear that the girl would be joining, for the blond is highly attached.

Upon meeting them, Quinn would reach out, inviting EJ into her arms. Her head would duck down, nose pressing gently into the head of brunette hair affectionately.

She missed these people.

"Sammie, this is Miss Addie, and EJ," but the girl would stay close to Quinn, hiding partially behind her as she peeks up at the strange woman.

"We should go," she murmurs, glancing up toward Adara before taking those steps to guide them away from the closing market. Her gait is slow, and there is no helping that. It doesn't take long for her fatigue to set in, and she is passing EJ back to Adara. She'd reach out, taking Sam's hand as they walk.

Even once they've turned the corner, she can still feel those eyes upon her back.

"I'm so happy you're here," she speaks softly.

It was dangerous to come here.

"I missed you so much."

Please don't leave me here.

Her steps slow to a stop as she searches out Adara with that sad, wounded gaze. Just looking at her brings her back to a better time. Just the woods, and calm, and the smell of a freshly lit fireplace. Too much liquor, far more laughter than anyone has the right to enjoy in one lifetime, and a community built on trust rather than fear. She has almost forgotten what that feels likes.

"How long will you stay for?"

Please don't go.
October 27, 2018 06:14 pm

Adara Litvinova

“As long as you need me.”

Simple. Addie wouldn’t leave Quinn’s side unless it was absolutely necessary; she knew things were wrong and would see them righted before she moved on to deal with her own demons.

Those words were followed by several moments of silence as the little foursome found their way to Adara’s rental; something a little heartier than a normal vehicle but safety was her number one priority since becoming a mother, clearly evident as she double-checked her daughter’s carseat, she was still struggling with mastering that hellish device but she’d get it one day.

Her original plan was to get the woman in the car, get to the airport and take her back to Colorado. But there was no way she could fly them all with Quinn being so heavily pregnant; so she wanted to fall back on her second choice and just drive.


Where no one could find them.

Well, one person could.

Besides the point here.

Addie would struggle with abduction, it’s not like she had a huge problem with it but it wasn’t like this was for gain or to save herself; granted, she would be saving Quinn.

Okay, she’d give her a choice.

They’d go to Casa De La Playa; let the girls tire themselves out at the La Jolla Tide Pools and have a long chat, one that would probably not go over too well if Addie pushed for the other woman to come home; the home she belongs at.

Where she’s happy.

“You should rest some, it’s a bit of a drive.” She was prepared for once, usually this was left up to her other half; the preparedness, but Adara did have the little DVD player and headphones to entertain the little ones for the drive, even though she knew her child would crash before they were a few miles down the road.

A two-hour drive that had quickly turned into three finally had come to an end as she pulled up to the beachfront condos; normally she’d want something a little more private but considering this had been a bit of a spur of the moment thing (not the trip, just the change of venues), this would do.

It was at least a beautiful place, quiet, and right on the beach for them to let the girls play to their hearts content.

While the adults chat; but first...

“I have a few things for you. Maternity clothes. You might feel a little better out here in something a little different and then we can go and find Sam a swimsuit or something for her to run around on the beach in.”

Addie would say all of this as she scooped up EJ and sent a quick text before her lean frame was moving towards the door closest to their car; thankfully they were not on the upper level since she was unsure if Quinn could make it up those stairs in her condition. Cool air would hit before she dropped Ella to the floor to run around the condo as children her age seemed to do a lot; a finger would point out the bags of clothes tossed haphazardly over the large couch that took up much of the smallish sitting room before mossy orbs would tilt back toward her friend.

Drilling in, daring Quinn to refuse the clothing.

But also questioning everything that had happened.

And as per the usual, because Adara would never, ever bite her tongue or mince her words.

“What in the world are you doing to yourself, Quinn?”
October 28, 2018 06:33 pm

Quinn Abernathy

"It's only thirty minutes," Quinn's voice is still quiet, glancing at the young girl seated behind her. Sam is hers, as far as she is concerned. And this little girl is going to go on an adventure, one that she isn't so sure she has ever taken before. Indulgent activities aren't exactly something they do in their community.

When the DVD player comes out, Quinn would stare at it momentarily as if trying to place exactly what it is. She hasn't seen anything like it in ages, and she certainly couldn't hope to figure out how it works, anymore.

Sam's reaction is less than satisfactory, and Quinn is fast set upon calming the confused child. "Sammie, tell me a story."

The girl loves stories. It is something that Quinn has always nurtured, and she would continue to do so. So Sam would launch into her tale, something far less than make believe.

A day in the life at Our Shepherd's Flock.

Quinn closes her eyes, listening to the tale of the return of the Shepherd, and his Messenger, told from the perspective of a child.

The cult is all she knows.

And, after just a short time, Sam would too fall asleep in her seat, leaving the women alone to talk. Yet Quinn is silent, merely resting, as the minutes tick by.

This is taking too long.

Opening her eyes, she would look out and read the first sign that comes up. She doesn't recognize it. "Miss Addie, I think you missed the turn."

But she doesn't move to turn around, and a set of wide, chocolate hues would turn to Adara in fast realization. Her heart begins to pound within the confines of her chest, anxiety building, and she takes long, deep breaths to try to calm herself. Gideon wouldn't like this. He is going to be so upset. Ryan is waiting for them, and she isn't sure what to do. And, if she is too loud, Sam would wake up. That would be beyond catastrophic.

Her hand tightens around her phone, and she is paralyzed in a new sort of fear. Loss.

[Location sharing on]

I'm okay.

Quinn is somewhere between upset, and angry, and she doesn't hide it as she sets a withering glare upon the woman who has deceived her. Getting out of the car, she opens up the back, waking Sam and helping her out of the car. Child in hand, she slowly follows Adara into the condo on the verge of a panic attack.

I have a few things for you.

Another look is shot toward Adara before she smiles at Sam and points toward the window facing the ocean. The child, excited despite her discomfort, buys right in. Moment purchased, she slowly rounds on Adara, ignoring the bags of clothing.

What in the world are you doing to yourself, Quinn?

"Do you have any idea... Addie, this isn't..." Hot, frustrated tears threaten to fall as she stares at one of her oldest friends. The woman is practically family. And, taking a deep breath, she forces herself to hold it together.

"I don't know what you mean."
October 28, 2018 07:30 pm

Adara Litvinova

The story, though still in the back of Addie’s mind, would be ignored for the time; she would at least be thankful for the headphones, Paw Patrol, and her Ellie’s way of just passing out anytime they’d take a drive.

Teaching her child the Torah was not going well and she didn’t need some janked up tale of a cult leader to skew her kid’s religious views; yeah, she knows she’s not even three yet, but look, this is her first kid, she doesn’t know what she’d pick up.

Especially after the unfortunate event involving several curse words.

Those Ella could say, but mama, nah.


Avoiding, more like.

Or trying to push down the spark of anger that lit up her mossy orbs. Something that no one would miss, even if it was only a flash before coldness turned her gaze icy and hard; she could push, she could rant, hell, she could have taken a different road and been on the way to Colorado where location services wouldn’t work.

But noooo, Addie was trying to not stress the pregnant woman out.

For the most part.

“Tell him to come. I’m sure he knows exactly where we are.”

Snotty? Yeah.

“And don’t you dare take out your sh-t out on me...” Maybe it seemed harsh, but with Adara, there was just no other way for her to be; She could see it etched in her friend’s face; fear, anxiety, sadness. It was time to have it out, but first, with one withering, death glare directed at Quinn, her feet propelled her toward her necessity bag full of things that would entertain two children for the moment, at the very least.

“It’s learning printouts for the Torah, children’s coloring pages. I hope that’s okay for Sam.” Not like Addie really gave a crap, it was something for them to do while the two women had a decent chat or Addie slammed her head into a wall whichever comes first. Shrugging thin shoulders, she’d set the large tub of half broken crayons and papers on the table that sat in front of the window Sam was currently staring out of; Ella, well, that kid really wasn’t giving a damn about anyone else or the crayons. “She can always turn it over and draw on the back if Judaism is an issue.”

Feet moved, pacing out of anger before her eyes fell on the amenities that came with the condo; stress eating, that’s something she could do.

And would.

“It’s just us. Time for honesty. What are you terrified of Quinn? You were once happy... where is that now?”

It really dawned on Adara a few months back, most people that she called friend, didn’t even know her and even now, how could she ask for the truth from the overly pregnant blonde when she had never so much offered her own.

“You think I don’t know what you’re going through; Cigány are a cult, except you are born to it. No escape. Unless you count death.”

And death, Addie did count. But we’ll get to that later. Same with the stilted words of someone who didn’t actually speak English perfectly unless she stopped to slow her words or thought about what she’d say, which isn’t the case here. At least as far as thinking... more like rambling.


“That story. Gideon’s path. Beaten. I know that story as my own. I still carry the scars. So, don’t ever think that I don’t know this way of life; but I had a choice and so do you. It’s clear you’re not where you need to be. There isn’t anything you can’t tell me. I will understand.”

Addie’s temper flared again as her foot made contact with the couch and a slew of Hungarian expletives poured from her mouth; understanding was a difficult thing to do, especially on one subject; something she hadn’t planned on bringing up but as her heart-shaped face lifted and shadows flickered in her eyes, the clipped voice wouldn’t hold back.

“You didn’t even come when Solomon....”

She would not dare say it.
October 29, 2018 12:44 pm

Quinn Abernathy

“He does.”

Several texts are sent in the span of the seconds that follow, and Quinn is clearly distressed. This is bad. This is all just wrong. And, as Adara makes her next statement, she would shoot another glare in the woman’s direction before a relieved sigh would escape her and the phone is locked.

She would watch as Adara pulls out the pages and crayons, setting them up with the girls. Sam has no idea what to do, and so Quinn would go to her only after an exhausted sigh escapes her.

“You know it is.”

This is too much. Sam cannot be learning these things. If she repeats anything she has seen to the flock, the girl would see trouble and there is precious little she could do to stop it. So, she explains away quietly to the girl, showing her what to do and asking her to make a picture for Gideon. “I’m sure he’d love that,” she smiles through her stress.

And Sam, ever eager to please, sets to work.

Only then does she move away from the children, though she would keep a watchful eye upon the girl she calls her own.

Quinn has nothing say. In the face of Adara’s questions, she would remain silent as the grave. She has plenty of be terrified of. Her husband’s downward spiral, what the cult is capable of, Gideon’s impending death that looms over her head constantly. She is responsible for keeping it together, and often she feels as though she fails in that.

She’s a cult leader, and try as she might, she doesn’t fit the bill.

“I am not being held hostage,” her voice is low, and Quinn moves to take a seat on the sofa. “I’m allowed to leave the community if I so choose.”

And as Adara’s foot makes contact with the selfsame sofa she sits on, that chocolate gaze would move from where she’d struck and back up to her friend once more. There are a great many things she cannot control, one of them being her emotions. Yet, she finds herself strangely stoic now; it is as if proving Adara right at this juncture would only fuel the fire. Quinn doesn’t realize that it is quite the opposite that brings on the wrath.

And then, she brings up Solomon.

A woeful look is bestowed upon Adara. Quinn knew. Gideon had told her about his passing, and because she could not cope with both their life, and his death, she carried on as if it had never happened. In her mind, until right this second, Solomon King still lived in upstate New York. She would shake her head, “I couldn’t.”

Swallowing, Quinn glances toward the girls, ensuring that Sam is busy though she knows the girl listens, and listens well. It is part of their way of life, and it is often that she hears things from the child that brings her to act.

“Gideon is my husband. He takes care of me. He protects me, and he needs me.” Once more, she is faced with the past several months of turmoil, her mind a jumbled mess. It is her fault that they are where they are in their life together, and she has to own it. She insisted they go back to the commune in New Orleans, and she is the reason they remained.

“I made this choice, Adara.”

Her own happiness would never be an issue.
October 29, 2018 01:34 pm

Adara Litvinova

“I’m not being fair to you, am I?” This being said, Addie lets out a huff of breath before a mask of reservation drops across her heart-shaped visage; she could do this, she could pull back and not want to strangle the woman for confiding in her. It didn’t matter to Adara if this was Quinn’s choice, only that she knew that all she had to do was say the word and Addie would be there, wherever there was; this was the issue she had with the disappearing act.

Though, she couldn’t exactly complain about that now could she?

Adara was always running; either away from something, someone or straight into hell at a breakneck speed.

She didn’t have but one speed.

And that had led to her disappearing quite a bit.

On everyone, except Ella.

She was her one constant.

Feet were moving once more and fingers deftly grabbed a chilled bottle of water and one of juice; despite the fact that she had went for the throat, she did it out of frustration for what her friend had gotten herself into, at least with Quinn she was pretty sure it wasn’t intentional.

Not like Addie’s choice that won’t be brought up; no way was she going to let Quinn make her eat crow for doing something so stupid...

Annnnd back to them.

“You were mine once and so was Gideon; you more so, because unfortunately I didn’t get to know him that well, but it doesn’t change that he called The Den home and because of that, no matter what choices you make, no matter what happens in the future. All you have to do is call. I’ll be there.”

The rage had burned itself out just as quickly as it had come, that was something about Addie when the temper came full force, it usually blew over in mere seconds; she really didn’t have time to stay angry and the truth is, she’d rather have this little bit of time with Quinn without the harshness of their reality.

“I should have told you where we were going, the tide pool here is perfect for Ella to see different sea life and well, Sam now too. Besides, it’s not like I carted you off to my home in Colorado. Or back to New York. I wouldn’t do that, especially being so close to your due date.”

Okay, she totally would have done that had Quinn said “get me the hell out of here” but she didn’t, so Addie wouldn’t.

“Besides, I wouldn’t want Gideon to miss the birth.”

Okay, again, catty.

She has anger issues.


“I just want a peaceful trip with someone I consider family, for Ella.” That was the truth. Almost completely. It would be the last relaxing moment for Addie for a while; but until then, it was all she wanted.

And to make sure everything was okay with Quinn. Which is wasn’t, but Adara would stow that for a while and be pleasant, which is why she was finding her own seat on the sofa and holding out the bottles of water and juice as a peace offering.

“I know all about choices and sometimes one option is the only course of action.”
October 29, 2018 02:28 pm

Quinn Abernathy

I'm not being fair to you, am I?

Quinn raises her brows briefly, lowering her sights to the floor. Life isn't fair. Fair would be having her husband happy and healthy. Fair would be a house in a remote part of Wyoming, for just them. No followers, no cult, nothing but them and their garden and perfect little world. It's a dream they've had for almost a year now, and one that Quinn would never let go of.

Whether she realizes it or not, every little thing Quinn does is a cry for help. The girl desires nothing more than to be saved, and most of all, she desperately wants to be rescued by her husband.

She wants to get away from the cult. With him.

But he would never leave.

It is too late to save her, really. The light that was Quinn is so near dying out, it is barely there. She is smothered, suffocated, and no matter how much she believes her world revolves around Gideon, it also revolves around their survival together in the commune. Those people would turn on them, her especially, in a heartbeat. Her status means nothing, and they know she detests it there.

There is no pity.

"Sam cannot go there." There would be no bending. The child could not go to a tide pool. She doesn't know how to swim, and that sort of exposure to the outside world would be far too much of a danger to her life. Already, Quinn has jeopardized her too much, however unintentional that may have been. "This is already pushing it."

Besides, I wouldn't want Gideon to miss the birth.

"Gideon is likely delivering our son."

There may be women waiting to do just that, but Quinn doesn't want them touching her. She doesn't want them near her. And if she cannot have a doctor, then she would have him. God help anyone else who thinks they might get close to her.

Adara would sit beside her, holding out the bottles, and Quinn would glance at them in thought. She recognizes what this is, from her friend. But it is difficult to forget what transpired immediately before, and she finds herself reluctant to take the water.

A deadened gaze would set upon Adara, and for all the world, it is clear that Quinn is at her rope's end. As much as her friend wanted an easy trip, that is not the choice she had actually made.

"What option would you have me take?"
October 29, 2018 05:05 pm

Tiber Loche

Mr. Pretty
[Attachment Sent]

Tiber didn't require any further explanation from Adara in regards to the text. He knew that she'd taken EJ to the west coast, but he didn't ask why. He knew, and ultimately he was more comfortable retaining the lid on that conversation. There wasn't anything for him in California, but there was a simple truth that remained;

If Addie beckoned, Tiber would heed the call. Not only because she was his leader, and one of his closest friends, but because she teetered on the line of family. Because his loyalty knew no bounds, and Adara was one of the few whom he'd drop everything for if she needed asked him to. Perhaps it was what was referred to as 'pack mentality', but if that was the case, he'd never know any different.

Between the time it took him to board the plane and land at LAX, the man considered booking a trip home mid flight. Purchasing in-flight wifi would have been worth the cost, ensuring that he'd be able to turn around and go home just as soon as he'd landed. Even though the concept had crossed his mind at least six times, ultimately he'd made the push and successfully traded his information in exchange for a rental car.

"Whatever is cheapest", he insisted, combating the attendants when she had suggested he opt for the mid-size instead of a compact.

Well, after the fact, he knew better. Hardly able to cram his arms and legs into the microscopic coupe and, heaven forbid he should get into an accident. There was no way he'd walk away with all of his limbs attached.

There had been plenty of ways to incorporate his new phone into the technological shell of the car itself. He could've synced it with something called 'Bluetooth' and had a digital map pulled up on to a center screen. Alas, he'd googled the address before he left his cabin and scribbled down a few simple directions on a piece of paper. Interstate numbers. Road names. A byway or two. Alternatively, there were also three separate escape routes written into his plan directions.

Fast forward just a bit (because the radio stations played awful music, and no one wants to hear about how Tiber stressed for two hours straight) to a modest condo on a beach somewhere in SoCal. The identical structures lined stilts set back from the shore, and Tiber could pinpoint which one Addie had been in because he'd noticed a familiar style of sedan out front.

Still, there was no haste in his decision to abandon the driver's seat. Never mind that he could barely feel his feet, or that he was sure the blood flow to the bottom half of his body had been hampered during his travels. Tiber stared out the windshield until he'd noticed his grip on the wheel had turned his knuckles white, and it was only then that he'd presumed to finally free himself from the seat belt and, on the whole, the death trap that was the tiny vehicle itself.

Once a month Tiber encountered the closest thing to an out of body experience (that he'd ever realized). It was strange how unsteady he'd become as he walked the path to the front door. His steps became unsteady, and as he approached the entrance he continually reminded himself that his escape was merely steps away. Addie would understand if he turned on his heel once he'd gotten inside and decided to flee. It was a fleeting kind of comfort and the only thing that continued to propel him.

Without announcing his entrance, he allowed himself inside. Tiber didn't knock or ring a doorbell before his six-foot frame paraded through the foyer like he'd owned the place. The false sense of security was necessary. He feigned tenacity even as his hands shook at his sides.

"Uncle Tiber!" He heard EJ yell, the small girl spoke confidently as she whipped around in her excitement and barrelled toward him. His sky-blue stare moved around the room, purposefully avoiding contact with any of its patrons before he knelt down and opened his arms to receive the child without a word.

October 31, 2018 03:17 pm

Quinn Abernathy

Two hours pass, and Quinn is stressed through it all. Sam won’t rest, and she can feel the child’s eyes on her. Despite the company, she finds herself quiet and unwilling to talk. Not about the way things were before, nor how they are now. She can’t. She cannot and will not disclose more than she already has. Instead, at any opportunity, she would defend her husband.

Even on the beach, the sand beneath her feet, she had been lacking in positivity. But now, she has taken to coloring with Sam, barely present as she waits for Gideon to ultimately arrive. In conversation with Adara, she is caged off though amicable. Quinn puts on a good face for everyone’s benefit, and for all the world would seem happy as a clam.

The light, however, would never return to her eyes.

And then, a car pulls in. She hears it, and makes her educated assumption that Gideon has sped to her location. But they take longer than expected to come inside, and she cannot help but wonder what exactly he is waiting for.

Thus, when Tiber makes his silent entrance, she is floored.

Freezing slightly, broken red crayon in hand, her sights would lock onto the man as a new sort of anxiety comes into play.

She never wanted him to see her like this. Not so run down, not so pregnant, not as a cult leader. What he must think of her is beyond her, and she cannot fight back the tremendous amount of shame she feels. So, while he hugs EJ, she would turn her attention to Sam.

“You should um...” Quinn is struggling, finding herself concerned for the repercussions of this meeting. Gideon would not be pleased, and yet she cannot deny the ease his presence has brought her. Still, there is that nagging question in her mind. Did he know about all this too?


Snapping out of it quickly, she smiles at the young girl, “You finish this for me.”

With that, she would push herself to stand. It would only be once Sam cannot see her face that she would shoot another look at Adara that screams out her lack of coping. “Adara,” her friend’s name escapes her on a breath, wounded and unsure. Why did she do this? He clearly doesn’t want to be here.

Slow steps take her to Tiber, her mind working a mile a minute. Her breath has hitched in her chest, tired chocolate hues searching for his crystalline blues despite their unwillingness.

She knows this man. She knows him like the back of her hand, and Quinn can smell trouble. Fearless of ever despite everything, she tries to keep her voice light for the sake of any listening in, though she whispers in hopes that Sam would not hear.

“I’m sorry.”

Her heart is pounding in her chest so painfully she fears it might escape altogether. Quinn had changed her number, leaving Tiber without contact when she desperately wanted to maintain it. Their communication made Gideon uncomfortable, and she was respecting that. “Please look at me, Tiber...”

It is quickly realized that she isn’t sure when or if she might ever see him again, or Adara. Despite it all, it weighs heavily on her.
November 05, 2018 12:43 pm

Adara Litvinova

“What option would you have me take?"

There were a thousand things screaming through her mind; so much she could have said, wanted to say. Sure, she could have said “Trust me”, but where would that get her, I mean, really, though she wasn’t intending for it to be kidnapping let’s face it, that’s exactly what she did.

Trust was going to be a hard thing to sell to her friend at the moment.

But really, what she wanted to Quinn to understand was that when Addie said that sometimes only one option is left, meant that Adara actually understood where Q was coming from; stalwart loyalty, while sometimes the erroneous decision, is all you have left to give.

However, Addie wouldn’t force the issue; what was the point, this shell of a person was no longer the woman she once knew; no matter how good one was at faking something, there was always a tell and in the case of the blonde, her entire demeanor screamed it.

Despite this, despite the fact that neither woman really seemed present on the beach; all that mattered was the squealing joy her daughter expressed; people can think what they want, this was the real reason Addie was here, while her heart was left in the mountains, Ella loved the ocean. Now, if she could kill a few birds with some mighty giant boulders, then so be it.

Luckily, one of them finally had arrived.

A bird, not a boulder.

One that seemed like he didn’t want to be here at all.

Sure, she got him here under sort of false pretenses, but by Moses she was going to have smiles and happy thoughts for her kid.

“Smile, Tiberius.”

Was it a gentle reminder? Was it Addie’s good natured joking? Was it an order?

I guess we’d never know.

Extracting her child from, who is quite possibly her favorite person other than her newest friend in Sam, Addie moved quietly away from the twosome and busied herself in occupying two children with fruit and probably contraband that Quinn would just pay no mind because Addie was quite sneaky (or Q was trying to deal with Tiber, whatever, it doesn’t change that Adara was very, very sneaky).

Which brings us to one of the reasons (other than being Ella’s favorite person, of course) why Tiber was asked to accompany Addie to California; they both knew, even though it was never spoken of, where Quinn was and the things that had been going on (to a degree). But Addie could not reach Quinn, if anyone could, it might be Tiber; so here they were.

Not talking.


Okay, good times.

It was fine. Everything is FINE.

“I’m stepping outside, you two... just... stay.” This was as good a time as any to pick back up her terrible habit that she had when she found out about her pregnancy; plus, it gave her an excuse to move outside for the other part of her reasons for being in California when this state never was that great to her.

Man, she didn’t want to be here.

And now, sucking sweet, sweet nicotine into her lungs, she would wait.

For Gideon.

What can she say? She was just going to burn everything down around them.

November 08, 2018 10:32 am

Gideon Abernathy

“I’m so sorry, Gid— Shepherd, I didn’t know...”

In the face of everything, the dark man is surprisingly stoic. An abysmal stare lands on Ryan, who, for all he’s worth, is trying to keep the fear clear from his expression.

“It’s because she didn’t want you to.”

It’s a loaded response, one heavy with different connotations, but he won’t elaborate. Instead, he sends Ryan on his way with explicit instructions. The Grove mustn’t be made aware of this until after Gideon has it figured out. It’s a meticulous, tedious balance he has, and while he revels in living on the edge, the cult is unforgiving and he’d rather not have to start over.

Before Quinn has even asked it of him, he’s on his way. She’s panicking, as anyone would, being put in a corner with no chance at escape.

Gideon would always be that chance for her, in whatever capacity he could provide.

The drive is agonizing, and he finds himself consistently glancing toward the back of the van and the two bags he has packed. A grimace contorts his expression, and he flicks the lighter open to ignite the cigarette perched in his lips. Drawing deeply from it, he forces himself into a relaxed state again. No sense in borrowing worry.

Gideon finally arrives on scene, flying out of the van like a bat out of hell. Part of him wants to bust down the door and reclaim his wife and the girl she‘s taken as her own. But as he prepares to do just that, something stops him.


One in particular.

Please look at me, Tiber.

His body goes rigid, defensive, but poised. Against his nature, his better judgment, he backs off.

I’m stepping outside, you two... just... stay.


Black hues narrow dangerously. So, not only has she kidnapped two of his own, she is now leaving his wife alone with the one that had only ever done more harm than good.

He rounds the back of the building as she’s exhaling a cloud of smoke, his own cigarette still hanging between his lips, forgotten. Reigniting the tip, he keeps a level distance between them, though close enough to speak lowly.

“Your tactic was to elicit the help of the man that ran us off to the Flock to begin with.” Gideon exudes a chuckle, inhaling deeply and letting the smoke settle in his lungs before releasing it casually.

“Interesting approach.”
November 08, 2018 12:43 pm

Tiber Loche

The man blinked rapidly, breath caught somewhere in between his lungs. Addie grabbed EJ from his arms, and he managed to shoot the woman a most un-amused glare. Not something he'd hold a grudge against her for, but in the moment he felt wounded. There were expectations put in to place here. Without his consent, none the less. He knew what Adara was expecting and to some degree, even Quinn.

He didn't know for sure if she anticipated the worst or the best of him.

Quinn had no reason to assume that the worst of him was dead.

Addie moved away from them, leaving the children to their devices as she slipped out the back door and left them alone. He couldn't bring himself to look the other blonde in the eye. Not even as she closed the space between them in that affable way that she did.

Tiber's hands had hung loosely at his sides, and his thumbs were turned into his palms. He could feel his knuckles crack beneath the pressure of his fingers, but didn't release his grip until he'd realized they were curled into fists. At first, his eyes found any other spot too land on. Anywhere besides the flaxen locks that sat atop her head. Besides the amber flecks that fought against the chocolate depths of her eyes.

'I'm sorry.' She says, and Tiber blinks and turns his head.


Quinn never, never had anything to apologize for.

'Please look at me...'

All he can think about is how he shouldn't be here. Putting her in this position in her current condition was dangerous. It was stressful for her. Clearly, it upset her. He couldn't imagine that she wanted to say anything more to him than she had said to him before.

But still, her voice shook. She sounded uncertain, and anxious. Tiber wanted so badly to ask, but knew that it was not his place.

He eventually shifts and turns his head down to glance at their feet. A hefty swallow follows suit, but he finally picks up his gaze and fixates solely on Quinn before him. Like many times before, he parted his lips to speak, but abandoned his words in favor of a shake of his head.

Tiber took a tiny step forward, warm hands no longer balled into fists, but now reaching out to touch the small woman before him. The silence grew thicker, but he ignored it, knuckles grazing lightly over her cheek, soft skin reminiscent of a time where everything was so much easier.

"Look at you." His words were quiet, and gentle. It pained him to think that everything she had with Gideon was an agonizing reminder of how he had failed her. So he didn't. "Mother hood will suit you. You're meant to be a caregiver." He offered a slight, soft grin, arm falling nimbly to his side once more as he withdrew his touch.

"Why are you here, Quinn?"
November 29, 2018 04:52 pm
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