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The Realm Origin Story - All invited


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Dr Van Helsing

First there was the sun and in its light and heat the earth was bathed. The sun was life itself for it brought down from the heavens the first Angels. It gave breath to the land and from the forests arose the shape-shifters and the Rangers. This was the First Age and these were its inhabitants. And as this age came to be known in the Realm, there was peace. These new citizens carved out communities throughout the Realm for themselves. Every corner was populated, from the new country in the west to the far reaches of Asia and the southern tip of Africa. No lands were left untouched and the Realm prospered. From afar watched the Elders of the Realm. Gods among mortals who forged the sun and the stars and the moon. It was their blood that birthed the Realm. Their blood that breathed life into every being. The Elders for their part watched their creations from afar, all swearing to never involve themselves in the affairs of the Realm.

All save one.

From this lone Elder, the Darkness came. Hidden in the farthest reaches of the Realm, she waited. Drawn to her like a beacon, a lone Angel came upon an area known as the caverns and in his curiosity, he investigated. The essence of the Elder brought him deeper and deeper into the crevices until he reached an open space illuminated by an unknown light source. In the center lay a sarcophagus, stone and very old, older than the Realm itself. In his curiosity the angel pushed back the lid of the coffin and in doing so unleashed an evil that would soon consume the entire Realm and bring about the Second Age of the Realm. The Age of Darkness.

During this second age, an unrelenting assault on the denizens of the Realm began by the forces that were released from the Caverns. Unending war for dominance over the Realm ensued. Vampires, Magic Wielders, and Demons, all spawned from fallen citizens of the Realm and afflicted with unbridled evil, ravaged the cities and countryside. In the burning cities, the first of the Rangers arose in defiance against the darkness. These Rangers became Slayers and set about a counter-attack led by their Champion, Stalker who marshaled his forces and drove back the beasts. Angels armed with newly forged steel, rained down upon the demons and commanded vast armies of shape-shifters in the hills and mountains. The shape-shifters chose the wolf as their best fighting form and became the Realm's first Lycans.

From the heavens, the Elders watched and knew one of their own had betrayed them all. One who was filled with petty jealousy and malice. With their collective powers, the Elders unleashed a wave of energy hurling the betrayer deep into the depths of the earth where they would rule in exile over the evil they had created. Their own Realm, a Forbidden City under the earth. As further punishment for her betrayal, the Elders cast upon her a spell cursing her to live eternity as the embodiment of the childish tantrum she had thrown. Forever would she be simply known in the Realm as...the little girl.

Still her faithful pressed their attacks on the Realm as she commanded from the depths of the Forbidden City. The Sanctuaries banded together in defiance of this evil. Deep into the Caverns, into the Forbidden City within, the beasts were driven! Back to the hell from which they came. But in the din of their victorious cries, a dark mist seeped from the ground. Stepping out from the origins of the assault, the curious Angel stood and looked out upon the dying army of the dark. His master relegated to the confines of the Forbidden City. He no longer an Angel, now known only as Demon. He would do his master's bidding and wage unrelenting war against those that sought Sanctuary in the light. He would form the first Covens that would battle the newly anointed light warriors. From his veins the Shadow Spawns would arise and lay ambush to those unsuspecting souls. His breath created the Shadow Lord, guardian of the Forbidden City and protector of the vanquished Elder.

The third age of the Realm is upon us now and the Elders watch still. Wary as to which side will prevail. The world is now dotted with Sanctuaries and Covens. Each vying for domination of the Realm. In the end, only one can prevail.

Which side will you choose?

January 10, 2019 10:30 pm


I suppose I came in at the middle. The wars between warriors of both dark and light was already underway. The Covens and Sanctuaries.

I came here from a world much the same, but very different. In my world, I was the Apex Predator. The weak had no chance. I found them, men, women and children in my insatiable need for their blood on my mouth, across the tongue, down my throat.

Then I felt a pull, back to my home in New Orleans. Somehow, things were different. It was as if I stepped into a bubble running alongside my beloved world.

Here. The Realm. I was the weak, the hopeless. All my power, gone. So many more so much stronger than I. I learned I had to train, work my way up the ranks. And so I did.

I was making for a formidable vampire. That wasn’t meant for me, I suppose. I met a man, a slayer. He spoke of such wonderful things. His words were like honey in the ear…if only I renounce my vampire ways, let his ritual cleanse me. Put my damned soul into my already cursed Katana.

Such a foolish girl I was. Yeah, I totally fell for it. And you know, he left not long after. Then I got word he was pretty much suiciding himself. I would have gladly taken that shot, but was denied even that.

So, once a vampire, now a slayer. I reached out to Sprew for a home, and he took me into Azhi Dahaka and basically told me to behave. I hear that phase a lot. Addi…behave. Addi, best behavior. Addison, no, you can’t kill this or that person.

My most trusted friend is Genesis. She is in Azhi, too. She knows the things I do…things I do when I was a vampire that I shouldn’t do now. And she doesn’t tell on me. Oh, she threatens. And she says she can’t stand me. I don’t believe her for a moment.

The wars are escalating. I find myself straddling the line. Do I want to stay on the side of the light? Or do I ultimately want to fall in the warm sweet darkness again. I know someone who would help me with that.

Or do I just want to end it all.

I just don’t know what to do. I have a good heart, I think.

But at the end of the day, killing comes so easy. And tastes so good.

January 12, 2019 05:28 pm

Eloise Buchanan

It is said, it is better to ask for forgiveness than ask for permission.  Elle believed, the dark embracers should ask for neither.

Do not confuse light and dark, with good and evil.  Elle has witnessed both, on both sides.  She is no more evil than some slayers who, in their feigned righteousness, would take her kind down. No more evil than the angel always a crime away from losing those precious wings, just saying you are an angel doesn’t make you one.  Werewolves? Ahh, they were another thing entirely.  Perhaps the driving need to change, to rend flesh and feast on your enemies is something Elle could understand, something she could respect.  A pity they smelled so damn bad.

So many have crossed the paths from light to dark, and back again.  How then can you assign good or evil to such a thing when your best friend may only be a taste of blood or macabre death away from joining ranks against you.

Elle had not witnessed any of the prior ages, she came to this place in the third age, were the Realm appeared calm on the surface but could be seen at a gentle boil when one focused in the right places.  Strange alliances sometimes formed across the divide, old friendships and acquaintances bridging the distance for outcomes greater than either side could gain alone. Even so, it felt to Elle like the calm before the storm. That the entire Realm was only a few steps away from outright war. 

The coven Elle had joined, The Menagarie, a rag tag bunch of witches, demons and fellow vampires headed by an experienced and strong leader.  Elle knew, without question, if in need they would stand together, fight for one another, drag each other back from the brink of hell.  In fact, had already done so in the short time she’d been there. The loyalty and companionship were second to none.  In the near two hundred years of her unlife, Elle had not found its like.

Elle did not ask to be a vampire, but nor does she shrink from walking the earth proudly as one. Hell, she’s even thinking of making t-shirts to proclaim her status loud and clear.  The humans wouldn’t believe it anyway.  But ohhh, that moment the blood hits your tongue and fills your system with strength and power.  Why would anyone not want to be this?

January 13, 2019 05:03 pm

Dominique Alvarez

Dominique Santana-Alvarez reckoned she was in the third age of the Realm.   She knew the Elders still watched over the comings  and departures of its inhabitants.  She had been here once before as a demon.  She had been young and full of vigor.  She reveled in the newly bestowed powers granted to her.  She had even joined a coven called the Seeds of Eden.  She had grown disenchanted with her life. She pleaded with her coven leader for a release from this plane of existence.  

She had wished to return to her home.   She preferred the fires of Hell to life among other pitiful creatures. She had only hatred and disdain for the creatures that infested the Realm.   The Elders didn't care or did they even interfere when it was truly needed.  She seethed with a fiery rage and she was filled with wrath.   Her coven leader tried to discourage her from leaving the Realm.   Dominique Santana prevailed finally.  She meet her leader on the field of battle.  She thrust her sword in the cavern's sandy  soil.  She met her end and her spirit was released from it's time in the Realm.

Dominique opened her deep chocolate hues and gazed up at an Elder.  She backed away from him.  She knew who He was, but what did He wanted of her.  How could a demon serve the Light side?   She almost laughed in His face.  She had opened her mouth.  She closed it  quickly as He gave her a cold calculated gaze.  She knew He showed no mercy to His enemies.   His enemies were legion and His allies were legion as well.  His temper was legendary even among His own race.   He was a Slayer.  The first of His kind. The formidable Dr. Van Helsing.  She knew of Stalker,  Damon Varek  and the others who followed in his footsteps.   Each famed slayers contributed to the ongoing battle.

"Which side will you choose, Dominique Santana-Alvarez?"

His words sounded sharply in her ears.  His hands were offered to her.   She found herself pulled to her feet.   She stood before Him.   "Your old leader stepped aside Dominique. You have been given another chance to prove yourself worthy of this NEW life.  I dispatched you and Selene called you back before The Father.   Which side will you choose Dominique Santana-Alvarez?"

Dominique felt a shudder, and a pair of raven black wings unfurled behind her. "You are a fallen angel but you can still battle on the side of the Light."

Dominique nodded at Him.  She would join Him in the fight.

The third age of the Realm is upon us.

Which side will you choose?

February 06, 2019 05:03 am
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