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Esper Valari

Esper knew that ten thousand in cash nobody would ask questions, this was New York after all, the city wasn't normally quiet but if you paid the right amount it would go silent real quick. Yes, so thought went into his mind about the cash going away from his pocket into the unknown man's hand at this rate, Esper was in fight mode.

Sure he would losing 10k but not for long not with his intentions. Quickly moved to the back of the car and muffled about the bag of money pulling lose a few bands of cash removing the bank's logo bands around them and handing them over to the gentleman in front of him. No way Esper would lose that kind of cash to the coven, or worse his wife.

Ten thousand as agreed upon.

The man takes it as he slips back into his car that's fender was barely hanging on. Esper jumps into the passenger seat and while looking straight forward. Eyes not leaving the car that had just started to leave with a broken front side.

Tail him, stay close not to close...But follow him.

Boss, what the hell let it go?


Arthur turns the wheel of the car, as the car never turned off and followed a car or two between them. Esper was polishing the gun from the robbery in his hand with a black bandanna from the glove box, turn the suppressor clockwise to fit the barrel of the gun.

His blood is on your hands Arthur not mine...YOU MAKE THIS RIGHT!!

Was Esper seriously going to go down for murder and robbery all in the same night...
March 26, 2019 07:20 am

James Grayson

Hearing the words being exchanged, was Esper planning on killing this guy? Surely not. But what did it matter James had just easily killed 37 people. But they all deserved it right? This guy was just collateral damage to an easy 10k. Would Esper really kill someone over 10K?

I mean, it was a lot of money but, it wasn't that much. To take a life for 10k? What in the world could put him to that limit to decide the fate of a man's life by money so small as only 10k. He kinda started to feel bad for all the things he had done today, but then it hit him.

That feeling of power as they crawled on their bellies to escape his gun fire, all the days of torment they had caused him. Only to be increased tenfold at home by his abusive father. They deserved to die, and maybe so did this guy who was he to judge after all it wasn't like he could really stop him. Look at the size of Esper to him he towered him at like 6'3 to his 5'nothing.

He looked at Arthur in the mirror and then Esper, Arthur looked back at James. Esper was focused on the car they were tailing. This guy wasn't getting past Esper. He thought about just keeping quiet but he couldn't manage that. It wasn't in his nature. He had to say something there was to much silence between the three.

Why is the 10K so much to you Esper?
March 26, 2019 07:35 am
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