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Run Away


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Olivia Campbell

"Olivia! Get your frame tighter, arms out wider."  Coach Hastings called out to her.


Olivia couldn't concentrate not after what happened last night. The goggles she wore felt like they were starting to constrict and she couldn't take it. Swimming to the end of the pool she used the stairs and got out. Water dripped off her hair and body making pools around her feet.  "I can't do this right now..I'm sorry."  Grabbing a towel she quickly went to the locker room to get a shower and change. 


In the shower everything she replayed last night over and over. They were at a party, it was a full moon. 


"Come on Olivia it wouldn't hurt you to open up to Rich he likes you."  Jess told her as they were finishing off a couple cups of the beer.


Being a teenager she did like the idea of a boy liking her but she wasn't wanting to go that far, "I will go talk to him." Olivia laughed and headed over to Rich and after a little bit of talking they left.  


Thats when the black out happened and she woke up at home. Quickly grabbing her phone she noticed about twenty missed calls and text messages from her friend. All wondering what happened to her and if she was okay. Well duh no she wasn't okay.


Answering the text she typed in. "Nope I'm at home, what happened last night?" That of course was the million dollar question. Everything was blank. What the heck happened. "See you at school." Hitting send she quickly showered and got ready.


School though hadn't been any better she still had no answers and Rich wasn't at school. No one had seen him all day. It was the last day of school so of course half the school had skipped but she still had that last practice before the meet.


Once showered and changed she headed to the car and got in. A bag was sitting in the passenger seat. Odd because it hadn't been there when she had came to school. Curious Olivia opened up the bag and found her shirt it was covered in blood.. but she hadn't a scratch on her. Deciding it must have been a prank she just tossed it away and forgot about it.


After a few days things seemed to be getting back to normal. The bloody shirt forgotten. Rich still hadn't showed up but it was all being kept hush hush.. At least for a couple more months.


A knock at the door woke her at five am. Looking out the window Olivia saw the cop car. Hoping nothing had happened to her best friend she quickly put on a robe and answered the door.


"Are you Olvia?" The officer asked while holding a notebook and she nodded. "We wanted to let you know your friend Rich has been found, looks like he was attacked by a animal. I'm sorry to tell you he's dead." you could hear the sincere sound to his voice. With that he left a shocked red haired girl at the door. 


Closing it she slid down the door and just covered her face and cried. Wondering still what had happened. It was then she decided to pack a bag and take off. No answers were to be found, now Rich was dead and she thought it was because of her. What else could it be? She was running scared and wanted answers.


1 year later
February 01, 2019 11:23 am
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