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Halfway across the bridge two blocks north.

Mackenzie had arrived shortly before one, basking in the moon as she walked the streets alone. There is no reason to fear, at least not for her. Any who might make an attempt at her would find themselves swiftly and purposely shut down.

The rail of the bridge is reinforced by a six foot tall fence, and no doubt that is to prevent anyone from doing something the might never have the chance to regret. Brooding over her life as it stands now, she stares forward though she cannot help but contemplate the tall barrier.

She worked her ass off today - there is no questioning that. But her mind is set, and she would never stop until she succeeds. She would absolutely have this Virgil as her own. A new pet.

Without a doubt, Mackenzie collects people. But not any. No, she prefers the darker souls. The ones that are so twisted and gnarled inside that there is no stopping them from blossoming into outright monsters like herself. Where she sees potential, she is magnetized.

And she is a moth to Virgil's flame.

Sitting upon a bench that sits at the very center, she lights up a cigarette and glances left and right. So far, she is alone. But she can hear an approaching heartbeat and her attention is fast taken to it. A person, running from the eastern side.

A brow raises as she takes a long drag from her cigarette, and she is easily attracted to the seemingly harmless scene. Who does this? Running, in the middle of the night? As a woman? A human?

F-cking ridiculous. And lately, she's been hating human women. Her tastes have shifted, and Mackenzie can feel the beast within shift with anticipation at the hunt presented. The woman, however, stops some fifteen feet away.

Mackenzie would watch with rapt attention as she approaches the rail, her fingers clinging to the fencing with a certain desperation as if ready to tear away the barrier.

And then, she looks up, her head tilting back.

Leaning forward in her seat, the girl would silence the beast if only to watch this unfold, and for only a moment - Virgil is forgotten.
November 01, 2018 09:15 pm


The woman’s desperate grip upon the chain link fence had turned her knuckles white. Wet, reddened eyes gazed upward at the top of the barrier, considering how a mere six feet lay between her and sleep. Panic’s frozen fingers had latched around her heart, paralyzing her from making the climb that she so desperately wanted.

Her breath came quickly in puffs of mist in the cold midnight air, coming in the uneven intervals of shuddering sobs clawing to come out. It was the middle of the night. Nobody was going to stop her. So why couldn’t she do it?

Fear of the unknown, of what exactly would lay at the rocky bottom of this crossroads, sapped the will from her. In its place, helplessness and despair would find her.

A warm hand upon her shoulder made her flinch, and her head whipped around to behold a man at her side. She hadn’t seen or heard him approach. A pair of green, ethereal eyes looked down at her. There was no pity, no fear, no horror at what he’d come upon. Merely a quiet understanding.

He spoke to her.

Slowly, her numb fingers relaxed their grip upon the fence. The fear and tension bled away from her body and expression until a small, relieved smile touched her cracked lips. The calm assurance of his truth sung through her body and mind, and there was no fear left inside her.

The stranger’s hand fell away from her shoulder, and he moved quietly away from her, toward the center of the bridge.

Tall and thin, the man somehow managed to command an imposing presence despite his youthful, almost boyish looks. Dressed in a grey hoodie that was clearly a few sizes too big for his rangy frame, denim jeans and a pair of old black Vans, he looked almost like he’d gone thrifting for his attire. Nothing seemed to be quite his size.

He approached the petite woman sitting on the bench at the center of the bridge, stopping a few feet in front of her with a charming smile that warmed his expression. “Mackenzie. You’re early. I hope I haven’t kept you waiting?”

From behind him, the sound of a thin splash of shallow water and a sickening crack of bone on rock split the night.

He seemed not to notice.
November 02, 2018 01:40 pm
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