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Desecration - Chapter 1


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Esper Valari

People believe that when you die, you ascend to the heavens. If you are good you are given a halo and angelic wings perched upon your back. What if I told you it was quite the opposite you die and descend to the world below.

Wings upon his back. He was beautiful pure in the eyes of his Lord still. But what would come with the truth? The truth of what he had done. Surely God forgives all sins, but betrayal? The price exile or death, either choice meant the same.
There he stood before the golden consecrated ground, hands tensed a sigh released, his word would have been spoken or rumored surely God already knew what most only rumored. Walking the city paved of gold before making it much further Ohliem 'Judge' of the heavens and below halted the winged creature.

'You have no place among us anymore, surely you know this...She may have once been one of us but she is no more, you should have let her go...'
Head hung low Esper clutched his fist in anger, a new feeling he'd learned from spending time with the people below. He shook his arms to let it out peacefully. There was no hiding anything from the known of everything and spoke to all of his delicate creatures in one voice.


(Homeless, Without, Knowledge)

Hues colored of golden shut for the last time, the gold behind them would never been seen again. Hearing those words echo through the halls of the heavens from his 'Holy Father' would cause a single stream of golden tear to drain the existence of such beauty to the floor. A single feather wilted and draped down to the floor turned to a wing of a dove. It was the smallest feather in all the kingdom and would be for sometime.

January 09, 2019 06:31 am

Esper Valari

'Ohliem', bending down to pick up the feather collecting it after sweeping the golden tear that fell with it. Opening a glass casing, and placing them inside. As he took steps away from 'Sephrius' as Esper was formerly known. He would soon pass two other golden winged creatures white ribbons draped across there chest bared in red. Words came from Ohliem.

'All that remains of what you were and what you know of this world, the world from above which your kind could only dream of, your kind....Mortals.'
The men felt like an army pushing 'Sephrius' off the edge, his heels struck the golden ground, his eyes felt glued shut, as he would try and tear up nothing would part from them with each moment that struck in those very few that there were, an angelic chorus could be heard playing. The moment seemed like a lifetime. At the very edge of the Angels threw 'Sephrius' over the edge.

At the release of their clutch he was plunged to the depths below, a scream was attempted but all that was echoed was silence. Each feather that was almost painted on his back by 'Raphael' seemed to wilt away to that of a dove. Soon seconds became minutes and then... He awoke...

"Ahhhgh, Ahh no.... No!?"

Holding his chest opening his eyes, looking at his hands one of a time to stay warm in front of him covered in ink feathers from above landing on him like rain, that's because they were. It was pouring down, as if God shed his final tear for the now man whom he loved so much. He looked around as he shivered in the cold wet night of Los Angeles naked. What he thought was a dream that he couldn't remember entirely turned out to be true all along.

He shook his head to get the water out the best he could before tying his hair back with itself into a messy man bun. He stood on his feet, as he did he had a missing feeling drawn from his back. He reached back to feel nothing but bone of his shoulder blades. It was as if he was carrying a large backpack and then took it off all of the sudden.
January 09, 2019 06:48 am

Esper Valari

Letting his hand fall free back to his side he observed the rest of his body, he knew that he was a man, he had basic instincts like a man, only he couldn't remember where he was or what he was doing. He knew the world and it's existence he knew the year date all of it but other than common everyday knowledge, nothing.

Quick and in a hurry to get out of the cold headed to a close underpass he made a home under it's cover no walls let the chill of the night phase against his skin throughout the night. The next morning the man would find himself curled up in a ball. The sun held high in the sky it was too much to take all in at once. Next to him he found what looked like a 'Salvation Army' bag someone had dropped off clothes for the man.

Once clothed, even though it wasn't much it felt so much better than bare flesh. His shoulders were laced over with straps of cloth coming from a tattered 'wife beater' and his legs covered in denim. Shoes old and worn ones but they felt amazing with the socks that laid in them. He scurried off into the streets it was busy many cars and people that walked the streets to fill it's soul of the city.

Walking past a bistro or two, he grew a feeling of being watched he could feel judgment it was a feeling he was not use to as a mortal. He was under dressed for the weather and if there was police for fashion surely he would be behind bars. Seeing a man distracted by a waitress. Esper quickly swipes the satchel and walks away as a normal pedestrian.

Inside he found credit cards and cash enough to be a middle class half months pay. Esper walked into a nearby convenience store bought a few cartons of 'Redwood and Newports' a couple of pints of beer and continued down his new life that was....Nothing.
January 09, 2019 08:16 am

Esper Valari

After a few hours of drinking from a brown bag and sight seeing something beckons him from his tipsy gracefulness, a old abandoned church. Inside he was unsure what he would find. He would hole himself up in the walls of this place for time it would soon become his new home.

The church walls were covered in graffiti from other visitors it matched the art on his very own canvas the halls use to be used for holy reason, it made sense why he was so drawn to this place, it was abandoned of all life except the rats and mice that gathered for warmth in it's walls. Little to no sunlight shined inside tattered rags of cloth covered it's stained glass windows, which matched his clothes gathered on his very own flesh.

Many restless nights would gather around him and his newly found home, winter came in hard and swarmed the place in chills. It would be some time that would go by without the comfort of another. He managed to only go out in the world to refuel on booze and food. stealing got easier with time, from snatching wallets and purses to lifting money out of stores while the cashier took his 15 smoke break.

But soon that comfort came, a woman in the night who made it no further than the door way, he would spend hours conversing with woman about life and all the things it meant. Not knowing much of his own. It turned into something more, the woman grew a bond with him and he with her. Time would go by and he would see her as she walked by day in and day out. Soon she would stop coming around. Confused puzzled the one thing that enchanted him about this new life suddenly disappeared.
January 09, 2019 08:45 am

Esper Valari

He would grow eager to find a means to fill that void that left him, it was as if felt the feeling of exile somewhere else in his life before. Before the mortal that cost him his wings, before the fall from Heaven.

One night, one very cold and lonely night someone did come around with a means, he sold a gram in a vial for $60. It was probably all he had left on him. The powder would be come all he came to justice with for some time.

Line by line, he would sing his life away, cocaine had taken him to a high he hadn't felt since leaving the gates of heaven. He was lost in a world where he knew nothing. Not even about himself. Driven to insanity day in and day out. He grew a custom of doing this with no purpose or direction in his life. He needed something or someone to give him that edge that high.

That high was Sine Metu, he found his way into the group of to him at the time unknown coven of vampires, witches, and demons. He would think of them as a local fence he would sell and launder money for them. Petty crimes for a small fee, a place to live, food, and a few dollars under his belt.

Things at first were slow, he hardly walked into anyone in the group. Most of them kept to themselves at first every now and then on turn ins he would run across one of them. He didn't mind Esper was use to the solidarity of it all. But there was one, a woman he wasn't expecting to run back into. The one from the church.
January 13, 2019 06:04 pm
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