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Julian Montgomery

*Julian heard the yelling from outside the Treehouse, and felt the ground shudder as something hit it. But the cackling laugh, and then the voice...his grandfsather was here for him. How did he find him? Could he see the Treehouse?It couldn't be...the old man would have attacked the hideout itself. Still, Julian felt he should go outside, so no innocent people would get hurt. The Maker knew he wanted no innocent blood on his hands, just because he was terrified of the elderly wizard. Rising from the bed, he heard a trumpeting sound and he made his way toward the exit, readying himself for what was to come.*

*He heard Whitsig's last declaration,knowing  he couldn't see the Treehouse, and felt the old man leave. Good,at least there would be no more battle. When he peaked out the entrance of the hideaway,he saw Edward near the ladder, Bree standing a few feet away, what looked like Stalker aiming his gun at thin air, and Livia Vlcek dusting herself off. With a worried look on his face, he looked around the clearing again, making sure the wizard was really not there, then looked at Edward before speaking.*

"Is everyone okay? I'm glad no one goit grandfather does not care who gets in his way, that's for sure."

*Why was Stalker staring at him like he had not seen him in forever? Edward had a smile on his face, even though he had just been in battle. Bree looked happy, too, and Livia...well,she looked like she always did. But, something was different, of that there was no doubt. Julian shivered in the cold air, but looked expectantly at everyone, waiting for answers.*

December 02, 2018 02:06 pm

Edward Brollachan

"Trust me, animals! You will all pay for this! I will have Montgomery,and I will have ALL OF YOUR BLOOD ON MY HANDS!"

As the crackpot wizard entered the tear in the space-fabric, Edward turned his back to the curmudgeon. Bending over, he flipped the back of his kilt up, mooning Whitsig before blasting a fårt that sounded like a bull elephant trumpeting in his direction. He stood up, looked over his shoulder to see that Whitsig was gone, and then looked up the ladder to see...

"JULIAN! Tha Dia a 'gleidheadh sinn, lad, come down, come down! Everyone is okay, except for the old båstard! Livia hit him with her FN, and I fired a hot shot across his bow as he departed!"

The smile across the dark face of the Scot beamed with a light matched only by his golden eyes.

Julian, his friend and former leader, was alive!
December 02, 2018 03:28 pm

Bree Ravencroft

"Edward, now is not the time to moon your ex....."

Realizing what she yad just said, Bree slapped hands over her mouth and turned towards the voice coming from above. Edward had mooned and played the butt trumpet at no one but Whitsig. Oh dear.... At least Zaynah had fulfilled their wishes better than Bree had dared hoping for.

"Julian... sleep well? As for grandpa.. I could say many things, but perhaps it is better to conserve words and energy for now."

Despite the moment of insanity with Whitsig shooting fireballs, and Edward using his weapons in a new way...

Please goddess, don't let Edward grab the idea of farting fireballs....There aren't enough therapists in the world to deal with that.

.. Bree felt a huge grin spread on her face. It was good to see Julian among the living, though it still remained to be seen just how living he would be, and how he would go about living after the trip to wherever it was Zaynah had found him.
December 07, 2018 05:02 pm

Livia Vlcek

An agonising scream.

Livia stared in confusion as the man, known as Whitsig, yelled at the gathered group. Had she really hit him?

No one can stop the Black Lore! Not you, or your father, or this B*TCH!

Yup, seemed as if. There was no mistaking that pointed word. Mark this day in your calendars boys and girls...

A dangerous smile pulled at the scarred flesh of her cheek until it turned in on itself...even if it was short lived. Whitsig was a crafty sonofab*tch, really, Livia should have known better; expected what was to come. A fireball directed at the Slayer wiped any triumph or smug satisfaction from damaged visage and she did the only thing she could think of before it reached her...stepped back behind the large tree. And none too soon.

As the tree took the brunt of the fire, a lick of flame curled around each side to singe the woman’s hair and coat. Divorced ends now gone, the young woman danced in place, patting at the smoldering fabric of her coat. A coat she loved.

Julian’s voice.
Edward’s bright white arse. Seriously, whiter than she’s ever seen.
Bree cracking jokes about Edward’s ‘new weapon’.

Livia smiled as she made her way towards the group, stopping long enough to grab Stalker and drag him towards the treehouse to see his son.

“I hate to be the Debbie Downer here and ruin the reunion, but with as loud as Edward’s ass trumpeted to Whitsig, we might need to either hideout here or find our way to a different location in case the police show.”

What she really meant...

‘The gunfire was fvcking loud and I’m pretty sure the cops are on their way. Chop chop mother fvckers’.
December 07, 2018 09:42 pm


Stalker felt an unreasonable jealousy as Livia's bullet hit the target, bringing forth a loud screech of pain. Resolving to match her,he went to aim his hand cannon, when suddenly the old man disappeared after yelling a whole bunch of stuff that Stalker's anger had blocked out. Muttering a curse, he started to holster his weapon when a bullhorn went off...or, rather, Edward's arse went off. Thank God the breeze was blowing the other way, or the smog might have overpowered Stalker's olafactory senses. Plus, that gas would have lit the clearing up if it had come in contact with the fireball. At least Livia had avoided most of it, none the worse for wear.

Smirking, at both Edward, and Bree's words, he hear another voice, and saw Julian come into view. His mouth instantly dry, he let himself be propelled by Liv, as she dragged him along with her. He couldn't believe it...the kid  was back. Stalker couldn't let himself believe that this would all work, but somehow it brought his boy back to him. Finally walking on his own, he made his way to where Edward was standing, and held there for a moment.

"She's right...maybe we should go inside. We don't want too many questions to be asked.'

Stalker could not take his eyes off the boy. How was this possible? Maqgic had saved the life of his son.

Hello,'s good to see you again. Do you...know what happened to you?"

December 08, 2018 05:33 pm
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