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Shut up and dance with me


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Pandora Heller

The music pumped, sending vibrations through the floor and the length of the bar, even the stools that lined it. Light strobes acted like little colored rays around the club, hitting patrons in the eye every once in awhile, but they didn’t seem to mind or even notice. The air smelled like sweat and pheromones and cheap perfume. Every girl dressed to kill, though the more they danced, the more their make-up ran and hair fell.

He leaned against the bar and looked out among them. He was still looking good, blonde hair swept to the side on top, the sides and back cropped tight. Slim fitting navy chinos. A plain white button up, the last three buttons undone to show a flash of tan skin. His was an outfit that probably cost more than these waitresses made in a night, and it showed. Being privileged did have its perks after all. Blue eyes scanned the crowd, sizing up the women dancing without partners or in groups of other women. Too many sixes and sevens. He was a man of taste after all.

Then he saw her. Her body swayed to the music, eyes closed as her curved hips moved back and forth in perfect time to the thumping. She was obviously enjoying herself, oblivious to those around her in her skin tight black dress. While most of the other girls had taken their shoes off already by this time of the night, she still wore three inch stilettos that looked like they could kill a man. Her make-up was tasteful, barely there, but she didn’t need a lot of it anyways.

Coming up behind her, he put his hands on her hips and started to sway his body in time with hers. For a moment she paused, twisting those hips away from him and turning to face him. It was too loud for words, but she shook her head at him and stepped back a few more steps. Ice blue eyes stared at him menacingly. Good thing he knew a challenge when he saw one.

Laughing, he closed the gap between them, but she still took another step back. Her head shook more obviously that time, pushing his chest with her hands as she tried to put space between them. When he grabbed her hips again, this time pulling her into him, he could have sworn her eyes flashed gold. But, the strobe lights in here played tricks when they hit the irises. His hand slid down her back, cupping her ass and giving it a squeeze as he started to move again with the music.

She stiffened and he could feel taut muscle beneath her dress. Then again, she could feel more than that from him right now. After a few moments, she seemed to soften, a smile curving on her lips before she started to dance in time. An arm went around his neck, body slinking sensuously against him.

The song ended, but he didn’t let go of her. Instead he leaned in and shouted into her ear “Let me get you a drink.” She didn’t say anything, but nodded with an almost sweet grin. Making their way to the bar between throngs of people, his back to her as he ordered two gin and tonics. His practiced hand slipped the powder into her drink, mixing it with the small black straws before turning and handing it over to her. Taking it, she brought it to her mouth and stopped. She took a small inhalation, staring at him over the rim of the glass. The stuff was supposed to be odorless. There was no way she could smell it.

Her eyes hardened to a glare before tipping the glass back and finishing the drink within seconds. It was her turn to lean in and yell into his ear this time. “Let’s get out of here.” He didn’t argue, instead put his hand on the small of her back and guided her out the door where he gave the ticket to the valet. She stumbled slightly when she got into the Audi and he couldn’t help but grin. That stuff was working fast! She must have already had a few drinks before he got there tonight.

This was his lucky night.
January 02, 2019 07:02 pm

Pandora Heller

By the time they got back to his condo, courtesy of mom and dad, she was practically passed out in the front seat. He pulled into the garage and went to the other side of the car, helping her from nearly a dead weight. She was a lot heavier than she looked but he managed, pulling an arm over his shoulder so she could lean on his larger frame. Her blonde head still only reached his shoulder despite the height of her shoes.

Struggling with her and getting the door open, finally they both went into the nicely furnished, modern, living room. The moment they got through the entrance, they were a mass of mouths and hands, groping and touching as they stumbled their way towards the couch. Nearly tripping on her own feet, she finally turned around so he could help her with her dress. Considering the fact that she had been nearly unconscious moments before, she seemed quite alert at the moment.

Alert and willing.

He couldn’t complain about that.

As he unzipped the black garment, he could hear strange noises. Like loud cracking and popping. Ripping. “You okay?” he asked, though honestly he didn’t care. Everything was going his way as per usual.

When she replied, her voice was husky, lower, obviously loving every minute of this. “Close your eyes and sit down.” Who was he to deny? For good measure, he undid his pants and let them fall to the ground before sitting his bared bum on the couch.

Her hand were rough, rougher than he’d expect on a woman...or a man for that matter. Nails scraped against lightly haired thighs. Ouch. Sharper than he would expect. OUCH. Now they had broken the skin and were slicing through flesh and light downy hair. “What the fu…” He screamed in pain, opening his eyes just as the real pain started in. Jaws found their mark, canid teeth clamping down on his most valued appendage and ripping it from his body.

That’s when the real screaming started.

Blood poured from his open wound. He tried to get up, to run, but she was on top of him now, powerful thighs pinning him to the couch. Her face was no longer beautiful, but misshapen and monstrous. Jaw and cheekbones elongated to snout, teeth bared though dog like lips, though her skin remained hairless. Pale blue eyes had shifted to a glowing golden color. The hands now on his shoulders were grotesque, digits ending in long claws on even longer fingers. Knuckles moved and shaped unnaturally under pale skin.

His screaming hadn’t stopped, only intensifying every second he looked at her. Teeth now clamped on the front of his throat, digging into muscle and tissue. The plasma spilled over her mouth and chin, running down the front of her naked form. Her knees bent unnaturally on either side of his hips. He squirmed, but the screaming stopped at least. He could barely breathe now, his own blue eyes wide with terror as he stared at the top of her head, her blonde hair had darkened at the roots.

With a twitch of muscle, she pulled back. The ripping and tearing sound he heard now was the sound of his throat being detached from his body. It was the last sound before there was just nothing.

This was not his lucky night after all.


Cold eyes looked down at the half naked, mauled, form that lay on the couch as she pulled a little black dress up over her curved form. Her face was back to its natural state...well, its human state at least. Neither were unnatural at all, they were just...her. The blood was growing thick and sticky on her skin. The front of her was painted with it from mouth down to waist, most of it being covered up as she clothed herself once more. The couch, the carpet, all soaked with his bodily fluids.

There wasn’t even a trace of unease to her gait as she stepped over his sprawled legs, now quite unmoving. Hands smoothed her loose locks out of her face, glancing down at the man as she left. “You should have taken no for an answer…”

Some people just had to learn the hard way.
January 02, 2019 07:38 pm
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