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Quinn Abernathy

Her heart is dying in her chest. Quinn can feel it twisting and folding in on itself, her will disappearing altogether. Stopped on the side of the road, just two miles away from home, she sits in silence with unseeing eyes. Sam asks her a question she doesn't hear, again and again.

"Quinn," she whispers. The child is unsure. She'd already begun to piece it together, and the woman's demeanor does nothing to fight it. "Quinn." She's more insistent now, but Quinn is locked into her thoughts, nesting into the pit of grief that has piled itself upon her chest like the crushing weight of a thousand stones.

Blinking, she returns to the sound of Sam's voice and Finn's cries.

A shuddering breath brings her out of the truck, climbing back into the back so that she may carefully lift the babe from his car seat. He is so perfect. He looks just like Gideon, and Quinn knows that he prefers him, too. Those dark wisps of hair atop his head, beautiful pitch eyes, even his strong little nose.

Cradling him, she coos in his ear, reminding him that she loves him and that she understands. She misses him, too. She wants him. Needs him.

The light in her eyes had been extinguished the moment she took her first step away from Gideon, her chocolate depths losing their warmth and instead becoming replaced with a desperate mourning. But this is beyond that, and Quinn knows it. She'd already begun formulating her plan that morning as she worked around their home one last time.

There is no way she could ever leave her husband. She had already decided that she would break her promise to him. Quinn cannot see her future anymore. What was once years has turned to minutes, and the heartache has won out over the guilt. Instead, she makes a new promise. Their children would be made safe - Quinn would be sure of that, before anything else.

Sighing, she asks Sam to retrieve her phone from the front seat, watching as the girl plucks it from the cup holder and hands it to her. Trembling, she presses few buttons before bringing the device to her ear and closing her eyes.

The shrill ringing is a comfort as she waits for Tiber to answer her call.
January 18, 2019 10:29 am

Tiber Loche

Tiber had returned to New York almost as fast as he had travelled out to California. Adara had duped him, to say the least, although he couldn't deny that he'd had an inclination that she'd done so. The man wasn't easily fooled, but his loyalty to Addie and The Den had no bounds, and it didn't matter what she'd asked, he would always abide by her requests.

But that was then. Tiber had frequented the paths between the cabins more times than he cared to count. Many of the pack's members were... Off. Taking care of their own problems. Dealing with their own lives. This was Tiber's life. These little huts that needed repair. The holes in the kitchen that Raul left with his insanely ginormous knives (seriously, where does he get those things?). He'd even taken to idle conversation with Tabatha, with was a feat all it's own, considering he'd always done his best to avoid such reverie; acquainting himself with his surroundings. Properly.

What it came down to was the mere legitimacy of his own isolation. He didn't mind it. It was nice. Peaceful.

And then.

He knows the number, but had not bothered to save it into his phone. It would be easier to pretend that he didn't know how to contact her if he had to, if it was right there at the tip of his fingers. But he couldn't deny the way his soul ached to drag his thumb across the screen. She wouldn't call unless it was an absolute necessity. Would never. Tiber had accepted his place as a last resort and, maybe, had even convinced himself that it was better than having no place at all.

"Quinn." He rasped into the phone. "What's wrong?"
January 20, 2019 01:34 pm

Quinn Abernathy

He answered, and he knew. Quinn takes a moment to press her lips together, glancing sideways at the little girl who is far too aware for her age. Tiber would no doubt hear the way her breath leaves her as she defeatedly deflates. There is no way he could miss her quiet instructions to Sam as she tells the child to remain in the vehicle, nor the soft rustle of her own exit, infant in tow. The door softly closes behind her, and she makes the trek to stand by the hood. The phone never leaves her ear.

Tiber, the timber of her voice betrays her, revealing weakness and sorrow, and so much fear. She needs to do this. Her mind is made up, and Quinn can feel that cold grasp upon her fluttering heart. I never hated you, you know. You never.. I was scared, but I was never mad at you.

She isnt sure how much to say, or where to even start. Outside of the compound, Tiber is the only other person she trusts. So many others had betrayed that, no matter how good their intentions. But he understood her, and accepted her as best he could. Im sorry, for not.. I was trying to do the right thing. But um..

Quinn turns her back to the vehicle, holding Finn all that much closer. Her breath catches in her chest, panic building yet again as she focuses on the inevitable end to all that she knows.

I really understand now, how it felt. And Im sorry. Im so sorry.
January 20, 2019 02:05 pm
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