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Don't answer when the Devil calls.


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Arielle Damaris

The mortals. So many of her kind loathed them. Not her, she envied them. How could they capture her Father's attention in such a way? She couldn't see anything particularly inspiring about them. It seemed that her brother didn't think so either. He began the corruption of mortal kind and he was cast out, never to return to them. The mortals were to be raised up on a pedestal and guarded as though they were precious and to Him they were.

Then it was her turn. One wrong choice led to the death of one of His precious ones was all it took. He cast her out. Doomed to walk the Earth alone and with no memory of herself, that was her punishment. This time was different though, she would have the chance to atone for what she had done. It would have been a lot easier if she could remember exactly what that was. She fell from the Heavens with nothing, not even a name. What kind of Father did that to his child? A merciless one.

If not for the kind hand of a stranger she would not have known her way. The girl with no name was found. She had to be called something though. Arielle. It seemed to fit her, so that was the name she took. Living among those who her Father favored, taught the angel a lesson she didn't know she needed. The plight of all Gods creatures was to question their own being and envy that which they couldn't have. She grew to love them, they became her family.

She witnessed war and revenge, she experienced love and betrayal all at the hands of those closest to her. Then came the demon, it had been lurking below the surface all along. It consumed one she cared for and tore the rest of her life apart. The betrayal of another close to her tore her apart. All of these tribulations were part of God's plan for her to atone for what she had done.

The pain she felt was mortal pain. It was worse than anything she had ever known. Broken, the angel prayed for death. Her lesson had been learned, her Father heard and answered her prayers. She had atoned for what she'd done.

Then she remembered...

All the envy she'd felt for the mortals, wishing to be loved like He loved them. She remembered the times she protected them and the time she failed. She had watched them tear apart the gift her Father had given them or chose to fight to save it. They betrayed each other, murdered each other, and loved each other. It didn't seem the lesson was a good one. Arielle was more envious than ever. They had something she never could as long as she remained in Heaven, free will.
October 28, 2018 09:43 pm

Arielle Damaris

Her Father called her home. Everything that had happened had been carefully orchestrated, the experience of a mortal life was always meant to lead the angel back to Him. All was right now and she was forgiven. The life she had lived would be forgotten, as though it never happened. It was all familiar to her, he would take away who she had become -- who she was -- again. Not this time. She would not allow it! No true Father would make their child suffer so much just to teach them a lesson. Now she saw God for what he was, a fraud. Once more she would turn her back on Him once more, this time to be case out of Heaven forever.

He once more tried to take away all she was. However, it didn't work as He expected. Instead of erasing her memories they became distorted. Arielle could remember both her lives but nothing in the order it happened. She tried to speak but they came out as twisted ramblings. She wanted the streets of New York babbling to anyone who would listen.

"God is the Devil, do not trust him!"

It was those words that would catch the attention of a young woman. Alora Damaris. It had been Alora who found Arielle the first time she fell. Though the young slayer recognized her friend, she knew something was not right. she tried to comfort Arielle, but the angel would find none. "Let me be Devil She shrieked over and over as she tried to escape. Her cries drew the attention of the police, that's how she ended up in mental health ward of the hospital.

Alora knew there was nothing that could be done for Arielle here, but at least for now she was safe. There was only one kind that could untangle the angel's mind. Alora knew exactly what she needed to find.

A witch.
October 28, 2018 10:18 pm
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