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2018 Winter Bloodies Winners


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Cersei Lannister

Best Coven
Sine Metu
Runner Up: The Menagerie

Best Sanctuary
Azhi Dahaka
Runner Up: The Lycan's Den

Most Missed Crew
After Dark
Runner Up: Saints and Sinners

Best Angel
Runner Up: Quinn Abernathy

Best Slayer
Livia Vlcek
Runner Up: Saito Eiji

Best Werewolf
Runner Up: Tiber Loche

Best Vampire
Runner Up: Edward Brollachan

Best Witch
Fiona MacKay
Runner Up: Kyla

Best Demon
Zaynah Mubarak
Runner Up: Jasper Thompson

Best Overall Character
Runner Up: Livia Vlcek

Best New Character
Jack Whitechapel
Runner Up: Fiona MacKay

Most Promising Character
Remington Agnes
Runner Up: Esper Valari

Most Missed Character
Damon Varek, Sprew
Runner Up: Spring Taylor

Most Original Character
Jack Whitechapel
Runner Up: Tiber Loche, Saito Eiji, Remington Agnes

Most Terrifying Character
Runner Up: Jack Whitechapel, Malek

Most Friendly Character
Runner Up: Livia Vlcek

Most Original Name
Esper Valari
Runner Up: Hope Messinger, Saito Eiji, AdonisOMaera, HingleMcCringleBerry

Most Helpful
Runner Up: Livia Vlcek

Saddest Death
Spring Taylor
Runner Up: Idris Mowbry

Best Baddie
Runner Up: Edward Brollachan

Best Writer
Livia Vlcek, Mackenzie
Runner Up: Atticus Hammond

Most Improved Writer
Autumn Summers
Runner Up: Shelly, Parisa Tournier

Best Origin Story
Remington Agnes, Gray Taylor
Runner Up: Jack Whitechapel

Best Bio Graphics
Zaynah Mubarak
Runner Up: Theodora Hawthorne, Dessa Chambers

Best Graphic Artist
Dessa Chambers
Runner Up: Mackenzie

Best Roleplay
God Save the Queen [Jasper Thompson, Mackenzie, Victor Lockheed, Gray Taylor]
Runner Up: Who... or what goes there Part II [Parisa, Edward, Bree, Kyla, Dessa], Reanimation [Bree, Stalker, Edward, Livia, Zaynah, Julian, Whitsig]

Most Adored
Livia Vlcek, Mackenzie
Runner Up: Quinn Abernathy, Dessa Chambers

Best Smile
Runner Up: Summer, Tiber Loche

Best Moment
When Spring Taylor finally died
Runner Up: Adara kidnapping Quinn, Zaynah Mubarak bringing Julian's soul back, When Fiona hit Victor with her stick

Best WTF Moment
Everything Mackenzie does
Runner Up: Jack Whitechapel and Dita Morgenstern trading hearts, Victor and Mackenzie breaking up

Saddest Moment
Sprew Leaving
Runner Up: Gray Taylor burying Spring

Best Couple
Dexter Gein and Genesis
Runner Up: Gideon and Quinn Abernathy

Most Shipped Couple
Livia Vlcek and Malek
Runner Up: Mackenzie and Jasper Thompson

Most Dedicated Player
Runner Up: Livia Vlcek

Best 70s Pornstache
Runner Up: Esper Valari

Realm Robin Hood
Livia Vlcek
Runner Up: Jasper Thompson

Realm Batman
Livia Vlcek
Runner Up: Mackenzie

Realm Lush
Runner Up: Malek

Best Elder
Dr Van Helsing
Runner Up: Lisbeth Salander, Cersei Lannister
January 18, 2019 02:16 pm


Thank you so much guys, from myself and Dex, for Best Couple. You all rox soxs!

And congrats to all the winners!!

January 18, 2019 02:37 pm


I would like to congratulate all the winners January 18, 2019 04:31 pm


Congrats to all January 18, 2019 05:35 pm

Esper Valari

Thank you all!! I have always wanted to win one of these.

I will continue to work hard to get more thanks again!!
January 18, 2019 08:34 pm

Jack Horton



Jack. Jack.

Mr. Horton.

Stick around.
April 12, 2019 12:17 pm
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