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Who... or what goes there? - Part II


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Edward Brollachan

They were soon on the ground, taxiing to the private hangers area reserved for the wealthy. With his free hand, Edward once again took out the satphone, and quickly swiped two messages; one to be picked up at the hanger where the landing jet would park, and another to an old friend who had joined the coven. The former message was replied to, the latter was not, as he expected. The jet landed and taxied to the east end of the flight line, to the private hangers of the wealthy. The pilot and copilot emerged from the côckpit, and nodded to Edward and his charge as the disembarked, and Edward turned to Parisa, speaking softly, "Come, lass... we ha'e arrived. Just another limo ride and ye will be at my Parisian home."

Her eyes opened, still unblinking, but she seemed to understand and stood up. Edward had to bend slightly in the cabin, but she followed him standing upright, lead by the hand. A black limousine awaited them, the door held open by an attendant. Edward helped Parisa into the spacious rear of the limo and entered behind her. The door closed and they were alone again. Moments later, the car started moving, picking up speed as it headed south and west on the A1.
November 20, 2018 01:31 pm

Parisa Tournier

Parisa rocked the whole flight, one hand in a death grip on the book, the other clutched in his as she recited her mantra on repeat. "Hand.... hand..... focus.... hand…." The refrain almost sounded musical in her bell-like vocals. She felt the engine stop but had no recollection of them leaving. She heard his voice, the Statue Man they placed their trust in. He was telling her they were moving again and so she stood and followed. She didn't have a choice really, as she refused to let go.

They were in a car once more. This one had the same plush soft seats and extra comforts that would have been impressive if she had noticed them. She sat there unblinking and staring out the window at the twinkling lights as they swirled past. The voices were quiet for now, as if they too were getting acquainted with the new surroundings. No doubt planning the new levels of havoc they could unleash on the picturesque, unsuspecting city.

November 20, 2018 03:21 pm

Bree Ravencroft

Bree was standing in the shadows of the Eiffel Tower when another text message trickled in. Sometimes it sucked being the popular witch in town, when you just wanted to study disaster management as it applied to supernatural beings in a mortal world. How anyone had managed to keep the incidents involving the tower that much on the down low, was currently beyond her but she would figure it out eventually.

Looking down at the lock screen, she barely managed not to roll her eyes and laugh out loud while reading the message.

To: Glitter Spellcaster
From: Ducati Fugitive
Arriving at the Manse within the hour; Ouija casualty in tow. Need your assistance.

She could always be of assistance, but he had to learn to give better directions than that.

To: Teacup Ducati
From: Glitterati
Will be my pleasure. But which mansion? The city is filled with them.. :p

Bree knew exactly which location he was referring to, but they would not be who they were, if they did not give each other a bit of ribbing when they could. This was slightly unusual though. As far as she knew Edward was not in the habit of collecting casualties anything, much less thinking she had any kind of knowledge about said casualty.

To: Teacup Ducati
From: Glitterati
PS: Do not take the Louvre entrance. Guards too much on edge.
November 21, 2018 06:01 am

Edward Brollachan

Traffic became heavier as they entered the city. The limousine driver knew Edward and his preferences as well as where he wanted to go, and took a series of well know side streets to finally arrive at the ally next to the Manse of The Menagerie. It was cold and raining, and Bree stood inside the alcove of the side entrance, waiting with a large umbrella. The car stopped and Edward opened the door to signal Bree. He then turned to Parisa.

"We are here, lass. A friend o'mine awaits us, and we shall go in out of this rain, nae?"

She seemed to understand, even though she still stared. There didn't seem to be any signs of the voices, but in the short time he had known the girl, they could appear at any time. Still holding her hand, Edward exited the car, leading her by the hand behind him. Bree was at the car door, holding the huge umbrella for all three of them as they quickly entered the alcove to the Manse of The Menagerie.

He turned to his old friend, "Bree... this is Parisa, whom I met in New Orleans. She has... voices. And not all o'them are hers."

It was all the information he had. Bree, with Parisa's help, would have to connect the dots.
November 21, 2018 02:50 pm

Parisa Tournier

The car stopped and again they were somewhere new. It was a large place of some sort and there was a lady with an umbrella for something. Was it raining? Thin rubber flip-flops splashed through the cold puddles as Parisa followed the hand she refused to let go of. She brought Mama’s book closer to her, clutching it tightly to her chest to shield it from the wetness. It was ironic the thing that she found the most comforting was also the source of the current trouble she was in.

She vaguely listened to the Tall Man speak to the pretty lady. Wide eyes darted around the room because the voices were starting up again. They recognized the power in the lady as much as they did in the Statue Man. This is what they craved, what drove them to the graveyard, and what they hoped to find here. Power brought freedom, and freedom brought destruction and they were practically dancing with glee inside her head. “Leeeeettt ussss ouuuut” she whispered softly in the flat monotone that wasn’t her’s.

Parisa knew she couldn’t give them what they desired. They had to be denied because they didn’t pick sides. They didn’t care whom they tormented or who suffered. They wanted free reign to cause havoc. She didn’t know what the Man and Lady were going to do, but she had to make sure they helped HER not them. She had to make them understand but she didn’t know where to begin. If only the voices would let her speak, she could explain what it was they wanted. She could feel them growing agitated as she fought to keep them quiet long enough to learn where she was and what they were going to do with her.

November 21, 2018 05:27 pm

Bree Ravencroft

"Welcome to The Menagerie Parisa. We are all glad you arrived safely. I hope Edward took good care of you on the way here. How about something warm to drink?"

It had not escaped her attention, Parisa was dressed less than ideally for the weather moving into Paris this time of year.

"Perhaps we can talk Edward into preparing a warm drink for us, while I find you something a bit warmer to wear. The communal kitchen has been set up for all you can drink coffee, herbal teas and hot chocolate twenty-four seven."

Shaking her head, Bree waggled a finger at Edward. How could he let anyone fly from the warmth of Southern US to the bloody cold of Paris, and not make sure she was dressed appropriately. Perhaps he still had a few dust bunnies to clear out after the vacation with Ransom. Clucking with faint laughter, Bree nodded in the direction of the kitchen. Pushing a few buttons should not tax him too much. Not to mention there was always a house keeper on duty in the kitchen, and she loved making sure they all got what they needed and wanted. He would have to make that discovery himself though.

While walking down to what could be Parisas private quarters, Bree made sure a selection of warm clothes were moved from her private storage area. Later she would make sure someone went shopping with Parisa to build a good personal collection.

"So voices huh? Is that a good thing or a bad thing?"

Bree had been around the bend enough times to know there were voices, and there were voices. Whatever issues Parisa had, and how she wanted it to be handled, would be her choice and her choice only.

Pushing a door open to temporary quarters, Bree stepped aside.

"There are some warmer clothes in the bathroom, through there."
November 21, 2018 07:40 pm

Parisa Tournier

Edward? Who is Edward?

The pretty lady was talking about something but she wasn't paying attention even though it was most likely important. She couldn't concentrate. She felt the cold fingers releasing their hold on hers. The security of his grip was loosening as the lady and her warm, comforting sing-songy voice filled the grand hall causing her to panic. Wide eyes grew wider, and she gasped and felt fear for the first time since meeting him in the graveyard. She trembled and grabbed his hand tighter.

It's not that she didn't trust the pretty lady. She was a friend of his and he said she could help. Shaking slightly, silently, she looked up at him. The nod as he let her fingers free told her it was okay to let go now. They were where they were supposed to be.

Parisa walked in a semi trance as she followed down halls that looked the same and doors to the unknown. They stopped finally and the lady opened a door so they could step inside. She tilted her head side to side as she looked at the Lady inquisitively, unsure why they were there.

She said voices. She knew the voices! But did she know why?

Still clutching tightly to the spell-book, Parisa raised her now free hand and tapped slowly at her temple with her index finger. "Bad, bad voices". Even as her soft tone responded, the voices tittered in her skull happy to again be recognized.

November 22, 2018 04:36 am

Bree Ravencroft

Who is Edward?

Crap. Obviously there was so much more going on here, and she needed to dial it down a few nudges.

"Edward... Edward is the cold one. Good man. Trustworthy."

It was hard not to dial it as far down as if it was a child. Parisa was not that. Far from it. She obviously was her very own person who somehow had managed to get herself into bit of a bind. All the members of The Menagerie she knew more than a name on the membership ledger had been there, done that in each their own way.

Walking towards the private quarters, Bree watched Parisa tap herself at the side of the head, while talking about the voices as of they were bad.

"Are they bad because you do not know how to work with them yet? Or are they bad because they do not want to work with you?"

It was rarely a question of just black or white. There was always shades and degrees. Something she had come to learn during her own time in Nola. Someones evil was someone elses good, and the other way round.

She would take it one step at a time.
November 30, 2018 04:53 pm

Parisa Tournier

Parisa paused at the question. “Are they bad because you do not know how to work with them yet? Or are they bad because they do not want to work with you?"

Yes!” she nodded her head emphatically as she smiled at the lady who seemed to understand. “Yesssss!” Her finger continued to tap at her temple as she spoke. “Bad, hurt people… must.. control…. My fault… please…please…. Help.”

She sighed deeply. The voices tittered and danced at the base of her skull as they observed this new power before them. “Let ussss outttttt” they cried as her voice became the distinct monotone that was not hers. “Weee can helllppp…hurt….hummmansssss….”

Her head was pounding and she struggled with every step as they moved down the hall. “NOOOO!” her voice cried out softly as she vehemently disagreed. She closed her eyes a moment as she stood her ground and raged a war within her mind. She needed to show strength where she seemed to have none. She pulled her courage from sheer determination to be the one in charge, to keep them contained where they would cause the least destruction.

The moment seemed to go on forever as the mental battle continued. Forces pushed and pulled, clamoring to be on top, to be the one to speak and be heard. Finally she lowered her finger from her temple as her eyes opened slowly, barely a blink in time to any who observed her.

She gazed at the lady imploringly as her soft tones were able to finally reply. “Mademoiselle, they lie. They.. they wish harm upon the land. I.. must learn.. how to work with them because they do not wish to work with me.”

November 30, 2018 06:50 pm

Bree Ravencroft

Tilting her head to the side, Bree watched Parisa as she tried to clarify her personal wishes. It was becoming very obvious someone else was taking the lead, at least part of the time, and Parisa was in the fight of her life.

Crappity doo da. This was so far out of her comfort zone, not to mention anything she had ever worked with before. Everything needed energy, but where did this, or these creatures get theirs? If they siphoned off Parisa, cutting off their supply would be out of the question. In the worst case it would kill her, in the best she would be too weak to do any of the things she needed to do.

"Mademoiselle, they lie. They.. "

"That does not surprise me. When otherworldly matters are at play, truth is always a bit shaded...."

One had to become one heck of a poker player, have a poker face even your own mother wouldn't be able to look through, or ... Bree wasn't sure what kind of game they would end up playing here, but she had a sense there would be losses no matter what. Hopefully the cold one currently working in the kitchen would have a few tricks hidden in the sporran.

Making a gamble, because eventually she would have to get an idea who or what was riding Parisa, Bree canted her head a little bit more and spoke directly to whatever it was.

"Why would we want to hurt humans? Do you offer yourself up as sacrifice too, to maintain the balance?"
December 07, 2018 01:07 pm

Parisa Tournier

They all started talking at once. Voices ringing in her ears, pounding into her brain as she quickly brought both her hands to her head covering her ears trying to stop the harsh discord flooding her brain. The book dropped to the floor with a heavy THUD as her eyes rolled back and she started to shake. She whimpered softly as she fought within to quiet them, while they all fought for the right to speak. Then her eyes became unfocused as the flat, dull, monotone words fell from her lips.

“Human’s are tasssttttyyyyyy”

"Evil deserves to be punished....

"It’sssss fuuunnnnnnn

"Human’s are inferiorrrrr…"

"Sacrifice….. Parrrrissssaaaaa"

It was a struggle for her to remain upright as they echoed louder and began to grow in strength. They were clearly excited by this prospect. They viewed the question from the powerful one as a show of solidarity. The expected help and to be released from the mind-cage they were currently being held in. They sensed Parisa was weakening and their reign of terror was about to begin.

December 12, 2018 07:15 pm

Bree Ravencroft

Screaming for help, Bree somehow managed to catch Parisa before she hit the ground next to the book she had not let go of since her arrival. She knew the feeling. Those books quickly became more important than life itself, and the goddess forbid they fell into the wrong hands.

Lowering Parisa to the ground Bree only had one choice. She needed to pacify the demons in a way which she knew they would not like, and were likely to be slightly uncomfortable for Parisa. At least for a little while. Fixating her head, because Bree believed that is what they would try to hurt first, she spoke directly to the entities fighting for control of Parisa.

"Enough is enough. You have no rights to this world, or this body. Parisa IS MINE. She is under MY PROTECTION. Leave now!"

There was so much energy, and far from most of it came from the demons, but it was easy to understand why they were trying to settle in for a long stay. So much of Parisas power was wild and untrained, so tempting.... Sifting through the strands of power, Bree began to siphon their energy, feeding it to the leys criss crossing Paris while feeding a little bit back to Parisa as well.

Sensing they were getting markedly weaker, Bree began to let go. She could easily had taken all their energy, but that decision was not hers to make unless it became a direct matter of life and death. Ultimately this was a decision Parisa would have to make, whether or not she wanted to try and work with them, or banish them for good.

Letting go of her grip on Parisa, Bree slumped back against the wall while gasping for air. It was awesome doing work directly with energy, but there was always a price to pay.
December 16, 2018 07:55 pm
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