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Confused, Lost Witch


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Amelia Blackwell

I close my eyes as I sigh hopelessly.

I had been practising my spells in the woods, and me being my clumsy self, messed up and it teleported me to how knows where. I only know that I'm not in the safest town ever, I can tell there are vampires that live here.

"No no no..." I shake my head as I walk across the cobbled ground closer to a streetlamp. 

The shadows around me don't make me feel any better about my situation so I start flipping through the pages of my small spell book. 

"Maybe there's an easy way to get back.." I murmur to myself as a read through the various spells scribbled across the paper pages.

I look around and notice the scarce amount of streetlamps and vast amounts of dark alleyways. I accidentally drop my book as the sound of footsteps running behind me. I quickly turn around, my heart beating like crazy, to see nothing there. I begin to pick at one of the various bandages on my hand from my habit of getting paper cuts from various different books. 

"Come on Amelia, you can get back..." I whispered to myself, not wanting to become a meal for anyone or anything.

I pick up my spell book again and continue to flick through the pages, I can hear my heart beating in my ears with utter fear.

I let out a yelp like whimper as someone puts their strong hand on my shoulder.

December 24, 2018 09:27 am
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