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Bree Ravencroft

There was nothing gentlemanly about the twinkle in his eyes, while he watched me fight against the knot. Moving forward, moving backwards or not moving at all, it did not matter. No matter what I did with what I got, I was in an impossible situation. It would only be a matter of time before I had to dive head first off the cliff. The exact thing he had withheld his permission for me to do.

Trying to widen my stance did anything but help. The rope tightened to hold the knot firmer in place.

"Mmmmmm fvck, fvck, fvck.."

"Is that really how you appreciate good things?"

Fvck, I had forgotten I was not alone in the room, though being tied up like a roast with knots in unmentionable places should have been a strong clue.

"Fvck you!"

I was not in the mood for games tonight, but my mouth still insisted on running off on its own, trying to get me into trouble.

Outside the sun had begun to set and darkness was slowly spreading across the sky. We had to start getting ready for the New Year's Eve party tonight, but as things went when I had managed to get myself tied up in knots, it sometimes took a long time. Anton was sadistically perverse that way.

"Eventually. I could make you wear it under your dress..."

He did not need to finish that sentence. I knew exactly what he meant. That gap toothed vamp boy from New Orleans all those years ago, did not hold a candle to Anton. What Anton wanted, Anton usually got. Dragon shifters usually was that way. That was how they built their hoard.

The incident in New Orleans had almost been normal. Obviously they were used to see things happen, because no one had batted an eyelash. They had laughed a bit, snapped a picture for their IG accounts and moved on towards the French quarter.

With Anton... Let us just say, had I not been in a precarious situation, I just might have had to kneel, begging him not to do that.

I did not mind the New Orleans incident much, because the city thrived on strange things. But tonight's party was the first time I'd meet the six pack all in one place. We were somewhere in Europe, and I was far, far away from one of my power bases, feeling just a tad unbalanced.
December 31, 2018 07:23 am
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