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James Grayson

The kid had been running from ally to ally the sound of cop cars in the distance chasing grew closer and closer. Blood all over his hands he was dressed in black his hair in a grunge mess. All he had on him was small bills, no telling where the blood came from all he was worried about was the cops.

Tears streamed down his face as the echos of justice and their hounds lurked near, each bark and growl made his chest pound harder and faster with wondering footsteps behind the dogs trail. He tried to wipe his tears with that of the jacket he wore it was no use even his jacket had blood on it. What had he done. It was over for him now soon they would close in on his position for sure.

He even was tempted to pray to a god he didn't believe in to save his hide from this f*ck up he made. People in the distance clear the area, looking through a small crack in the wall of the ally it almost looked clear to make a run for it. No time better than now he thought. He took the chance hustling to the next building right behind a bank, surely there was nothing happening here that would bring attention to the kid.

Away from home, his dad was probably pissed asf, who was he kidding his deadbeat dad was probably hungover or coming off a high at moment. James couldn't really think of that right now. He had other things to worry about. F*ck only knew if he'd even go back there. His dad was the part of the issue. Surprised it wasn't his blood on his hands instead.
January 26, 2019 05:07 am

Esper Valari

The drifter had been planning a stakeout for sometime now, it was an easy job a small bank on the end of E 75th and 1st Ave. Strapped with a 9mm and AK on his shoulder he was sure this heist would go as planned even with only himself and a hired man to watch from afar with a police radio.

The job was simple, two guards one left every 40 minutes or so to take a 10 mins break playing on his phone on the sh*ter while the other one who took the job more seriously was about in his late 60's waiting on pension to finally kick in. Esper pulled his ski mask over his head and loaded the AK strapping back to his shoulder and then ****ed the 9MM back and made his way across the street when no cars were coming.

Into the building of the bank where he pistol whipped the old man in the head dragging his body behind the side of the wall and into the bathroom. Inside stall #2 was fat joe playing fruit ninja he aimed the gun at him and cuffed him to the old man back to back on the sh*ter.

Coming out of the bathroom he shot a single fire into the air and aimed down all the pedestrians inside. With one hand he waved the gun down at everyone the other pulled out a bag made of some sort of cloth and told then to put all their cash, watches and ect into the bag. Moving them all to the corner of the room he waved the gun to the cashier and pulled another bag from his crotch area and demanded the same.

She did as asked and placed roughly 45k in the bag from the vaults and other cash boxes, she had been working alone as it was nearly closing time. As she finished the money he waved her to come around the side to sit with the others. She replied that she had to hit a button to come around so Esper, a man of not taking any chances shot her on sight. taking the bag of cash out the front door and as he moved to the side of the back towards the ally he could hear cops rushing around the alleys like mice.

Quickly he chirps in with his plus one for intell by holding his index finger to his ear.

What the f*ck guy, did someone tip us off this was a clean go?

'Negative Ace-Reaper, Some kid shot up a school nearby and is on the run. We should clear out soon. Any K.I.A?'

Esper hearing his feed caused a moment of chaos for him, holding a bag of 45k and a weapon on his back in a City as big as this was bad for business he had to think of something quick. His plan was soon to be comprised and he had to get back Jewel would not forgive him for this ****...Even if it was his only means of providing for them.

One Kill confirmed, a woman... meet me in the back I have a plan bring the car around we need to make this quick.
January 26, 2019 05:28 am

James Grayson

His heart began to slow down as the cops were at a better distance than before but it would be only minutes before the hounds picked back up on his smell. The blood on his hands had began to harden. The stench of death was all over him. F*ck those guys they deserved what was coming to them.

Stuck up pr*cks had everything handed to them from birth, and what James was different because how he dressed, Nirvana, and his lack of commuting skills. They deserved every damn bullet...Jocks that could run out and catch a pass. Couldn't seem to out run him or his bullet pass for a touchdown to death-town. He settled one score his next was his f*cking dead beat dad.

Out of his skin and back into the present all caused by the bleed howl of the barrel of a gun as it shot into the air nearby, it couldn't have been the cops they would have been shooting at James not someone random without positive ID. He looked around the corner and then back down behind him. No-one.... It came from inside the bank... Minutes went on before he heard footsteps gathering closer and closer to him. The screeching of tires spinning out of a 'U' like motion heading down the alley backside of the bank where James laid.

The car was black, a refurbished 1967' Cadillac rolling down with the windows tinted. James looked stunned he couldn't breath, the air in his body left and with it he thought his life, A man fully tatted came from behind him it had to be the man who was running the other direction. What was the chance that this could happen to him. They had both been in a need to make an exit James had to act quickly....

Tak..Take, Take me with you. He ushered out as the man holding a bag which he could only presume it was the cash from the till. I...I won't tell a soul, I....I don't need anything J..Just a way out of here.

January 26, 2019 05:43 am

Esper Valari

He had gotten this soft spot with Jewel at his side recently, the bag of cash and guns still on him made it all that easy to say yes, he needed to get out of there fast this kid was in his way of all of that.

Get in the front.

Throwing the tied off bag in the back of the seat and taking the top receiver of the AK off and throwing both parts in the back of the trunk. He unloaded the clip of the 9MM and sat in the back of the Caddy. He looked to his hired help and told him to drive.

Take 1st Ave then score up right on to E 80th. And if you ever call me 'Ace-Reaper' again...I'll kill you myself.

The man tilted his head to the right as to signal my bad, and took the right as told, they would come across a few patrol vehicles and some dogs doing so searches the police radio just caught wind of the heist on the bank and were just now responding they had the perfect window for escape.

Central Park wasn't too far away and the park itself was huge, the caddy rolled by as Esper slapped the driver seat head rest and signal to the driver. Nicotine had been his case solvent to cover his other habits he hadn't touch the white powder gang in about a week so he was still coming off that **** cold turkey. Jewel was his lifeline and he was in the field alone at the moment.

Here, stop...I need to smoke...

Esper pulled the handle on the door and fired up the cigarette his hand covering the wind from the city that fought against him today. Taking in the death that it was he exhaled. What a grab it was. What a day...Checking his phone for messages from Jewels some of them a little to good to share out in public. He smiled taking a drag with one hand and then replying to the text of course he wasn't in a place he could return her sweet gestures. But he would find a way another time.

Damn girl...

January 26, 2019 07:04 am

James Grayson

Watching the man go through all the actions from the front seat he grew curious of the bunch, he looked at the man in the driver spot and smiled like he was an innocent kid. He waved and showed his teeth even, what a sick thing to do but what else could he do in a moment like this. He was either going to prison or not at all. At this point this very car was the safest he had felt in years. All thanks to some guy who robbed a bank the same day he walked his gun across every kid at Roosevelt High.

So, I guess going to Mcdonald's is off the table at the moment? As he looked at the disgusted look on the drivers face. 'Yeah, it's off the table.' He replied. Hearing the door slam behind him he looked to Esper for reason. What's the plan Stan? You look like a Stan...or a Rob, get it ROB? This wasn't like him, normally he kept to himself but he was on an edge, a high almost it was as if all the action in the moment set his soul on fire. Edgy at best, it could work for him in the long haul.

Hearing his plan thrown at the driver like orders he caught the idea that these two either were not on good terms or were newly acquainted. His eyes kept dash back at the two for some time, his nervous self wouldn't come back till after seeing the patrol cars chase down what now seemed like a ghost in the back. The radio chirped on about the bank and he couldn't help but laugh. slapping his knees and trying to hold himself back. It was his coping mechanism again. What or where would he go, and how would he get there these two wouldn't last him forever.

Hearing the direction he quickly knew the park was nearby that location maybe he could detour from the two there somehow and make off with some of the cash in some type of way. Make a new start for himself, nobody ever cared about him why should he start caring about these two nobodies now. Because they helped him get away? Pshh, he had it covered...somehow...right?

Seeing Esper pat down the front seat it kinda shocked him and scared him, threw him off if you'd have it. Waaaait....A smoke...We have pigs chasing us and you wanna stop for a f*cking smoke bro?!? There he was all the fear built up in denial released all at once let the flood gates open up. Scared little James wasn't so hard anymore, or was he ever...maybe that's why he was treated the way he was. A p*ssy through and through till the end. A boy behind a mask, with a loaded gun. Watching the man get out of his car he followed him it was as if nothing even phased him.

Did he know the cops were only a few block away, maybe he didn't care enough to continue James wasn't giving up though, while the man gazed into his phone and seamlessly got lost in some random Insta-hotties sh-t post no less he made off into the back of the caddy and took the bag of cash and headed deeper into central park. Surely the driver wasn't worried as he was doing almost the same except he was on the phone with his mother about dinner. Like seriously who were these amateurs.

January 26, 2019 07:16 am

Esper Valari

Esper was well aware of his surroundings normally, but you got to understand a few things. 1. Jewel and Esper had just became a serious thing... before it was just Esper. Jewel was a huge distraction for him he'd stop the world to talk to her. Less alone look at a few screenshot worthy photos. As for the driver, who could excuse him a typical New Yorker no doubt. It was clear he needed someone else at the wheel then this guy.

Hey guy. What the f-ck man...The cash?!?

The driver fumbled with his phone as Esper yelling at him scared him in the process, dropping it on the phone a very curious mother chanted over the phone.

'Arty...Arty are you there....!?'

Seriously Arthur your mother...?

'She gets curious man, I don't know how much longer I can stay out man we should head back soon....'

The cash man, the reason why were in this sh-t....The kid man he took while you were talking about f-cking last weeks'Lost' episode...

Slamming the passenger side door as he hopped in the caddy, he loaded and pulled the receiver back on the 9MM. He Held it in his left hand his right hand out the window. Taking the last drag of his cigarette he tossed it out the window and switched his gun to his right hand.

Cut him off up here, step on it man..

Esper took aim on the kid, thinking to himself it's just a kid. Damnit it all to hell. Well more so that the shot fired would put them on alert. He slapped the dashboard of the car as for him too stop he pulled the door open and put away the side arm and chase down the kid. Step in front of the other the tall hunk of a man started to strafe with each hand going in-front of his body one after the other. It was like he was a track star in his own high-school. Catching up to the kid he called out.

Stop running...F-cking stop kid...

Catching the collar of the kid and throwing him down to the ground moving to the front of his neck and clenching his fist tight as to pop him a solid one. He gave a face of give me a reason not too. Esper had some self-control but he hated people who took what was his. The kid did stop well, forcibly and he did have what he wanted. He let the kid go and threw him to the ground again. Holding the money bag as the Cadillac pulled up behind Esper he got in the back he took to the middle of the seat and let out a long sigh.

What the f-ck man..?!
January 26, 2019 08:16 am

James Grayson

Climbing into the car again speechless at first, he places his hands on the dashboard and blows air out his mouth then bites the side of his mouth in awkwardness, the silence fills the car, all parties restless in some sense. He had to bring himself back into the light somehow with the three. His stomach began to ramble, his hand slipped past his black beanie letting it hit the floor board as he let his fingers go through his head of hair. Shaking head to clear it.

We should definitely get McDonald's now.

At first the comment was clearly comical but after seeing how these guys operated it seemed like the perfect get away, one slaughters a school the others robs a bank, skip to a stroll in Central Park to cap it off with a drive thru of Mickie D's. The sweet escape. Almost to good to be true. But it was, he wasn't in hand irons and Esper hadn't killed him yet for running off with the cash. Today hadn't started off good but it was starting to wain.

His comment sat and marinated in the car for a few moments. He fumbled with his fingers playing with each other, then on the dash board. Something had to give. Esper was relaxing in the back and this Arthur guy was head down on the steering wheel. James began to start beat-boxing with his hands. Big Mac..... He repeated the words a few more times before changing up the beat and then added a some more to the nonsense.

I need a double cheeseburger and hold the lettuce, don't be frontin son, no seeds on the bun, we be up in the drive thru, order for two I've got a craving for a number nine like my shoe, we need some chicken up in here, in this shizzle, 4 rizzle my nizzle extra salt on the frizzles, doctor pepper my brother another for your mother, double supa supa size and don't forget the frys.

January 26, 2019 08:33 am

Esper Valari

Esper gave a silent smirk on his face with his eyes still closed he tilted his head to the side as it made him laugh inside, it had been forever since he heard this song. He may not remember his past but this song was a hard thing to forget. He was still resting from his long Olympic tryout he had with this kid he had been chasing down for the last ten or so minutes. It had been one hell of a day and who was he to deny the kid's humor. Soon Arthur chimed in.

'Did u get that. "I only got the double cheeseburger"
We'll slow this one down for ya. "big mac"...... "big mac"..... "big mac"... C'mon Esper you know this one c'mon...!!'

Esper again gave a smirk before leaning up from the back seat as he placed his hands on the seat to sit up. His eyes still shut he sighed for a long moment before coming around to the gesture and his lips simply parted, as the words to the song that he knew well slipped out naturally. His hands moved up down and side to side as into match the rhythm of the lyrics. Esper was no rapper but hearing him chant these lyrics one would wonder...

I need a double cheeseburger and hold the lettuce, don't be frontin son, no seeds on the bun, we be up in the drive thru, order for two I've got a craving for a number nine like my shoe, we need some chicken up in here, in this shizzle, 4 rizzle my nizzle extra salt on the frizzles, doctor pepper my brother another for your mother, double supa supa size and don't forget the frys.

Esper clapped his hands and moved from the left side to the right side of the car. One would think the three were high off their asses but truthfully they were just making light of a bad situation. Truth be told the kid was starting to grow on Esper. Despite being a serial killer and all. He reminded Esper of himself somehow.

Arthur stepped back into the song to keep it going...' "Can u say that again" Yeah Let's speed this sh-t up...."big mac" "big mac" "big mac"...Alright kid take it away...'
January 26, 2019 08:59 am

James Grayson

Putting his hands above his head and moving them side to side as he repeated the lyrics faster. James couldn't believe he got Esper chanting the song with him less alone knowing the lyrics. He tried to keep from laughing as he sang on with the two men. James couldn't remember the last time he had this much all to be honest. For the first time in a long time he felt accepted by his fellow man. What else was in store for him on this new journey.

I need a double cheeseburger and hold the lettuce, don't be frontin son, no seeds on the bun, we be up in the drive thru, order for two I've got a craving for a number nine like my shoe, we need some chicken "What kind of chicken" you you ruined the rap.

After saying you ruined the rap he looked at Arthur, as Arthur laughed and continued '"I know but u said u wanted a #9 we've got grilled or crispy" "big mac" "big mac" "big mac"...' Hearing his que James went off it while still trying to hold back the laughter from echoing out of his lungs it was almost to much to hold back.

I need a double cheeseburger and hold the lettuce, don't be frontin son, no seeds on the bun, we be up in the drive thru, order for two I've got a craving for a number nine like my shoe, we need some chicken up in here, in this shizzle, 4 rizzle my nizzle extra salt on the frizzles, doctor pepper my brother another for your mother, double supa supa size and don't forget the frys.

Finishing the rap up, he sat back letting that bottled up laughter chime out of the pipes, it seemed to be contagious as Arthur started his own laughter as the two echoed the car in laughter they looked back at Esper as the car went Silent for maybe mere moments as the two looked at Esper he looked like he was out laid out all comfortable again.

January 26, 2019 09:14 am

Esper Valari

Listening to the two of them finish it up he couldn't help but smile, his eyes closed with him laying back again comfortably. As the two laughed back in forth dying almost as it seemed. The two looked back at Esper there was silence for a few seconds then what was surely contagious broke out into the back of the car as Esper's lungs filled with the same laughter.

Man, let's go get some f-cking McDonalds man...

He slapped the back of Arthur's seat as he commanded food, surely it was risky but man he had to give the win to the kid. He had calmed Esper down, and showed him a good time all at once. He could deal with the risk but if he got caught Jewel would surely kill all three of them. Esper more than once, she had grown fond of him. Arthur pulled the car out of park and took down the next few streets before hitting rush hour traffic.

Pushing past a few minutes which felt like hours they made a few more street turns before making the stop at the McDonalds the cashier asked for their meals. Esper in the back mocking the rap replied.

January 26, 2019 09:27 am

James Grayson

Hearing his words of finally coming to his senses that the three needed to get some food in their lives it made James all that much happier. Lounging back in the front seat as he played with the radio to find some good tunes, he came across a station that played 'Jimi Hendricks' as it played he strummed his stomach as if it were an air guitar. James felt something warm inside that cold heart of him was starting to melt away all at once.

Esper was like the mentor in his life he needed but never had after the death of his mother, and the move from L.A to New York it was good to have someone on his side. Especially the same gender, it would help build him up more. See how things were suppose to look in a sense. Esper was man who seemed to have all of the things he wanted in life, friends money, freedom....and he was accepted among others. The radio kept blaring as they rolled up to the McDonald's as he ordered the same as Esper and a 'Coke' to go with it.

Arthur would order the same, but twice. Arthur was a heavy set guy. Knew alot about cars, Yankees and loved his mother. A typical Bronx guy it seemed, at least that's where Arty grew up, James knew little about either of these guys he didn't even know Esper's name not even once had the exchanged names in the midst of all the drama that had been going on. But none of that mattered to the kid he was safe, he had food and life would go on anyways might as well live in the present.
January 27, 2019 02:14 am

Esper Valari

The car would roll up towards the window as Arthur would pay the woman, Esper did his best to conceal the bag of cash, that was just below his feet. Arthur handed the men their food and thanked the lady as they continued to drive off into the rest of the ignorant city. Feeling like they had made off like bandits Arthur and Esper laughed out loud as Esper banged on the two seats together. As Arthur laughed with him.

The laughter would come to a short end however as Arthur dropped one of his Big Macs all over himself causing him to crash into an on-coming car in traffic. 'Sh-t' is all he could say. Esper wanted to tell the man to drive off and not worry about it. If they ran though and the driver was able to I.D the plates they would come up unknown as the plates weren't on the New York database which would have been a huge pick up on both the robbery or the shooting.

Holding his hair and going down the back of his neck, this is exactly what he was talking about. He could already see Jewel throwing sh-t at him even behind a glass in prison...Oh but the conjugal visits would be lovely...either way he was ****ed either the cops would arrested him and his wife would kill him or everything was fine but Esper was thinking of the more clear image now...The Kid...
January 28, 2019 05:35 am

James Grayson

The car crashed it happened so fast he didn't know how to react to the incident so he went back to what he knew best. Running, stuffing his face full of fries as he grasped the handle of the door and perched it open his foot touched down on the ground and his legs grew numb yet he felt the weight of guilt on his conscience he looked to the back of the vehicle and saw that judgement piercing his very soul Esper wouldn't let this one go, if he ran this is how he would be remembered.

Quickly in a flash he dashed out of the car to inspect the damage it wasn't terrible, and he could easily fix it with the right amount of cash. He started to fake up some tears. The man in the other vehicle could see he was crying and stepped out to ask if he was ok. "Ok, am I ok...I'll never get in to Harvard now, my dad is going to kill me..." 'Relax son it's just a fender bender the cops will write this one down nothings wrong man you didn't do anything wrong kid it's your damn drivers fault...' Arthur hearing the words exchanged between the two got flustered and decided to come out voicing his words.

'My fault, you could watch where' ya' goin' next time guy!' Looking back at James with a 'WTF are you doing kinda vibe' James was doing the second best thing he was good at, buying time. Giving a look back to Esper with a quick look he then focused back on the man with fake tears in his eyes. "We we were celebrating my acceptance letter into Harvard and then this...perfect."

'Hey kid i'm sure your dad will understand man, just calm down...' "Do we really have to get the cops involved I don't need this man, can we just pay you? will five grand be enough?" 'Wait five Grand you have that on hand in cash?' Looking back at Esper a sh-t eating grin on James's face grew larger and even Arty knew what the game plan was at this point.
February 05, 2019 04:05 am

Esper Valari

It was just a few minutes after the crash when Esper thought he was done for and that the gig was up, what he would do for being part of a bank robbery and helping a murder of more than 30 escape was beyond him. That was at least one life sentence right? Had to be....All he could think about in a moment like this was Jewels, Jewels, Jewels, Jewels.

He flipped out his phone and began to text her. He always did this to keep her in the loop when she was out and about made them closer he felt, even the dumbest things. Hell some of the **** he texted her would make you wonder why the FBI never bugged his phone some of the shady **** this guy did would keep you up at night. Among other things.

I really ****ed up this time babe, might be awhile before you see me again if ever in your arms...

Esper thought he was what he would call 'FUBAR' and then just when he thought it couldn't get any worse he saw the kid react the way he did, all twitchy and sh-t like he was gunna run for the hills. As much as he wished that meant throwing on some Iron Madien and jamming out it turned to be something more heroic, he would have a change in heart he set the stage for something he couldn't even think about nor could Arty.

He talked down the man in the car, got his mouth watering over five thousand dollars. That was nothing compared to the payout he and Arty were in for of course his cut was more for Sine Metu, and Jewels expensive lifestyle that he could barely keep up with. Seeing the man bend to his request Esper fiddled with the bag of cash and pulled out 10k in cash stuffed it in his crotch area and opened the door as he headed out to the front of the car.

Ten thousand and we both drive away happy...

Esper over spoke any words that may have come out of anyone else's mouth. He was trying to pack up and leave surely others had seen the incident and wanted to make quick work of all this before the authorizes got involved. Surely they had been called as stated above these days he'd be surprised if it wasn't already on 'StarWorld' or 'Bookface' yet.
February 05, 2019 04:24 am

James Grayson

The man seemed pleased with the offer and nodded in agreement of the 10,000$ bribe. Fight or flight quickly left his system as his stress level went way down, of course the money would have to come from the bag stolen from the bank but what cut would that leave Esper and Arthur.

Letting that be up to them, he made his way back to the car and sat in the back this time, still letting this whole thing role over. First he commits the largest mass murder in the United states school system history and now this. A lot was going through his mind but at least the last ten minutes or so were coming to a end.

Waiting for Esper and Arthur to get settled again he just wanted to leave at this point, get close enough to go there separate ways. He just needed a clean break his tank was empty all the blood on his hands made that rage go away. He was calm again, one more body on his list though...His father.
March 26, 2019 06:57 am
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