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Winter Wonderland (All are welcomed)


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*I remember looking from my hive; a fresh layer of snow. It seems that no matter what sour mood I was in snow has always put a smile on my face. Most creatures that dwelled within my hive were dormant save for a few creatures that I had in mind. Before my mutation and when I was human at the time, I dreamed of creating a wintery place where everyone could have fun and relax. Allowing the fallen snow to decorate my dark, curly tresses I daydreamed of such a place until I had an idea.*

*I sighed to myself, how could I forget that I CAN pull it off. I summoned my nanite-infested creatures to create a winter wonderland. The nanites altered many creatures genetic make-up giving them a friendly, winter themed design. The deer and bears had utilized the fallen trees to create large cabins for those who wish to be inside with a warm drink. Moles dug trenches to allow water to flow, the birds gathered water and froze them to create icicles.  I gathered ingrediants for hot cocoa, apple cider, and eggnog with booze as an option.*

*I smiled to myself as the setting took place in a thick pine forest and taking a sip of warm apple cider.*

December 21, 2018 05:56 pm


*Many hours went by until my wonderland was finished as I stocked the cabins with honey, drinks, and food. The cold never bothered me I sat down on a stump and admired my work, I couldn't but beam with pride. *

I highly doubt I could've done better.

*I chuckled to myself.*

December 22, 2018 01:15 am
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