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Jasper Thompson

Everything was beautiful, just as Ransom wanted.

Jasper barely spoke to anyone, not much in the mood to mingle. It wasn’t fair, honestly, they’d all come out to celebrate their union and the groom was barely involved. He hates small talk, and what else is there to say. Ransom knew most of the people, and he stayed in the background as part of the decorations. Even seeing Mackenzie didn’t pull him out of him slump. Quite the contrary; it made him feel worse. And, as he looked around at the lavish decor and large sum of guests and, finally, his bride, he wondered...

What was he doing?

This wasn’t his taste, he didn’t know these people. That wasn’t to say he didn’t love and appreciate Ransom for everything she’d done for him, but it should’ve said a lot more about his deep-seated feelings. He was running away from himself and his past, but even then, he was running out of steam.

In the next weeks, Jasper made a home for them in the side of a mountain in Siberia, even going so far as to open a crew, Hopeless Wanderers. It was fitting, and for a while, he was content in his role as leader.

That, too, was short-lived.

One night, it all came to a head in a fit of chaotic disaster.

He held the sleeping form of Claire, toddler-sized though she was only six months old, and walked her down the hallway with heavy feet. He was alone in the quiet mountainside, Ransom off doing who knew what. The walls were charred from Claire’s recent meltdown, and she and her brother had taken on the personas of naked mole rats. While they were immune to the fire they created, their clothes and hair, conveniently, were not.

It was quiet, save for the inhuman, dragging sound that followed in their wake.

Yes, he and Claire were alone, if he didn’t count the demons that occasionally appeared at random. A sign that should’ve had him worried, but he’d grown severely apathetic toward most things.

For a while, he ignored it, keeping to his step and laying his sister to rest in her bed. He’d take his place in the chair by her beside, pulling out a cigarette and fumbling futilely for a lighter. The demon that had sidled up to his side reached out and set the tip ablaze. There they sat, in silent reverie until Jasper finally conceded.

“What are you doing here”

“You summoned me. You said you wanted to feel again.”

A humorless snort followed the explanation, though he didn’t open his mouth to speak again. Instead, he thought back on everything. He hadn’t purposely summoned the featureless entity beside him, but something called it there.

He called Ransom to mind, and felt nothing.

He looked deeply at his innocent, sweet, if not a bit of a handful, sister... and felt nothing.

Finally, he recalled his dearest friend that he’d successfully avoided for months now, and still, emotion eluded him.

In the midst of the nothingness, a sharp, hot fire broke through, emanating from his chest. He was stricken breathless, and his gaze flicked to the side to find the demonic being, but it was gone. Instead, looking down, he found his own hand securely wrapped around the hilt of the blade, sunk deep as it could go into his heart.


His eyes shot up to lock with the only set that would ever perfectly mirror his own. “Claire...” But it was too late. She scrambled over the side of the bed, tears staining her cheeks, but he bid her stop with a single hand. They appeared out of nowhere to drag him away, and with one last imploring look, he asked her. “Please, forget about me...”

All at once, he felt everything, and then...

Nothing at all.
January 08, 2019 01:47 pm


2013 was a busy year.

Mackenzie had moved on from Valour after the fall of Mordent in late 2012, joining an ally she had previously discounted. After Jasper's wedding, however... she went off the deep end. She remained in one place, not doing much of anything at all - or talking to anyone, for that matter. Until, of course, April of 2014 when Leadership of a Sanctuary was passed on to her.

Big mistake. Always a huge mistake.

She'd continued to avoid her truest friend, who still held her affections despite the shameful distance between them. Though still, every chance she got, she would think on him. How proud she was of him, that he'd done so well. She would speak so highly of him, it's a wonder the heart upon her sleeve didn't burst. He was her greatest achievement, in every regard.

It didn't take long for her to regain some strength, or at least enough to completely sabotage everything she had worked for. One day, she felt nothing but the will to self-destruct. Mackenzie was too proud to ask for help. And that pride is likely what started the chain of events that forever changed everything. Without a care, she called upon her dog - a mutt she fondly called Fetch - and directed him to an attack.

It failed.

It wasn't long before Mackenzie found herself face to face with her surviving victim. The conversation was short, and oddly amicable, as if nothing had happened at all. She would feel something, that day. His ax, in her heart. She'd asked for it, and this victim delivered.

Still, she lived. She went away for a time, never calling upon Jasper and terrified of what he might think of her. News travels fast in the Realm, and what she had done was far from honorable. It was weak. When she ultimately returned, it was with Jack Horton. April of 2015 looked promising, and they retook After Dark. She learned of Hopeless Wanderers closing, and of Jasper's death. Mackenzie would keep her chin up despite her heavy, guilt-ridden heart.

She should have f-cking called.

Enter, Solomon King, Jack Horton, and Victor Lockheed.

Her friendship with Solomon was quick and easy, despite the painful circumstances that spawned it. Just as much, things moved quickly with Jack as well. It felt like a race, and the pressure was high as both men staked some claim and made their positions known. And Mackenzie, against her nature, chose the darkness over the light. Her friendship with Solomon was never quite the same, after that. It was stressed, and tarnished, suffering often yet always mending somehow.

Her relationship with Jack was in full bloom. And it was wonderful... until it wasn't. By December, he transferred leadership to her and left. Come January of 2016, she'd found herself randomly at war - something she still, to this day, could not understand. There wasn't a reason for it. One of her own had been needlessly killed. In hindsight, she would chalk it up as an issue of pride.

Jack came back.

Mackenzie's life was a yo-yo. One minute, everything was good. The next, it was down the sh-tter. Ultimately, her relationship with Jack Horton failed several times over. Years of f-cking failure and heartache, all centered around three men in her life: Jack, Solomon, and Jasper. She'd opened a Sanctuary along the way, and ultimately that would fail, as well.

Finally, Victor. In February of 2017, she finally caved to the man's whims and the most tumultuous affair of her life began. This time would be different. There wouldn't be any love. She would protect herself. She would maintain and simply enjoy their time together. That was the plan, and it went to sh-t, too. But he wormed his way into her heart after a time, and there was little she could do to hide it. Instead she would wait to be loved in return, even when it felt that day may never come.

And one night, late in 2017, she saw a ghost.

Jasper Thompson.
January 08, 2019 05:34 pm

Jasper Thompson

He was sent back with naught but the clothes on his back.

No money, no belongings, not even a damn memory.

Things were looking grim for Jasper, and with no recollection of anything, he was even more lost and alone. While in New York, he ran into Mackenzie, but that proved fruitless. “I know I know you, but I don’t know how, and I’m sorry.” And that was pretty much the extent of that.

The Devil plays cruel games, after all.

Still, he felt inclined to find some sort of purpose, and the more time he spent roaming around, the more he was drawn to Siberia. Something there called for him, and it would be weeks before he found out what.

A hollowed out mountainside with no inhabitants save for the creatures that had come to reclaim it. None seemed willing to make it their home, though, and were more than eager to abandon ship whenever he wandered in.

Jasper was hit with a striking familiarity, but it always danced just out of reach of his consciousness. He ambled through the place, touching this or that and willing himself to remember, but to no avail. The more he thought, the further away it felt, and he only grew frustrated.

“What are you doing here?” Her voice was lilting, calling him back from the brink while simultaneously willing him over the edge.

“I can’t remember anything.”

“And you want to?” Her tone seemed doubtful.


Lilith stepped around him and plucked up an old music box. It played the tune of a chilling Russian lullaby that told of a monster coming to steal children, but it was soothing, and oh so jarring...

She deposited it into his awaiting palm, and he sank down onto the edge of what appeared to be a child’s bed. No, Claire’s. It had been Claire’s.

Suddenly, he remembered everything.

A strangled sob escaped him, and his mother sank down next to him, pulling him into a soft embrace. Her children were so emotional, and it was a trait she didn’t understand, but oddly felt protective of.

“What happened to her?”

“Your father got to her before I could.” Jasper didn’t miss the accusatory tone of her voice, nor did he fault her for it.

He’d failed his sister in saving her from the existence that he had. Growing up under the ‘care’ of their father was a task he wouldn’t wish on his gravest enemy, yet he’d left his sister to suffer because he couldn’t handle his life anymore. He’d chosen a coward’s death, and that would forever be branded on his heart.

“I don’t know what to do.”

“I told you, you’re not ready.”

The blade that entered his heart this time was guided by another hand, and his mother pressed a loving kiss to his forehead. “I’ll take you home.”

She loved her children.
January 08, 2019 06:36 pm


"What do you.. Jasp."

He didn't stick around. Mackenzie found herself watching him walk away with her heart in her throat and a feeling of dread. As much as she wanted to, this time... Mackenzie couldn't follow. So she stayed in place, waiting for word on a man who meant so much to her, while continuing on with her life as if nothing at all were happening.

Once again Jasper Thompson died, and he left her behind.

Mackenzie carried on. She found herself committed to this life she chose. And everything was fine until Solomon King died.

Victor had never cared for the Lycan. He'd made it clear time and again, though let her have her friendship. But once the man was gone, he let her know. Thus, her head was turned. Mackenzie made an enemy of her late friend. He'd used her. He only ever called upon her when he wanted something, or needed something. And he certainly never would have accepted her for who she truly is.

A f-cking monster.

Sonder closed shortly after, and Mackenzie joined Victor in Moscow, returning to her new roots with Spring. They never stayed there long, but it was nice. The three got along. Outside of their little grouping, Mackenzie didn't get out much.

She'd even gone so far as to move in with Victor, making her new dwelling his posh London apartment. Nothing changed. The two did as they pleased, and terrorized the city on a whim. It was great, though she never felt at home. It was his home. Always his. And still, despite her feelings for Victor, he'd yet to reciprocate. But it was fine.

July 2018

Mackenzie sat on the side of the tub, fingers under scalding running water as the bath filled. She enjoyed the warmth, particularly in the absence of him. He was out doing God knows what, but she never worried. There wasn't a need for that, because he always came back. Always. Life was calm, and she had settled into it.

Once more, Jasper Thompson came crashing into her life. This time, literally.

"Jasper f-cking Thompson."

There was nary a pause before she began to stalk out in just a t-shirt, water running into a plugged tub forgotten. At first glance, she would seem angry. And she was. Mackenzie was angry for every reason in the book. She had failed him multiple times over, and still he persisted. She didn't deserve him. But it didn't stop her.

Her hands would reach up, clashing with his chest as she shoved at him. But immediately thereafter, she'd wrapped herself around him in a fierce embrace. She f-cking missed him.
January 08, 2019 07:15 pm

Jasper Thompson

The first person he thought of wasn't his wife, nor his sister. He found himself in London, thinking of only one. Call it fate, call it something else, but it didn't take long to find her. Leaning over a balcony of a posh apartment building in all her fiery glory, she flicked her cigarette over the edge without a care. And up he went.

One patio chair through the glass door later, and he'd made a successful breaking and entering. "Honey, I'm f-ckin' hoooome."

Mackenzie greeted him just as he expected she would.

She was livid, marching toward him with nothing but anger fueling her step. Her hands collided with his chest, and though Jasper didn't fight back, an infuriating smirk plucked at his features. He threw his hands up in an apologetic gesture and promised, with nothing but sincerity, that he wouldn't be leaving again.

For some reason, she believed him, and they picked up right where they left off.

Well, not exactly. They were actually talking to each other again.

She told him what happened in the wake of his death, and they laughed about nothing and everything. Only then did he find out that he'd broken the special UV reflecting glass door of her beau's pompous apartment, and while he maybe should've been a little more apologetic, it just wasn't in his nature. Truthfully, it wasn't his intention; he thought she'd just used the apartment after a meal. It wasn't unlike them.

But when Victor had returned home, he was less than receptive of Jasper's reintroduction into Mackenzie's life. He didn't blame him; it'd been entirely destructive, and only Victor had paid the price for it. So, gracefully, he left.

Back to Moscow he went, though not for anything personal. It was a home that would soon reveal itself to be only temporary. But what it entailed was a whole beast of a situation.

Enter Spring, and Gray f-cking Taylor.
January 09, 2019 11:40 am


It was like those years without each other had disappeared, but the shame stayed. Still, they clucked like hens, and Mackenzie dished it all. She’d dressed, and began to clean up the mess over an overflowing tub. All the while, they never stopped talking. She began to clean up the mess of glass on the floor, still talking. She texted Victor salaciously, and still kept talking. Finally he came home, and at first it was fine.

He’d swept her up and staked his claim on her expressly. It was pleasant, until his dissatisfaction with the mess created and the stranger in his home came to the surface. Mackenzie knew she was partially to blame. But Jasper took his leave gracefully, lifting the blame for his ruin from Mackenzie. A hug, a kiss on the cheek, and he was gone.

She and Victor talked more, and she made her genuine hurt known in the only way he could understand. Mackenzie told him that one day she would marry him, and she didn’t want to live in his home. She wanted to live in theirs. And Victor declared he would give her whatever she wanted; she just wasn’t sure he understood.

She and Jasper stayed in touch from then on, and she felt confident in them. Their friendship, and unshakeable bond. And one night, she made a decision.

It was time to go home.

Because home, for her, wasn’t something anyone else could give her. It was her tunnels beneath the city, the place of her creation under her rules, with her person by her side. Telling Victor, however, would be task. So, like she has so many times before... she buttered him up. They went out, they had their fun and terrorized an elderly woman before drinking her dry.

Sat on a couch, a corpse mere feet away, Mackenzie looked Victor in the eye and told him of her intention to reopen Sine Metu. Naturally, he supported this move. He always did, when it aligned with what he perceived she should and could be. It had always been a flattering concept, when it was what she wanted to hear. Her choice in Confidante, however...

The argument that ensued thereon was epic yet short, culminating in the only thing she ever wanted from Victor - but it stung. It hurt.

They don’t love her the way he does.


She’d left him there that night, unable to cope or continue the conversation. Despite the heartache, Mackenzie took her time to process what had happened.

Months of it.

And in that time, Sine Metu was established once again with Jasper at her side.
January 09, 2019 12:37 pm

Jasper Thompson

Spring took him in and gave him a place to stay while simultaneously berating everything he was. He loved her for it. She was a force to be reckoned with, and he wanted to see her explode.

But Gray Taylor...

They reconvened in the compound, Jasper wandering around aimlessly one night. He stumbled upon a scene that wasn’t meant for anyone’s eyes, much less his own. At first, he wanted to bow out, but as Gray spiraled further into himself, Jasper felt a strong pull to help, so he stayed. And they talked. Too much shared, on both parts, thus starting one of the most tumultuous relationships he’d ever have. Gray was a good foil for him, and vice versa, and the love built unexpectedly quickly.

When Mackenzie approached him about reopening, though, there was no doubt in his mind where he belonged. It’s where he’s always belonged, beside her, running the crew underneath New York.

Gray hadn’t taken it well, but swallowed his pride all the same. He would never be Mackenzie’s biggest fan and would always make that fact known.

Then, Spring died.

Jasper rushed to Moscow, per Gray’s request, and found a scene that, to this day, he doesn’t understand. She had died, and no one knew how or why. In all aspects, he would help Gray through this as best he could, going so far as to perform the burial preparations on a damn near stranger. It was hard, but they grew stronger for it.

Telling Mackenzie was equally hard, and he promised to help her through it as well. But death does strange things to people, and soon the truth that they’d denied for so long, burying it deep within themselves, came out.

“Nothing you did - or didn’t do - caused my choice.”

“I have always wanted you, Jasper. And I’m so, so sorry I never let you know that.”

“Christ, Mack...”

And it all came to a crashing halt as he looked back, and actually saw it. He had always been drawn to her, above anyone else. Constantly in their shared past, and even now, he picked her over anyone else. Jasper would do anything for Mackenzie, because he loved her. So f-cking much.

“So what are we?” he had asked, crazed tones lacing each word. “Star-crossed f-cking lovers, always destined to be just out of reach?” He’d laughed then, even as the smile faltered.

“Damnit, Mackenzie.”
January 09, 2019 01:05 pm


Just like that, the world turned upside down, and they were forced to deal with the present instead. So the exchange sat in the background, looming overhead as they refused to allow it to lead their days. They got to the compound, they talked, and they did what they had to do. Jasper would return to Gray, and Mackenzie would face Victor.

F-ck, she should have called him, rather than text the severity of the situation. How selfish. How hasty. Mackenzie knew that he would come when she beckoned him to Moscow. What she wanted was an answer, and she did what she had to, to get it.

Be it Death, or death, or a months worth of reflection.. Mackenzie knew what she had to do. It was a matter of self-preservation. She couldn't do it all over again. What had been simple and free had become stressed and full of upset. Honestly, she'd gone weeks without speaking to him. It took Spring to bring her out of hiding. It wasn't until she was in his room with him, alone, that she knew what she had to do.

I missed you.

"Aye. I missed you, too. And that's why we can't do this."

He'd thought she was talking about her Coven, and it only made it harder to commit. Make no mistake, Mackenzie loves Victor Lockheed. Yet sometimes, that just isn't enough. Right now, with him, it wasn't. All that came next was ugly. She hadn't expected it. Not from him. His last promise would linger in her mind, stoking a worried, heartbroken paranoia.

And he was gone.

On that day at the end of September, Mackenzie broke Victor's heart - and her own.

It took her two weeks to tell Jasper what had happened, and only because of her intent to gather her things. She'd played it off as a need for some personal effects since they had moved to New York. Mackenzie is, notoriously, cheap. But he saw through it, likely due to her insistence that he stay behind.
January 09, 2019 05:24 pm

Jasper Thompson

She asked him to stay away from London and, in the wake of his and Gray’s recent breakup, he had no intention. But when she told him where she was headed, it raised a few red flags. A few demanding texts were exchanged and ultimately, he was beside her on the plane when it took off.

While she was busying herself with packing, Jasper took the initiative to drop off the key he’d no longer be needing. There had been a standoff, after which they made up. Then, Gray dropped a bomb on him.

All I know is that I want to spend whatever time I have with you.

His heart stopped.

Because of his own carelessness in the wake of his best friend’s death, Gray had been gifted an expiration date. Jasper’s worst fear.

Despite everything, Jasper loved Gray. Not only that, but he’d made a promise to Spring to take care of him and this would surely fall under that responsibility. Gray had a tendency to self-sabotage and had happily walked into a situation that guaranteed his death. It was selfish, and Jasper wasn’t having it.

His answer? To do something equally as selfish.

Jasper had gone to his employer himself and made a deal. In exchange for Gray’s continued life, he would take on the persona of an incubus. He had a monthly quota of harvested infant souls that would be met. Should he not, his existence was would be wiped from the world.

Gray was furious.
January 09, 2019 06:24 pm


When she got to the apartment, she never expected to see Victor there. Mackenzie had counted on him to be out hunting, and instead he was there to witness her falling apart. The meeting had been amicable, and while there was a certain amount of their relationship mended - she couldn't give Victor the one thing he wanted.

A second chance.

She packed her bag that night, stealing from his closet a shirt. She would keep it hidden away as a token, and lock it away with her love for him.

She returned to her shared hotel room, expecting to find Jasper though he was nowhere to be seen. The last thing she wanted in that moment was to be alone, no matter how experienced she was at heartbreak. Jasper was here, and she needed him. A few texts and a short trip later brought her to a dingy underground, and there he was - fighting.

Mackenzie stepped into the ring.

Despite the protests of those watching on, she welcomed this release. She needed it in that moment. A gesture was met with an invitation, and Mackenzie would throw the first punch. The energy between them palpable, the two wrestled their way to the ground as Jasper spun the tale of what had brought him to this point.

He made her wait for it, putting her in an impossible position before tenderly instructing her on how to get out of it. And then, Jasper dropped the bomb. Her world paused for just a moment, all else flying out of her head, and she finds herself in a completely different way.

He sold his existence. For Gray.

There are a great many things that could have brought her to the heights of her temper tantrum that night, but her mind was quick. She didn't focus on the obvious, but instead the possible loss of time. It is what drove her to move, pulling herself out of his grasp before launching herself atop him. Locked down, Mackenzie leveled him with brute force and a steady glare before declaring herself unapologetic.

Without warning, her lips were pressed to his. It took mere seconds for him to break away and slam his forehead into hers.

It was decidedly not their finest moment.
January 09, 2019 06:47 pm

Jasper Thompson

For a singular moment, they were locked into a kiss that expressed everything they had buried for years. It was enticing and mesmerizing, and it felt like an eternity before his alcohol-addled brain realized what was happening, and under what circumstances. This wasn’t a declaration, but a rebellion. Jasper was furious. How could Mackenzie commandeer something they’d waited so long for? In his anger, he did what only made sense; headbutted the f-ck out of her.

He had apologized for his momentary lapse into his anger, but it stuck with him for some time after. It wasn’t just that he’d slammed his forehead into hers as hard as he could, but that the guilt was eating at him. Jasper stumbled away from that fight, puked gloriously into the street, and in his blackout state, explained his reasoning.

Gray couldn’t share.

Naturally, instead of treating Gray like the adult he should be, he put himself in his shoes. Jasper had been there, more than once, when he was not the first choice; on top of everything else that Gray had lost in the recent weeks, it didn’t seem opportune that he bow himself out... unless it was Gray’s choice.

Gray, seemingly, had a similar idea.

They treated each other like sh-t for a couple weeks before it finally became too much, and Jasper broke it off. He wanted to preserve some sort of relationship, selfish as it was; he did love Gray. Eventually they would work out their differences, and eventually the truth of the matter would come out. Jasper knew that to be fact, and perhaps that’s why he took his punishment so gracefully. He’d earned it, to say the least.

All that mattered was that, for the first time in years, they were free to be together.
January 17, 2019 09:29 am


From there on, everything happened quickly. It was weeks until Gray and Jasper split, and even more until anything was done. Mackenzie expected nothing from Jasper; they were both healing themselves and each other. The status quo resumed. They acted as they always had, and just as they had years ago, distracted one another from the reality of their situations. The only difference is that they were using each other to achieve that end.

And then, one night, she went to a bar. Sat at a table with a random man, a Flat Earther, listening to his conspiracy theories and debating him. She was bored. He was intolerable. She texted Jasper.

He came.
He conquered.
He slammed the man's face into the table.
Together, they walked out of the bar with their new friend.

Under the stoop of some New York apartment building, they fed upon their bloodied friend.

"I hardly pictured a white picket fence and yearly Christmas photos in matching jammies, Jasper. I don't give a f-ck. I mean, I do. But I waited years, and this is not going to define us." She met his gaze easily before making the declaration she should have made that night in the ring. "You and me, right?"

'You and me,' Jasper agreed, pulling her in and close. He landed her with their first real kiss that night, and it was everything the actual one should have been and more. They whiled the night away with fresh pray and a walk to Saint Patrick's Cathedral. They made a scene, and tempted fate. And from thereon, there was nothing that could come between them.

They took advantage of the time they had lost, taking their time as they relished in a freedom never previously possessed or realized. Or, at least, a month of it. Despite the hurdles tossed at them, Mackenzie found herself restless. Why were they not celebrating themselves? Why were they playing at this as if they were not a sure thing? They'd come so far, and she knew Jasper to be the end of her line.

This was meant to happen.

"JASPER!" She called out, as she was apt to do. Attention demanded, she was already on the move. More than once, she yelled his name until she finally found him in an old, closed off station that had been made for the use of FDR.

"So, I had a crazy idea." She was getting nervous. Her idea was beyond crazy, and at the same time, not at all. She just needed to get it out. "For while we're away," she continued to beat around the bush. A moment was spent, lips pressed together as she mustered the will to speak her mind. All the while, she watched him carefully.

"Lets get hitched."
January 17, 2019 01:25 pm

Jasper Thompson

Jasper had asked if she was sure, looking for more than her thoughts on a Catholic service. He was a lot, and he came with a lot. He didn’t expect her to be tied down to someone that needed to warm the bed of others simply to remain alive. Yet even as the thoughts ran rampant through his mind, he easily put them to rest. They merely were, no questions asked.

“You’re mine, Mackenzie, and I’m yours. Might as well make it official.”

Off they went on their weekend getaway, one goal in their shared thoughts. They had no idea where their journey would take them, content to just be. When he met her at the airport, she held out the tickets, only to snatch them back and demand her toll. He’d gifted her the price she’d asked for before hauling her over his shoulder with the promise to finally make an honest woman out of her.

Alaska would offer them the peace they’d sought for so long, and Jasper had already formulated a plan before they’d even exited the terminal. “I’ll pick you up in a couple hours, be ready.” He smirked, planting a kiss on her cheek before a thought struck him. “Wear a coat.” For show, if nothing else.

Now, they stand as a married couple under the dancing sky alight with the show of Aurora Borealis. The blood of their officiant spatters the freshly fallen snow around them, and Jasper lazily drapes an arm over his wife’s shoulders. It had been perfect; just the two of them in a quiet ceremony that meant less than their exchanged words and lingering glances. They’d pledged themselves to each other as they had so many years ago, the only difference being they now understand the full extent of it.

He smirks as he passes her a sideways glance. “It’s not a beach, but don’t worry... I still wore the banana hammock.”
January 17, 2019 01:57 pm
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