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Just another day in sh*tty paradise.


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Nemesis Wolfe

The realm buzzed with excitement today. Nemesis could never feel that with anything let-alone a holiday such as Christmas. Bah-Humbug. It was a holiday wrapped around the idea of gift giving. Thatís it. Who could spend the most on who or who got what and giving just to get in return. She never cared for the holiday. Not like she had family to celebrate with or very many close friends she would want to spend it with anyways. It was just another day. Another sh*tty day in paradise.

Sighing she pushed herself forward into the crowd. Her eye's scanning sign's in search of a good place to get some hot coffee. Her breath hitched at the sound of carolers located nearby somewhere in the crowd. Growling she shoved the man that was in front of her out of the way. She wanted out of this mess. Coffee. The need of caffeine was so strong that she may likely choke someone if she didnít get it. Maybe she shouldnít have come out. Just maybe she should have stayed in the forest like a good little pup and away from people.

"I happen to like carolers. Let's find them and sit for a bit. They are quite nice."

"No. I just want to get a cup of coffee then get out of this place."


"I will take that as a compliment from you, Demi."

"Why are you such a biÖ"

"Because I can! No one cares why besides you. So f*ck off! You know why. You are some stupid voice in my head. You just need to shut the f*ck up and go away!"

Glancing up from her outburst she noticed a crowd had gathered around her and was staring at her. Judging her. She didnít care if they thought she was crazy. F*ck them. They didnít matter. Strangers. Thatís all they were to her. She didnít know them and they didnít know her. They didnít know her past any more than she knew it. Memories lost to her. Doctors had a name for it. Amnesia. How she got it was just as dark and empty as her past. It's been years since she woke up from the coma she was stuck in. She remembered feeling lost and scared upon waking in a strange place. Someone in white came into the room and they tried to console her. But talking wasnít working as the fear of being in a strange place took over. A prick in her arm then her vision slowly went black as the medication knocked her back out. Heart thrummed in her chest as she pushed past the a*sholes staring.

"Nothing to see here people! Move along!"

Something wet dripped down her face and she lifted her hand to wipe it away and found it was tears. Stunned she scrubbed her face with her sleeve to rid of the evidence. Weak. She couldnít have that. Crying was for babies and Nemesis wasnít a baby. Shoving what memory lurked in her head she pushed on in search of a cafť.
December 25, 2018 03:19 pm


    Mick sniffed the air and as he did he closed his eyes. So many victims he could smell. He was waiting for the right scent though. The one that when it hit him he would go on the prowl. The scent of a virgin. Not just just any virgin, but one bathed in the glory of the holy spirit and saving him or herself for the altar, or some othre bullsh*t like that. Self righteous pricks was all he saw and they bled the same as any other victim. They just tasted a little sweeter to this demon.

    He sniffed again and this time another scent aroused his senses. A wolf. Somewhere in the crowd was a female wolf. Was she hunting in his territory? Was she hunting him? No, he would have sensed dsnger if that was the case. What else was there? Something else he could feel. Was it sadness? Did he even comprehend that emotion?

    The virgins could wait, he was more interested in the wolf now.

December 25, 2018 11:14 pm

Nemesis Wolfe



Nemesis slammed her fist into the hood of a car that stopped suddenly right next to her as she was crossing. Her fist burned and ached from the hit and knew she hit it with enough force to dent the metal. Baring her teeth at the driver she growled low before she made her way back to the other side of the street. Glancing down at her throbbing hand she caught the sight of a gaping wound bleeding between her knuckles. Cursing under her breath she shook her hand and glanced at the coffee shop she noticed before she crossed the street. Sighing she grabbed the door handle and swung it open ignoring the sting of pain in her hand.

The coffee shop was not empty but not entirely busy neither. Swinging her head she glanced around at the people within the place and then made her way to the counter. Her eyes focused on the menu but she knew what she wanted already without the help of the lists of coffees shown.

"Grande with extra cream and cinnamon. And please do not forget the espresso shot. You do not want to experience what will happen if you screw up my coffee."

The barista nodded their head and mumbled under their breath as they got to work. Leaning on the counter on her good hand she began to drum on the counter with her fingertips while she waited. She missed her old home. But things had changed and now she was left homeless once again. Letting out another sigh she knew she would have to find another home at some point. This sleeping in the woods was getting a bit old. And its cold. Its time for a change.
December 29, 2018 09:08 pm
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